monthly wrap up: august, ’19


Hello, friends!

August – the longest month of the year – is over. Finally! I have a lot I’m anticipating on September, so I felt like the month dragged even more. But September is almost here and I feel like celebrating already! But first, let’s wrap up August.

I will not be including mini reviews for the books I read, since I plan on sharing more about it on my Sunday’s post, as a wrap up for the N.E.W.Ts readathon in general. But I can already tell you it was a good reading month!


  1. School is back. So far, the month has been okay, but I’m definitely not looking forward to the upcoming increase of responsibility. I think it’s important to keep a positive mindset towards school and college (and this series by Annie definitely called me out on that and reminded me how education is a privilege I should be thankful for), but I just wish I could be a kid forever sometimes. These are thoughts I keep to myself, though, because most of my friends are struggling to get into college and pass their entrance exams, so I feel ungrateful to share sometimes. Plus, I don’t feel close enough to my college friends to talk to them about it, so it’s a bit of a lonely feeling. I’m just trying to take one day at a time and hope I survive this next semester.
  2. Lover, by Taylor Swift is finally out. This was the only thing keeping me together this August, for real. I didn’t really follow the release of reputation last year, but I’m glad I was here for Lover! This new album is amazing and I don’t know why I’m impressed, since Taylor has never once disappointed me with her albums. Even though I do not love the singles, the rest of the tracks are brilliant. Paper Rings & False God are my favorites, but this entire album is so smart and will make you feel everything!
  3. I completed my Goodreads goal! I don’t know how impressive that is, because my Goodreads goal was for 40 books, but that was a big number for me at the beginning of the year, especially considering I only read 18 books during 2018. I am really happy to have completed it, as it’s probably the first year ever that I completed my goal without lowering it halfway through the year. I still plan on reading at the same pace by the end of the year, but I will not try to accomplish any higher goal, as I’m completely satisfied with what I’ve done so far.



One of my favorite KPOP groups is EXO and one of their members released a solo this month and I’m obsessed with all the songs. Having watched Stranger Things this July, I also added a few songs from the soundtrack. I kinda wanted to add more, but I also didn’t want it to be an overwhelming Stranger Things playlist. But, dang, that soundtrack is amazing!


There are a lot of exciting things happening this September. First, the release of Wayward Son, my most anticipated release of the year. I re-read Carry On this past month and I’m SO READY to be back with these characters. I’ve already preordered my copy and spent more money than I should. Season 2 of Elite is also coming out a week from now! It is my favorite Original Netflix and this next season looks amazing. Later this month, I’ll also be attending the concert of one of my favorite K-POP groups: PENTAGON and I’m super excited!

What are you most looking forward to in September? And what did you like the most about August? If you’ve listened to Lover, what’s your favorite track/lyric? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I definitely struggled with wanting to be a kid during college — and I still do! I kind of resent my full-time adult job because I just want to be a teenager with tons of freedom again. I think you have the right idea focusing on gratitude. It doesn’t solve all your problems, but making a daily effort to change your perspective changes the way you see things in the long run. 💛 Have a wonderful September!

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    • I am glad to know I’m not the only one! It isn’t always easy, but as you said, I do feel like it will makeme feel better on a daily. For some reason, I think the more I complain, the worse things go? So it’s truly better to focus on the positives.
      Thank you so much! And thanks for the lovely comment! 💛

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  2. i’m so glad you had a good reading month!! i’m looking forward to reading about what you think about all the books you’ve read in august!

    also, congrats on completing your goal!!!! i set mine at 75, and i’m ahead of schedule so i hope i’ll complete mine too. the satisfaction come with achieving something sure feels amazing.

    school starts next month for me and i’m still not ready 🤧 i understand that it’s a privilege, but going back to something i’m not sure i want to study anymore is… not very exciting. i guess i’ll just have to survive this semester first. good luck with school, though!! you can do this 😤💪🏻

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    • thank you so much, ngoc! i’m sending you a lot of positive vibes so that you can complete your goodreads goal soon too!
      hahah, i get that. i think taking a day at a time it’s what has been helping me. i get really caught up every time i remember that it’s monday and i’ll have to face it through an entire week, but i try not to look ahead that much and instead just focus on what i have for today. it’s been really helpful to keep me with a semi-positive mindset, hahah. wishing you good luck with school too! 💛

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  3. School. Ugh, I hate it so much–but I hope you’re hanging in there Lais! CONGRATS ON MAKING YOUR GOODREADS GOAL THAT’S AMAZING.

    as for what I’m looking forward to in September, I’m looking forward to being a month closer to semester break in October hehe. That’s honestly all I’m excited for because I really really hate school. like, it damages my mental health so much, all while not even teaching me anything worthwhile. i despise it.

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    • thank you so much, caitlin!!!! school hasn’t been the best, but i think it’s one of those things i just have to go through so i can come off stronger on the other side (?) or maybe it’s just me telling myself that so i survive the next weeks.
      i actually have a month break on september, so trust me, i know how you feel. i am sending you a lot of positive vibes to survive the next semester! 💛

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  4. Well done for completing your reading goal!
    It’s so crazy how having a book blog has made me read so much more, like I completed my reading challenge & so I’ve already read more books this year than the whole of last year!

    I’m so glad you mentioned lover being better than the singles because they weren’t the best…anyway, you made me listen to the whole thing & I like it a lot more than I thought I would! She combines a lot of old Taylor sounds with some reputation sounds and of course, adds a new Taylor era 😉

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    • thank you so much, el! i completely agree! book blogging has been a big motivator to make me want to read more. i’ve also found out a lot of amazing titles and this helped too, hahah.
      i’m glad you enjoyed it! i feel like the singles are always my least favorite songs in the album, so i’ve learned by now not to judge a taylor swift album by the first couple singles! that’s soooo true! there are some songs in this album that remind me of old eras, so i think it’s amazing she was able to encompass so much in this one.
      thanks for stopping by, el! 💞

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  5. Congratulations on achieving your goodreads goal, that’s AWESOME yay I’m so proud of you <3 I'm certain that you will do great at school and I know how lonely this can be, especially at the start of it all. You can do it all and I believe in you, always <3
    I LOVE Taylor Swift's new album as well, such a masterpiece <3
    I hope you'll have a lovely September! <3

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