a trip to my home country: the best cities i’ve visited in brazil


Hello, fellow bloggers!

Today’s post is another one in my feature and I was debating a lot whether or not share this one. As much as I like sharing everything that Brazil has to offer, I love how this feature can open interesting discussions on the comments and I love to hear your feedback and personal stories regarding your own home countries. And I didn’t think this theme allowed much of that.

Therefore, I decided to change a bit the style of this post. Apart from introducing you all to these cities, I’ll also be sharing a random memory I have attached to it and asking for you to do the same in the comments: share a random, funny memory you have regarding a trip you’ve done in your own country! I’d love to hear all that!

I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to do a ton of traveling in my own country. My mom also shares the feeling of wanderlust with me and so I’ve been taking trips to different parts of Brazil since I was a kid. Today, I’ll be sharing my top favorite places, but I’ve visited a lot more – those are just the most memorable ones.



Rio de Janeiro is probably the most well-known Brazilian city worldwide, and there’s definitely a reason for that. It is also one of  the most stunning places I’ve ever been to.

When I first went to Rio, I imagined it would look a lot like Sao Paulo (where I live), but with a beach, but it’s absolutely nothing like it. There are so many lakes and rocks and hills, and it truly feels like a city in the middle of nature. It’s also incredibly hot – much hotter than any place I’ve ever been to – and most of the time I spend there was me sweating a bunch, lol.

I don’t know if I have any particular outstanding memory from my time in Rio. I’ve been to the city multiple times, with my parents, my grandma, family friends, and every single time I end up with a new beautiful memory. Out of my favorites, I have: walking around Museu do Amanhã (the massive building in the second picture) and watching the boats in the harbour; taking pictures by the lake; having ice cream for every meal, lol.



This is a city in my own state, so it’s definitely the closest destination of all, and yet, I’ve only been there a couple times. Clearly, it was still remarkable enough, since it made it into the list.

Campos do Jordão is inspired off of European cities, due to its weather. Being located at the top of a mountain, it gets really cold during Winter, so it’s a really popular vacation spot during the months of July & August. I really love the fact that every time I’ve been there, it was cold but sunny – my #1 favorite weather.

On top of that, the European architecture is adorable. All the restaurants and stores are located in those tiny cabins and it’s so cute. The first time I’ve been there, my family stayed at a Canada-inspired hotel, and the decorations were all related to Canada’s culture, with bears, hockey sticks and jerseys and maple syrup for breakfast. Everything was just *so* adorable!



This is another really well-known city, since this is actually a natural waterfall located between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. It’s truly a stunning location, though the weather is incredibly humid. One of the memories that stands out the most was walking out from the AC and having my sister’s glasses fog from the humidity. I’d never experienced such weather before!

Besides the beautiful waterfalls and being able to get really close from the water (which is a little bit scary, not gonna lie), Foz do Iguaçu also has other really nice attractions. One of them is called ‘Parque das Aves’, which is this huge zoo with birds only, but they’re not in cages; in fact, you can touch them and play with them. I am terrified of all animals, so it wasn’t the best experience ever, but it was hilarious nonetheless.



These two cities are located in the state of Minas Gerais, which is known for having a lot of old architecture from the Colonial days.

Brazil was colonized by Portugal and, therefore, a lot of our architecture is European inspired. These cities in particular were really important during that time, because they were located next to gold mines, so most of their habitants were also working in the mines.

Being such a Catholic country, there are also countless churches. They’re really interesting places, though, because they tell a lot about the local story. Plus, a lot of these churches were actually decorated with gold pieces, which just shows off the city’s status.

Recently, though, a really big tragedy happened in Mariana, one of the cities I’m mentioning. Maybe some of you heard of it, but a dam collapse pretty much flooded the entire city in mud. 19 people died and the consequences on the environment were even bigger, since the minerals in the water contaminated the river as well as the southern Atlantic Ocean. I was in the city years before the tragedy, so it’s crazy to think how much of the landscape I saw has changed after the accident.



Lastly, I have the city of Petrópolis, which is another historical location in Brazil. Brazil has a really interesting story related to the Portuguese Royal Family, since they actually lived here for a really long time. To be more specific, they lived in this pink house you see above.

The city of Petrópolis doesn’t have much apart from places that were once used by the Portuguese Royal Family, so it’s truly just for sight-seeing. But it’s really fascinating to visit places you’ve once heard about in History text books.

My favorite place, though, was Santos Dumont’s house. Santos Dumont is considered the inventor of the airplane and we get to see the place he lived most of his house, along with some of his original sketches. The architecture is super quirky and fun – there was a telescope at the roof of his house, which is super unique for any Brazilian house!

This is all I have to share for today. Now let me know in the comments any memories you have regarding trips you’ve done in your own country or your favorite place in your home town!

28 comentários sobre “a trip to my home country: the best cities i’ve visited in brazil

  1. Wow!! It looks like you had a bunch of fun all over Brazil 😍 I’m ashamed to say I’ve only heard of Rio, but everywhere sounds amazing!! I’d love to visit Brazil someday and try the authentic good food that isn’t an American fast food ‘Mexican’ restaurant. I wanna see the oceannn *cue Moana soundtrack* XD

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    • Indeed! I consider myself really lucky to have had the opportunity to travel so much around my country. I know of a lot of friends of mine that have never even left the state, which I find to be really sad, because Brazil is a stunning country, but not many people have the opportunity to visit as many cities!
      Oh, I can definitely tell you the food is GOOD. I’ve tried Brazilian food in the US before and it’s definitely nothing like the authentic one, so I hope you do get the opportunity to try it one day, since it’s delicious!
      Thanks for stopping by, Aditi! 😊

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      • That really sucks! I’ve never been to South America but I’ve been to Asia several times AKA India, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE and all. North America obviously, and Europe twice. Yessss foooood 😍


      • Yes, it’s awesome, I hope you do!! US is a very *interesting* place in that it’s very commercial but not so much natural beauty :( unless you know where to look- or just ask the locals!

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    • Yayyy! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Rio is the most popular city worldwide and for me, it’s for a good reason, because it truly is a stunning city. It’s just a shame that recently it has been struck with so many political scandals (much like everywhere else in my country, sadly).
      Thanks for stopping by, Olivia! ❤️

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  2. your pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS!! brazil looks so beautiful (and your photography skills are 😍) i really love the way you formatted this post and shared little memories you have relating to each city, it’s so great to learn more about the country.
    cold but sunny is MY KIND of weather and the cafe looks toooo cutteeee. traveling is always so fun (but also kind of tiring) i hope you had a fantastic trip 💖

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    • Thank you so much, May!
      Cold but sunny is the best weather! Unfortunately, winter is almost over around here, so I won’t have many other days like this one to enjoy until next June, but I feel like I enjoyed these days a lot already!
      Thank you so much for stopping by, May! 😊

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  3. I love that you stayed in a Canada-themed hotel, haha. Have you been to my lovely country before? I haven’t been to Brazil, but maybe one day!
    One of my favourite places in Canada is Niagara Falls. It is pretty touristy, and there are lots of lights and there is a casino, but whether you like that or not, the actual falls (of which there are two) are really spectacular. The ones you’ve posted are gorgeous as well!
    I can’t say I have any funny memories there particularly, but I did take a photo that made it look like I was going over the falls in a barrel once!

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    • Canada is at the top of my list, honestly! I’d loooove to live there one day, and hopefully see snow! I don’t know a ton about Canada apart from hockey and maple syrup, but it’s a place I’d love to learn more about.
      Niagara Falls is a really famous place that I’d love to visit. I also heard it can get frozen during Winter which is just so crazy to me!
      Hahahah, that’s so funny! I love those tourist-y photos!
      Thanks for the lovely comment, Shayna! 💛


  4. Oh I loved reading this post and I love this series so much! Personally, I haven’t explored the Philippines much, but my family and I go to this place called Tagaytay regularly. It’s more cold than the rest of the country because of its location and you can do a lot of cool things in the resort like ride horses, race cars and bowl. It’s actually been a long time since I’ve gone and I’d like to go back!

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    • Thank you so much, Madeline! Foz do Iguaçu really is an unique location. It made me quite emotional going there because it felt like one of those situations you never imagine yourself in; just seeing it on TV or the movies, so it was really special to be there myself.
      Thank you so much for the comment! ❣️


  5. Everything looks so pretty <3 I went to Brazil for the Olympics and also so that some cousins could visit family there (that part of the family is way distant already and not at all mine) and I loved the experience! I visited Rio, Petrópolis, Carangola and Tiradentes! I'd love to go back ^^

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  6. I think that traveling within your own country is super underrated, so I’m glad you wrote a post like this! I’ve never been to Brazil, but I would love to go to explore both the culture and the history. Hong Kong used to be a British colony, so in some parts you can find still find residues of that in the English-inspired architecture. I’d love to see how the Portuguese aspect of history intertwines with the setting of Brazil too 😊

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    • yes, that’s right! there’s A LOT of portuguese aspects in brazilian settings, because, as i mentioned in the post, the portuguese royal family actually lived here for a while, so they ended up building churches, bookstores, theaters and things that resemble a lot 1800s europe, which is really nice!
      thank you so much for the lovely comment, zoie! 💞

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  7. Sorry I am really late responding to this post but I was excited to see another post in this series and this post definitely makes me want to travel!! I will start of by saying I love all your photos– they are amazing and the places look beautiful!!
    Rio De Janeiro does look beautiful!! Campos do Jordão sounds beautiful too and I love that you stayed in a themed hotel because I love it when hotels do that!! It feels so unique and special.
    I really love the sound of Foz do Iguaçu because I love waterfalls so much and I honestly wished I lived near one!! The zoo with the birds not in cages sounds interesting. I would be a bit worried as well– I once went to a zoo that was birds and at the end a few were out of cages and you walk through them but I was very uncomfortable as they seemed so big and I was a bit scared not going to lie!! lol!!
    Thank you so much for sharing all of these– I loved learning about the different places and the pictures are amazing!!
    I have been to a view places in Britain now but I remember we were going on a school trip to Wales to do our geography coursework and we went to Dol-Y-Moch which often caters to primary schools aged 10 but we were all 18 and one of the activities was to pretend to be a pebble on the beach (we had finished the coursework) and the whole class was like ‘no’, it was so weird!! That is just a memory that really stuck out to me– the whole trip was a mess, the teachers ended up arguing what was north and south at one point!! Haha!!
    Anyway great post!! <3


    • no worries, sophie!
      ahhh, same! i have only had the opportunity to stay at another themed hotel in orlando, florida and it was all decorated around the 70s. it was such a great experience! i totally agree that they make us feel really special.
      same! i am legit terrified of animals, so it wasn’t the greatest experience. most of the birds leave you alone if you leave them alone, but still, hahah.
      oh my god, hahahah. that trip sounds unforgettable, indeed! like out of a comedy movie type of unforgettable, hahah. but i think that’s how it works sometimes, right? even if you don’t have the best most wonderful times, some memories still get stuck with us, whether because they were funny or just annoying, hahah.
      thanks for sharing, sophie! and thank you so much for stopping by! 😊

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