comparing american & brazilian covers!

a 2020 overview.(1)

Hello, friends!

Today’s post is going to be just a light-hearted one, as I wanted to compare Brazilian and American covers! I recently realized not a lot of the books I read have been translated, so I’ll probably be comparing some books I have not read yet.

Anyway, this is just for funzies, by the way, and you all are more than welcome to share your thoughts in the comments!

The American edition screams superiority. The first one just looks a lot more interesting and put together, while the second one gives me much more 70s vibes with the font than 50s and the overall contrast between pink and green hurts the eyes.

I was so happy and surprised to see this book on a bookstore one day! I had no idea it was being translated and I looooove the new cover so much. It’s so much more captivating than the first one, and while a lot busier and definitely not as minimalistic as the first one, it just looks more interesting imo.

Since this book’s publication in the US, the Brazilian edition has gotten a new cover, but this used to be the old one, and it’s so… painfully generic. The font is kinda ugly and the fact the title and the author’s name are centered, BUT the blurb is not just… pains me.

I love the Brazilian cover so much more. I love the fat rep in the cover, and most importantly, I think it’s really nice how well it matches with Simon vs. by the same author. In Simon Vs, you also have the title inside an element (speech bubble and heart), as well as a faceless illustration, so it looks super cohesive on the shelves and I appreciate that a lot.

Both covers are alright, but I’d have to choose the Brazilian one again, simply because of the use of the asexual flag colors as well as the illustration, instead of an actual picture, like in the American edition. I do like the doodles in the original cover, though (I am a fan of doodles, as I think can be expected from my layout, lol).

I loooove the American cover. It’s so much more interesting and immediately gives off Christmas vibes, while the second one, besides the fairy lights, doesn’t really reference Christmas at all. It’s also a very generic cover, and I don’t like it at all.

That’s it, friends! I still have a few more covers, so I’ll be more than happy to do a part 2 in the future. For now, tell me your thoughts: which cover do you like better? Do you like your country’s editions/covers of books?

the bookish baking tag!

Hello, friends!

The Bookish Baking Tag, created by Kay @ Hammock of Books, showed up at a perfect time for me. I’ve been really into baking since quarantine started and even though I don’t know how to cook anything else, I’d definitely be able to live off of cake, brownies and cookies for the rest of eternity, which I’m 100% down to.

Thank you so much for Caro @ Book Cheshire Cat for tagging me to answer this one!

42185079. sy475 The Sound of Stars really had the most perfect beginning. I was immediately immersed into the story and intrigued about these characters and the universe. In this book, we follow a future where Earth has been invaded by an alien species who has banned all forms of art, and our main character is one of the few people keeping a hidden library.

Even though I did not love the entire book, I felt like the beginning was incredibly strong.

(Also, should I try baking muffins? I’d never done it before so I have no idea how complicated/easy it would be but they’re so delicious!)

20698530Technically, P.S I Still Love You starts out just as the year is ending, since the first scene of the book takes place right before New Years. But I love this series so much I had to include it.

I know a lot of people associate the holiday season with cozy, warm vibes (not me, not only because I’m a Grinch but also because in this side of the Hemisphere, we spend Christmas on tank tops and flip flops), and the To All the Boys series screams warm fuzzies to me.

30075662. sy475 Fun fact: even though cinnamon rolls are internet’s favorite way of defining characters and people, I’ve never tried them myself, though I suppose they couldn’t taste anything other than delicious, considering it’s cinnamon after all.

My choice for this answer has to be Aurora, from Aurora Rising, who’s not necessarily smol, but still deserves to be protected. I found myself being so protective of her from the second I first read into her perspective. She’s just confused and trying her best, which means I’ve officially adopted her.

46216773. sy475 I recently read 10 Things I Hate About Pinky and it’s definitely a book with MAJOR summer vibes. It is set during the summer, alright, but also in a vacation-like spot by the lake, and what screams summer more than that?

It’s also a very light-hearted, easy read and the relationships are A+ so really no reasons as to why you shouldn’t read it.

119322. sx318 I’ve been reading the His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman and they always give me nostalgic vibes. I think it’s because I read a lot of alike middle grade series growing up and they all share a similar feel.

The characters are kids and being in their perspective, going through these crazy adventures with them, you can’t help but also imagine yourself as a kid who’s part of the group.

16147088Even though I am a firm believer in chocolate chip cookies supremacy and that they’re, indeed, the best cookies to exist (sorry to be dripping FACTS), I can not say I’ve pondered a lot about this question because I do not read that many classics.

In fact, the only one I’ve read and enjoyed was The Outsiders, which I’m not even sure can be considered a classic, but I know it’s a required read, so I guess it does? ANYWAY. The fact the author wrote this book when she was 17 will never fail to blow my mind.

50160953Where We Go From Here deserves SO much more love and hype. Y’all should be reading it already, pls.

It’s a YA contemporary novel that talks about HIV through three different perspectives, by a Brazilian author and set entirely in Brazil, with a very authentic and realistic portrayal of what is like being an university student here. It’s GREAT, alright. Go read it!

41734205I’d never heard of Angel Food Cake before, but a cake that feels like pure air and fluff can only be divine.

Her Royal Highness gave me the exact same feelings: it was just an incredibly light-hearted, fast-paced read, centered around Millie, who moves to Scotland and finds she has a princess as her roommate. I liked that it was such a fluffy romance with little to no drama. It was certainly refreshing.

53565836. sy475 OH YES CARROT CAKE SUPREMACY. I know carrot cake can actually be quite different depending where you live, but in Brazil, we have carrot cake with chocolate frosting and I *can not explain* how good that is.

But I digress.

I felt like it was only fair to choose a book that can top carrot’s cake iconic-ness and that is, of course, Camp. That book has such a positive and up-lifting message about how, regardless of how you present yourself, your queer-ness is valid and you can be whoever you want to be.

I know Barbie said that first, but like, it’s still such a good message!!! We love to see it!

*inserts footage of me trying macarons for the first time* Ok, I am not gonna do that, though I DO HAVE FOOTAGE. Instead, let me just insert a picture of the first macarons I’ve ever tried in 2018 when I visited Laduree’s NYC (yes, very Blair Waldorf of me).

38746485Becoming by Michelle Obama was incredibly intimidating, just because the audiobook was SO LONG. Like, 18h long. And I’m only used to listening to audiobooks that are around 8h long, so yeah, took me a while, but I did it and it was great.

35716237I feel like I don’t talk enough about Summer Bird Blue, so let’s fix that. Not only this book features an ace-aro bi-racial protagonist, but also a number of the side characters are mixed! Our protagonist is also dealing with grief/depression, so there’s a lot of great rep overall and this book broke me and put me back together, so it’s definitely one you should check out.

40874032. sy475 I really don’t like banana bread, fun fact. I don’t like banana in general, so there’s that. But I swear the book I’m answering for this question is *actually* good.

To me, Vicious is 100% deserving of all the hype. Recently, my best friend read it too and he agreed that the reviews are not lying when they say this book is such an immersive experience and a true page-turner!

What’s your favorite baked good – to eat or to bake yourself? And if you’ve read any of these books, let’s chat in the comments!



top five characters i am unhealthily attached to because i relate to at least one of their personality traits


Hello, friends!

By the time you’re reading this post: I am now 20 years old. That’s just… Yeah, no ❤️. I refuse to believe I am no longer a teen, especially considering I don’t feel like I’ve aged at all since I was fourteen and I’m still pretty much the exact same person, with the exact same interests. My brain has not gotten the memo I am growing up, basically.

But in honor of that, I’ll share some of my five favorite characters. Like the name suggests: I am weirdly attached to these characters because I relate to them in some way, and therefore have now started to project my entire life onto them, because why not, right?

ANYWAY. Let’s talk about them:


guzman nunier | Tumblr

I am sorry to my past self who started watching Elite in 2018 (by the way, season 1 was released on my birthday, so we were literally meant to be) and hated Guzman with all my heart. Uh, yeah, here we are now.

Elite is my absolutely trash child and, considering how many times I mention this show in my blog, I’m sure y’all are more than aware. But yeah, just reiterating: I KNOW it’s a problematic show. I still love it.

Guzman is pretty much the mom of the group – and so am I. He takes care of everyone and is extremely loyal to his friends, wanting to be around them and to have them open up to him as well. At the same time, his friends are constantly hesitant to do so, because they don’t want to be judged, which is pretty much my life story summed up in a sentence.

Of course, Guzman changes a lot throughout the seasons and I don’t relate to all of his character, but I’ve always appreciated his loyalty and his strong morals, despite everything that goes around him.


Jonathan Byers | Wiki | Comics Português AminoFor the longest time, I’d never been able to explain why I loved Jonathan so much. He’s my favorite character in Stranger Things, definitely in my top ten characters of life and I am so weirdly attached to him when most everyone who watches this show couldn’t care any less.

And I could not, for the life of me, tell anyone what I found so captivating about his character. But after re-watching Stranger Things this year with my mom, I realized.

Jonathan is, in a lot of ways, just the person I would like to be: a protective older brother, a hard-working guy, a dilligent son. But he’s also a person who I already am like: lowkey extremely judgemental (he literally has a line that goes: “I don’t like most people, he’s just in the vast majority” which is literally my motto), mom of the group and someone who believes in the power of being different and unique.

(Basically, Jonathan and I both have an Aquarius rising and I’ll take no complaints).



I am totally exposing myself in this post, but oh well.

From the first time I watched Hamilton, I already saw so much of myself in Burr and he’s always been my favorite character.

I also then found out the most popular Myers-Brigg personality type and Enneagram that fans associate with him are the same as mine, so we’re both INFJ and Enneagram 5, which means we’re the same person.

I don’t know how good that is, considering Burr is a sort of antagonist in the Hamilton musical and also just doesn’t do much, but some of us WAIT FOR IT ok.

I relate to the way he’s not about *doing* things, but rather overthinking them. He’s not a character who’s interested in being the first to stand up, but would rather stand to the side and wait. As someone who could never see herself being an “activist” of any sort, I lowkey relate.


SKAM GIF's - • Noora • - WattpadY’all didn’t think this was going to be a SKAM-free post, right?

I don’t know if Noora is a character I relate or simply a character I want to be like. I think it’s a little bit of both.

I’ve always admired her character so much for standing up to what’s right and being a true feminist icon. But throughout her season, we also learn there’s so much more to her. She’s also the mom of the group and puts so much of herself into helping and being there for others. She’s not used to letting her feelings rule what she does and always overthinks and rationalizes everything, so it’s really great seeing her journey of opening up.

There’s also this scene when someone offers her alcohol, but she denies, and says she’ll have hot chocolate instead, which is the biggest mood of all times.


21 Times Lara Jean Covey From TATBILB Made You Say "Same" | Lara ...

Honestly, by the end of this post, y’all will probably think I am insane. Because if I manage to be both Guzmán and Lara Jean, then something is not right. But I promise it makes sense.

Lara Jean is that female character I’ll go to the ends of the earth to defend (along with Divergent Tris). I love her so much and I think every single one of her actions is understandable and justified. It always baffles me when people say they found the books or Lara Jean’s character to be immature, because, uh, of course, she’s a 15 year old, what did you expect?

But I digress.

The most relatable trait from Lara Jean’s character to me is how she romanticizes everything, and yet, is terrified of romance. She loves the *idea* of it: in movies and books. She’s obsessed about looking through antiques and daydreaming of its past owners and the tragic and romantic lives they could’ve had. But when it comes to accepting romance for herself, she has a hard time opening up and letting people in. Obviously now I am able to understand that for me, this means I’m aromantic, but back when I was still trying to figure my sexuality out, I related SO much to Lara Jean’s character, and I think I always will in a sense.

Let me know in the comments which characters you relate to & which are you just obsessed with for no reason, hahah.

my latinx readathon TBR!

to be read.

Hello, friends!

This August, I will be taking part in the Latinx Readathon, hosted by Jane @ Of Big Black Books, Lou @ Lou Reading Things, Nicole @ Nikkie Reads and Sofia @ Aelin’s Kingdom. It is a wish of mine to read and support more latinx authors, being Latina myself, and I was wanting to take part in a readathon this August so everything worked out wonderfully.

I will not be aiming for any of the bingos, but you can check more information about the readathon here & I also highly encourage you to check this post for recommendations!

Also, this is kinda totally unrelated, but I got nominated for The Fourth Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards!!!!!#*!( I’ve been nominated for TWO CATEGORIES (which is just WILD): “Friendliest Member of the Community” and “Most Supportive”, and I am really, really thankful. I don’t know how to promote this, so consider this my promotion, lmao. You can vote here and I highly encourage y’all to do so, as there are so many other amazing bloggers participating! Once again, thank you so much for everyone who nominated me!


43892137. sy475 This book has been SO hyped that even though I am not a fan of books written in verse, I’ll be giving it a shot nonetheless.

Clap When You Land is by an afro-latinx author, with Dominican rep and I’m pretty sure two siblings getting to know each other for the first time as teenagers.

Again, I am not a fan of verse, which is why I had never read anything by Elizabeth Acevedo in the past (and also I don’t like reading books about food, so that’s why With The Fire on High was another no), but the hype + the fact the audiobook is rather short has convinced me that I should give it a chance.


43801254Because I am in the need of a romance book, I will be reading The Worst Best Man, by Mia Sosa. Hopefully, by the time this post goes live, I’ll have already finished it *fingers crossed*.

I will be honest: I only want to read this book because the main character is Afro-Brazilian so it is my DUTY to read it. But I have no idea what it’s actually about, but I believe from the title/cover that our protagonist will fall in love with her ex-best man, whom she hates.

I am not the biggest fan of enemies to lovers but hopefully I’ll like this one!


25014114. sy475 I’ve been meaning to read Adam Silvera for FOREVER, as YA contemporary is my brand and he’s a very popular author in the genre.

I’ve tried once before reading History is All You Left Me and I was not vibing with the writing style much, but I was reading it translated, so I’ll see if I have better luck with the original writing.

This one, from what I recall, centers on a boy whose ex has passed away and is now connecting with his ex’s latest boyfriend. I also think one of our MCs has OCD!


44286258. sy475 This is not an own-voices Latinx book, but the author is a woman of color, so it’s still great rep. The reason I am counting it for this readathon, though, is because the love interest is Afro-Brazilian and I shall read all the Brazilian rep I can get, especially in YA contemporary.

Everyone and their moms has loved this book, so I have high expectations! It will discuss cultural appropriation, which is such an important topic and I am SO looking forward to learning more about it.


50160953I promise I am not exclusively reading books with Brazilian rep, but I obviously had to prioritize a representation I can relate with.

Where We Go From Here is by a Brazilian author, set entirely in Brazil and while I don’t know much about the actual premise, I know it will talk about HIV.

The fact it took this book being translated to another language for me to read it is uh… yeah lowkey embarrassing BUT AT LEAST now I can yell at y’all to read it too and you don’t have any excuses!


42971990I’ve definitely been lacking in reading more non-fiction this year. Not that I read that many in 2019 anyway, but I really thought that by now, I’d have read more than one.

Of course, I knew I’d have to choose something for this prompt and I am super excited about My Time Among the Whites.

Jennine Capó Crucet is daughter of Cuban refugees and was raised in Miami. This memoir has outstanding reviews and I am really excited to see her tackle topics such as identity and American culture.


51179882. sx318 sy475 Lobizona is one of my most anticipated releases of the year and I am SO freaking excited to pick this one up. By the time this post goes live, it will be already out, so *yay*.

I talked about this one before in my blog, but it has Argentinian rep and y’all know how I feel about South-American rep. It’s also going to be about magic and, hopefully, werewolves, which are my favorite magical creatures, so really, this book checks every single one of my boxes and if I don’t turn out to love it I will sadly be passing away.

If y’all are participating in the Latinx readathon, let me know your TBR in the comments!


my nominations for the fourth anual 2020 book blogger awards!

spreading positivity.

Hello, friends!

The Fourth Book Blogger Awards is being hosted this year by May @ Forever and Everly and Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books. This first round is nominations, and one I really wanted to have taken part in last year, but life was kinda crazy and I didn’t get around to it. Now, I have the chance to, and I’m excited.

Before I get into it, I just want to express my gratitude to the book blogging community. I am so so so lucky to have this tiny corner of the internet where I can be creative and interact with all of you. Being here makes me really happy and I’m so glad this community is so overwhelmingly welcoming and positive.

Okay, now that my sappy round is over, let’s get into the categories.


Best Pre-Teen/Teen Book Blogger (13-19)

Captura de Tela 2019-08-20 às 12.03.18

Taasia @ Librae Paints Pages

Taasia has not been blogging as much this year, but that’s because on top of being an amazing blogger and reader, she’s also juggling school, college applications and life. I don’t know how she does it, honestly, but I am so glad to have her in the community. She has such a great voice and I think represents very well how loud our generation can be when it comes to the hard things, and unfortunately, we’re not taken seriously enough. I think Taasia is a great example of a teenager who’s not afraid to be vocal about things that matter and I admire her so much for it!


Best Adult Book Blogger (20+):

Captura de Tela 2019-08-20 às 11.13.44

Lauren @ Twenty-Seven Letters

Lauren is such a creative blogger and I adore her writing voice. She’s also an avid musical and Freddie Mercury fan and I love talking to her about music, as much as books. She’s an overwhelmingly positive person and I love how she always mentions the positives of the books she’s read, even if she didn’t love them. Right now, she’s been reading Percy Jackson and it’s been amazing following her on this joruney through one of my favorite series.


Best Book Reviews

Captura de Tela 2019-08-20 às 11.30.50

Olivia @ Purely Olivia

I’ve always admired Olivia’s mini reviews and I knew she’d have to be my nominee for this category as soon as I read it. I struggle a lot writing reviews, because I have *many thoughts head full* the entire time. So, whenever I write them for my monthly wrap-ups, when I try to keep them short and sweet, I feel like they just sound bland and boring. But Olivia adds a lot of personality to her reviews, while still being able to go straight to the point and develop the things she liked/disliked about each book wonderfully.


Best Book Recommendations

Captura de Tela 2020-07-04 às 14.07.36

Caro @ The Bookcheshire Cat

I feel like recommendation posts are always tricky, because you want to include as many books as possible to make your post hopefully more helpful even for bookworms that are probably familiar with most titles, BUT you also want to take your time developing what makes each book special. I love how Caro writes her posts, and especially the fact she includes the specific representations each book will contain, because it makes the post even *more* resourceful!


Best Discussion Posts

Captura de Tela 2020-07-04 às 14.09.49

Charis @ Charis Rae

It’s true that I only recently started following Charis, but I loved her discussion posts so far. They have an essay-like feel to them, but are never boring to read. I specifically loved the posts where she discussed the themes in The Hunger Games. Those posts were so inspiring and I really wish I was as eloquent as she is when writing discussions!


Best Blog Aesthetic

Captura de Tela 2020-07-04 às 14.14.02


Maha’s blog is very simple, but I love her headers so much. Not only because her pictures are stunning, but because they have a very playful touch to them, in opposition to the classic aesthetic I think most book bloggers gravitate, because well, books. Again: her layout is always really simple, but super pretty nonetheless. She also has such a great blogging voice and I adore her content.


Best Blogging/Writing Voice & Best Personality

Captura de Tela 2020-07-04 às 14.16.46

Ruby @ Ruby Rae Reads

So, I decided to nominate Ruby for two categories, because I love her and she deserves it. But, in all serious-ness, her writing voice is amazing! I mentioned this before but it’s something I still struggle with, and I don’t think I have developed mine yet, but Ruby’s is definitely noticeable and makes every post by her so fun to read. She also has such a fun personality and I love talking to her about anything, because even though we don’t agree on *everything* and have quite opposite tastes and opinions, she makes every discussion fun and comfortable.


Most Helpful

Captura de Tela 2020-07-04 às 14.26.13

Xandra @ Starry Sky Books

Ok, but in all honesty, there was no way I couldn’t answer Xandra. It was through one of her posts that I found out about the app Forest, that I used on a regular basis for my productivity and that has helped me so much ever since I started using it! I am also pretty sure I didn’t know how to properly tag bloggers in posts until she mentioned it. Her posts are always so well thought-out: she’s queen of discussions as well and you can see how much effort she puts on every single one of her posts.

Most Supportive

Captura de Tela 2020-07-04 às 14.28.55

Charlotte @ Bewitching Books, Ravenous Reads

So, you know when you write a post you’re super proud of but the comments are all kinda dry and you’re wondering if you’ve done anything wrong because no one even noticed that amazing pun you made and that you were so proud of? You can count that Charlotte is going to notice it. I love and appreciate her comments SO MUCH. People like her make me love being a part of this community.


Most Engaged in the Community

Captura de Tela 2019-08-20 às 11.00.03

Sophie @ Me and Ink

Ok, can I just say that I absolutely love Sophie and I’m so beyond thankful to the amount of support she’s shown to my blog from day 1? She always leaves the most thoughtful comments and I don’t know how she does it all, but she’s wonderful at it! Her content is also amazing: I loved her most recent collab with Aditi, I get the best music recommendations from her and even though that is not book related, her movie lists are some of my favorite posts to read.


Most Creative

Captura de Tela 2020-07-04 às 14.39.59

Caitlin @ Caitlin Reads

Again, another blogger I will never shut up about my appreciation for! Caitlin is also a teen blogger and she’s so, so eloquent at her discussions. We have very different reading tastes, but I still love reading all her posts because she’s immensily creative. Her Caitlin Reads series is amazing and I love the little additions of “normal life”, such as pictures of her dogs or the snacks she’s eating while she reads.


Friendliest Member of the Community

Captura de Tela 2020-07-04 às 14.49.31

Aditi @ One In a Millon

I have to admit, I don’t know many not-friendly people in this community. But I particularly appreciate Aditi, because she always hypes up my posts and her content is super funny as well. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t develop amazing serious posts as well: her discussions on Hinduism, being Indian-American and representation mean so much and, like I praised before, make me hopeful and proud of my generation.


Best at Promoting Diverse Books

Captura de Tela 2020-07-04 às 15.03.17

Fadwa @ Word Wonders

I love how resourceful Fadwa posts are! She compiles such great recommendation posts, and I know that whenever I need to find a book to fit into a certain reading prompt for a readathon or a themed month for my reading, I know I can find great recommendations on her posts.



Best New Book Blogger

Captura de Tela 2020-07-04 às 15.06.43

Faith @ The Pages Left Unread

Ok, so I hope this one counts, because while I know Faith didn’t start their blog in the past year, they actually took a very long hiatus for the past few months and has just now returned. I adore their posts: their discussions are so well done, and so are their reviews. They’re very unapologetic about everything they love and hate, and their Goodreads presence is also a delight.


Best Overall Book Blogger

Captura de Tela 2019-08-20 às 10.42.40

Marie @ Drizzle Hurricane Books

I voted for Marie last year and I’ll continue to do so, because I genuinely adore her and I am so grateful our community has her. She has such a great personality, recommends amazing books, engages so well with the community and her posts are always so resourceful and well-written. I also appreciate a lot when she talks about travel, being an international blogger and the overall supportive way she and Nyx – her sister – run the blog is inspiring.


If y’all are also nominating for the Blogger Awards, link your posts for me in the comments. I’d love to check them out and hopefully find more bloggers in the process too!


mid year freak out book tag!


Hello, friends!

I am so happy to be making this a yearly tag in my blog now. I shared the Mid Year Freak Out Book Tag in 2019 and it’s crazy to think it’s already been a year, and also crazy to think half of 2020 is past by when I have done absolutely nothing this year, lol.

Thank you so much for Margaret @ Weird Zeal for tagging me!

But, at least I read some books, so I can chat about them with you guys now. Let’s get into it!

Best book you’ve read so far in 2020

IMG_3357I have an entire review about all the things I loved on Call It What You Want, but this book completely changed me.

I’d never read anything by Brigid Kemmerer before, and picked this up randomly, but I’m so glad I did. This is a dual perspective novel and both were fleshed out and amazing. All the characters in this book suck, but they’re still so likeable. I love how Brigid Kemmerer played with perspective and how the same event can be perceived so differently by different people because of what they’re going through as individuals as well.

If you want a book that explores morally grey characters well, you can not go wrong with this one.

New release(s) you haven’t read yet, but want to

BREATH LIKE WATER. This book was blurbed by Gayle Forman (!!!) and it follows olympic swimmers, I’m pretty sure, and I’m always down to more books following athletes. Especially in this Olympic-less year we’re having.

THE SOUND OF STARS. I know this one is black and queer and is a love letter to music – my second favorite thing in the world, next to books. I am so hyped.

THE FALLING IN LOVE MONTAGE. F/F romance & our MC has dementia, which is a mental health issue I’ve never read any YA books about. Caitlin also said it has multiple rom-com references I’m definitely going to get, so yes.

Most anticipated release(s) for the second half of the year

DARIUS THE GREAT DESERVES BETTER. I know the entire community is hyped about this one, and how could I not be as well? I trust Adib Khorram with a love triangle and that says *a lot*.

RENT A BOYFRIEND. It’s Gloria Chao and apparently with fake-dating???? This can not go wrong. Also, can we talk about this gorgeous cover that literally looks like something out of a K-Drama? I’m so jealous of the lucky people who can have it on their shelves.

DEAR JUSTYCE. My favorite author with a follow up of one of my favorite books. I believe this one will tackle the American prison system and gangs, as it follows Quan, from book #1. It also comes a week before my birthday, so best present ever.

Biggest disappointment

IMG_4447Unfortunately for me, I Was Born for This was a major disappointment even though I was sure I was going to love it. I mean, Alice Oseman and boybands? It can not go wrong, right?

Except it totally can, because it did. I ended up actually DNF-ing this book at 63% because I found the deciption of boyband culture to be so overwhelmingly negative, I started feeling awful about myself. As if I could not claim to like an artist, because all of them are lying to their fans; and being a fan equals being irresponsible and naive; and most everyone is probably a creepy stalker with no feelings. And like, no. That’s not what I signed up for, and it’s 2020, I don’t need any more negativity in my life, thanks a lot.

Biggest surprise

IMG_3927I’d actually heard a lot of not-so-good things about Aurora Rising, even from fans of the Illuminae Files – which I am too. So I thought I was not going to like this one at all, but I am so glad I was wrong.

This book was incredibly action-packed, while still developing all the characters in an unique way and giving them refreshing voices in their own perspectives. It was also nice seeing the different alien species and their culture and habits. I loved the crew interactions as well – they don’t know much about each other and working together is a work in progress, but that’s exactly what makes this team so compelling.

Favorite new author (debut or new to you)


Last year, I talked about Adib Khorram for this question because I was impressed at his ability in Darius the Great to talk about so many different topics so well. And that’s how I felt again about Leah Johnson’s work in this one.

There are a lot of discussions here: on sexuality, anxiety, disability, as well as being a person of color and racial and class privileges. The character’s relationships are also amazingly fleshed out, with friends’ break-ups and make-ups that make *so much sense*.

It’s still wonderful to me that all these themes were well written and it never felt like the author was trying to hard, at all.

Newest fictional crush

IMG_4450Now, it is true that I did not love The Brightsiders – the writing felt repetitive and the characters fell flat. But still, there could not be any other answer but Alfie.

He’s our best-friend and love interest in this book, and I adored him. He’s The Brightsiders’ heartthrob and everyone has a crush on him, so how could I not develop one myself? I liked, though, that he was still a layered character, who was not only a massive flirt, but also an amazing friend, who, like everyone else, also dealt with his own insecurities (including social anxiety). He was definitely the best part of the reading experience for me.

(And plus: he was gender queer, which is a great rep too!)

Newest favorite character


Camp was definitely a runner-up for best book I read this year, as it was my only other 5 star of 2020 besides Call It What You Want. And I give that up to Randy, our protagonist.

This book was a lot more complex than I thought and initially gave it credit for. I love how Randy walks into this book believing that he’ll have to play the role of Del – a more masculine, butch version of Randy -, but then he’ll be able to slip out of it and go back to his normal nail-polish-lover, theatre-kid self.

But what he learns throughout this story is that he can, actually, be both. Del and Randy are not different people – they’re both parts of who he is, because he can be whatever he wants to be.

Book that made you cry


I didn’t really cry with any book this year, but You’d Be Mine got me close to it. I was so impressed by how well-written this book was and how it was also a lot darker than I anticipated.

This book discusses suicide, addiction and trauma very well. It was definitely hard-hitting, but I think the author was able to write it so well that even though we were following characters with glamourous lives, it never felt like those issues were being glamourized too. She also discussed very well the importance of being well on your own first, before you can be good to somebody else.

Book that made you happy

IMG_4452I absolutely had a blast reading Only Mostly Devastated. As a re-telling of Grease, I already expected that this one was going to be fun, but I also loved how well the author was able to represent an accurate teenage experience.

Ollie moving to this new school is awkward and uncomfortable. He ends up sticking with the first group that welcomes him and it takes him a while to understand the dynamics of the group, and to feel 100% a part of it as well. The dialogues were all so well-written too and it made me really excited to see a YA book that actually understands teenagers so well.

This book turned out to have a lot more layers than I expected, such as discussing Will’s cultural background, grief and family relationships, and I loved every second of it.

Your favorite book to movie/tv show that you’ve seen so far?

ps i still love you | Tumblr

I only watched one adaptation this year and it was P.S I Still Love You, but it totally did not disappoint. Even if it didn’t completely feature my favorite quote from the book (“Like the 1950s. Remember, Lara Jean?”), I still adore how they translated my favorite aspects of the book into the movie.

It meant a lot that they kept some of the moments that pay and ode to Lara Jean’s mom as well as hear Korean side of the family (having them dress in hanboks was so special!), and the amazing side-characters too. I didn’t like John Ambrose in the books, but I turned out to love him in the movie.

Nothing beats Peter K. though. And the scene from the gif I included is probably my favorite scene in cinema history now, so there’s that too.

What is your favorite post you’ve written so far?

I really like I’ve been writing more recommendation posts this year. Even if they’re not the most popular posts, I still enjoy writing them a lot, as it gives me an opportunity to share more lenghty reviews than I would in my monthly wrap-ups and also to rave about books I haven’t talked about in a while.

(Plus, I think it totally solidifies YA contemporary as my brand).

My favorite recommendations post I did was the one on books about mental health issues that are likely to break your heart. I am super proud of how I worded it!

What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

A QUIET KIND OF THUNDER. This one has been on my TBR for ages and I want to be more conscious of reading books with disability rep. This one has a deaf MC!

99 DAYS. I have literally no idea what it is about but I got an edition on Kindle for free once and I haven’t touched it since, lol.

PATRON SAINTS OF NOTHING. Another one I’ve been putting off for ages. It’s set on the Philippines and it’s likely to touch on the war on drugs, so I know will be hard-hitting.

What books do you want to read by the end of the year? And any anticipated releases I should look out for? Let’s chat in the comments!

the percy jackson/heroes of olympus book tag!


Hello, friends!

I am really thankful for Olivia for tagging me to answer this one. I absolutely love the Riordanverse and I’ve been meaning to answer this one for a while, so now I have the perfect opportunity.


  • Link to the original creator: May @ Forever and Everly. Please note that she made the artwork/graphics, if using them.
  • Match books with the given prompt.
  • Tag however many people as wanted!
  • Copy-paste the rules and list of prompts.

1 percy

44320201. sy475 Call It What You Want by Brigid Kemmerer completely fucked me up, so I hope y’all don’t mind me screaming about it for a while longer.

I loved everything about this book and found it to be addictive, realistic, hard-hitting and layered.

I think Brigid Kemmerer may have officially ruined the contemporary genre for me, because I can’t help but compare every other book to this one, which is probably why I have no other 5 star this year.


2 annabeth

29589074. sx318 Every time I read mysteries I am left 👁👄👁.

I am the *worst* at predicting and figuring things out, so I am always shook when I read any mystery book. Truly Devious didn’t even have that much of a resolution in this first book, but I was still left shook because the characters are really smart and I could never.


3 grover

43520622I think Not So Pure and Simple was a release that was pretty much slept on, which is such a huge mistake. I liked this book a ton and genuinely think should be required read in schools.

Not only because of its very smart discussion of sex education, but because it challenges double standards, toxic masculinity and the idea of the “nice guy” SO. FUCKING. WELL.

(Okay, I am cursing a lot in this post, sorry).

And the fact the author also intertwined social media SO well throughout the book, and was hilarious as well? The iconic jumped out.


4 luke

30075662. sy475 Everyone I’d seen talking about Aurora Rising said they were disappointed, but I actually *loved* it?

It was hilarious, dynamic, action-packed and pretty much everything I could’ve wished for. I loved all the characters and their interactions were absolute gold.

Also, I don’t know if y’all are aware but this book has a scene of: “let’s pretend we’re making out so the guards don’t catch us”, but make it gay, and I may or may not have legit flipped.


5 chiron

15749186I could answer Percy Jackson, but I’ve recently been in a To All the Boys mood and I just remembered how much I fucking adore this trilogy.

I’ve re-read these books more often than I should and I constantly think about picking them up again. They just feel so good, like revisiting your favorite spot or an ice-cream cake.


6 tyson

36077176. sy475 And Nic Stone does it again.

But, seriously, Rico has such a sweet relationship with her little brother. She’s very protective of him and willing to do whatever it takes so he can have as much of a normal childhood as possible, even though her family is struggling so much.

Her little brother also happens to be the funniest character on this book and he had such witty comebacks the entire time, which was a *gift*.


7 thalia

20649195. sy475 I know I finished this book in just a matter of days, and I don’t even remember reading it that much? I wasn’t consciously reaching for it all the time because it was so addictive, I think time just really flew by because of how engaging it was.

These characters are fantastic. Leah Thomas crafted such interesting characters, that I got to know so personally even though I was only reading their letters to and from each other? Amazing.


8 nico

25322449When I read Radio Silence last year, I truly understood the hype.

This book is well-loved for a reason, that’s for sure. The characters are amazing, their dynamic tugged on my heartstrings as much as any romance I’ve ever read even though they were purely platonic, it was hard-hitting and still hopeful and realistic.

Plus, the relationship between Frances and her mom? Unmatched and I shall never shut up about it.


9 calypso

20829994. sx318 I was just introduced to the word “marooned” because of this tag, so thank you.

I am only choosing this book because I found it to be so ridiculously entertaining. Plus, I’m sure the Greek gods have answers about how to survive or how to get out of a desert island, right?

Preferably that do not involve gods disguised as horses, definitely, but still.


10 rachel

46216773. sy475 I am definitely expecting to give 10 Things I Hate About Pinky 5 stars for a few reasons:

  • Fake-dating, which, YES.
  • I already loved Samir in There’s Something About Sweetie and his banter with Pinky was A+.
  • It’s Sandhya Menon.
  • Everyone I know that has read this already loved it, soooo…

If this does not turn out to be a favorite, I will have to be passing away.


11 jason

52339313. sx318 sy475 I have quite a lot of anticipated releases for the second semester, but I will talk about Cemetery Boys because… yes.

Ever since I watched Adri’s vlog where they read this one, I’ve been hooked. I am not a fan of fantasy, at all, but I believe the characters will be really compelling and I am always here for supporting more Latinx authors, so if I can have this already, I’ll be forever thankful.



12 piper

36146624Marie was the one to convince me to read You’d be Mine and I’m soooo thankful.

This book was a lot darker than the premise initially sells you to be. It dealt with topics such as addiction and suicide, but it was all handled very well.

It was after reading her review + posts where she mentioned it that I realized this was just not a case of a pretty cover, and I was 100% right.


13 leo

28006096I didn’t want to be here talking about Rick Riordan ONCE AGAIN, but what can I do? The man is a master.

I recently read This Burning Maze and I’d forgotten how chaotic Apolo is. I laughed out loud with this book and even the haikus at the beginning of each chapter are hilarious.

I think I’ve cracked the code as to why I keep reading these books: they’re honestly too funny to be true sometimes.



14 hazel

23302416I read Wonder in 2014 and it’s still one of my favorite books. Especially after watching the movie.

I recently decided to re-watch it, which always has to be a very well-crafted plan because it makes me cry so hard I have to be prepared to not leave the house for the following 24 hours because of how swollen my face gets.

Yes, this book is everything people say it is and I still love it to pieces.


15 frank

18460392As I mentioned in my post about the “premonition sex”, I remember really not wanting to read more of All the Bright Places because I knew something bad would happen the minute they had sex.

I was right.

Nonetheless, I was already scared of what would happen as I knew this book was very sad, so I definitely was not anticipating reaching the end of it.


16 reyna

6186357First, I’d like to know: who in their right minds would hate Reyna? Lol. She was my favorite character we’re introduced to in the HOO series and I’d literally do everything for that woman.

But I digress.

I found this to be the hardest question to answer, because the way I tend to diverge from the majority is by hating hyped books, not really the other way around.

So I’ll answer with my default answer: The Maze Runner, which I know is a series a lot of people hate, but I personally love with my heart and entire soul.

17 octavian

38595652Honestly, at this point, it might as well be my fault more than anything, lol.

Everyone I knew was giving this book 2 stars and I still read it because apparently I hate myself??? But I guess I just wanted to see it through and it really is bad.

The world-building is non-existent, it is supposed to discuss GANGS and yet it felt like we were talking about Divergent factions, plus all the characters are unlikeable.


18 percabeth

32797600I actually really liked the romance in The Dangerous Art of Blending In!

It’s friends to lovers, or as I like to call it, bros to bromos. It was very sweet and believable, plus I really liked how open Evan could be around Henry and how much Henry wanted him to be, and was willing to support him whatever happened.

They were really solid and a breath of fresh air in the midst of everything else that’s happening that was really bad.


We’re 1.5k words into this post, and I am so sorry, lol. Tell me a hated book you actually love & the best romance you’ve read recently. Oh, and your most anticipated release for 2020 as well!

top five things i want to see more of in YA books!


Hello, friends!

Last month, both Marie and Cait shared a similar post where they talked about five things they want to see more of in YA books. I highly recommend you guys check out both of their posts, as they’re amazing and I honestly related a lot of things they talked about.

Let’s get into my top 5, then:


Okay, y’all, I know I’m probably getting annoying at this point because I talk about this a little bit too much, but I need more, alright. And dont’ get me wrong, I love any kind of latino rep I can get my hands on. But Anitta, Shakira, J Balvin and Kali Uchis didn’t do all of that to Mexico still be the only latinx rep in books.

South America is a full continent. I want to see more Colombian, Bolivian, Argentinian, Ecuadorian and even Brazilian characters in YA. C’mon.

🌎 Books I know with South-American characters:

34659293. sy475 Heretics Anonymous has a badass Colombian-American side character called Lucy, who’s a proclaimed feminist and wants to be a priest. She also has a complicated 51179882. sx318 sy475 family dynamic which added a lot to her character depth.

Lobizona comes out in August and will center around an Argentinan girl discovering mysteries that have to do with folklore and her family. To say that I am excited about this one is an understatement.


I know books centering around fandom are actually not that rare and I have read a few already. But I really want to see more books talking about boybands and the culture around that. Sorry, it’s just that I have way too much personal experience on this one, lol.

I literally said: “fine, I’ll do it myself” and started writing my own story about boybands and roadtrips. But I want actual books by competent authors that I can devour again and again that will be able to encompass the feeling of going to concerts, overanalyzing lyrics, waiting for a videoclip release, buying too many unnecessary merch, and meeting amazing people because of it.

🎸 Books I know about boyband fan culture:

34325090. sy475 I Was Born For This is a dual perspective novel where we follow both a fan of the band, Angel, as well as Jimmy, their vocalist. However, I ended up DNF-ing this book as I felt like the portrayal of fan culture here was 33275690overwhelmingly negative and made me feel really bad.

I have not read Foolish Hearts yet and I have no idea where the boyband element gets intertwined here, but I do know our main character will be in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, so there’s also some Shakespearean references to expect!


I really want to read more YA contemporaries where I couldn’t just pick up the plot, move to an entire different city or state, and it wouldn’t even be noticeable. Because I love whenever the setting has a big role in the story, even if the book is not inherently about it, like a roadtrip/travel book, where obviously the setting will be important.

I love getting to know new places, even if through books, and I don’t think you need to go crazy in order to make it interesting.

✈️ Books where the setting matters:

30312700. sy475 Alex Approximately is set in a surfer’s town in California and there are so many talks about boardwalks, surfing, tourists and nice weather. The characters also are working at a museum, which was such an unique setting and works so well here. It was, by far, my favorite part about this book.18460392

Even though All the Bright Places is set in Indiana, which may not sound like the most picturesque place, a whole portion of this book is dedicated to follow these characters as they explore wonders of their own state. I think this is a great example that any place can have an impact on the story, if done well.


I want more authors being brave enough to explore platonic relationships. I want to see less girl/boy friends becoming lovers because it sounds like the only viable option – it is not. Sometimes, they don’t even work as a couple, but because they have chemistry, then inherently, they have to be boyfriend/girlfriend? Nahhh, I don’t think so.

💕 Books I know with platonic relationships:

25322449Radio Silence even has a quote that I think sums it up pretty well: “You probably think Aled Last and I are going to fall in love or something. Since he is a boy and I am a girl. I just wanted to say- we don’t. That’s all.” Even though these characters had chemistry and clearly loved each 37880094other a lot, they worked so much better as just platonic lovers.

The bond between Felicity and Sim in The Lady’s Guide can not be explained with something as simple as a “friendship”. They learn so much from each other, share so much, even talk about what their future could look like together, and were just adorable throughout most of this book.


Look, yes, enemies to lovers can be fun and all but have you ever experienced the JOY of enemies to friends? Of two characters using everything they can about the other person to make their lives hell and then suddenly finding the urge to protect and support that person through whatever?

It’s the most *satisfying* transition in the world. I don’t care much for enemies to lovers, but I need more enemies to friends stories in this world.

👯‍♀️ Books I know with enemies to friends:

35704397. sy475 The Way You Make Me Feel has such a nice story of these two girls who couldn’t be more opposite from each other – class clown Clara and good-two-shoes Rose – and who are forced to work together for the summer. They spend most of the book being petty, 23437156but once they start opening up to each other is beautiful.

The Six of Crows squad is also perfect example of this. They start out definitely as a dysfunctional team, but end up developing strong bonds and protecting each other through everything, which is a delight to follow.

Alright, y’all. If you have any recommendations for any books that you know contain one of those themes, let me know in the comments! What other things you want to see more of in YA books?


olympic games readathon TBR!

to be read.

Hello, friends!

Here I am, taking part in yet again, another read-a-thon. I am glad to say so, because read-a-thons really do motivate me to read more and tackle titles out of my TBR that I’d have been too intimidated to otherwise.

The Olympic Games Readathon was created by Ishi @ Ishi Time and it is inspired by the Percy Jackson universe. The goal is to complete as many prompts related to your Olympian parent, as well as extra activities in Camp Half-Blood.

It had been a really long time since I had last taken the quiz to see my Olympian parent. I’d always said it was Poseidon, but I didn’t know for sure, as I’ve changed a lot since I first took a test in 2011. My result remained the same, though! So I’ll be completing both the mandatory as well as two extra prompts for Cabin 3!

(June is also Pride Month so I’m prioritizing titles with queer characters).


Read book set at sea or at coast

35716237I will finally be ticking off Summer Bird Blue from my TBR! This book is set in Hawaii, so it’s perfect. It also has ace/aro rep and I have no idea why I haven’t read it before.

To be fair, I started it, but I couldn’t connect with the writing style so I put it down and I’ve been scared to give it a second chance and dislike it, even though it has such meaningful rep to me! It’s time to confront this, though, and hopefully I’ll be wrong and actually love this one.



Read a book in which the main character uses a sword.

34726469This prompt really BROKE MY HEART because it gave me no other option but to choose a fantasy book and I don’t have a lot of those on my TBR. Especially fantasy in which the characters fight.

So for that reason, I ended up with two options. One is Sky in the Deep, which is inspired by vikings, I heard semi great things about it but the girl on the cover is holding an axe, which doesn’t make me hopeful that this will actually involve swordsfight.

37678396The second option is An Assassin’s Guide to Love and Treason, which I am sure does involve swords, but I also feel like I could pick this up any time, and I’m much more intimidated of Sky in the Deep, so maybe that one should be a priority instead?

I’m conflicted. Any advice is welcome!




Read a book with a non-human main character

28006096Am I kind-of/totally cheating on this one because I literally have like five fantasy books in my TBR and none feature non-human main characters? Yes.

So I will be reading The Burning Maze, because our main character Apolo, is technically a God, even if he has to remain in human form until he completes his missions on Earth. I also desperately need to carry on with this series because I’ve been spoiled about too much already and it’s just embarrassing I haven’t read this one yet.



Finish a book in 3 days

41734205I think Her Royal Highness has the potential to be a really fast-paced read, so it might as well be this one. I am pretty sure one ofur main characters is the princess of Scotland and it’s also set in a boarding school?

It gives me major Wild Child vibes but make it sapphic and I’m very excited. I’ve heard too much amazing stuff about it, so I’m hyped.




Read a book you have not heard much about before

52880287. sx318 sy475 I have not read anyone talking about this book yet and I also haven’t read any of the Goodreads reviews, but the premise totally sold me.

Set in a queer camp, this book will talk about our main character trying to be more “masculine” in order to make his crush like him. I will forever rant about the fact we don’t have enough “feminine” gay characters in fiction and I am so excited to see this book challenge this trope.




A book published within the last 5 years

40190305. sy475 Like A Love Story was literally published last year, so it totally counts.

This book is set in the 90s, I believe, and all I really know about it is that it has a gay protagonist, a diverse & supportive group of friends and it will discuss the AIDs crisis, which is very likely to break my heart, but I’m on board.

I’ve also heard nothing but good things about it, so yay!



A book with a blue cover

42202063Again, another book I wasn’t entirely hyped to read because I haven’t heard many people talking about it, but the readathon will hopefully motivate me to pick it up.

This one talks about drag queens! I have never read a book talking about drag queens and, unlike the rest of the internet, am also very uneducated on Ru Paul’s, so I literally know nothing about this universe and this one sounds really interesting & fun.

This cover’s color palette is also a solid 10/10.


If you are taking part in the Olympic Games readathon, what’s your cabin? Which books you have on your TBR? Do you think I should read Sky in the Deep or An Assassin’s Guide? Let’s talk in the comments!

characters who would be sorted in hufflepuff!


Hello, friends!

Today, I felt like playing the Sorting Hat again. I’ve already done this twice, with Slytherin and Ravenclaw, and today is Hufflepuff’s turn! I really like this house as my favorite character in the Harry Potter universe is a Hufflepuff (Cedric Diggory, of course). It’s definitely a rare one, I think. I don’t know a lot of Hufflepuffs, but let me know if you’re one!

Hufflepuff is the most inclusive among the four houses; valuing hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play rather than a particular aptitude in its students. Hufflepuffs are known to have a strong moral code, and a sense of right and wrong. It may be that due to their values, Hufflepuffs are not as competitive as the other houses, and are more modest about their accomplishments. Students sorted into Hufflepuff often demonstrate exceptional abilities in Herbology, owing to their correspondence to earth.


Finian de Seel | The Aurora Cycle Wiki | FandomFinian is described multiple times as a “lover and not a fighter“. Let’s just say he’d definitely *not* be sorted in Gryffindor. I think it’s very Hufflepuff of his to not be competitive at all: he ranked at the bottom of his class and he’s fine with that. He doesn’t have outstanding pride and doesn’t mind having others protect him.

His alignment chart is also, absolutely, chaotic bi. He flirts with absolutely everyone, but would combust if anyone tried flirting back. He’s also constantly making jokes in order to avoid confrontation, which is kind of a big mood.

I know these are not official Hufflepuff traits, but I definitely see most Hufflepuffs as outgoing and easy to make friends with. And Finian literally befriends people in five seconds, which is remarkable.

(Oh yeah, and he’s an alien – hence the eyes, lol).


I love and relate a lot to Molly, even if I’m not a Hufflepuff myself. I feel like this is her house, though, because she’s the most patient and understanding. Like, her sister was a bitch to her throughout most of this book, but she was still forgiving at the end. Girl, I wish.

Loyalty is not a joke to Molly, which I appreciate. This is a trait that I always find to be existing between Slytherin and Hufflepuff, actually. When I think about Hufflepuffs, I think about people that are loyal but also have a moral compass strong enough to back down when they realize they’re in the wrong. Slytherin’s loyalty can be kind of blinding, though.

I definitely see Molly as being the loyal, mom-friend, that makes sure all her friends get home safe, but wouldn’t be willing to get in trouble for them.


Peter-Kavinsky-To-All-the-Boys-Ive-Loved-Before – Febre Teen

Ok, ok, hear me out on this one.

I know Lara Jean is canonically a Hufflepuff. But I can not be convinced Peter isn’t one as well. It’s no wonder they work so much as a couple, y’all!

But, really, Peter is loyal AF. Just look at how protective he is of his mom and his family, especially towards his dad after he left them. He’s also very dedicated – from planning the romantic surprises to Lara Jean, to keeping himself on check for lacrosse. He knows the importance of working hard in order to get a scholarship and he for sure does.

He literally checks all the boxes for Hufflepuff. I hope he’s already finished the series by now and has sorted himself in one of the houses. If it’s not Hufflepuff, I disagree.


I understand everyone who would sort Elias as a Gryffindor, because he’s definitely brave AF and I’d never disagree with that. But I think the Hufflepuff traits are what makes Elias, Elias, and not just a random badass male protagonist.

Even though he is a Martian, learned for most of his life to despise the scholars and to fight for his Empire, he does not agree with any of these things. We know, right when we start the first book, that Elias actually wants to run away. He does not want to become the Empire’s killing machine. He wants to be his own person.

That is *such* a Hufflepuff thing. To have such a strong conduct about what’s right and what’s wrong you’re willing to stand up against your own people.

There’s also the fact Elias wants to help everyone, even when it’s pratically impossible. He takes upon himself to be as helpful and good to others as he can be, and I literally can’t deal with how good he is in a world that is so far from it.


Hazel Levesque | Wiki Acampamento Meio-Sangue | Fandom

Hazel and Frank are literally the Hufflepuff power couple you dreamed of. But, honestly, I am just sorting her in Hufflepuff because she’s the softest. Hazel is too nice to be real sometimes.

This girl has been through a lot. Like, literally too much, including coming back from the dead. She’s a daughter of Pluto, aka Hades, and is also cursed, so let’s just say things are not lining up to be the best for her.

But she never loses her hope or her strive to be as best as she can be. She’s definitely not the strongest or smartest demigod, but she works her but off nonetheless and never loses sight of what really matters. She also definitely knows how to keep a secret and when to let people go, even if it hurts.

Let’s chat in the comments: let me know some characters you like that you’d sort in Hufflepuff yourself and if you agree with my sortings!