top five characters i’d have a crush on in middle school


Hello, friends!

I miss writing a top 5 post! I feel like it’s been forever since I last wrote one, which isn’t exactly incorrect, as the last one was posted in October. It is one of my favorite posts to write, so I don’t know why I’ve been putting it off for so long. But IT’S BACK.

Today’s prompt is an interesting one, because it’s a very personal one. I never had a bunch of crushes growing up, despite being a Libra. And today I am able to understand these feelings better, but I stopped “crushing” on people in 2017 and have then become better at separating “thinking someone is aesthetically cute” and “wanting to date them”.

But, anyway, back in the day, I’d have this “specific type” of guy I found cute. Today, I can see through the bullshit, and I don’t think it’s even that great to have a “type“, because it stops you from getting to know other amazing people, but I digress. Through this post, I think you’ll be able to understand better what I mean.


First: his name is Adam, which is the most basic name I’ve ever seen. And apparently I had a thing for basic names in middle school.

Believe it or not, the two most long-lasting crushes I had shared the SAME NAME. I guess I was haunted by it or something. I’m pretty sure it was a past-life ghost playing tricks on me. That name would be Enzo, which it’s probably not as popular internationally, and if you ask me, shouldn’t be popular at all, because it’s not even a pretty name.


I’d probably have a crush on Adam because he has a really laid-back personality. He wasn’t the most “anything” on his group of friends – wasn’t the most attractive, or the most talkative, but there was still something captivating about him. The type of guy who could fade into the back, but actually has a really great personality once you give him a chance to show it.


Resultado de imagem para josh sanderson gif

Trust me: I am not proud of this.

I am a Peter Kavinsky stan first, human second. I love his character so much, but he’s definitely one that had to grow on me. When I first picked up the book, I labeled him as the high-school jock and that’s it, but then fell in love with him just like every other character in the story. But if we went to the same school or something, I’d still just label him as a jock. And I’m allergic to those.

Josh, though, was the easy choice. Growing up, best-friends to lovers was always my favorite trope, so Josh had the appeal from the beginning. He was also just your basic teenage boy, who was into comics and music, but could also be a true romantic when he wanted to.

Movie Josh then turned out to have the most attractive voice I ever heard after the voice for Frozen’s Hans, so there’s that too.


I think I’d say “nerds are my weakness“, but looking back, I’ve never liked a single nerd kid in my life. But whenever I used to answer Buzzfeed Quizzes and one of the questions was: “what do you look for in a partner”, I’d always answer intelligence, so I think I’d crush on Rishi indeed.

Not only he was a smartass, but he was also into art, which I still think it’s a really cool trait. Like, if you’re into art, you’re already 10x cooler in my opinion. I am the worst at drawing, painting or anything that requires manual skills, so I’d be totally impressed at Rishi’s comics.

He just had the biggest “boy next door” vibes and I can totally see him being the “old guy” my 12 year old self would try to make eye contact with every day after school and consider that an achievement.


Is it even possible not to instantly develop a crush on Sohrab? He was just the most adorable little thing.

I can see my old self crushing on Sohrab because I actually had a similar experience in middle school. There was this group of kids who were pretty much bullies and assholes, and one day, this kid just snapped at them for being mean, and defended his friend. It was a pretty bold move for a thirteen year old, so it earned my respect immediately.

It doesn’t exactly happen like that in Darius the Great, but Sohrab does defend Darius from some mean kids and that’s how they become closer.

Also: the most attractive trait one can have is being a good friend and Sohrab totally checks that box.


Imagem relacionada

Kakeru is just literally the man from my 12 year old’s wet dreams. Okay, maybe that was a bit weird. But it’s TRUE!

I mean, the kid is shy, but carrying, loves playing soccer and it’s actually good at it, but isn’t an asshole about it? Absolutely UNHEARD OF.

It also means a lot to me that Kakeru had such a solid friend group, because as much as my past crushes were always the lonely kids, I think having a big friend group tells so much about who you are as a person. A man is know by the company he keeps, am I right?

Also: Kakeru’s fashion??????? We stan.


Okay, friends. Now, let’s share: any embarrassing crush stories you remember from middle school? Which characters do you think would fit your “idea of a perfect guy” from childhood? Let’s chat in the comments!

2019 goals recap & 2020 resolutions | i am nominated for the sunshine blogger award again and can’t shut up about rocketman

a yearly overview.

Hello, friends!

This is the last post I have for my 2019 overview series. We’ve already talked about my most disappointing reads of the year, my favorite books and now it’s time to wrap up the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year and set new ones for 2020.

I feel like it would be fitting to also, while I do that, answer the questions that the lovely Charlotte set up for me after nominating me for The Sunshine Blogger Award. (By the way, thank you so much Charlotte for the nomination!)

2019 GOALS: i’ve actually accomplished something for once?

When I started setting up my goals for the year, I told myself I would go as easy as possible, because of how hard 2018 had been and I didn’t want to pressure myself into unattainable goals. And out of every item on the list, I managed to accomplish almost every single one! *cries*

  1. Read 40 books. ✔️ I actually read 68 books this year, so it was a total win.
  2. Read more books in different formats. ✔️ I ended up listening to 29 audiobooks this year, which means I listened to more books than I read them. I didn’t think I’d listen to this many audiobooks this year, but I’m glad it worked out this way! They’re really convenient and awesome and I truly fell in love. As for e-books/web comics, I definitely wish I’d read more, but I found out that I’m not as productive when reading digitally, because since I do not owe an e-reader, I end up reading on my phone, which can be very distracting.
  3. Stay away from negativity. ✔️ When I wrote this goal, I wanted to refrain from reading negative comments and looking for drama online and even if I wasn’t able to stay away from it *completely* (I am guilty of spending 40min on that Tati video dissing James Charles), it was an improvement from 2018, so I consider it a success.
  4. Keep around only people who put as much effort as you do. ✔️ I feel like if there was a lesson learned this 2019, was this. Since I graduated, I parted ways with a lot of my high school friends, but there were definitely a few I wanted to stay in touch with. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen with all of them, and I realized that it is okay to let go, especially when others do not put as much effort as I do.
  5. Stay true to who you are.✔️ If I’m being honest, I feel like this one was hard to do. There were definitely moments this year in which I found myself becoming a different type of person (more negative, passive-aggressive, always lowkey mean) but I’m glad I was able to notice it quickly and change my behavior.
  6. Spend less time on social media. ✖️ Honestly, I’m glad that my past self already knew this wasn’t going to happen. I definitely *tried*, though. I’d always say: oh, my screen time for this week was 5h? Okay, I’ll start trying to minimize that next week. Next week. Next week. And next week never came. Oh, well. Maybe next year.
  7. Write more! Journal more! Believe on my own writing!✖️✔️ I gave up on my WIP pretty quickly, but I have been journaling a lot more this year (and even shared some of my favorite entries), so I think this was partly successful, but it is one goal I want to carry on through 2020.


2019 HIGHLIGHTS: i’ve done other things apart from reading

Okay, not much, though. Reading has taken up a lot more space in my life this year, which I am so thankful for. Before we get to the other highlights, I’ll just quickly answer some reading questions but only with books I’ve read in 2019:

1. What book, if any, would you most love to see a prequel of?

22299763. sy475 I feel like it would be really nice to have a prequel on Crooked Kingdom. I’m sure most people are screaming right now READ THE GRISHA TRILOGY!!! but that’s not entirely what I mean. I think it would be nice to see characters from Ketterdam specifically and how that part of the world looked like before Kaz and the Dregs.

2. What’s your favourite lesser known, or talked about, book?

31822503Girls on the Verge is a book that, sadly, I haven’t heard many people talk about. Maybe because it is a slightly controversial topic (which shouldn’t be, by the way), but the book will follow our main character’s ride in order to get an abortion. It was really powerful, touching and also infuriating at times, and I really wish more people would read it.

3. Which fictional character do you most admire?

32620332. sy475 I think admiration is a really strong word, but I have to give it up for Evelyn Hugo. Even though I did not love this book as much as the rest of the bookish community, I did appreciate Evelyn Hugo a lot as character. She was a true badass, who made a lot of mistakes, but was still strong enough to stand up for them. I feel like she could go through everything.

4. What generally beloved character gets under your skin?

Can I answer Kaz Brekker AGAIN? Or maybe Eliza, from Eliza and Her Monsters, even though I feel bad for talking so many negative things about this book since I know it’s loved by so many here, lol.

Now, for other things I loved in 2019, that do not involve books for once.

5. What’s your favourite film that was released in 2019?


Imagem relacionada

There’s no other answer for this besides Rocketman. I spend the entire year obsessing over this movie, and I simply can not stop. This was so powerful and creative and beautiful and made me feel *all the things*. I’d never felt so instantly captivated by a movie in a long time, especially one in which I couldn’t relate to much.

Looking at Elton John’s life (this is Elton’s biopic, btw, in case you haven’t heard me or anyone else scream about it), I can’t say it’s particularly relatable. I’m not gay, I have never been involved with drugs or know anyone who has, I am not a musician. So, you could say there was technically nothing in this story for me, right? But this movie was so brilliant that I truly felt like I was going through every single thing, along with these characters, and I am SO glad I’ve watched it.

stranger things and other mysteries

Resultado de imagem para stranger things gif

I only started watching Stranger Things this year, much later than most people, I know. But despise everything, I’m really glad I did. Not only because I found out a new fictional boyfriend (Jonathan Byers, thank you very much), but also because it helped me solidify teenage mysteries as my *favorite* genre of shows. (I’m pretty sure you can’t call this a genre. It’s more like a trope. Mystery but add teenagers as protagonists, lol). That’s why I also really enjoyed The Society, season 2 of Elite, season 2 of The End of the F***ing World, etc.

wallows. taylor swift too, but mostly wallows.

Resultado de imagem para wallows gif

When my Spotify Wrapped came around, I was definitely not surprised to see Wallows as one of my most played artists of the year. I only found out about the band halfway through 2019 and I’m so, so, so glad that I did. They’re such a great band, whose lyrics really mean a lot to me. It’s kinda funny, because when the members are talking about their song writing process, they always say they didn’t mean much with that line and just used it because they thought sounded good, but they always end up being so thought-provoking for me. I think it really is just an effortless thing for geniuses.

6. If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

Taylor Swift. Who also released a new album, which no one is surprised that I loved this much. I also got tickets to watch her next year, and I’m totally not freaking out about that.

(finally) 2020 GOALS: setting myself up for failure

7. What are you goals for 2020?

Well, friends, here they are:

  1. Read 50 books. This is probably the highest any of my Goodreads goals has ever been, so I’m probably setting myself up for failure here, but I’ll try anyway! I read almost 70 this year, so I should be able to do it, right? *crosses fingers*
  2. Learn how to drive. This is probably the scariest of all the goals in this list, if I’m being honest. The legal age to start driving in Brazil is 18, so I technically could’ve started lessons a year ago, but I’ve always been wayyyy too scared. However, I do know it is the responsible thing to do, so I’ll try no matter what.
  3. Believe in my dreams and work towards them. Honestly, I’ve never had long-term goals of things I wanted to achieve, or dreams to work towards. I think the only one was getting into university, which I did, but now I feel like it’s time to give bigger steps and truly believe that I am capable of doing the things I want to do, instead of just planning them.
  4. Find a blogging schedule. (What’s one piece of advice that you think all new bloggers should know?) Having a blogging schedule is hard. But so important. It can be very overwhelming to make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to read, blog, interact with others, and still have a life and other responsabilities. I really hope that in 2020 I find better balance to keep up with everything.
  5. Do not give up on writing. Or anything, for that matter. Fun fact about me: I always give up, whenever things get hard or overwhelming. If I could, I would’ve given up school a long time ago. I simply have the hardest time comitting to things, especially hobbies, such as blogging, writing, etc. But I’ll really, really try to finish everything I start in 2020. (Watch me fail that by week 2). I’ll never learn how to overcome obstacles if I give up at the first.

If you’ve reached the end of this massive post, let’s chat: What’s your favorite thing you did in 2020? Favorite movie/music artist you found out? And what are your resolutions for the new year? (Do you know how to drive and are you scared of learning too?) Let’s chat in the comments!


the disappointing reads of 2019!

a yearly overview.

Hello, friends!

Today, we’re here to finally talk about the most disappointing reads of 2019. As much as I love hyping up reads, I am also always here for some rant. These are some of the most entertaining posts to read at this time of the year, plus I’m a Grinch, so I felt like it would be fitting to post this while everyone else is enjoying Christmas time.

Imagem relacionada

But, since I am the Grinch, I am also really into Christmas music. However, Christmas music is just the worst to make a negative post around, because everything is holly and jolly and nice. So, instead of comparing my disappointing reads to Christmas tracks, we’ll be going for other music that it’s still just as lovely.

Hope you enjoy taking a break from Mariah Carey to enjoy this post to its fullest!

Resultado de imagem para mamma mia gif

I was cheated by you, and I think you know when. So I made up my mind, it must come to an end. – Mamma Mia, by ABBA

17259690I guess there hasn’t been a bigger cheating since The Foxhole Court, which I read earlier this year. At first, I thought it was just a weak start to a book and I’ll get more of it once I continued reading. But no. And I finished this read infuriated by the lack of plot and the fact all the characters sounded and looked exactly the same.

And the truth is, considering I’m a Mamma Mia hoe at my core, I’m probably going to say “here we go again” and pick up the second book in this trilogy. There’s still hope that my ending is as happy as Donna‘s, but I guess not every book can be a Pierce Brosnan.

Imagem relacionada

This is not what I want; this is not what I’d planned. – Stick to the Status Quo, High School Musical Cast

You know when you pick up a book and you think you had this premise figured it out? It sounds amazing, just like something you’d enjoy. It ticks all your boxes and you pick up thinking you know exactly what you’ll get from it. And then nothing happens like you’d planned.

41150487. sy475 Yes, I felt just as betrayed as Sharpay after reading Red, White & Royal Blue. I know, this is probably one of the most loved releases of the year, but I really didn’t click with it. Again, the premise sounded amazing, but the book took forever to happen – the chapters were so long and the paragraphs were humongous. It felt like I was reading and reading and never moving on.

Plus, I really didn’t connect with any of the characters and some scenes just really felt like a low-budget Netflix rom-com. (Like, that one scene one of the characters serenades the other with Your Song, by Elton John? Jesus Christ, the corny-ness.)

Resultado de imagem para rolling in the deep gif

We could’ve had it all, rolling in the deep. – Rolling in the Deep, by Adele

44017627The best way I could describe Wayward Son is wasted potential. We literally could’ve had so much here: so much more of the characters – talking without being interrupted -, so much development of the magical world, so much more closure. And, yet, we had 350 pages of nothing.

The thing that makes me the most mad about this book is that I legit thought I had this plot figured out. When I re-read Carry On back in August, I was coming up with all these headcanons about what was going to happen in Wayward Son, what they could give us now that these characters were in America. And yet, all we had was vampire non-sense.

Queue the dramatic song.

Imagem relacionada

Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard. – The Scientist, Coldplay

31931941. sy475 When I picked up Eliza & Her Monsters, I truly expected to like the characters from the second I started reading it. I don’t know why, but since everyone and their moms adore this book, I just thought it would be one of those that you fall in love during the first chapters.

But it wasn’t. At all. And maybe that was just an unrealistic expectation or maybe it was indeed that Eliza was extremely unlikeable and constantly complaining. Not to mention the story inside the story – Monstrous Sea – was so poorly explained and gave me zero feels, along with the borderline abusive romantic behavior by the end of it.

Again, I really wish someone could’ve warned me that this is a story you have to warm up to and be open to character development, but I really thought it was going to be much easier to get through it than it was.

Resultado de imagem para all too well gif

Or maybe this thing was a masterpiece, ‘till you tore it all up. – All Too Well, by Taylor Swift

35380157. sy475 Ok, I even feel kinda bad associating this song to this book, because it wasn’t even that bad. It certainly didn’t deserve a song as mad and full of heartbreak and pain as All Too Well, but this was certainly a case of a perfect book being ruined by a really bad ending.

Opposite of Always has a lot of amazing things going for it – the writing is great, the dialogues are hilarious, there’s A+ family and friendships and it’s super diverse as well -, but the ending was a mess. I felt like all the decisions the characters made by the last 20% were super annoying and OOC, in addition to the fact the story wrapped up in the weirdest possible way and gave us a really unrelatable life lesson out of it.

Imagem relacionada

It might sound crazy but it ain’t no lie, baby bye bye – Bye Bye Bye, ‘NSync

36596583. sy475 Considering how much I loved American Panda by Gloria Chao, it is kinda crazy to think that there’s a book by her in this list. And I still stand by the fact Chao’s writing is phenomenal – it’s realistic, while still being romantic and giving the taste that I love about fiction. But Our Wayward Fate was just not it, man.

I was a true fool, player in this game for two. First, because this book had one of my least-favorite romantic tropes: insta-love, then, the development of our main character that felt so rushed. Finally, it just felt like the book was trying to do too much in not enough time, which made me so frustrated.

Imagem relacionada

You had your chance, you blew it, out of sight, out of mind. Shut your mouth, I just can’t take it again – Since U Been Gone, Kelly Clarkson

I apologize, but I just needed the angriest song I could get and of course it had to be Miss Kelly Clarkson to deliver. This is my least-favorite book of 2019, and I thought about not even including it, since I technically DNF-ed it, but it wouldn’t be accurate to my year.

25883848. sy475 I never DNF books, ever. Even if I put a book down, I always have the intentions of getting back to it – sometimes it doesn’t happen like that, but still. However, with The Hating Game, I put it down and could’ve set it on fire if I wasn’t reading it on my phone.

The writing was so weird – like, the girl could’ve just said “I touched his arm”, but instead she’d prefer to put it as: “I leaned in, my fingertips slowly brushing his muscular forearm, grazing so slowly through the hairs there” and I was just exhausted by page 2 -, the characters were cardboard cutouts of Judy from Zootopia and the guy from The DUFF and there was, no joke here, a line that literally went: “If you were mine for one night, you wouldn’t be able to walk afterwards”, which made me thraumatized for life.

I read 56% of it and got one kiss out of it, which is the most infuriating part of all. Basically: Sally Thorne and I are officially broken up and our relationship didn’t even last, which just makes the use of Since U Been Gone even funnier to me.

Okay, friends: now it’s your turn. If you had to choose one song to define your least-favorite/most disappointing read of the year, what would it be? Let’s chat in the comments!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas!





what i’ve been watching recently #2

O da minha

Hello, friends!

It hasn’t even been that long since my recently watched, but I actually fell in love with a couple more shows that I needed to talk about before this would turn into too much of a big post.

Since I haven’t been watching much lately, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to wrap it up before the new year. Let’s get started!


Imagem relacionada

Trust me: I am more than aware of all the things that make Riverdale a really bad show. But I’m way too invested on it at this point to stop, despise how much it makes me cringe. Season 3 dropped out on NETFLIX Brazil this October and, of course, I watched the whole thing in a matter of days.

This Season 3 was entertaining, though truly non-sensical. I’ll never be able to wrap my mind around the fact a 16 year old owes a bar and a diner. Or that they’re so intimidating for almost 50 year old adults. Most of the plot centers around this roleplay game like Dungeons and Dragons and I’m not familiarized with this type of game at all, so I was just confused most of the time.

Still, this season gave us new layers of some of the characters. I really liked seeing a darker Archie, though he remains my least-favorite character. Jughead’s family dynamic added 50+ years into my life spam – it was beautifully complicated. Betty was also doing a lot of investigating on her own and I’m always happy to see her standing up for herself as one of my favorite characters.

My favorite episode was the flashback one, where we follow the parents’ storylines. I also realized how much I adore Fred Andrews and I’m sad already thinking about the next seasons without him. This wasn’t the best thing I’ve watched, but it’s Riverdale, so it always makes me low-key happy.


Imagem relacionada

WTFOCK is the Belgium remake of one of my favorite shows ever, SKAM. I’ve never watched all seasons of any remake before, but this version really grabbed my attention. After watching some fan made videos of Zoe and Senne (the Belgium version of Nora and William), I decided to watch the whole thing. And I really love it.

I didn’t care that much about season 1, and the acting didn’t help at all. Season 2 was definitely an improvement. The chemistry between the characters is undeniable and I felt like all the changes that were made to the plot were really great. They still kept it pretty close to the original, but added new layers to the characters and deepened the relationships, which I loved.

Senne is my favorite character, because he’s just really charming and also unaware of what toxic masculinity means. (William wishes). I am currently watching S3 and I also love Robbe – he’s such a sweetheart and I’ve been feeling every single one of his emotions with him, which has been a powerful ride.

Season 3 is currently airing and I’m really into all the changes that they’ve made to the OG storyline. It is also my first time watching any SKAM remake live and it’s been a really intense experience – waiting for each clip to drop it’s such an excrutiating wait!


So, this was… interesting.

When I watched the first season of this show, I thought it was pretty freaking weird. I really did not like the characters and felt like it was trying to be edgy but ultimately, just being cringe-y. I loved the side characters, though. The lesbian cops were my favorites and I could’ve watched two more seasons of just them.

When I heard a season 2 was dropping, though, I decided to give it another shot and I definitely enjoyed it better than the first. I felt the relationship between James and Alyssa a lot more this time around and I simply loved James. He was a lot more talkative, open and worried this season and just showed more emotion, which definitely helped in making me believe that he was an actual character and not a cardboard cutout.

I don’t know how great this was though, representation-wise. I still have to read more own voices reviews on it, but it was borderline problematic how they adressed Bonnie’s character, especially since she was the only non-white protagonist in the show.

Even if you didn’t like season 1, I would still consider giving it a shot, since it’s such a short and fast-paced series anyway.

Have you guys watched any of these show? If you’re a fan of SKAM, what’s your favorite remake? Do you have any other shows to recommend to me? Let’s chat in the comments!


the identity crisis book tag


Hello, friends!

Back in September, Ngoc tagged me for the Identity Crisis Book Tag, created by Loretta @ The Laughing Listener. I absolutely loved the concept of this tag, because it consists of: me doing Buzzfeed Quizzes which I already do everyday anyway.

I also want to clarify I won’t be answering all quizzes, and I’ll be adding a couple at the end too.


  • Take all the quizzes down below and record your answers somehow. I decided to just copy the text from each quiz and paste it into my post, but screenshots work too!
  • NO CHEATING. You get one shot to take each quiz my friends. I’m watching you. ∗Suspicious squinty eyes∗
  • Use this post to give credit to the creator or tag her on Twitter @LaughnListener so she can see everyone’s answers!
  • Tag some friends to spread the fun!


22328546. sy475

I got: Kilorn!

Did you forget about Kilorn? Well, you shouldn’t have! He may not be the center of attention but he has stuck by Mare since day one and didn’t even hesitate to join the Scarlet Guard. Just like Kilorn, your loyalty and bravery are your most admirable qualities. Rise, Red as the Dawn!

Okay, friends: I have never read this series and I also have no interest on it, so I definitely feel like some of my answers could be different had I any attachment to it. Apparently, I got the most forgettable character in the series and the one no one really cares about, which I think fits me just right.



256683. sy475 I got: Jem Carstairs and Alec Lightwood.

You’re selfless yet guarded, protective and romantic. You value those around you more than yourself, and sometimes you need to be reminded to take a moment for yourself! You’re the friend that everyone loves to have around, even if you doubt it sometimes.

I’ve never read any series by Cassandra Clare, but I know a little bit about it, since it’s such a hyped series. I also watched S1 of the show and I definitely know the characters. I was surprised to get Alec, since I actually thought of him as a whiny b*tch in the show, but perhaps he’s a little nicer in the books? I’m glad I got Jem, though, as I feel like I’d like him the most in The Shadowhunters Universe anyway. I could definitely see myself in this description.



16034235I got: Rowan and Asterin.

You may come off as stand-offish at first, but once a new friend earns your loyalty, they have it for life. Not without good reason. You’ve been through your fair share of struggles and are careful to protect yourself from more.

Speaking of really hyped YA series I have no interest in reading: there it goes another one. Throne of Glass’ books are humongous and I’ve heard not the best stuff about Sarah J. Mass as well, so I don’t think I’ll ever read it. However, I do know Rowan is a loved character in the fandom, so I’m pretty pleased to get him. I also totally relate with “having a loyalty for life“, because yes, me.




I got: Haymitch!

You’re one big confusion in one giant world. You can be wary of people at first but once they get to know you they’ll love you with all their hearts because you’re awesome. You won’t be messed with but you always stand up for your friends and are extremely loyal to those close to you. Yeah, you like to party — but boy, you deserve it.

Oh, finally a series I have read! Even though my feelings towards The Hunger Games have changed completely since I first read it, it will always be a series I’m thankful for. I laughed at my results, because Haymitch is the one character I never thought I would look like. Someone who’s never had alcohol in her life and hates parties getting the alcoholic, party animal as a result? But it talks about loyalty, which again, I relate!



136251. sy475 I got: Voldemort!

Sorry, but you’re a fucking psycho.

I’ve also read Harry Potter, though I stopped at book 5 and have yet to carry on. It is a series I want to finish one day, though! I know enough about it, since I’ve binge watched the movies numerous times. I laughed out loud at my result, honestly. What the heck? I literally chose only normal things, like ‘Sherlock’ as my favorite show and spending my night with a book. But still I got Voldemort, lol. I kinda love it, though.



17675462I got: Noah Czerny!

You are very observant, and mostly keep to yourself. A little too naive and gullible of others, your willingness to trust leads to you getting hurt quite often. You are extremely kind and loyal to those you love.

*pretends to be shocked at my results*. I relate a lot to Noah. He’s literally just going through motions and doesn’t say much, which same. Also, can we talk about how the photo Buzzfeed chose for it was a picture of Freddie Highmore? I didn’t know this was a fancast people had for him, but I’m just happy to have been blessed by Freddie Highmore’s face in this sad Tuesday night.



41865I got: Victoria!

Yeah, no one better cross you. Mess with you and it’s a death sentence. You’re not one to play games and are willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goals — no matter how bloody it can get. But life doesn’t always have to be filled with hate! Just blood. Lots of blood.

Oh, the good old days of Twilight. I’ve read this series actually, up till Breaking Dawn, and watched all the movies – in theaters, may I add. I feel like everyone was obsessed with this series anyway, so it’s fine. I truly don’t understand my results, though, as all my choices were the least bloody or scary. Buzzfeed is playing games with me.



13206760. sy475 I got Scarlet!

Scarlet lives on a farm in France with her grandmother. She has curly red hair and lots of freckles and is mostly seen wearing jeans and a red sweatshirt. She is frank and abrupt, with a tendency to act first and think later. She is cautious of newcomers and takes a while to warm up to them and trust them.

I have only read Cinder from this series, so I don’t know many of the characters. The questions for this quiz were pretty hilarious, and even though I chose almost none related to farming, I still got Scarlet! I relate to the trust issues, but not really to the tendency to act and then think. I’m too much of an overthinker.



7736182. sy475 I got Percy Jackson!

You are Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon! Percy is a brave, spirited natural leader, and is willing to risk his life to save friends, family, strangers, and sometimes even enemies. He has a sarcastic and smart sense of humor and a laid-back demeanor. Fatal Flaw: Excessive Loyalty

Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus is not a part of the original quiz, but I wanted to add it anyway, because I wanted to check my results, since PJO/HOO are two of my favorite series. And this is the best result I could’ve gotten if I’m being honest. I adore Percy with all my heart and I can definitely see myself a lot in his excessive loyalty, sarcasm and sense of humor.



6186357I got Gally!

Just like Gally, you are a little big headed and don’t like people saying no to you. You may come off mean, but you’re not willing to risk your life for other people’s stupid ideas. You can be the voice of reason and try to convince others that what you think is right. You may try to win, but you have enough brains to know that certain things just aren’t worth fighting for. Especially if it leads to unknown territory. You two are a perfect match.   

This is another series that wasn’t a part of the original tag, but I added it, because I love them too much. I am also not surprised with my results. Rewatching the movies recently made me realize how Gally literally is chaotic good and just wanted to keep everything the same because he was terrified of changes. I can totally relate.


I’ll be tagging Aditi, Kayla and Rain!

Now, let’s chat: do you identify with your favorite characters? And if not, which character from your favorite series you think you look the most alike?

top 5 books to match my birth chart!


Hello, fellow bloggers!

So, my birthday is in a few days! I will be turning nineteen and I don’t even want to think about it, honestly. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people who love their birthdays. It puts me in a really bad introspective mood, but I promise this will be a happy and positive post.

In case you guys don’t know what a birth chart is, it shows where exactly the sun, moon, and planets were placed in the sky at the moment of your birth. It is also believed that it will tell you more about your needs, drives and personality overall. If you’re not into zodiacs, then I apologize, but this post will be filled with it!

I won’t be sharing my entire birth chart with you today, but rather the five most important planets in my opinion and matching some books with them as well for extra recommendations! 😊


Resultado de imagem para sunrise gif

 This is the sign you select when you read your horoscope. Your sun sign reflects who you are all the time, regardless of whom you’re with or what you’re doing. Born with the Sun in Libra, you are likely to find yourself motivated by a need to take action around principles of fairness, justice and equality. Librans tend to seek harmony in their interactions with others, and will strive on most counts to be balanced, objective and fair.

Libra is obviously my answer whenever people ask me my astrological sign, but I don’t know if it is how I identify myself the most. Typically, your sun reflects you as a whole, but I think there are some traits of this sign that I’m more of the complete opposite of.

For others that share the Sun in Libra, I feel like this recommendations is more likely to frustrate you. But I have to say An Ember in the Ashes, even if the lack of justice and equality in this series drives me insane. The point of the series, though, is to see the characters fighting for a place where they can be their true selves, even if this world is merciless and cruel. They’re seeking for fairness just as much as we are, so you’ll be more likely to feel connected with these characters immediately.


Resultado de imagem para moonlight gif

The moon speaks about our emotional self and what we need to feel secure. Your moon sign tends to be the ruling force over your decision-making. Born with the Moon in Capricorn, you are likely to be innately responsible, pragmatic and measured in the ways that you respond. You are likely to be self-conscious in your emotional approach, and may appear reserved at first, taking time to warm to others and develop closeness.

Honestly, I can see myself a lot in the Capricorn sign as a whole. Sometimes, I identify more with it than I do with Libra, but I think it makes sense, as the moon actually speaks a lot about our most inner selves.

For this, I have to recommend Because You’ll Never Meet Me, for a few reasons. First, you’ll be taking your time to learn about these characters and like them too. Even though I already had an affection towards both protagonists because they made me laugh in the first pages – which almost never happens -, it’s a truly layered book, in which you’ll connect with Moritz and Oliver slowly. Also, they’re surprisingly responsible for two disabled teenagers who spend a lot of time at home and that was a surprise because approximately ZERO YA characters are actually responsible and reasonable.


Resultado de imagem para rising gif

Also known as your ascendant sign, this sign represents how others see you, as well as the ways in which you immediately respond to the world around you. With Aquarius rising, a clearer sense of individuality is gained by stepping back and learning to look at life from an objective position. You may be inclined to take up social causes, and to support the ideals of liberty, fraternity and equality for all. This rising sign is very idealistic, yet practical, and concerned with the proper outcome of human society. 

My rising in Aquarius comes off pretty frequently. I have this *need* to be original and different. Not like all other girls, you know? I’m practically Jughead, that’s the truth.

However, reading this description, I instantly remembered of The White Rose. I read this book as a required read back in 2017 and it took me aback. I think it’s one of the most surprising books I’ve ever read, because it truly helped me shape my identity in some ways.

This is a historical fiction book, following The White Rose, a resistance movement during Nazi-German. It was formed by college students, who probably all shared an Aquarius rising, considering their need to support liberty and equality for all, despise the world they had grown up in. It’s a really powerful story that I think more people need to know about.


Resultado de imagem para venus gif

The position of Venus in your birth chart means a lot for your personality and love life. Venus governs courtship and adoration, as well as personal taste and aesthetics. If you were born with Venus in Scorpio, your approach to love is seductive, soulful and intense. Casual dating is so NOT your jam. You prefer to plunge into the depths of intimacy and find out every one of your lover’s secrets. Sharing your own, however, may take years. Deeply private and mysterious, you hate to feel vulnerable or exposed.

Out of everything in my birth chart, this is the one I least resemble with. First, because I am asexual, but also because I am the complete opposite of everything you can associate with Scorpios to begin with.

But they still make for really fun recommendations. However, I’ll have to go with the basics and talk about Six of Crows, because there’s nothing more filled with angst, intensity and difficult on being vulnerable than Kaz & Inej.

It’s clear these characters both have a Venus in Scorpio, which definitely makes for a difficult relationship, but one that every reader will fall in love with – and I say that from personal experience, because I hated Kaz & Inej in book #1 just to fall head over heels for them in book #2.


Resultado de imagem para the martian gif

The zodiac sign of your Mars in your chart will show how you do battle and your basic desires, animal instincts. The way you approach your goals comes under the realm of Mars. Mars in Virgo makes you service-oriented by nature, and your advice is generally coming from a helpful place. If your frustration builds, you become hyper-critical of yourself and others. 

I appreciate learning that I have Mars in Virgo, though along with Scorpio, Virgo is one of my least favorite signs. (No shade to any Virgos out there, we can still be friends!). However, it shows that I like giving advice and I’m reasonable when trying to figure out a conflict, but can also self-sabotage a lot.

I Have Lost My Way, by Gayle Forman fits perfectly for anyone who shares Mars in Virgo. It’s a book that you’ll feel inclined to give advice to the characters, which can make you feel closer and more connected to them. I certainly wanted to help them out because they’re all going through so much.

Now, let’s chat: when is your birthday? Did you ever look into your birth chart? If so, do you relate to with? Let me know in the comments!

the taylor swift “lover” book tag!


Hello, friends!

First of all, I need to apologize for my lack of interaction this month. Basically, my computer broke down twice on me and I hate drafting posts/commenting on my phone, so I’ve been pretty absent. Also, I’m writing two book tags almost in a row, because of the lack of time to plan – again THANKS TO MY TRASHY COMPUTER.


The ‘Lover’ book tag was obviously inspired off of Lover, by Taylor Swift, her most recent release. I’ve been listening to this album non stop since it came out and even more recently, since she announced she’ll be coming to Brazil for the first time EVER with her Lover tour and I’m already dying of excitement and anxiety.

I was actually tagged to answer this one by the lovely Marie, a fellow Swiftie, and I was so excited because I absolutely love the questions for this one. The tag was created by Nish and Ngoc, btw.


A book that you want to forget you ever read

Lived in the shade you were throwin’, ‘till all of my sunshine was gone.

IMG_1753The first time I read this question, I thought it said “a book that you forgot you ever read” and that’s kinda how I want to answer it.

The Square Root of Summer was an okay read, but one that I hardly ever look back on. I truly do not remember a ton about the plot: one because it was *very* confusing, but also because none of the characters were truly memorable. So, yes, definitely a super meh read I kinda forgot that I even owe sometimes.




A book you turn to when the going gets rough

And I screamed for whatever is worth: I love you, ain’t that the worst thing you ever heard? He looks up, grinning like a devil.

IMG_1732First of all: can we just take a second to appreciate Cruel Summer as a song? That’s storytelling in its Finest.

There are quite a lot of books I think to answer this question. I am very passionate about re-reading and reuniting with my favorite characters, but The Dream Thieves is one I’ve re-read three times now and planning to do so again. Next month is my birthday month, so I’ve sort of curated this TBR filled with titles that I know are going to comfort me, and of course The Dream Thieves had to be on the list.

It’s not even a *comforting* title if I’m being honest, because this book is very intense, but I love everything about it and am so ready to see Kavinsky again.


Your book OTP

With every guitar string scar on my hand, I take this magnetic force of a man to be my lover.

IMG_1739Why was this, all of a sudden, the hardest question I’ve ever been asked?

I don’t have a lot of bookish OTPs to be fair and I wanted to answer something original for this tag, but I guess I’ll have to go back to the basics because my brain has blanked and I haven’t been able to think of any other couple but Tris & Four: the real MVPs.

I’m sure I’ve rambled about how much I adore this couple before, but their dynamic is so pure and yet so heart-wrenching for me. I love how they grow together and support each other, while also being a realistic couple who fights and argues, but always find each other in the middle. Ugh. So great.


Your fave kick-ass female protagonist

What I was wearing, if I was rude, could all be separated from my good ideas and power moves.

IMG_0969I think The Illuminae Files has definitely provided us with a lot of great, kick-ass female characters, but Kady will always be my favorite. I don’t know if it’s her sass, or wit, or the fact she’s also a really sentimental character underneath it all, but I simply adore her.

I felt so much throughout this series, whenever we were in Kady’s POV. She definitely doesn’t have it easy and the authors didn’t spare her of anything, but the fact she still held her head strong makes me so incredibly proud.

How worrisome it is I’m this affectionate to a fictional character? Honestly.


A book with good mental health representation

I see right through me, I see right through me.

img_1087I’ve read quite a few books with mental health rep this year, which I’m very proud of, but the one that impacted me the most was probably Challenger Deep, by Neal Shusterman.

I’ve talked about this one plenty of times before as well, but it’s just such a great book that I don’t think gets enough recognition. It is a first-person perspective on what it is like being in the schizo spectrum and the story is basically told in two different layers: Caden’s life, with his friends and family; and the ship Caden believes to be in, headed to Challenger Deep.

It is so interesting see how these two layers of his life intertwine. It is also incredibly heartbreaking. But what I loved the most about it was how it didn’t provide a happily ever after or ended with a perfect cure. The book shows that with mental health, it is always possible to have a relapse and it’s likely you’ll never be 100% cured, but it doesn’t mean you can not be happy for now.


Your fave fictional crush

Lyrical smile, indigo eyes, hand on my thigh, we could follow the sparks, I’ll drive.

IMG_1750When I tried to look back on books I read this year to find any new fictional crushes, I realized there’s none. Is this me finally embracing my sexuality and coming to terms with the fact I do not have to find crushes in order to be relatable? Or all the male characters I read this year were just mediocre and not really memorable?

Either way, we’ll have to go for an oldie then. And that’s none other than Cricket Bell, the myth, the man, the legend.

I absolutely adore Cricket. With his long legs, fun pants and crazy hair. The way he’s obsessed with all things engineering and how he’s super sweet, but also deeply passionate. It’s just impossible *not* to have a crush on this guy.


Fave angsty romance

Voted most likely to run away with you.

IMG_1734I am just SO GLAD to finally have a chance to talk about my favorite “type” of angsty romance and Nina and Matthias are the perfect example.

They are opposites in some ways – Nina being super free-spirited, while Matthias is strict and traditional -, but still have a lot in common – both are loyal and care about their people. However, the angst truly kicks in because they have a lot of unresolved business topped with *a lot* of sexual tension. It is the perfect combination.

There’s also the fact Matthias is not supposed, at all, to fall in love with Nina, which makes things even more awkward for him. Basically: this couple made my heart wrench so bad and I’d read 10 more books just about these two.


Book with an ugly cover that you absolutely adored

You’re the one I want in paper rings, in pictures frames, in all my dreams

IMG_1314Okay, maybe absolutely adored is a bit too much, but I did like the inside of this book better than I liked the outside.

I don’t know exactly what I don’t like about the cover of Because You’ll Never Meet Me. Perhaps is the crooked font or the fact the colors are all dull, so it’s not eye-catching at all. Nonetheless, the book is actually pretty great. Again – I do not *adore* it absolutely and I did have my issues with the ending, but it’s still a solid read with lovable, three-dimensional characters, which can’t be said about that cover, that’s for sure.



A book or series you never want(ed) to end

And, baby, I get mystified by how this city screams your name.

IMG_1741Deep down, I never wanted the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy to end. I am so glad it got turned into a trilogy to begin with. Not only because it was the perfect arc for the characters, but also because I could read more with these characters. I just love them too much.

This series feels like a capsule of the high school experience I never had. I obviously didn’t have any of the American high school traditions – homecoming games, signing yearbooks, prom pictures -, but I got to live a little bit of it through these characters. It made me so warm and happy inside and I could read about it forever.

Even though most of the high school milestones are all covered and Lara Jean did graduate by the last one, so if the series went on it would be a different dynamic, I’m sure I would still love following Lara Jean and Peter K no matter where.


A book or series that deserved a better ending

Paper cut stings from my paper thin plans.

IMG_1063OF COURSE. It’s Opposite of Always. There’s no other answer for this.

I’m still broken by this ending, okay? It didn’t make ANY SENSE. This book had so much potential to be one of my favorites ever – I loved the characters, the relationships, it was diverse and witty -, but the ending was so ?????? and totally not what I expected.

I’m even more mad because the author could’ve gone for something different and I definitely saw other ways for this story to be wrapped up and that would offer a much more realistic “life lesson” for the readers.


Your fave British male protagonist

I saw the dimples first and then I heard the accent.

IMG_1746Is there any other answer for this, but Monty – the absolute love of my life, even though he’s sort of a trash can? Oh, okay.

Having re-read The Gentleman’s Guide this year, I just can’t stop obsessing over Monty. And I love how his character matches perfectly with this song because he ACTUALLY HAS DIMPLES.

He’s such a great and three dimensional character – funny, witty, passionate, but also somewhat problematic, trying to find his place in this world and dealing with heartbreak and trauma but throwing peace signs and finger guns at all his problems. He’s a bisexual chaos and I adore him.


A book that your heart will never recover from

What am I supposed to do, if there is no you?

A List of Cages was a really intense book to my poor heart. It broke me so bad, but then put me back together, making me feel absolutely everything – from pure hurt to true happiness and I never thought I’d feel so much when reading a book.

I’ve read this one twice now and it’s crazy how much my experiences were different. The first time around, I could only feel the pain and the trauma. This book deals heavily with domestic abuse and even though I was ready, I don’t think you can ever be truly prepared to read about something like that.

At the same time, this book gave me Adam Blake – the brightest sunshine in the world. So I think you can imagine how it felt.


A character you would leap into the burning pits of hell to save

And I can’t talk to you when you’re like this, staring at the window like I’m not your favorite town, I’m New York City.

IMG_1745I’m talking about Adam, again. But a different Adam this time. It’s hard being an Adam, I imagine. You literally share the same name as 90% of the world and 97% of all YA protagonists. Like, no uniqueness to you.

But I can’t complain that much, because all Adams I know are cute and nice. Adam from Where She Went is one of the most intense perspectives I’ve ever read about and I’d do anything for this man.

He probably wouldn’t be worthy of it, if I’m being 100% honest, but I still trust him so much and feel like he deserves the whole world.


A book with a powerful message

‘Cause shade never made anybody less gay.

IMG_0975There are so many powerful and great messages in Darius the Great is not Okay. I feel like anyone can get something out of this book, either in the talk of identity, mental health, sexuality or body image. This book tackles it all and it never feels like it’s trying too hard.

Darius is an amazing protagonist and I’m still impressed by how this author was able to layer him so perfectly. He literally jumps out the page as you read it and you can truly feel for everything he goes through.

Again, no matter which side of the story you identify yourself the most with, you’ll get a powerful and great message from it.


A book you want to give a second chance

This ultraviolet morning light below tells me this love is worth the fight.

IMG_1727The Shiver series, by Maggie Stiefavter, is one I want to give a second chance. Even though I didn’t hate the books at all when I first read them, I also feel like I didn’t give as much attention as I could have to them.

I think I took a year between reading book 2 and book 3, so obviously when I got the finale, all the details were sort of blurred. And while I still remember enough about this series, I want to be able to read them more back-to-back in order to connect more with the story and also pick up Sinner, the companion novella.

I don’t know when this will happen, but hopefully soon because I need more werewolves in my life!


Best character development

And when we had that fight out in the rain, you ran after me and called my name. I never want to see you walk away.

IMG_0973Will I ever shut up about this book? I don’t think so.

I just really loved Heretics Anonymous, okay? Maybe when I have a physical copy I can re-read as often as I can, I’ll shut up about it. I’m accepting it as a gift for my birthday on October, 5th. Just saying.

No, but seriously, Michael has such a great development throughout this book. I’m still impressed by Katie Henry’s ability to write about someone who was supposed to be really annoying and selfish but that still came off as likable and relatable. Michael growing to understand that his problems are not the end of the world and learning the best way to deal with his emotions was *pure art*.


Fave friends-to-lovers story

Light pink sky up on the roof, sun sinks down, no curfew. Twenty questions, we tell the truth.

IMG_1428Friends to lovers is the best trope. Period.

Since I recently re-read I’ll Give You The Sun, I have to talk about Brian and Noah. Their friendship is so pure – they’re both really quirky characters, obsessed with things in their own worlds, art and astronomy. But they find comfort in each other and a surprising easy going friendship, that obviously evolves to something more.

It’s kinda funny because the first time I read this book, I could tell Noah was obsessed with Brian – obviously -, but it still felt blurry whether or not that was reciprocate. With my re-read, I realize it’s actually pretty clear. These characters start out as friends, but quickly realize they want more, and it always makes me feel all the things.


If you could only read one book or series again and again, what would it be?

I’ve been sleeping so long in a twenty-year dark night, but now I see daylight, I only see daylight.

You all know it. I’ll spare you from this answer.

Alright. 2k words later, we’re here, at the end of this post. Let me know in the comments: what are your favorite songs/lyrics from Lover or Taylor Swift in general? Your favorite character development? And angsty romance? Let’s chat! (And once again, thanks Marie for tagging me!)


the 20 questions book tag!


Hello, friends!

Back in July, El tagged me to answer these questions. And, I mean, better late than ever, right? I feel like it was the right moment to answer it anyway, since I’ve been feeling *meh* lately and I feel like tags are always a quick way to feel more motivated to write. Let’s get into the questions, then:

ONE. How many books are too many for a series?

IMG_1532More than five it’s already a bit too much. If I’m being honest, bigger than a trilogy and I’m already exhausted.

I feel like the only author I’d be willing to read several books in the same series is Rick Riordan – which I already have, by the way. But even we went through some rough paths. When Magnus Chase was first released, I refused to read it because I couldn’t believe he was trying to bring known and loved characters back to ANOTHER series (see the *Chase* reference).

Ultimately, I’m so glad I read it, because I do love the series, but I wasn’t happy at first to think we were going for the 11th book with Annabeth on it. However, I don’t think there’s any author I share the same level of commitment to, so a trilogy is enough.

TWO.  How do you feel about cliffhangers?

I think they’re okay, as long as they’re needed. There’s nothing that I hate more than a book that throws a cliffhanger just so it can have a continuation (cof cof Six of Crows cof cof). If your book can just be a standalone, then make it only a standalone. Don’t try to create a cliffhanger just for the sake of it.

THREE. Hardcover or paperback?

Paperbacks! Even though I do owe a couple hardbacks, paperbacks are so much more convenient to read & hella cheaper!

FOUR. Favorite book?

IMG_1545Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe is my favorite book ever. I love it for more reasons than I can express, but I’ll try to bullet point the main ones:

  • First book that I felt like I was seen and understood
  • Beautiful & heartbreaking writing style
  • Characters who feel real
  • Made me cry and laugh and feel everything
  • An important book for my family in general



FIVE. Least favorite book?

At first, I thought I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint *one* title that was my least, least favorite. But then I remembered I’ve read Hopeless, by Colleen Hoover. This book basically led me to a panic attack and even though it’s been years since I read it, I still hate to even think about it. It deals very heavily with sexual assault and no one bothered to give a trigger warning for it, because of “spoilers”. So, yeah, I call that bullshit and I warn you now.

Plus, Colleen Hoover has this thing about adding sex to her books instead of making the characters talk it out and communicate, which I really do not understand. You should TALK and not BONE. Jesus.

SIX. Love triangles, yes or no?

No. Especially because I never like the love interest the girl actually chooses at the end.

SEVEN. The most recent book you couldn’t finish?

I’ve been pretty good recently about finishing all the books I start, but I did pick up Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare back in March and I haven’t finished it yet. I don’t know why, truly, because the edition I owe is actually really cool and offers “translations” for each scene in a more modern English, so I didn’t have to waste all my two brain cells with it, but I stopped halfway through and forgot about it. I’ll get back to it one day!


EIGHT. A book you’re currently reading?

I’m currently re-reading the Orange series by Ichigo Takano. Last month, I read the sixth volume and I’ve just been wanting more from this book (and more manga in general), so I thought it would be fitting to re-read it this September, since I needed a re-read for my personal project anyway.

Also, the covers for this manga are stunning and I can not get enough of them.


NINE. Last book you recommended to someone?

I think the last one was Don’t Date Rosa Santos, which I recommended recently for Kayla @ The Book Loving Beaut. I am only currently reading this one as well, but it sounds lovely & has Cuban-American rep!!

TEN. Oldest book you’ve read by publication date?

The oldest book I’ve read was probably The Outsiders, by Susan E. Hinton. It was released in 1967, and the movie is from the 80s, so definitely one of the oldest books I’ve ever read, as I hardly ever pick up classics. Loved this one, btw!

ELEVEN. Newest book you’ve read by publication date?

IMG_1321The most recent release I’ve read was These Witches Don’t Burn, which was sort of mediocre, but still I’m glad I’ve been better at keeping up with new releases. Hopefully, I won’t have to worry so much about a massive backlist TBR in 2020 like I am currently struggling now, as I barely read anything in 2018, moreover new releases.

TWELVE. Favourite author?

  • Rick Riordan
  • Rainbow Rowell
  • Nic Stone
  • Stephanie Perkins
  • James Dashner
  • Benjamin Alire Saenz
  • Maggie Stiefvater
  • Jenny Han

I refuse to choose one.

THIRTEEN. Buying books or borrowing books?

To be honest, I wish I had friends with similar reading tastes that I could borrow books from, but I mostly lend other people books than the other way around. I also don’t buy a ton of books, but I would love to have a gigantic shelf one day!

FOURTEEN. A book you dislike that everyone seems to love?

There are quite a few. Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda for starters, which is not a book I necessarily hate, but one that I found to be super average and can not understand all the hype around it. Red, White & Royal Blue which I read recently and can’t stop hearing positive thoughts on but loathed with every cell in my body. And Isla and the Happily Ever After, which is really popular but I wanted to murder all the characters.

FIFTEEN. Bookmarks or dog ears?

Bookmarks! But I’ll eventually dog ear if there are no bookmarks around. Shhhh.

SIXTEEN.  A book you can always re-read?

Honestly, I feel like I could re-read Ari & Dante for the rest of my life. Even though it’s such a short book, I feel like I get something new from it every time I re-read it (which I have, a handful times by now). It’s such a beautiful story and one I connect with so much, in very different aspects, so definitely one I could re-read and re-read and re-read.

SEVENTEEN.  Can you read while listening to music?

Absolutely! Except when it’s Taylor Swift, cause otherwise I get too carried away with wanting to scream the lyrics and I can’t concentrate on reading. But I don’t mind listening & reading at the same time.


EIGHTEEN. One POV or multiple?

If I’m being super honest, I’d actually say multiple! As much as there were instances before where I felt like there was one POV I couldn’t stand and that changed my entire opinion on the book (I’m talking to you, Piper), I still love seeing a story from multiple perspectives and creating the bigger picture. Plus, it allows me to feel closer to some of the characters, which I love.

NINETEEN.  Do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days?

Multiple days. I haven’t read in one sitting in a long time, unless it’s manga, but I don’t think it counts, since they’re super short. I wish I had the attention spam to focus in only one book, but social media has taken that from me, sadly.

TWENTY. Who do you tag?

I feel like I’ve been tagging so many people lately, so I won’t do it for this one, but if you want to answer this tag, feel free to let people know I was the one to tag you!




my favorite romance movies!


Hello, friends!

Today’s post is going to be slightly different from by other bookish top fives. I love talking about books, and there’s one thing I love just as much: rom-coms.

I don’t watch a lot of movies, to be honest. For a really long time, I loathed them, actually. I just couldn’t understand spending two hours in front of a screen, following the same characters and the same story. (Though I could spend even more time watching Korean dramas, but WHATEVER).

However, for 2018, my mental-health was all over the place and all I wanted to do for most of my days was sit in bed and watch movies. Once, I watched five films in one day.

But my favorites have always been rom-coms. I devoured all of the ones available on Netflix, to the point where I didn’t have anything left to watch. (Anything good, at least). They’re unrealistic and trope-y, but that’s what I love so much about them to begin with. Today, I wanted to share my top 5.

(These are in no particular order, by the way. I really can’t pick favorites, okay?).


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This is the rom-com of my life and I genuinely relate to it more than I probably should. The movie follows our protagonist Jane, who’s very passionate about planning weddings and helping her friends. She’s been a bridesmaid for 27 different weddings, but has never had one of her own. Things start getting really heated, though, when she’s forced to plan the wedding between her sister & her boss – whom Jane is in love with.

A good rom-com has all of the following:

  • amazing and relatable protagonist, who’s typically a journalist
  • sarcastic but also deeply charming love interest
  • an angsty argument scene
  • phenomenal soundtrack

And 27 Dresses ticks every single one of these boxes.

Jane is literally me. I am obsessed with weddings and proposals and thinking about venues, dresses and all the things. I have absolutely no prospect of ever getting married, though. (Just like I’m obsessed with romance in fiction and loathe the idea of getting any romance for myself). She’s also very helpful and puts other needs’ above her own, which can definitely be unhealthy and I appreciate a lot how the film discusses it.

Overall, there’s absolutely no way you can’t love this movie. Plus, the talk on a sequel (!!!!!!!!!!) is giving me ALL THE FEELS.

13 GOING ON 30

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Two things to know about me: 1. I love old songs and 2. I love actors that are old enough to be my father. 13 Going on 30 serves me with both, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Mark Ruffalo is literally my dad’s age, but I’d marry him any day. Especially when we watch this movie and he looks so good with those 2000s cargo pants and tight black T-shirts. It’s almost unfair.

The soundtrack to this movie is also a blessing. Thriller, Love is a Battlefield, Jessie’s Girl… It’s basically a guarantee of a good time.

I’ve watched this movie more times than anyone probably should, to the point where I know the lines and all the scenes in chronological order, but still, I’ll rewatch it any time is on TV. I love the early 2000s aesthetic, the hilarious dialogues, Mark Ruffalo in absolutely any scene and how much nostalgia it gives me. Basically: if you don’t love 13 Going on 30, we can not be friends. Thanks.


Speaking of rom-com actors that I love more than I love existing most of the time, there’s also Ashton Kutcher – who’s going to show up twice in this list, because that’s how committed I am to one man.

When watching rom-coms, I definitely care more about the rom than the com, which is why I really dislike movies such as ‘Just Go With It’ or ‘Easy A’. But What Happens in Vegas is just as hilarious as it is romantic, with a lot of sexual tension between the characters but a lot of funny dialogues too.

It’s the perfect rom-com. That’s it.

Also, the scene when they dance to What A Feeling and Ashton Kutcher is wearing a suit, with his hair pushed back is a cinematic masterpiece and you can not change my opinion.


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This movie is the only one in the list that is actually not a rom-com, but rather a rom-sci-fi? It’s very complicated to explain, but so worth-watching.

The Space Between Us is set in a fictional near future, when the first populated mission is sent to occupy Mars and live there. It happens that the leader of the mission, an astronaut named Sarah Elliot, finds out that she’s pregnant halfway through the trip and ends up having her son in Mars, before dying shortly after giving birth.

The kid – Gardner – is then raised in Mars by fellow austronauts and scientists, until he completes 16. As a teenager now, he’s very vocal about wanting to go to Earth and find his dad – the only family he has left. When he ends up getting his wish granted, things don’t go as planned, though. They keep running tests and trying to figure out if his body will be even able to survive Earth’s atmosphere and gravity.

Gardner can’t take being inside another bubble and so he runs away, meets up with the only girl he knows on Earth and the two end up in this roadtrip across the country to find his father.

Even though this has sci-fi elements, it’s mostly set in a contemporary setting, with a lot of references we understand. Gardner is a refreshing protagonist, knowing so little about Earth and also being so open about his feelings. His relationship with Tulsa is adorable, and even though starts a bit unrealistically, still gives me all the emotions.

When I first watched the trailer for this movie, I thought it was inspired off of a book, because it is one of the most original screenplays I’ve ever seen in my life! Not enough people rave about this one and I need everyone to know about its existence. It’s way too phenomenal to be so underrated.


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This list has finally come to an end and soon you’ll be free from reading me ramble about rom-coms for 1k words straight.

But A Lot Like Love is, for real, one of the most unexpected amazing rom-coms I’ve ever watched.

I had never seen anyone talking about this movie before, but I gave it a watch because Ashton Kutcher was on the poster and that’s truly all I needed to know. And it turned out to be one of the most well-written rom-coms of all times.

With movies like One Day and Love Rosie being so popular, I don’t understand why A Lot Like Love doesn’t get as much hype. It’s a much older movie, but still holds the same punch.

This one follows two characters who meet randomly at the LAX airport, going to JFK, and all their encounters and misencounters throughout the following years. But unlike the ones I mentioned, in A Lot Like Love the characters have actually good reasons not to be together, and life & fate get much more in the way than miscommunications or pointless fights.

It’s a very chill movie, with so many great references, and I get something new from it every single re-watch.

Okay, y’all! I’ll stop rambling for now, but it’s your turn: let me know in the comments your favorite rom-coms of all times!


N.E.W.T’s 2019 magical readathon wrap up!

read-a-thon wrap up. (1)

Hello, friends!

A few days ago, I shared about what I did this August and some other highlights of the month, but this will be my official reading wrap up, in which I share my thoughts on the books I read this month.

I took part on the N.E.W.Ts Magical Readathon 2019 and chose the Auror career. I shared a TBR already, so I won’t spend too much time talking about how this readathon works, but I’m so thankful I got to take part in – plus I have successfully completed my tests to be an Auror!

Now, onto what I read:


ONE. Book that’s black under the dust jacket


I listened to the audiobook for Daisy Jones and the Six and I’ll say: if you plan on doing the same, bring a spread sheet. The first few chapters were very confusing, because I hadn’t memorized the names yet, so I was trying to constantly figure out who was who and what was going on. After a while, though, it becomes pretty clear and the reading flew by. I loved the setting – even though I hate the 70s, it was a really interesting time period to write about such a complicated love story. The music elements were 10/10 and it made me want for Daisy Jones & The Six to be a real band I could listen to. I also really liked the characters of Camila, Karen and Warren – he was such a mood. However, I had a real hard time with the protagonists – Billy and Daisy – and found them to be super annoying. I feel like, considering this book was written several – around fifty years? – since the events actually happened, it didn’t come across as believable that they’d still hold on to all of those feelings so deeply and not move on at all. As much as I understand why the author had to do that, I would’ve appreciated if they just looked back on it with more nostalgia than actual “I-may-still-feel-this-way” feels.

TWO. Gilderoy’s memory charm – (grab a pen!) First book that you remembered just now from your TBR!


I honestly think this is probably one of the most conflicting reads I’ve done in a while. I really enjoyed some aspects of Because You’ll Never Meet Me, while I was also very disappointed by others. My expectation when picking up this book was to follow the lives of these two disabled teenagers on a contemporary setting, but the end of the book takes a completely different turn and it became really unrealistic, in my opinion. It wasn’t what I expected at all and I don’t feel like it was well done either. Despise that, the characters were really fantastic. Even though you’re only reading letters that they share, the characters are brilliant and come off the page as if they were real people. I also have to shoutout the ability of the author to write completely different perspectives and distinct voices for each of the protagonists too.

THREE. Cornish pixie! Swat it away with a book written by an English author or set in England


Re-reading Carry On was for sure the best decision of the month. It made me super hyped for Wayward Son and I already pre-ordered my copy. Listening to the audiobook also allowed me to really connect with the original writing style by Rainbow (I’ve read every book by her translated) and it was a really great experience. The first time I read this book, I felt awkward about the pacing, but this time around, I enjoyed every aspect of it. Baz is my favorite, but the truth is that love this whole cast and I can not wait to read more from them. I also annotated my copy for the first time ever and I’ve highlighted more quotes than I probably should, but what can I do?


ONE. Read a book you think has a gorgeous cover


The cover for These Witches Don’t Burn is undeniably gorgeous, and I wish I had loved the inside content as much. My main problem with this book is that I was able to guess everything that would happen next. The characters are stereotypical and one dimensional. The plot, albeit fast-paced, was really predictable. I also found that the romance developed too quickly and I’d have appreciated more angst between the actual love interest, as much as Hannah had with her ex. I will say, though, sometimes having a cliche plot but with queer characters is important. Queer people should be able to see themselves in all tropes as well. I really appreciated how this book had queer people both in main character roles, but also as adults, in stable relationships. I’ll say, though, the lack of people of color bothered me a bit.

TWO. Read a comic/graphic novel/manga


I said in my TBR that my plans for this challenge were to read the third and final volume of Your Name, but that is out of print in my country at the moment and I didn’t feel like paying 30R$ for a manga. So, instead, I got the 2nd volume of Ao Haru Ride, a series I’ve been meaning to continue since forever. And, honestly, I’m worried now. I feel like I’ve been put in a manga kick I can’t really afford at the moment, since each volume is around 10R$. I am dying to continue on with this story. The characters are adorable and I love their dynamic. In this one, the main group of characters expanded and so I am looking forward to know what will happen with everyone from now on. I really hope this series keeps up its quality and that the next volumes are just as good as this one!


ONE. Pollyjuice potion: read your friend’s favorite book!


My friend actually was the one who gifted me this book, which is one of his favorites ever. To be honest, it took me forever to pick it up because I was just insecure about reading a middle-grade fantasy after so long, but I was pleasantly surprised. The back story is really fascinating and the setting was incredibly well done. I truly felt cold to the bones reading this. Lyra was a really endearing protagonist – she was spunky and smart and definitely not the character I expected at first. But the ending really disappointed me. It was really rushed and info-dump-y, plus the character’s reactions felt a bit OOC. I think there were a lot of possible routes that the author could’ve gone for and I truly did not understand the one he chose, especially because nothing about it had been hinted previously, so it just felt out of place.

TWO. House ingredient: book with a cover in your Hogwarts house color.


Orange, vol. 6 made me feel emotional all over again. This one follows Suwa, one of the side characters, and it’s kinda hard to put it in a timeline, but it’s the past of future Suwa. (If you’ve read the series, you probably get it). What I love the most about this series is how intricate the love triangle is. You love all the characters and they all love each other as well, so it makes things even more complicated. Your heart is basically being pulled at all directions. Suwa is a sweetheart and I wanted to hug him so bad during this volume. Even if you’re not a fan of manga or have never read any, I think Orange is a great series to start. I’ll definitely consider re-reading it before the end of the year!


ONE. Mandrake! Quick, pit your headphones on! Listen to an audiobook.


I listened to the audiobook for Becoming, narrated by Michelle Obama herself. I am a big fan of the Obama family and this was a delightful ride. Michelle Obama is so inspiring and getting to know more about her story was fascinating. I loved learning about the insides of the White House and all the work and security that goes behind the scenes. I have other book that follows the most famous speeches by Barack Obama and it was really nice using it as reference, so, for example, the biggest speech that launched his political career is mentioned in Becoming and I got to read it in ‘We Are The Change We Seek’. The same happened for the reelection speech and so on. It was a really great experience and I urge everyone to read it.


ONE. Read a book with LGTBQ+ rep.


This was a re-read for me and definitely an intense one. The quote that works as the cover of this book: “We were all heading for each other on a collision course. Maybe some people are just meant to be in the same story” is the best way to define it. There are a lot of crazy coincidences in this book that may sound absurd, but that’s the author’s intent so it’s fine. Plus, I love coincidences and fates who connect, so I had a field day with this one. When I say I want more morally grey characters, THIS is what I mean. No more of that “50 shades of messed up”, bad-boys with daddy issues. I want characters who are deeply good, but make bad decisions, in name of human and relatable emotions, such as anger, grief, jealousy and love. The writing in this book is breath-taking and made me feel like my heart was about to be ripped out of my chest every time. With that being said, I still struggled a little bit with Jude’s narration, as I felt like it wasn’t the best pacing-wise and the relationship also made me feel uncomfortable for reasons I’m not able to pin point. I still recommend this book to absolutely everyone, though, especially if you love art.

So that’s everything for my N.E.W.Ts Readathon wrap up! If you took part in the read-a-thon, did you complete it successfully? Which was your favorite book you read this month? And if you read any of the ones I did, let me know your thoughts too!