what i’ve been watching recently #18

O da minha

Hello, friends!

It’s that time again – the time when I share all the shows I’ve watched! Surprisingly, this time around I had less teen shows than I typically do, so can I get a round of applause please. Maybe your girl is finally growing up, who would’ve thought!



I was so excited for this season and I am so happy that it delivered in every front. First, Devi continues to be an amazing character, and this season gave her so much growth while still keeping her characteristic humor. I love her relationship with her mom and was so happy to see them being cute this season.

As for the couples, I am glad they all had good development. I didn’t know who was my favorite between Paxton/Devi and Ben/Devi, but now I’ve made up my mind for sure. I also enjoyed Des’ introduction and his face definitely made him easy to root for, but he then turned out to be a dick which was sad. I was also sad that Aneesa/Fabiola didn’t thrive like I thought they would.

We better have a season 4, because the ending of this season was not satisfying AT ALL. But the soundtrack this season is possibly the best of the best and I was surprised to find that even Trent was likable this time around, lol.



Look at me. Watching something that is not a teen drama. I have layers, ok?

I only really watched this because of the Andrew Scott edits on TikTok, it’s true. But I do think there’s a bit more merit to it than just that. The direction and editing is literally perfection. The cuts make the show 10x more dynamic and are perfectly timed humor-wise. They also have pretty good casting and I loved the relationship between Claire and Fleabag.

Other than that, season one didn’t work for me at all. All discussions and scenes revolve around sex, and as a sex-repulsed aro ace, there’s nothing that I find less interesting to discuss. It also doesn’t help that I don’t tend to find it funny either.

Thankfully, season two was A LOT better and Andrew Scott’s performance had me screaming in my pillow at 2 AM. How does one manage to look that good is beyond me. I also lowkey wish we had a season three, but I understand why it ends as it does.



Can you tell I was in an Andrew Scott mood?

Despite being on Tumblr in the early 2010s, I had never watched Sherlock before. Since the seasons are very short, with only three episodes each, I thought I could give it a chance to see more of Andrew Scott.

The only thing I can truly say is: “hell, this show is gay”. It’s much gayer than I thought it would be. First episode and they’re already heavily implying that Sherlock is into men, him and Watson are seen as boyfriends by everyone around them and the editing is so fucking camp. I can understand why all the girls were mad on Tumblr when they were never proven to be canonically queer.

I will be continuing on with the series eventually, but I just have to comment on the scene when Andrew Scott’s character is first introduced and Sherlock just eyes him up and down and says “gay”. And then rephrases it as “hey”. I died laughing it was insane.



As much as I was disappointed by the ending, I liked this season SO much more than season 2! The new characters: Maddox and Jet are so much better than the ones we had in season 2 and the overall plot of the reality show was a lot more engaging than the North High vs. East High one.

I am also OBSESSED with the way there are like, 3 straight characters in the show now. Kourtney’s anxiety journey, Jet finding a way to apologize to Maddox and Ashlyn discovering she’s bisexual were all such great moments.

However, the ending did disappoint me a lot. Not only because I was confused as to why they would spend a whole season building up Portwell just to let them have 5 seconds of fun together, but also because the way EJ’s character in general was handled this season made me very mad. I was also let down that we never saw Nini saying a proper goodbye to Kourtney, Ricky or any of the Wildcats.

I don’t think I will watch season four as I’d rather preserve my thoughts and memories of the show as it is and I know that watching season 4 will just make me mad.

Have you watched any of these shows? Do you have any actor you’re obsessed with at the moment? If you tend no not watch as many teen shows, do you have any recs for me? (pls i need at least one romantic subplot or i will perish). Let’s chat in the comments!

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  1. I also loved the new Never Have I Ever season! I think there’s a fourth season planned that’s also supposed to be the last one. I was also really sad that Aneesa & Fabiola didn’t work out, I liked them a lot 😭 And omg Sherlock!! I only watched this show two years ago and I had such a good time 😄


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