olympic games readathon TBR!

to be read.

Hello, friends!

Here I am, taking part in yet again, another read-a-thon. I am glad to say so, because read-a-thons really do motivate me to read more and tackle titles out of my TBR that I’d have been too intimidated to otherwise.

The Olympic Games Readathon was created by Ishi @ Ishi Time and it is inspired by the Percy Jackson universe. The goal is to complete as many prompts related to your Olympian parent, as well as extra activities in Camp Half-Blood.

It had been a really long time since I had last taken the quiz to see my Olympian parent. I’d always said it was Poseidon, but I didn’t know for sure, as I’ve changed a lot since I first took a test in 2011. My result remained the same, though! So I’ll be completing both the mandatory as well as two extra prompts for Cabin 3!

(June is also Pride Month so I’m prioritizing titles with queer characters).


Read book set at sea or at coast

35716237I will finally be ticking off Summer Bird Blue from my TBR! This book is set in Hawaii, so it’s perfect. It also has ace/aro rep and I have no idea why I haven’t read it before.

To be fair, I started it, but I couldn’t connect with the writing style so I put it down and I’ve been scared to give it a second chance and dislike it, even though it has such meaningful rep to me! It’s time to confront this, though, and hopefully I’ll be wrong and actually love this one.



Read a book in which the main character uses a sword.

34726469This prompt really BROKE MY HEART because it gave me no other option but to choose a fantasy book and I don’t have a lot of those on my TBR. Especially fantasy in which the characters fight.

So for that reason, I ended up with two options. One is Sky in the Deep, which is inspired by vikings, I heard semi great things about it but the girl on the cover is holding an axe, which doesn’t make me hopeful that this will actually involve swordsfight.

37678396The second option is An Assassin’s Guide to Love and Treason, which I am sure does involve swords, but I also feel like I could pick this up any time, and I’m much more intimidated of Sky in the Deep, so maybe that one should be a priority instead?

I’m conflicted. Any advice is welcome!




Read a book with a non-human main character

28006096Am I kind-of/totally cheating on this one because I literally have like five fantasy books in my TBR and none feature non-human main characters? Yes.

So I will be reading The Burning Maze, because our main character Apolo, is technically a God, even if he has to remain in human form until he completes his missions on Earth. I also desperately need to carry on with this series because I’ve been spoiled about too much already and it’s just embarrassing I haven’t read this one yet.



Finish a book in 3 days

41734205I think Her Royal Highness has the potential to be a really fast-paced read, so it might as well be this one. I am pretty sure one ofur main characters is the princess of Scotland and it’s also set in a boarding school?

It gives me major Wild Child vibes but make it sapphic and I’m very excited. I’ve heard too much amazing stuff about it, so I’m hyped.




Read a book you have not heard much about before

52880287. sx318 sy475 I have not read anyone talking about this book yet and I also haven’t read any of the Goodreads reviews, but the premise totally sold me.

Set in a queer camp, this book will talk about our main character trying to be more “masculine” in order to make his crush like him. I will forever rant about the fact we don’t have enough “feminine” gay characters in fiction and I am so excited to see this book challenge this trope.




A book published within the last 5 years

40190305. sy475 Like A Love Story was literally published last year, so it totally counts.

This book is set in the 90s, I believe, and all I really know about it is that it has a gay protagonist, a diverse & supportive group of friends and it will discuss the AIDs crisis, which is very likely to break my heart, but I’m on board.

I’ve also heard nothing but good things about it, so yay!



A book with a blue cover

42202063Again, another book I wasn’t entirely hyped to read because I haven’t heard many people talking about it, but the readathon will hopefully motivate me to pick it up.

This one talks about drag queens! I have never read a book talking about drag queens and, unlike the rest of the internet, am also very uneducated on Ru Paul’s, so I literally know nothing about this universe and this one sounds really interesting & fun.

This cover’s color palette is also a solid 10/10.


If you are taking part in the Olympic Games readathon, what’s your cabin? Which books you have on your TBR? Do you think I should read Sky in the Deep or An Assassin’s Guide? Let’s talk in the comments!

19 comentários sobre “olympic games readathon TBR!

  1. Omg, I might actually participate in this readathon!! I read PJO and HOO as a child, but I don’t remember anything about them :(( I really should reread before the TV show comes out!! Also, I took the test, and I got Athena! Not sure if that’s accurate but my friends say that it is lmao.
    I hope you enjoy all of these books <3 I really liked Summer Bird Blue, especially the discussions around labels and being ace/aro! I actually rated it 3 stars because it got a little repetitive for me, but it's the kind of 3 stars where I still recommend the book to everyone!!

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • I think Athena is super accurate for you as well! I was not sure about Poseidon for me, but I think it makes sense. Sadly, though, I don’t know a lot of people who’ll be competing for Cabin 3 as well, hahah.
      Ahhh, I hope I do enjoy it! The rep is what means the most to me so I am very excited about it.
      Thank you for reading, Caitlin! 😌

      Curtido por 1 pessoa

  2. Good luck with the readathon, it looks like so much fun!! I so want to read Her Royal Highness sometime. I think it’ll be such a fun book (and I definitely need to read more of those). I hope you end up loving all of these 💕

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

  3. This readathon sounds so cool and it is amazing that your godly parent is Poseidon. I’ve done a few quizzes and I’ve gotten Athena and Hermes so far !! haha !!
    You got so many great books on your list as well !! I really hope you end up enjoying Summer Bird Blue for the rep and the story. I recently read Starfish and I quite enjoyed the writing so I wonder if this one is similar but I can see how it isn’t for everyone !!
    Picking a book for sword fighting is hard, I think I would do an impulse decision at the time. Pick which ever one calls to you in the moment. I try to solve a lot decisions like this but I have to say it doesn’t work, I’m terrible at making impulse decisions so I don’t know why I do it so much !! haah!!
    I haven’t heard too much about Camp either but it does sound like an interesting premise and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it !!
    The colour palette for Kings, Queens and In-Betweens is stunning I agree !!
    Happy reading and best of luck !! <3

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • It really is so cool! I thought I’d get Athena or Hermes, I was surprised to get Poseidon after all.
      I’ve heard amazing things about this author’s work, so I am really hoping ot love Summer Bird Blue and read more from her after.
      Hahah, I think I’m too much of an overthinker and I suck at making decisions in the spur of the moment. But I think I’ll pick Assassin’s Guide after all, because I haven’t read a single review on Sky in the Deep that mentions swords, hahah.
      Thank you so much! And thanks for reading! 💛

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  4. Ahh best of luck for this readathon, Lais! I’m so curious to hear your thoughts on Summer Bird Blue, it sounds like such a great read, I hope you will be able to connect with it more this time <3 and excited to hear your thoughts on Her Royal Highness ahh I'm all for royalty books :D

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

  5. It’s totally not fair how June is a great month for readathons and I have exams!! :P Readathons motivate me to read a lot too, and this readathon seems amazing and I’d love to join but my TBR for June is already packed, sadly.
    You’ll definitely finish Her Royal Highness quickly! The writing is super light and I hope you like it!
    Have fun and good luck!! <3

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

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