what i’ve been watching recently #5

O da minha

Hello, friends!

Even though quarantine has hit, I’ve actually not been watching a lot of new things. I’ve been mostly binge-watching D-COMS and rewatching favorites. But I gathered a small pile of things I’ve watched that I had a lot of thoughts on.


ianowt mine | Tumblr

Oh, friends, this show.

I don’t know what it is about Netflix lately where I genuinely don’t know if the shows are set in the 80s or 2019 until someone picks up a cellphone. The 80s aesthetic is so overwhelming is the weirdest thing. Every character also has to sound and look “quirky” and it gets pretty old pretty fast.

There is an entire monologue by one of the characters as he watches a highschool football game and he keeps saying how “it’s a tragedy, because all of these people will be miserable in five years time”. That’s an awful thing to say, period, but the fact they really think they’re better and special snowflakes because they only watch VHS and don’t like sports? Ew. Imagine being this far up your own ass.

It got a little bit better at the end, I think, because after spending enough time with these characters, they stopped sounding so annoying. But I feel like season two will have a very different feel than this one, so I’m not sure if I’m continuing on with this series.


never have i ever | Tumblr

As soon as I first watched the trailer of Never Have I Ever, I knew it was going to be amazing and I am so happy I wasn’t let down.

This show is not perfect, by any means. Even though it is incredibly diverse, the only fat character is still your stereotypical disgusting and dumb fat boy. The acting could definitely see some improvement and it will probably sound cringey in 3 years time, because a lot of the jokes are timely, but I still had such a great time binge-watching this.

It is refreshing to watch a show where the white characters are the minority. Where we can see a character going to therapy without that being shown as pointless. Where there are relevant discussions, but also hilarious dialogues. Where all the characters have interesting arcs, backgrounds and are not just cardboard cutouts waiting for our main character’s break through.

If you’re a fan of On My Block, there’s no way you won’t enjoy this, honestly. It had everything you could want – laughs, tears and definitely some cringe moments – and it’s diverse AF.

LOVE 101 (S1)


This is a Turkish drama and I watched the trailer before it came out and it gave me insane Elite vibes. Since Elite is my favorite Netflix Original, I knew I needed to watch this one. I will say, though, it has nothing to do with Elite, but it was still pretty fun.

This is set in the 90s and centers around this group of troublemakers who are about to be expelled. For that, the board decision has to be unanimous, but one teacher stands up for them. This one teacher is about to move away, though, so the group decides to team up and find her a boyfriend, so she stays and they’re not kicked out.

In the process, they end up getting closer and realizing they have a lot more in common than they think. This one differs from Elite because it’s just a lot more PG-13 and doesn’t discuss as many taboo topics, but it still has some depth to it and the characters are definitely multi-layered and captivating.

I’d say there is a little bit of romanticization of mental ilness and abusive behaviors, but nothing major that I felt like took completely from the story. The ending is very inconclusive, though, and I’ll literally *die* if there’s no season 2.

What is your most recently watched show? Did you watch Never Have I Ever? If so, what are your thoughts on it? What’s your favorite show from your country? Recommend me in the comments!


13 comentários sobre “what i’ve been watching recently #5

    • I knowwww, it was my first time ever watching a Turkish drama and I was so surprised by how good it was. It made me want to watch more!
      The 90s setting is pretty cool; it makes for a bomb soundtrack, with a lot of classics, hahah.
      Thank you so much for reading, Ruby! 💛

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  1. I’m obsessed with Prison Break and last month it finally came back to NZ netflix so I’ve been watching it ever since, May meant the conclusion of B99 and The Blacklist which was sad but also they’re both renewed so I can’t wait for more. I’ve been watching Never Have I Ever with friends and we’re about 3/4 through the season, I love the diversity but it can definitely be a bit cliche. stereotype-y and the acting isn’t the greatest? So I have mixed thoughts but overall I think it’s really positive that it’s out there because go representation.


  2. I haven’t watched any of these shows *hides* but I’m glad you enjoyed most of them. I definitely hate the special snowflake vibe as well and it feels like an outdated trope now tbh !! I remember watching the trailer for love 101 and everyone was saying in the comments about the elite vibes haha. It did look entertaining !! I’m glad you enjoyed it, I always love the school setting. And I hope there is a season 2 if the ending was inconclusive.
    I just watched the film Bad Genius after Belle recommended it and it was really good about school students cheating. It was quite different to want I normally watch but maybe that is why I enjoyed it. Also Caitlin recommended 2gether and I enjoyed that, it was fun and made me want to buy a guitar, haha !! <3

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    • Sameee! I saw the comments and that’s why I decided to give it a shot. It really has nothing to do with Elite, so I think they edited the trailer a lot to look more appealing.
      I’ve seen *so much* hype around 2gether, I might as well watch it too! I’m glad you enjoyed it and it was inspiring, hahah.
      Thanks for reading, Sophie! 😊

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  3. I can’t say I’ve watched any of these shows, but I like the sound of Love 101 and I’m hoping there’s a second season cause I hate loose ends. The only show I’ve been watching at the moment is Gangs of London and it’s definitely on the brutal side. Beyond that, I’ve mostly been catching up on my movies.

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    • I am really, really hoping there’s a season 2, it will be very frustrating if it doesn’t.
      My sister is watching Gangs of London and she has a lot to talk about. She said some scenes thraumatized her, hahahah. I think it’s a bit too explicit for me, hahah.
      Thanks for stopping by, Lois! 😌


    • I think On My Block will definitely touch more on violence, especially at the end of season one, so perhaps that’s something to be considered. It talks about gangs, so it’s definitely a bit darker. But I think it’s just as hilarious as Never Have I Ever and the characters are not directly involved with violence at all, so it’s not overwhelming. If you guys watch it, let me know your thoughts!


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