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Hello, friends!

In honor of having finished The Summer I Turned Pretty fairly recently, I thought I should do a post about my favorite and least-favorite book adaptations – including to movie and TV. I read only the first book from TSITP, and I don’t have that many memories to judge if it was a good adaptation or not, but I certainly have a lot of feelings about some other ones.


Of course I have to start with Miss HEARTSTOPPER. This show is so good on its own, but as an adaptation, it’s even better. I love the fact that they were able to expand on relationships we see very little of in the comics, such as Tara x Darcy and Elle x Tao. PLUS, THE SOUNDTRACK!!!!!!! I will never shut up about this soundtrack, I’m sorry. It’s literally art.

Speaking of amazing soundtracks, we have to talk about TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE. I still remember when I was disappointed that Noah Centineo was casted as Peter K and now I can’t imagine a better fit. They captured the essence of the books so well, while still delivering something different enough that it feels unique on its own. Also, the scenes when Lara Jean is alone in her room and the boys show up as her inner monologue????? Royalty behavior.

I will not hear any LOVE, SIMON slander because this movie means too much to me, ok? I cry my eyeballs off every time I watch it and it really is one of the sweetest rom-coms ever. I remember not really enjoying the book and thinking it was very much meh. So when the movie came out, I didn’t care much for it, but my friends dragged me to theaters and I’m so glad they did because I was the one who loved it the most lol.

Another book I didn’t enjoy (because it was fatphobic as hell, hello) is EVERY DAY. But the movie was actually inclusive and diverse and everything the book should’ve been!!!!! It’s such a heartwarming one and I definitely feel like it deserves more hype. (Bonus: the soundtrack is really great too!!!!! Go listen to it!!!!!)


Let’s start with a classic, shall we? While I don’t think this is a bad movie and I was heavily entertained while watching The Lightning Thief (it was actually through the movie that I found out about the books), we can not deny it is a terrible adaptation. SEA OF MONSTERS, however, it’s both a bad movie and a bad adaptation. I cringe every time I think about it – the cast, the crappy CGI and Alexandra Daddario randomly having blonde hair for the sequel LMAOOOOO.

Having read (and not enjoyed) IF I STAY, I don’t know how much I can argue that the adaptation is better. Maybe the movie is bad because the book is too, you know? But what really annoys me in this movie is the amount of CGI. Plus, couldn’t they have toned down the slut-shaming for a sec? Jesus. I also don’t think Chloe Grace Moretz had the acting range to make me care for Mia that much. The songs by Shooting Star do slap, though.

I have actually read the Pretty Little Liars books and SARA SHEPARD WAS DOING IT OKAY. She was doing it like none other. The TV show then went along with all the inappropriate relationships and weird power imbalances, but a lot of the creepy characters actually die in the books. Also, the -A resolution is much better and less convoluted in the books.

Lastly, we have to talk about the travesty that is MAZE RUNNER: DEATH CURE. Is it true that I watched it on release date, while crying all over my pop corn and I am very very very very thankful to the cast for actually giving us this final installment, despite all the production issues. But oh my God this was terrible as an adaptation. They changed the whole plot, it became a chosen one plot for some reason and THE ENDGAME SHIP WAS NOT ENDGAME IN THE MOVIES?????/ Besties, this makes me so mad to this day I can’t even lol.

What is your favorite book to movie adaptation? Do you have a least favorite? Let me know in the comments!


7 comentários sobre “best and worst: book adaptations

  1. I have seen Every Day but I didn’t actually realise it was a book adaptation. It makes me happy to hear that the movie improved things from the book! The movie was very cute, and a lot better than I thought when I put it on. I just wanted an easy film but I actually enjoyed it.
    Love, Simon and To All The Boys are soo cute 🥰
    I didn’t think The Death Cure was a good adaption either. The endgame! 🙈 It was a long time ago so I don’t really remember but I remember thinking certain things were changed in The Scorch Trials too, and that was my favourite book so I was bummed about it. I do love the cast though, the gag reels are great! 😂
    I feel like most adaptations I watch, I haven’t actually read the book 😬 which makes it hard to compare. I know my least favourite one is the book thief though!
    Great post Lais (and I love the mention of the soundtracks too) 💗


  2. Loved this post!! ❤️ Heartstopper, Love Simon & TATBILB are just amazing adaptations, they are such comfort watches for me 🥰 I’m so glad that we’re getting the new PJO show because the second movie was SO bad 😭 I actually saw the first movie before reading the book and then, of course, switched to reading the series, as these adaptations just weren’t great 🙈


  3. Wait, wait wait. What do you mean the endgame ship in the Maze Runner movies isn’t the endgame ship in the book?? That just literally blew my mind. I never watched the last movie because I don’t think I have the emotional capacity for that but I got enough spoilers and… what?! I don’t get how movie producers can actually change so much from the source material.

    And I totally agree with you about the Heartstopper adaptation. It was simply fantastic. It does amazingly as a tv show after a book but also on its own because they expanded on the side relationships so much and I loved that. You’re also spot-on about the soundtrack. It’s just delightful!

    Great post, Lais!!💞


  4. I love this post! I agree with you SO much about your favorite adaptations! Heartstopper was brilliant and the soundtrack perfect as well. I loved To All the Boys and Love, Simon SO much just as well!
    I agree that they made a little bit of a mess with the PLL adaptation, I’m still a bit mad about it, to be honest!


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