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When I first saw this tag being answered by Maria @ The Character Study, immediately I wanted to answer it. The tag combines two of my favorite things: book and music. So I was very happy that Maria actually tagged me to answer this one, so thanks a lot!


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31145133Going with a cliché, yes, but it’s been a while since I last talked about this book, which is I Believe in a Thing Called Love! This one is for all the K-drama fans out there: in this book we follow our protagonist Desi who’s obsessed with watching Korean dramas with her dad and decides to create a list of “K Drama Steps to True Love” to hopefully finally attract her crush. I remember finding the K-drama references hilarious and the relationship between the MC and her dad super heart-warming.

35169304More because I was reading to The Great Unknowable End around the same time Solar Power came out, I am reminded of this story every time I listen to Fallen Fruit. I do think the lyrics go along well with the story – one because the whole vibe of Solar Power is “hippie cult” and The Great Unknowable End does revolve around a hippie commune in the 70s, but also because the story is about the pain left by previous generations which is certainly a theme for one of the protagonists, Stella.

36146624I do love book that features music in it, but most importantly, I love books that feature original lyrics!!! I recently read a book that featured musicians, but no actual lyrics of the songs they wrote and I was so disappointed. I find that I am only able to connect with the feelings the characters are singing about if I, too, get to read the lyrics like I was one of their listeners. And that was a feature I loved in You’d Be Mine. In this book, we follow Clay, who’s gotten himself into one too many scandals and is now on probation by his label. As a way to mend his reputation, they arrange that he goes on tour with the princess of country, Annie.

4556058I recently talked about this TikTok that compared the lyrics to “long story short” by Taylor Swift to Percy and Annabeth’s relationship and now, whenever that song comes out, all I can think about is Percabeth! The lyrics “When I dropped my sword / I threw it in the bushes and knocked on your door / And we live in peace” make me emotional just like whenever I think about Percy and Annabeth living peacefully in New Rome together as the married couple they are.

I have so many, so EXCUSE ME as I fangirl about soundtracks. Look, this is a very serious topic for me, okay, lol. But soundtracks can truly make or break a story and I am always happy when a favorite book has been adapted and the soundtrack is *actually* good.

60771793. sy475

Which is why I was so happy that Heartstopper contained so many of my favorite artists in the show soundtrack, such as girl in red, beabadoobee and ella jane. I was familiar with Baby Queen but I became down right obsessed with their song Dover Beach since it showed up in the show.

39860123I also remember when the first movie of To All the Boys came out and I was overwhelmed by how great the soundtrack was. It has the perfect indie-coming-of-age vibes to it and so many fantastic songs! Even though I think the quality of the direction of the movies went down after the first one, the soundtrack continued to be awesome. Chinatown by Wild Nothing is by far my favorite pick, though, mostly because it gives me walking around NYC vibes.

Lastly, I need to talk about a CLASSIC which is the Twilight movies soundtrack. Honestly, if there is one good thing to have come out of this clusterfuck of a series, it is the movies’ soundtrack. They’re the most perfect ambiance and atmosphere and I still dream of riding around Forks with Roslyn playing in the back. However, I have to shoutout my favorite song which plays in the best sequence of the franchise – Hearing Damage, which is the soundtrack to the montage of the wolves hunting Victoria in the woods.

I had so much fun answering this!!!! I’ll be tagging Ruby @ Ruby Rae Reads, Sophie @ Me and Ink and Caro @ The Book Cheshire Cat.

Okay, friends! Now it is your turn: what are some of your favorite songs that you associate with books/ships/adaptations?

my favorite (straight) fictional ships for dia dos namorados

reading vlog.(1)

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Today is June 12th, which means we’re celebrating the equivalent to Valentine’s Day in Brazil! Here, we call this day “Dia dos Namorados”. For the past few years in my blog, I’ve celebrated this date by sharing a post related to romantic love and ofc today I’m keeping the tradition.

The reason why we celebrate Valentine’s Day in June, instead of in February, is because in Brazilian tradition, Saint Anthony is more well known than Saint Valentine. Since Saint Anthony is known for being a matchmaker and people pray to him if they wish to get married, the celebration takes place on Saint Anthony’s day instead – aka the 12th of June.

So, since we’re all about romantic love today, I figured I would share my favorite (straight) fictional couples with y’all (sorry, I know it’s pride month) and some of my favorite quotes related to them that make me feel *all *the* *things*.


“You’re the one good thing I’ve ever done in my life”.

Uh, yes, them.

18406862I think about this couple so much is a bit ridiculous. Sinner is a fantastic book that just speaks to my soul so deeply, it’s hard for me to describe. But basically, Cole and Isabel meet in the Wolves of Mercy Falls and are quite, uh, a dysfunctional couple. Isabel resents werewolves after her brother died trying to been one and Cole wants nothing more but to be one. Yet, they work.

In Sinner, Cole goes to Los Angeles to film a reality show and record a new album, but mostly to get Isabel back. Their dynamic is so romantic without even trying. They’re constantly flirting, even knowing they’re not good for one another, but at the same time, they are? They definitely make each other better – both are deniers of feelings, but when they come together, they drown in how much they feel for one another. It’s stunning, really.



“Fucking Rojas”.

Did the show of One of Us is Lying make me a Nate/Brownyn stan? Yes, very much, thank you.

To be fair, I remember a total of 0.2 things about them in the books. But their show version absolutely demolished me, it really did.

Nate is the criminal, Brownyn is the brain, and while typically the bad boy x good girl trope does nothing for me, I think how much Nate has been obsessed with Brownyn for years now really convinced me that they were different. Nate knows all these random facts about Brownyn from when they were in middle school, making very clear that he’s had a crush on her for years.

I also adore the way he calms her down when she’s anxious and how her believing in him makes him want to believe in himself too. While their dynamic could’ve been improved had the acting been better (cof cof sorry), I still find myself thinking about them frequently.


“You are beautiful. Lajawab. My only worry is that I might not be able to do you justice.”

28458598I’ve talked so much about my love for this couple, but seriously!!!!!!! They are so special because, so often, when we think about YA contemporaries, very unrealistic or lowkey problematic love stories come to mind, so having a couple who supports one another so genuinely warms my heart so much.

Dimple and Rishi are complete opposites, but they learn a lot from one another, including each other’s relationship with their Indian heritage as well as how they see their future. I am also obsessed with how they constantly push the other person to be the best and most authentic version of themselves.

Basically: everyone deserves a relationship like this in their lives!



“Like in the 1950s. Remember, Lara Jean?”

A classic, but had to be a part of my list anyway, because hello, it’s them.

While many people may be annoyed at how “immature” this couple may sound, my favorite thing about them is how painfully high school their conflicts and dynamics are. Like, when Peter gets mad at Lara Jean for not sitting next to him in the bus. Or the fact Lara Jean brings him sandwiches and cookies and lets Peter not share with his friends.

This couple reminds me of the innocence and beauty of teenage relationships and Jenny Han toes the line between “realism” and “romanticism” perfect. I am a firm believer that, especially love stories, don’t have to be realistic, because real life is boring and never romantic. But Peter K and Lara Jean manage to do both and I love them so much.


“You don’t share me. You owe me.”

8492825I was re-reading some of my favorite quotes and moments from this book and I realized how, indeed, Mia and Adam are one of my favorite couples. I think before I was just all about how much I love Adam as a character, because his narration is so good. But no, it’s him and Mia.

They’re the best edition of “he hates everyone but her” and the fact Adam has written an entire album about Mia and no other song he writes is as good as those speaks to my soul a lot. Even though in Where She Went you’re following them after they’ve broken up, during one night in New York, you feel the stakes of their relationship and their past love for one another is absolutely palpable. I am obsessed, friends.



“You can always talk to me about anything. Anytime.”

Did Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Basset ruined this one for me? Yes. But that’s fine, we’ll move on. In my mind, the two never dated in real life and Nini and Ricky managed to be endgame AS THEY SHOULD.

Look: these two are just the cutest thing to ever exist, okay. They’re childhood friends to lovers and that scene when they talk about being each other’s first crushes and also giving each other the nicknames that they go by to everyone else. That’s A LOT, okay.

Plus, all the songs they have together are so good and I am still mad we never got a proper duet where they sing staring in each other’s eyes in deep Troy and Gabriella fashion. While I understand their relationship got codependent by season two, I do love how much Ricky counts on Nini and how her opinion truly matters to him. True soulmates, if you ask me.


You’re not getting away from me. Never again.”

12127810. sy475 This is my OG OTP, friends. I remember being 10 years old reading about the underwater kiss and fangirling for like 20 minutes straight because, fucking finally, they had kissed. I also wrote this quote when I was kid, and glued it to the wall of my closet and it is still there.

Remembering about this couple is the reason why I decided to write this post in the first place. I found this TikTok talking about how “long story short” by Taylor Swift went perfectly with Percabeth and I wasn’t able to stop thinking about it for months.

Basically: these two are the best slow burn/friends to lovers, you will ever read about in your whole life. The way they become so completely obsessed with one another, are ready to die for the other person, and still have the most fantastic banter… Rick Riordan did that, folks.



“Then why do you keep ending up here with me?”

I am so obsessed with this couple, is honestly a bit scary if you really think about it.

Scarlett and Gunnar are THE slow burn. They meet in season one, Gunnar is clearly crushing hard on Scarlett while she has a boyfriend, they finally get together but break up and then take literally THREE MORE SEASONS to get back together. It’s ridiculous, honestly, but works so well because it absolutely tugs in your heart strings every time.

You can tell that, no matter how much these characters try lying to themselves that they are over their feelings for one another, everyone around them can tell that’s not the case. The way they’re constantly writing songs about each other and pretending they don’t care is… AGAIN, RIDICULOUS. But it works so much for me. Ugh. I love them.


Please, I want to say to her. Please figure me out.”

33857632. sy475 As I re-read Letters to the Lost this year, I couldn’t help but notice how much I love these two. Their story is angsty from the beginning, with annonymous correspondences and not liking each other in real life. Yet, they’re also a source of positivity for one another and are constantly encouraging the other person to pursue things they typically wouldn’t.

Both Declan and Juliette are struggling with depression and I think it’s interesting how the author navigates their relationship without them becoming codependent – they still have plenty support outside of each other. But it’s just sososo great see them becoming closer and being able to help the other person without even knowing who they are in real life.



If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more, but you know what I am.”

Okay, but why did this 2020 version of Emma absolutely wretched me? I am not a fan of period dramas or Jane Austen, in the slightest, but there was just something about the scene when their hands are touching while they dance together that shifted something in me.

Obviously, this couple has a very questionable age gap and dynamic, with Mr Knightley being seen as a son by Emma’s dad. But we’ll just stare right past that and focus on the fact they’re adorable. I love the idea of two know-it-all’s falling in love and still being completely clueless about their feelings for each other. Plus, they have the best confession scene known to man.

What are some of your favorite fictional ships? Do you relate to any of the ones I included in this post? Also: what is your favorite quote from any ship? Let’s chat in the comments!

five chaotic protagonists that will make your life brighter

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It’s been a while since I last did a top five post and for this one, I thought it would be fun to talk about my favorite chaotic protagonists. My favorite characters who I definitely feel emulate Jacob in New Moon answering the phone and saying “Charlie’s not here, he’s arranging a funeral”. That is the most epic agent of chaos moment in the whole Twilight series and I think about it often.

These characters probably won’t reach that level of chaotic energy level, but who knows, right?


49553169. sx318 Yes, Nozomi is absolutely the definition of chaotic lesbian. Not only she falls for people wayyyy too easily, but she also romanticizes every little thing about her life. It’s a problem. There is also this great scene when she ends up dropping a box filled with paper cranes that took months to be folded and she still tries to cover it up, like somehow that would make it better.

A mess, really. But an icon at the same time.



art by laya rose

Y’all. Nax is one of the best protagonists I ever read about but if that man isn’t chaotic af. He has no idea what’s going on half of the time, is falling in love with two people at the same time, and constantly getting him and his friends in more trouble as they try getting out of it. He made the reading experience twice as fun with all his chaotic-ness and I appreciate that a lot.





55664091Aaron is definitely a character who is trying his best, but making so much mess in the process. Basically, this book’s premise is that Aaron, behind his parents back, ends up selling their failing bookstore because they’re in a lot of debt. However, he doesn’t tell his parents about it. Or anyone for that matter. And when people start showing up, wanting to help the store, he freaks out and has no idea what to do. It is hilariously messy and I truly did not expect how much this book would make me laugh.



art by cassandra jean.

Cole is a bit different from the other characters I talked about because although he is chaotic, it’s not typically in the fun-lmao-she’s-crazy type of way that the other characters. However, I had to add him to the list. Especially because I was re-reading Sinner recently and the scene when he jumps out of the car in the middle of traffic to get to Isabel quicker is such chaotic behavior. And don’t get me started on him running away from a store wearing nothing but Isabel’s leggings. Peak chaos.


I mean, would it be a list of chaotic protagonists if I didn’t include the self-proclaimed quirky, edgy, not like other girls queen that is Hazel? I do like her a lot. Some of the things that she does throughout the book did make me cringe, not gonna lie. Especially when she is in a music festival and starts dancing, even though she is not near the crowd at all. But, hey, some of her chaos actually makes for amazing embarrassing-but-cute moments that made the book what it is after all!

Let’s talk, friends: what are some of your favorite chaotic protagonists? Do you relate to my picks? Let me know in the comments!

book recommendations based on olivia rodrigo’s sour!

book recs.(1)

Hello, friends!

I am aware that this post comes at you rather late. SOUR was a massive release of 2021 and I’m sure everyone and their moms have probably already done a version of this post, where they recommend books based on the album.

But I *am* glad I waited a bit to do this post, as I’ve grown to love the album even more and also to read more books that would fit with these songs.


They say these are the golden years
But I wish I could disappear
Ego crush is so severe
God, it’s brutal out here

40653221For this one, I kept thinking about what books I’ve read where the characters really are *going through it.* And Wild and Crooked immediately came to mind. This one is a dual perspective novel and follows our characters Gus and Kalyn, who strike a friendship without knowing that Kalyn’s dad is responsible for the murder of Gus’ dad. You can imagine things will get uh.. awkward when they find out.

🍃 This book is perfect if you’re interested in: platonic love stories, fleshed out characters, teen and adult angst, Shakespeare and family bonds.


Never doubted myself so much
Like, am I pretty? Am I fun, boy?
I hate that I give you power over that kind of stuff

49553169. sx318 Ignore the fact that Olivia Rodrigo says “boy” in the lyrics, because this one is a sapphic teen com recommendation. Love and Other Natural Disasters is much more chaotic and fun than angsty, but I felt like it went with the song as our protagonist Nozomi is so determined to have her crush Willow fall back in love with her, that she starts changing herself too. I appreciated not only how this book offered a twist in the fake-dating trope, but also how it gave Nozomi an amazing character development.

🌁 This book is perfect if you’re interested in: fake dating, messy sapphic love squares, books set in San Francisco, Asian-American rep and complex family dynamics.


the first fall of snow — TRAITOR (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) Olivia Rodrigo |...

Loved you at your worst
But that didn’t matter

49779755It definitely would’ve been easier to talk about romantic relationships for this song, but I wanted to talk about betrayal in the context of a friendship. When Miss Meteor starts, Lita and Chicky are ex-best friends who haven’t talked in months. We don’t really know what drove these two apart, but we do know they will become an unexpected team when Lita decides to run for the local pageant queen contest.

🪐 This book is perfect if you’re interested in: enemies to friends, queer characters, chaotic latinx families, magical realism that looks like sci-fi and self-love.


I’m so sick of myself
I’d rather be, rather be
Anyone, anyone else

57926463So, I have not read this book yet, as it has *just* come out but I wanted to talk about it as I feel like it goes with this song so incredibly well. In No Filter and Other Lies, Kat Sanchez keeps a fake profile where she absolutely thrives, unlike in her real life. However, things will get awkward for Kat once one of her posts goes viral and the person she’s stealing her photos from finds her account.

📸 This book contains: fat and queer rep, messy protagonist & discussions on the impact of social media.


I still see your face in the white cars, front yards
Can’t drive past the places we used to go to
‘Cause I still fuckin’ love you

55540735. sy475 Angst seriously has a different meaning when it comes to drivers license. This is an anthem for pining, so of course, I had to go with May The Best Man Win. In this YA contemporary, we follow Jeremy and Lukas, who used to date but are now rivals competing for the title of homecoming king. I wouldn’t say this book is for everyone, as the characters are messy and pretty unlikable, but it delivers when it comes to lovers to enemies to lovers.

🏈 This book is perfect if you’re interested in: messy queer characters, autism and trans rep, exes to lovers, high school angst and realistic portrayals of grief.


Oh, I hope you’re happy, but not like how you were with me
I’m selfish, I know, I can’t let you go
So find someone great but don’t find no one better
I hope you’re happy, but don’t be happier

51931067Cue Felix singing these lines to Ezra. Or Ezra singing them to Felix, any way would work. Felix Ever After has amazing pining and a large cast of queer characters, which I love. Like May The Best Man Win, this one is also messy and full on unlikable characters, but it is ultimately the biggest triumph of the story, in showing queer characters as realistic, complex humans.

❤️‍🩹 This book is perfect if you’re interested in: queer rep, questioning labels, enemies to lovers AND friends to lovers, messy characters and self-love journeys.


A different girl now, but there’s nothing new
(I know you get déjà vu)

55404546It felt fitting to recommend a book about family history repeating itself for a song called déjà vu. While Malibu Rising is about a lot of other things as well, what impacted me the most was the parallel between the lives of Jules and Nina – mother and daughter – who find themselves sacrificing so much of their own lives for the people they love and the misery it brings them.

🏄🏻 This book is perfect if you’re interested in: books set in California, the 80s, famous people, generational stories and complex female characters.


It’s bittersweet to think about the damage that we do
‘Cause I was going down, but I was doing it with you
Yeah, everything we broke, and all the trouble that we made
But I say that I hate you with a smile on my face

52035051. sy475 While I was not a fan of the romance in An Emotion of Great Delight, there was definitely a layer of forbidden romance that goes along well with “favorite crime”. This book is a very introspective look into mental health issues, more specifically depression, and it can be quite a hard one to swallow. Nonetheless, there are also great discussions on colorism and islamophobia that I wish more people would read.

☔️ This book is perfect if you’re interested in: muslim & mental health rep, forbidden romance, grief stories, complex family dynamics and heartbreaking prose.


Stupid, emotional, obsessive little me
I knew from the start this is exactly how you’d leave

37577721. sy475 I really said “SOUR is entirely about romantic relationships but I will avoid books about romance at all costs”. Please Don’t Hug Me is an own-voices story about Erin, who is autistic and writing letters to her brother, whom she’s no longer in contact with. I think these lines will make more sense once you read the book, as Erin definitely sees herself as stupid, emotional and obsessive at times but also grows *so much* throughout the course of the book. Her relationship with her brother is also layered and heartbreaking to read about.

🍩 This book is perfect if you’re interested in: novels written in letters, autistic rep, platonic relationships, messy family dynamics and intense character growth.


Don’t know if I’ll see you again someday
But if you’re out there, I hope that you’re okay

11071466I like the idea of putting Second Chance Summer here, because it ties with this song in two ways: one because it’s a story about grief and saying goodbye, but it’s also a second chance romance. This story is really honest as a portrayal of grief from a teenage perspective and I love how close we feel to all the characters, due to the great writing.

☀️ This book is perfect if you’re interested in: second chance romance, summer reads, stories about grief, family dynamics and great character work.


Remember when you swore to God I was the only person who ever got you?
Well, screw that and screw you
You will never have to hurt the way you know that I do

52516406. sy475 good 4 u is absolutely a song that Scottie would’ve sang along to loudly and angrily in her car at the beginning of She Drives Me Crazy. This book starts out with Scottie pining over her ex, who broke up with her and is now also the captain of the rival basketball team. Scottie wants so much to make her ex jealous, she’s willing to pay her nemesis to take her on a date, to prove that she has *also* moved on. I love how this book allows Scottie to be messy, but also gives her a great development as she realizes getting over people takes time.

🏀 This book is perfect if you’re interested in: 10 Things I Hate About You, f/f romance, high school shenenigans, supportive families and enemies to lovers.

That’s it, friends! What is your favorite song from SOUR? Have you ever read a book that you feel like could go along with that song? If you have read any of these books, let me know your thoughts in the comments too!

comparing brazilian & american book covers #2

a 2020 overview.(1)

Hello, friends!

A long time ago, I started this feature in my blog to compare Brazilian and American book covers. These days, most Brazilian covers tend to be exactly the same as the original ones, just changing the title, but sometimes, publishers will get real creative and the result can either be better or worse.

Please, join me in the comments and vote in your favorites!

This book is about to come out (or maybe it already has) in Brazil and while I haven’t read it and am not really interested in doing so, I thought it would be a good one to vote as favorite cover! I like the fact that it resembles the original just enough, but also has its own spin to it. However, the typography of the original cover is perfect imo, so I’d consider that to be the winner.

Well, I feel like this one comes absolutely as a no-brainer. The Brazilian cover is STUNNING. Not only the illustrations are beautiful, but the colors, the font, everything about it is literally perfect. Plus, I’ll always prefer an illustrated cover over anything else, contrary to popular opinion. I haven’t read this one either, so I don’t know which cover fits the story better, but I’d still go with the Brazilian one.

Oh my, this Brazilian cover is absolutely my villain origin story. While this book is by Tahereh Mafi, it has NOTHING to do with the Shatter Me series, so the “eye” illustration as a callback is so ENTIRELY misplaced. Plus, is just flat out ugly. I am not obsessed with the original cover, although I do think it’s interesting and refreshing to see book covers using just typography sometimes. But at this point, anything would look better than the Brazilian one lmao.

I don’t actually hate the Brazilian cover, but I think I’ll have to go with the original one. The colors and the simplicity of it make it even more eycatching. I feel like ultimately the Brazilian one has too many fonts, and I never like that, BUT it does come across as more historical fiction, which it technically is, as this book is set in the 1950s to the 1980s.

This is what I mean by eye catching simplicity! This book looks so cool just from the cover! I think maybe because of how similar this cover would look like to the Malibu Rising one, if they went with a similar theme, is that they changed it completely as we see above. While I also don’t know much about the story, I think the Brazilian one makes the book look cool, while the American one makes it look like an airport book.

Lastly, we have what I think is a tie?? I really can’t choose which cover I like better! The first one is simple, but cool and I like the fact the title and illustration look to be part of the vynil. However, I also love a “messy bedroom” ilustration – it gives so much personality to the characters before we even got to know them! Plus, I love the callback to the original cover by keeping a similar color palette.

Which of these covers you like better? Do you agree with my choices? Let me know in the comments!

out of comfort zone challenge wrap up & 2022 sign up!

Hello, friends!

Earlier this year, I took part in the Out of Comfort Zone Challenge hosted by Caro @ The Bookish Cheshire Cat. I was aiming for “Traveler”, so I had to read 10 books that were out of my comfort zone. (Also, please ignore that I completely forgot to add the books to the form like I should have, I suck).



This one became a NETFLIX movie recently. I was looking forward to it, because it was my first time reading about this part of the United States and this group of people – “hillbillies”. I went into the book expecting to get more insight into the societal causes for the issues that this group faces so often, which include addiction and unemployement. However, it was weird to realize that there weren’t many “societal” causes to that at all? If anything, society excuses this behavior because they’re white people. I think it was interesting, nonetheless, especially because it showed me how your expectations when going into a story can shape up your experience.


53852543. sy475

I am not much of a fantasy reader and I think this was my first experience with a historical fantasy. I loved what Chloe Gong did here, with the setting of Shanghai as this melting pot of cultures and it felt vivid and fascinating. I also adored Juliette as a protagonist and was surprised to see a discussion on identity and feeling torn between cultures, that is quite proeminent in YA contemporaries and that yet felt well intertwined with our setting here. The fantasy also wasn’t a *huge* element in the story, which made it easier for me to follow, and the romance had some ICONIC scenes that had me fully quaking.


52128695. sx318 sy475

While I occasionally enjoy reading non-fiction, this was my first time reading a non-fiction book that wasn’t an autobiography but more like an essay. I have an entire discussion up on my blog about this and it was a very important read for me in figuring out my own sexuality. I really appreciated how the book approached intersectionality, such as being asexual and black, being asexual and disabled, etc. While I do wish the author had touched more on aromanticism, I do understand it was not the point of the book, and I loved how she brought multiple perspectives and experiences to illustrate her points.



Autobiographies are not entirely out of my comfort zone, but I’d say this was the book that shocked me the most this year. As someone who reads almost exclusively YA contemporaries, I was definitely not ready for the amount of graphic violence, racism and abuse that this book dealt with. It tells the journey of Trevor Noah and his childhood in South Africa, during the last years of Apartheid, and it was very interesting getting to know more about the country, as well as being able to draw parallels between that and the reality in my country (two very different countries, but with surprising similarities nonetheless). The way Trevor talked about his relationship with his mom was my favorite aspect of the book and the one that moved me the most.



I am not someone who reads adult thrillers. At all. The most I’ve read were the two cult-classic dark academia books – If We Were Villains and The Secret History – and both are quite different from the narrative we have here. The Sun Down Motel had paranormal elements that were pretty scary and that I enjoyed reading, and also a dual timeline. The feminist undertone of the book was *fantastic* and I did find the turns to be surprising, so I consider this one a success? I don’t know how to rate/review thrillers, so I’m not sure what I should be taking into consideration here, but I liked this one enough.



So, here’s the thing: yes, I read this book. However, I can also not tell you what it is about, neither what happened, nor my thoughts on it. Because not only I feel like this book disappeared out of my mind, but also because I have no understanding of what I read? I remember seeing reviews of people saying this was confusing, and I thought it was because of the writing style. However, I personally had no issues with the writing style of this book and found it to be very comfortable and approachable. What I didn’t understand was what I was supposed to feel and take out of this experience. The narrator is extremely unreliable, which makes the whole romance very weird to read about. Also, the ending?????? I have so many questions. If you have read this book and can explain it to me in the comments, I’d appreciate that.


24233708. sy475

The only thought I had while reading this was: wow, this is very out of my comfort zone. The writing style, the sci-fi elements, the unlikable narrator. It was all very odd to me, but not all in a bad way. I was more invested in the actual science fiction element, as we try to figure out what is the purpose of the Carls, than in the discussion of fame that the book had. I also think that, after experiencing a pandemic, the way this book touched on the journey to radicalism in the face of the unkown was not as mindblowing as some described when this one first came out in 2018, because it feels very much like our current reality.


44314711. sy475

This was my first time ever reading a non-fiction by a scientist and I don’t think it will be the last. I found really interesting learning about the author’s perspective in defending the use of the term “animal emotions” and he provided very insightful research to support his argument. The writing was also particularly engaging and as much as I do think there was, yes, a bit of misogyny and seeing gender only as a binary which made me eyeroll at times, the book was overall very fascinating and well-written.



I am not used to reading books in verse, and I definitely felt out of place when it comes to the writing of this one. Still, I thought it was interesting how the author navigated a toxic friendship breakup, especially when what we mostly see in YA is romantic breakups. However, I found that it was a bit too short, and I would’ve liked more development at the end, especially because the protagonists’ self-discovery journey feels a bit too rushed.



This was actually the first book I read, before I’d even signed up for the challenge, and I got it as an ARC for a blog tour. It is a horror novel, based on slasher movies, and I have to admit I was not familiar with most of them. However, I enjoyed the atmosphere and the discussions of economic disparities between the group and what that meant for their dynamic. I did find the ending to be too rushed, though, and more needed to have been explained.

I did find that, overall, the challenge was a success and I am very happy that I took part in it, as it allowed me to find out and read books that I otherwise wouldn’t have found the motivation to. That’s why I am signing up for the 2022 challenge!

L2_ Traveler

I am also aiming for the Traveler badge aka to read 10 books outside of my comfort zone. Here are some of the books I am hoping to read:




BAD BLOOD. I am obsessed with the whole Theranos deal and Elizabeth Holmes – I’ve listened to The Dropout podcast and watched docummentaries, but I still have to read this one!

OUR VIOLENT ENDS. Obviously, I have to read the sequel to These Violent Ends. Ruby has raved so much about this one and I am both excited and terrified about how much it will break my heart.

DISFIGURED. I really want to read more own-voices works by disabled authors and I know this one will be about how disability is represented in fairy tales, which I think will be so fascinating.

ELATSOE. Reading more by indigenous authors is also a goal of mine and this one is a middle grade, I believe, which I hardly ever reach for.

THE FINAL REVIVAL OF OPAL AND NEV. I don’t know much about this one, except the premise gave me Daisy Jones and the Six vibes.

PORTRAIT OF A THIEF. This one is a 2022 release that I saw being mentioned on Twitter and like everyone else, I immediately added it to my TBR cause hELLO. This cover. Ocean’s Eleven vibes? Yes sign me up.

Are you taking part in the challenge? What books would be out of your comfort zone? Also, thanks again for Caro for hosting this amazing challenge!

2021 goals recap & setting up my 2022 resolutions!

Hello, friends!

It’s already the first week of January and guess who preached for so much positivity in 2022 that they started out the year with a POSITIVE covid test? Yours truly. Yeah. Maybe we got lost in translation or something.


I am fine, for the most part, I just can’t taste or smell anything which has been ~fun~. I also feel VERY dehydrated, despite the fact I drink more water than probably any other 20 year old??? Annoying.

Since we started 2022 in SUCH a great note, I felt like it would be the perfect timing to share with you my goals for the new year and recap my 2021 resolutions.



  1. Read 70 books. ✅ I did that! In fact, I read 90, which I was very surprised about considering how HECTIC my 2021 was, yet I still managed to stay consistent with my reading. So props to me.
  2. Read one black author a month. ✅ I did read more than one black author most months, but nonetheless this goal was achieved and I’m really glad I pushed myself to do so.
  3. Finish all my on-going series. ✅ I did finish Truly Devious and The Trials of Apollo. However, I decided to DNF the His Dark Materials trilogy. I didn’t love the first two books and heard awful reviews for the last one, sooooo, yeah don’t think I’ll push myself to do that.
  4. Start a new series! ✅ I didn’t start the series I said I would start, but I did start the Dreamer trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater! So it was technically an accomplished goal.


I was TERRIBLE at my personal goals this year. I did accomplish the biggest one, but yeah, uhh, I failed.

  1. Solo travel. ✅ Ok, technically, I did not *solo* travel, because I went with my godmother, but she speaks 0 English so I had to do most things. Also, my dream destination was Edinburgh and that DID happen!!!! Pretty crazy.
  2. Find a blogging status. ❌ I stayed consistent during the first half of the year, but after August, my life became a MESS and so did my blogging. I think I just have to accept I will never be 100% consistent with it.
  3. Take care of myself. ❌✅ Friends, still no skincare routine for this girl right here. However, I *did* do a scoliosis check up and I *did* buy a new backpack after using mine for SIX years!
  4. Don’t give up on things! ❌ I gave up in so much this year it’s actually kinda funny I had this as a goal. But seriously, my year was so chaotic and full of ups and downs that I am not even mad.
  5. Finish my WIP. ❌ HILARIOUS. I haven’t touched my WIP since I finished my 50,000th word in November of 2020. I literally didn’t write a single extra word for it throughout the whole year. For it or for any other project for that matter. I was too exhausted for most of the year to be creative.

OK, now that you saw me fail for 5min straight, I present to you my new year resolutions, where I promise I will be better just to not actually put any effort in it throughout twelve months. It’s fine.

2022 GOALS


  1. Read 70 books. I don’t know if I will be able to surpass it like I did in 2021, because I have a feeling 2022 will be even more chaotic. Hopefully I still manage that.
  2. Read more books by indigenous and disabled authors. My goal is to read 10 in total for both of these representations, because I have been lacking severely and these are voices I need to be more in touch with.
  3. Read out of my comfort zone! This will make more sense in my next post, but yes, I will be continuing on with the Out of Comfort Zone challenge by Caro!


  1. Pay all my current debts and save up for a drivers license. I told y’all that I went to Edinburgh, I just didn’t tell y’all how much money I spent that I didn’t actually have in order to make that happen. So now I have to pay all of it up. And because I have failed the goal of getting a drivers license in years prior (i am 21, for gods sake), I will just add the goal of saving up for it.
  2. Find a skincare routine. There. It’s not an unrealistic goal. I do hope I can find *and* keep up with it, but seriously just applying one thing to my face that is not the bar soap in the shower, will be an improvement.
  3. Watch more new-to-me movies instead of rewatching the same four. No, seriously. It’s a problem. My entire life is a loop of rewatching What Happens in Vegas, Twilight, Pitch Perfect and The Social Network. AND IT’S GOTTA STOP. It’s not healthy.
  4. Learn an instrument. I have always wanted to learn an instrument, but like I talked about before, I AM A QUITTER NOT A FIGHTER. And I feel like you have to be a fighter in order to learn an instrument cause it can be quite complex and not entirely rewarding. However, I did apply to start taking keyboard classes in the new year, and I hope I manage to stick with it and *actually* put some effort instead of giving up when I realize I am not immediately good at it.

Anyway, now that I have opened up a bit *too* much of my personal life and insecurities for y’all: let’s chat! What are some of your goals for the new year? Did you accomplish all your goals for 2021? Do you have any tips for someone wanting to start a skincare routine? (Srsly, help me out).

most disappointing reads of 2021! (ft. songs from my spotify wrapped)

Guess what: it’s that time of the year again! Today, in my Grinch spirit, I will be sharing with you all my most disappointing reads of 2021 to celebrate Christmas.

In the past, I have always tried to give a more positive take in these posts by sharing recommendations of my favorite break-up songs or rom-coms, and this year, I thought I would match up all the books with songs from my 2021 Spotify Wrapped.

39863498The Gilded Wolves simply had no business being as confusing as it was. This book read like a fever dream sometimes, with the action sequences being pretty much impossible to follow. As much as the romance was interesting, the actual plot was pretty much all over the place, especially as the author would do girl in red Details Debut Album, Shares New Song “Serotonin”: Listen |  Pitchforkthings just to undo them a few pages later.

I’ll Call You Mine being my most listened song of 2021 was perfect to match my biggest disappointment of the year. Also, the line “living in a daydream that’s too good to last” sums up what reading this book felt: a literal daydream where nothing made sense, lol.

52778487Unfortunately, How We Fall Apart was a thriller that had possibly the lowest stakes of any book I ever read before. The consequences of the very serious things the characters went through lasted for about, uh, two pages? And as much as there was interesting space there for commentary on the “model-minority” myth and the disparities within the Asian community in the US, there was never a building anxiety or creepy atmosphere in the writing and therefore, reading Evermore (Taylor Swift album) - Wikipediathis thriller just felt veryyyy mellow.

I think Taylor Swift did a better job writing a murder mystery in no body no crime, tbh. The song is fantastic and I was actually quite surprised when I realized that it was in my top 3 most listened songs of the year! Just to show that it is good and easy to listen to.


52190991To be honest, I can’t even call this book a disappointment because the expectations were SO LOW. And yet it still sucked, lol. Any Way the Wind Blows is just 500+ pages of nothing: the characters are all living separate lives without ever intersecting, no relevant conversations are had leaving you to interpret things for better or for worse, and the *only* loose thread that needed to be tied since Sour (album) - Wikipediabook ONE was wrapped up in the last 10% of this book and it was rushed and terribly done. Big, big, big yikes.

It felt fitting to combine this book with deja vu, because I also gave 2 stars to Wayward Son, which is the second book in the series, meaning that hating this one really felt like deja vu all over again.

53180089Let me make one thing clear: Meet Cute Diary is NOT a terrible book. However, it did disappoint me, as I expected to really enjoy it. Unfortunately, the REALLY annoying and judgmental MC made it hard for me to *actually* really enjoy it. I also felt like the book avoided every single hard conversation the characters could possibly have, and while I am all about hopeful stories that do not rely on trauma, People Watching by Conan Gray on Amazon Music - one just felt a bit too Candyland for me.

If there is one song in the world that could’ve been written for this book is People Watching. Noah’s Meet Cute Diary is literally just made up entries of his daydreams as he observes couples and reimagines these scenarios with trans people. In my mind, Noah would 10/10 be a Conan Gray stan.

53001418. sx318 sy475 This one was a recent read but omg what a mess. I had no idea All The Things We Never Knew was going to be as insta-love-y as it was and considering it is a romance, it cheapens out the whole story. The characters will be fighting and considering breaking up and you’re like…. ok because I am supposed to feel something for this 2-week old relationship??? Not to mention Rex, the main male Happy Anymore - Single by Trousdale | Spotifycharacter, is straight up a dick.

I think these characters say multiple times throughout this book that they’re not “happy anymore” in this relationship, which is funny, because again, their relationship was maybe a week old at that point? So yeah.


49203397Y’all. This book. I honestly had forgotten I had even read it, because I straight up can not tell you what this book is about lol. I know what happens, but do I know *why* it happens? Do I understand why the author made the characters make the choices that they make? Can I tell you what is the bigger message of the story? Mess It Up by Gracie Abrams on Amazon Music - no. So there’s that.

I think the lyrics of Mess It Up go along pretty well with Paul’s monologue throughout this book, as he has a lot of self-esteem issues and is constantly seeing himself as someone Julian could never love.


23168945I really wanted to love The Sky is Everywhere because I adore Jandy Nelson’s I’ll Give You The Sun. But this one felt soooooo weak in comparison. The romances are super underdeveloped and insta-love-y, the family relationships are surface-level until the very end and the writing definitely wasn’t as strong as in her Midnight Love by Girl in Red (Single, Dream Pop): Reviews, Ratings,  Credits, Song list - Rate Your Musicsophomore release. This one was a hard pass.

I think the relationships in this book would go along well with midnight love. Like the name suggests, the song is about having a “hidden” romance – which is true for one of the romances – and believing you like the other person more than they like you – which is true for also another one of the romances.

38124225. sy475 This was my DNF of 2021 so congrats to her!!!! Desolate was so long. Just so freaking long. And nothing happened? It’s about a boy who wants to be a priest but is falling in love with this girl. Their interactions were so dry, I never truly understood why the guy wanted to be a priest so bad and there were so many The Longest Year - Single by Kathleen | Spotifyreferences to Guns ’n’ Roses that I wanted to k*** myself.

I think The Longest Year represents very well how I felt when reading this book. It was ever-lasting, I swear to God. (Also, on a side note, love how this song was released pre-pandemic and yet is SO timely).


49399658Lastly, I needed to talk about Counting Down With You. My 2-star Goodreads review for it absolutely BLEW UP, with a total of FIFTEEN LIKES!!!!!! Am I Goodreads famous yet or what? Anyway, this one really was not for me. It was excruciatingly cheesy and cliché, the love interest was the brand of white boy that I have read about in literally every book ever and the side characters were Holly Humberstone - 'Falling Asleep At The Wheel' EP reviewso painfully underdeveloped.

This book really reads extremely Vanilla: it’s super cheesy, the characters are always so lovey-dovey and I’m pretty sure the guy writes a poem for the girl at one point. So dull and lifeless, oh so vanilla.


What were some books you read this year that disappointed you? And what was your most listened song from your Spotify Wrapped? Let’s chat in the comments!

the fine line book tag!

Hello, friends!

I am currently drafting this post in a train from Edinburgh to London. I was pretty nervous about this trip, but so far, most things have been going pretty well and I hope they stay this way!

Before we get into the end-of-year recaps, I wanted to write a last hurrah and a fun tag post. I absolutely *adore* Harry Styles and this year, I experienced the most FOMO I probably ever have while watching TikToks of people who attended his Love on Tour. (I did have tickets to see him live two days before my birthday in 2020, but needless to say, it never happened). Therefore, it felt fitting to end the year with a tag all about this album

Anyway, let’s get onto the questions:


A new to you book or series, “The Honeymoon Phase”.

49553169. sx318 I recently finished Love and Other Natural Disasters by Misa Sugiura and I loved that book so much! It had such great, authentic family dynamics, a chaotic but lovely protagonist and a great twist in the fake dating trope. I really want to read more from this author now!




A book you associate with happy memories

44303730I decided to go for this answer with a book that I associate with the Fine Line album (and happy memories too). Back when the album first came out, I was in a roadtrip with my family and I was also listening to the audiobook from Me by Elton John. Whenever I wasn’t listening to it, I was listening to Fine Line, so I associate both with the same period and the happy memories from that trip.




Your favorite smutty book

54290559. sy475 The only book that was pretty much just erotica that I read and enjoyed was Go Deep by Rilzy Adams. I felt like it had a good balance between well-written smut and character development that surprisingly didn’t feel rushed, even though it is a novella.




A book that has stuck with you

35169304I am sorry to be SO repetitive because I will be talking about this book in a future post, and I just mentioned it in my last one, but a book that truly has stuck with me this year was The Great Unknowable End. I kept thinking about this book weeks after I had finished it and was unable to pinpoint what had really resonated with me the most, but this one was a *ride*.




fratboy!harry de harry styles is a beep bop

A happy, upbeat character you love

28186I recently finished the Trials of Apollo series and I was reminded how much I adore Grover Underwood. He really is my comfort satyr and I appreciate how hopeful and bubbly he is most of the time. He’s absolutely the best companion any demigod could have. (Also, unrelated, but I really want to re-read all the books in the PJO verse in chronological order, but I am hesitant because of how skewed my reading year will be if I do that, since I’ll have wayy too many 5 stars lol).


Favorite flawed character

28458598Y’all. I adore Dimple Shah. She’s not always the best person, she definitely has her fair share of internalized misogyny and takes a bit *too* much pride in not being like the other girls, but… I still love her! I love her unapologetic self, her determination and her intelligence. She’s definitely flawed, but adoring nonetheless.



A book that let you know it is ok to be yourself/led to self acceptance

52128695. sx318 sy475 This one will come as *no* surprise, considering I talked at length about how much this book changed my perspective on so many things and answered so many of the questions I had myself about asexuality. Ace by Angela Chen is one that I would truly recommend to anyone, but especially for fellow ace folks, as it can be truly powerful.




Ideal book boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other

55301100Y’all. Sometimes it’s hard being aro-ace, lol. But if I can imagine a world where I would be able to date a fictional character, then I might as well imagine a world where I am a straight girl. William, from Like a Love Song, was adorable: his love for his family and quirk socks would 10/10 make me fall for him.




✫peachy keen✫

A book that broke your heart

52035051. sy475 An Emotion of Great Delight is certainly a very tragic book. All the characters are quite self destructive and hurting each other in the process of hurting themselves. Our protagonist struggles with depression and disassociation and it’s a pretty dark story that I didn’t expect to break my heart as much as it did.




A book that feels like home/a nostalgic read

962247As I am in the UK, I feel like I should use this as an opportunity to honor Lauren Child and all her amazing books! Not only I was a huge Charlie & Lola fan, but I was also obsessed with the Clarice Bean books. I remember that Clarice had this huge family – she had three siblings and lived with her grandparents too, I believe – and I was so fascinated by that dynamic!



Black And White Treat People With Kindness GIF by Harry Styles

A book with an important message

56598041. sy475 I just saw yesterday that All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely has a new edition (at least in the UK) and it is STUNNING! It comes with beautiful illustrations and I urge everyone to read it if they can. It’s a book that talks a lot about the importance of speaking up and not remaining silent in moments of injustice, which is a message that I think we all need.



An inspiring book

55664091So, technically, this tag had something else for this question, but I didn’t like the prompt and felt like didn’t fully encompass what Fine Line is as a song (it is my favorite in the album, so I am quite protective).

Instead, I will answer with a book that inspired me this past year and that was certainly We Are Inevitable. This book’s focus on community and how great stories are made by everyone – including the minor and side characters – was such a good conversation to have. It made me think a lot about the stories I want to write and how even the most mundane ones, can be done well if in the hands of the right person.

That’s it, friends! If you’re a fellow Harry Styles fan, tell me: what’s your favorite song from this album? What book inspired you recently? What about a book that led you to self acceptance? Let me know in the comments!

gothtober readathon TBR! (round 2)

to be read.

Hello, friends!

It’s Spooky Season and I’m so excited to be taking part in the Gothtober Readathon again! I took part last year and it was tons of fun, so I hope to repeat my success this year.

The Gothtober Readathon is created and hosted by: Olivia @ Olivia’s Catastrophe, Tish @ Little Wolf and Hannah @ Ladder M. Even though the readathon is inspired by gothic literature, you can choose to read whatever for the prompts!

For the 3 staple prompts we have:


56980548. sy475 The sequel to Ari & Dante comes out this month and to say I am excited is an understatement. If I don’t have the physical copy by then, I will have to cry, but I’ll be reading on release day nonetheless however it takes cause it’s me, after all.


40653221This book has cerebral palsy rep and I’m pretty sure is queer too! I have read by Leah Thomas before and I really love the way she creates characters. I think she includes disability rep in all her books, which is super awesome, and it’s def about time I pick up another one by her.


29283884. sy475 I am combining this prompt with my reread for the month, which is my comfort queer historical fiction: Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. It will be my third time reading this book and I honestly don’t! even! care! I love it so much! Plus, it will be just in time before the 3rd one in this series comes out, so I’ll be ready whenever that one comes.

Now onto the prompts for the Angel Board, which is the one I chose! I won’t be completing all prompts for the sake of time, but I chose my favorites and I think I have all around a good TBR.


45874065Not me already cheating in the first prompt. I know there’s technically red in the cover, but it’s close enough??? Plus this book is a murder mystery and PERFECT for spooky season. I hope Ruby is proud of me for finally picking this one up.


46223472. sy475 Granted, I am not sure if that characters are friends, though I believe they are! The Marvelous is also a mystery, and gives escape room vibes, which will be a first for me! I have read Claire Kann’s debut, which was Let’s Talk About Love, and I loved the friendship group in that one, so I hope that if we do have a large friend group in this one, it’s just as good.


52778487Firstly: I love this prompt. From my understanding of the synopsis of this one, the protagonists’ secrets are now coming to bite them in their asses, which is pretty fitting for this prompt if I do say so myself. It’s also a dark academia with non-white protagonists, and I’m so hyped to be seeing more of this!


51260768. sy475 This prompt is very interesting, but quite hard to achieve, especially when I didn’t have time to fit non-fiction in my TBR. I felt like going with That Way Madness Lies could work, as it has been on my TBR for ages and I do think I’ll be enlighted by the end of it, especially considering how little I actually know of Shakespeare’s works.

Are you participating in the Gothtober Readaton? If so, what are you reading? If you have read any of these books, let me know your thoughts in the comments!