best and worst: illustrated covers

Hello, friends!

I’ve been sososo busy and it’s been a while since I last found time to write a post. It also doesn’t help that I’ve been sort of falling into a reading slump. But everything shall work out! I’m sure it’s just a bad timing and I hope by June, things will have been sorted out.

As an edition of “best and worst”, I wanted to talk about a lot of people’s favorite book enemy: illustrated covers. Although many TikTok and Twitter users hate illustrated covers, I am actually quite a fan of them. But to be fair, some are definitely better than others, so I guess I’ll just break that down.

ONE OF THE GOOD ONES VS. IF THIS GETS OUT. No shade to the illustration in If This Gets Out, but both characters look exactly the same, just with different hair colors, lol. One of the Good Ones displays three black girls in the cover, and they’re all so different! The first one’s typography also has better spacing and compliments the cover, instead of adding to the busy aspect of it. Plus, the color scheme is so pretty!

SECOND FIRST IMPRESSIONS VS. WELL MET. I think the first one really shows a better way of negative space. Well Met’s cover gives off Wattpad vibes tbh. While I am all here for minimalism, the swirls and doodles around the couple make the book seem less mature and I’m not a huge fan of the green shade either. However, Second First Impressions has two characters in a more unique angle, a better shade of purple and one choice of doodle (the turtles) instead of one too many.

TIM TE MARO VS. THIS TRAIN IS BEING HELD. Again, what bothers me the most about The Train is Being Held cover is the typography, more than anything else. But, if you compare the two covers, the contrast between the background and the characters’ illustration in Tim Te Maro is so interesting! However, in The Train is Being Held, everything shares the same tone of red and it’s definitely not as eye catching.

TRUTHWITCH VS. LOBIZONA. I think the “illustrated cover stigma” mostly revolves around the romance genre, but if you think about it, most fantasy covers are illustrated. I think Lobizona’s is unique and interesting and so appealing to the eye. As for Truthwitch, I honestly think most people looking at it would dismiss it as a generic fantasy novel from the early 2010s, despite the fact the first book came out in 2017!

What are some of your favorite and least favorite illustrated covers? Let me know in the comments!

monthly wrap up: april, ’22


Hello, friends!

Excuse this post coming at you super late. The past few weeks have been incredibly busy and I have been struggling to catch up with answering to comments and blog hopping. So I apologize in advance for all the notifications some of you will be getting from me.


  1. I’m moving?! Sooooo, yes, that’s happening now, lol. My sister and I will now be living in an apartment in the city, closer to where we work and to our university as well. If I am honest, I’m not particularly thrilled about it, mostly because I hate changes and this is by far the biggest one I’ve ever faced! I’ve always lived in the same place, in the same town, ever since I was three years old, and while I understand the change is necessary, I am dreading the stress and anxiety that comes along with it.
  2. And I bought tickets to see Lorde! Yes, that does mean I have officially emptied my bank account, but hey, that’s for my future self to worry about! Lorde will be hopefully coming to play at Primavera Sound this October, along with Charli XCX and Phoebe Bridgers. Mostly, I am excited about getting to watch her live, as she is one of my favorite artists since I was 14 and I still haven’t been to one of her concerts! Fingers crossed everything works out!



I started out the month re-reading Letters to the Lost and what a fantastic experience! I devoured the book in two sittings and just couldn’t stop thinking about it. It made me so much more emotional the second time around, and I have fallen absolutely in love with Declan. I really wish Brigid Kemmerer would go back to writing contemporaries!


Preparing to the release of the TV show, I caught up with the Heartstopper series by reading the fourth volume. I love these characters so much! This volume was definitely darker, with serious topics of mental health and eating disorders being at the fore front of it, but like expected, Alice Oseman dealt with all of them gracefully. I am so glad this series exists for teens out there!


Then, I was surprised by the amazing release which was Fool Me Once. This one is an exes to lovers romance with a heroine that doesn’t believe in romance. I loved the characters and the novel was the perfect ratio of rom and com. I was also blown away by how invested I felt in the actual plot, which is very political and could’ve been very boring, but Ashley Winstead’s writing made it super engaging.


I do think reading We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This while I was also reading Fool Me Once messed me up a little bit, because I couldn’t stop comparing the two. I think the plot of We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This would’ve worked better had it been aged up, as the stakes would’ve been higher for our protagonist as she decides if she wants to stay in the family business and would’ve also worked as a great opportunity to talk about finding your passions at a later age.


For the Out of Comfort Zone Challenge, I picked up Station Eleven which is a classic but damn a really sad one. I had forgotten the book dealt with a pandemic, so it was certainly triggering at first. While I really enjoyed seeing the connections between the perspectives pre-Georgia flu and after, I don’t think I fully understood the messages the author was trying to convey with each one.


Last Chance Books turned out to be a delightful surprise! I am not a fan of enemies to lovers, but I was in love with the romance in this one! The book also talked a lot about commitment, books, of course, and had an interesting blended family dynamic that made my heart super warm. I also didn’t know this one followed a non-skinny protagonist and that was interesting to see too.


Sisters in Hate was also for my Out of Comfort Zone Challenge and it was certainly an experience. I found that the writing during the sections when we were following the interviewees and their personal journeys was really engaging, but whenever the author was presenting data or referencing other authors, the writing would get dry and hard to follow. Nonetheless, I am glad I read it!


As I was venturing so much outside of my comfort zone this month, I figured I should finally give The Final Revival of Opal and Nev a go. It was interesting as it brought fleshed out perspectives and listening to the audiobook was really fun. However, I did find that music had very little impact on the story – even though it is a novel about musicians! – and the connection between Opal and Nev wasn’t as well explored as I wanted to.


Lastly, I picked up one of my most anticipated releases of the year – With and Without You! I really liked the way the book talked about long distance relationships and the maturity shown in resolving conflicts, but I wish there was a bit more *showing* than *telling*, especially in regards to the protagonist’s self-discovery journey.


This month, I rewatched Pitch Perfect and also tried out Hairspray for the first time! Both soundtracks are great and it was fun listening to it this April! And seriously don’t get me started on Turning Red’s. Like, I am indeed a 4Townie. Also: Harry’s As It Was and Shawn Mendes’ When You’re Gone were on repeat throughout the month.


I have not listened to the leaked version of Harry’s House (I know, I am DIFFERENT), so I am actually very very very excited for that coming out. Also: the new season of Stranger Things comes out this month!!!!!!!! I am so pumped!!!!!!

Are you excited for anything coming out in May? What was your favorite book you read this past month? Let me know in the comments!

best & worst: audiobooks

Hello, friends!

I present to you a new feature on the blog: best and worst. Not original, in the slightest, but I wanted to do it anyway because WHY NOT. I already have a lot of planned posts, so I hope you enjoy seeing me rant & rave about things in the same post.

I wanted to start out talking about a less controversial topic: audiobooks. I started listening to audiobooks in 2019 and it is definitely how I consume most my books these days. I love them and find them to be so convenient!

However, some audiobooks experiences are definitely better than others, so I compiled four of the best and four of the worsts.



58529537. sy475 I recently finished the audiobook for this one and it was such a good one, I was so surprised. It is a full cast audiobook, so you have one narrator for each perspective, and some also do a French accent that is simply just so satisfying to listen to! I was intimidated because the audiobook is quite long – 12h, to be exact -, but I flew through it and I finished this book in like 4 days, while typically audiobooks of this length would take me over a week.



41808228. sy475 This was the first audiobook I ever listened to, so maybe that’s why I enjoy it so much. For nostalgia more than anything else. But I am a firm believer that Nic Stone’s writing is even better when read out loud. Her writing is so coloquial, but in a way that still holds weight to it and is thought-provoking. I also love the fact it’s a full cast audiobook and each narration sounds so distinct from the other.




45874065This is another one that I’ve seen so many people recommending the audiobook for and I stand by it completely. While I did not love this book and found the writing to be a bit disjointed with the themes, I loved the audiobook mixed-media format and the effects that were added whenever the protagonist, Pip, would record her “journal” entries reflecting on her investigation as well as the interviews she would do over the phone. All that made the listening experience even more fun and engaging.



44303730Look, I will never shut up about how good Taron Egerton is as a narrator. I love the fact that, aside from playing Elton in his biopic, Rocketman, Taron Egerton also narrates his memoir. He was able to put so much emotion, from the light chuckles during the humorous scenes to the frustrated sighs at any mention of Elton’s mom. I’m sure not everyone will love this type of narration, but it made me love the book even more. Plus, he has a great accent!




44074162. sy475 The narrator for Call Down the Hawk is, in the Stiefvater-verse, the narrator for Ronan, meaning I’m sure he shows up in other books in The Raven Cycle series though I’ve only listened to this one. While I got used to his narration, mostly because of how long the audiobook was (lol), his narration is so extra. He does this raspy, whispery voice, full of dramatic pauses, because apparently Ronan is this mysterious sexy man? Lol. I can’t explain it, but it’s definitely not my favorite.



50892004. sy475 This one was a recent read and probably one I would have enjoyed better had I not listened to the audiobook. This one is set in England and while the MC is American, she interacts with a lot of English characters and the narrator would do possibly the most hideous British accent I’ve listened to since Troian Bellisario’s performance in the last season of Pretty Little Liars. (Iykyk, ello sista is camp). Now, I am not amazing with accents, but this one was just so bad omg.



46223352This was another problem with the narrator more than anything. While I thought her performance was okay when it came to the main character, she would do a type of voice for the love interest that was just so… emotionless. It was pretty monotone, even when he was doing some pretty emotional declarations. That completely stopped me from buying into the romance and actually caring for the character.



35297272. sy475 All I remember from this audiobook experience is that, even though I was listening in max volume, I still could not listen to Sam’s narrator. He spoke in this monotone, low voice that made it impossible for you to hear him, especially as it would get gradually lower as the sentence ended. It didn’t help that I hated the characters too, which made this an all-around pretty bad experience.



Do you have a favorite audiobook? Or maybe a go-to narrator? What is something that ruins the audiobook experience for you? Let me know in the comments.

other five own-voices YA contemporaries y’all should be reading

Hello, friends!

I finally found time to draft a few posts, and I’m coming back with my recommendations post! I believe the last time I wrote one was all the way back in April, which is pretty much unacceptable.

For this one, I thought we could talk about other own-voices YA contemporaries I think more people should read. I know the “own-voices” term is a bit controversial atm, but it was the best fitting one I could find. Just know that I completely agree the own-voices label doesn’t make/shouldn’t make a story more or less worth reading!


IMG_9316I read this one out of Cait’s recommendation and I’m so glad I gave this book a shot.

It’s told entirely in letters and follows our protagonist Erin, an autistic teenager navigating life as a high schooler. She sends these letters to her brother, and we don’t really know what caused the current strain in their relationship.

One thing I absolutely loved about this book was how the protagonist found solace in writing a blog, of all things. It really reminded me of everything I love about blogging, especially how this is such a welcoming space for neurodivergent people and allows them to connect and interact with others who share their experiences without having to put their face out for the whole internet.

If you love blogging as well, you HAVE to read this one!


As a rom-com fan, I obviously had to mention how much this book made me *happy*.

IMG_9314Here’s a list of things that The Falling In Love Montage did incredibly well:

Cool lesbian/dumbass straight boy solidarity.
– Rom-com references.
– Recognizing the unrealism of rom-coms, but also acknowledging how fun they can be.
– Satisfying main character’s arc where she learns to let people in.
REALISTIC ENDING!!!!!!#*!(!)!!!!
– Girls with imperfect bodies.
Family dynamics that weren’t black and white and complexed in a well done way.

I hope I’ve successfully convinced you to read it with my random ass list, because this one is very good and I can see resonating with so many people.


I am surprised I haven’t made a post recommending this book already, because I think it’s one of those YA contemporaries that is doing what no one else is.

IMG_9312This one follows Tracy, whose dad was wrongfully convicted and has been in the death row for a few years now. Tracy writes letters weekly to this organization, inspired by the real life Innocence Project, hoping to find someone who can help her dad. Things get even more complicated when her brother also gets accused of a murder he did not commit.

This book has murder mystery elements that definitely added a lot to the story. The discussions of race and the US justice system were extremely well done. One thing I really loved was the family dynamic and also how the author talked about, through a few side characters, how hard it can be for a former prisoner to get back to their old lives, even within their own families.

It definitely did not romanticize the process of being released, but it was a hopeful story nonetheless.


Another one I haven’t shouted about in a while, which is a MISTAKE.

IMG_9310Hello, go read Where We Go From Here. Thanks.

Following three boys, Ian, Victor and Henrique, this book is set in Brazil and talks about how their lives become intertwined because of HIV.

I think it’s quite sad how much misinformation we still have out there about HIV. (Y’all probably know who I’m referencing here). And while this book obviously talks about a Brazilian perspective on the matter, I think it does an amazing job of having some tough conversations about the existent prejudices against HIV and how we can move away from them.

Also: this book has such an authentic and relatable representation of what is like being a college student in Brazil and that makes me *so* happy to see.


Latinx authors excellence *only*, yes.

IMG_9308Miss Meteor is technically living between the YA contemporary, sci-fi and magical realism Venn Diagram intersection, but it’s my list, so I’m counting it as contemporary.

In this one, Lita and Chicky used to be best friends, and have been reunited because Lita decides to take part in the local beauty pageant contest, despite being quite far from the strongest competitor.

This book has absolutely A+ friendships: not only the enemies to friends dynamic between Lita and Chicky serves, but they also each have a friend/love-interest that is just absolutely iconic.

Miss Meteor also has amazing queer rep, hilarious family dynamics, great dialogues and the chapter of the party made me scream approximately 24 times.

Have you read any of these books? If so, what are your thoughts on them? Would you consider reading any of them now? Let me know in the comments!

i matched books to rom-coms and it might be my most powerful post yet

Hello, friends!

If you have read my blog at all, then you know the most essential part of my personality: I am a HUGE rom-com fan. I’ve been compiling ideas for rom-coms/books matches for a while now, but it’s honestly a lot harder than I thought?

I think rom-coms just have a very different vibe to books, even the romance ones. Books just tend to be able to explore characters in a much more complex way than movies usually do, but I think I compiled great choices.


As soon as I finished The Fill-in Boyfriend, the one thing I noticed was how much it reminded me of D-COMS. The vibes are 100% there: the protagonist’s friend group, the toxic family vibes and, most importantly, the dramatic speech on top of a stage to signal the main character’s development arc. I think if you’re a fan of those tropes in movies, then for sure you’ll appreciate them in this book. The romance is also equally adorable in both!

18660447. sx318 🎤 In The Fill-in Boyfriend, the protagonist Gia gets dumped by her boyfriend in the parking Read It and Weep (TV Movie 2006) - IMDblot right before her senior year prom and asks for a random guy parked there to pretend to be her date. In Read it and Weep, Jamie’s private diary ends up being published as a book and she has to deal with the consequences of that.


Colin Firth Animated GIF | ジョーンズ


Is this *British humor*? To be 100% honest, I never considered myself a fan of British humor. I remember watching Love Actually just staring at the TV in a state of confusion and horror. But THESE????? Peak humor. Invented humor, I’d say. No one’s doing it like them. Both have hilarious dialogues, chaotic protagonists with seriously-pretentious love interests and phenomenally funny and supportive friend groups. I love the heck out of both of them, so maybe I’m biased, but seriously check these two out and you wont’ regret it!

50225678🎡 Boyfriend Material is a fake-dating romance starring Luc, celebrity-adjacent who’s O Diário de Bridget Jones poster - Foto 11 - AdoroCinemaconstantly getting himself in a bunch of scandals, and begins to have this messy behavior reflect badly on the charity he works for. He then gets a respectable lawyer as a fake boyfriend to help mend his reputation. As for Bridget Jones’ Diary, it’s a Pride and Prejudice re-telling with a love triangle between fuck-boy Daniel Cleaver and pretentious human rights’ lawyer Mark Darcy.






I remember when I first read the premise for You Deserve Each Other, my first reaction was to scream: “WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS??”. (Also, if you haven’t heard me talking about how I love this movie, then I AM SO HAPPY TO BE TELLING YOU AGAIN!!!!) They definitely give off a similar vibe, in which two characters in a cohabitating situation keep pushing each other buttons, hoping the other one will call of the wedding. Both have a lot more to their plot, but I think if you like/don’t mind childish banter, then you’ll be able to appreciate both.

50027029. sy475 🎰 In You Deserve Each Other, Naomi finds out that her fiancée Nick is also faking to be happy in their engagement, but none of them are willing to be the first one to pull the plug. What What Happens in Vegas – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livreHappens in Vegas is about two strangers getting married in Vegas, winning a jackpot and being forced to live together, while simultaneously trying to be awful enough the other will leave them with all the money.


Patrick & kat shared by Woohag on We Heart It


OK, this one may be a bit of a stretch but HEAR ME OUT. If the plot of “paying you to date me but then falling in love” interests you, then ofc you’ll love both! I also think both the book and the movie play out in typical teen-com stereotypes very well, while also discussing relevant issues: in 10 Things I Hate About You, mostly feminism, but also some very relevant remarks from their teacher on racism; and in She Drives Me Crazy, sexuality and the perception of lesbian-ness. I love when stories for teenagers manage to do both: be politically aware, but also swoon-worthy AF.

52516406. sy475 💸 In She Drives Me Crazy, basketball player Scottie pays cheerleader Irene to date her, to make 10 Things I Hate About You – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livreher ex jealous. In 10 Things I Hate About You, Cameron pays Patrick to take out Kat because he wants to date Bianca. Can you tell this is a Shakespearean re-telling yet? I swear it’s not as confusing when you watch it! The party scene from this book and the movie are also weirdly similar?





Now, it is very much true that I have not read Take Me Home Tonight yet. But as soon as I read this book’s synopsis, my mind went to Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Needless to say, both take place in New York and center around two best-friends and a night of adventure in the city. I am dying to pick up the book and also in desperate need of a rewatch of the best movie about fan culture ever made. (Seriously, why didn’t I get to meet Niall Horan after 1D broke up in his house party in New York? Ugh, so unfair).


🚕 In Take Me Home Tonight, best friends Kat and Stevie are both theater kids who have a crazy night in New York when their initial plan was just to watch a play and go home. On top Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen : Lohan, Lindsay: DVD e  Blu-rayof theater, in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Ella and Lola are also music-obsessed and go through crazy shit when trying to attend their favorite band’s last concert.




I’d love to hear from you now! Do you have a rom-com you associate with a book – or the other way around? What’s your favorite rom-com of all times? Have you watched any of these? If so, how do you like them? Let’s chat in the comments!

the three bookish things tag!

Hello, friends!

So, it’s been a *while* since Daria tagged me to answer the Three Bookish Things tag, but hEY I’M FINALLY HERE! I couldn’t find the creator of this tag at all in the interwebs, but if you know who first created this tag, let me know so I can properly credit them.

Let’s get into the questionssss!

Three read once and loved authors


I’ll not shut up ever about how the banter in Boyfriend Material is immaculate, ok. This is some of the best and funniest dialogues I’ve ever read. It’s quite quirky and probably not for everyone, but I didn’t mind it at all!


I was so impressed by how the author wrote both perspectives: Chiamaka’s and Devon’s. They were so different, but the author was able to write the two of them so well.


I have not continued with this series because I am EMBARRASSING. But I love The Bromance Book Club so much and I think Lyssa Kay Adams can do no wrong when it comes to dialogues.

Three titles I’ve watched but not read


Technically, I have read the Six of Crows duology, but I never read Shadow & Bone and I’m not really interested. Most people who read the trilogy for King of Scars ended up giving it 3 stars and saying they were either bored or annoyed, soooo… No thanks.


An American classic, am I right. I am just really not that interested in the story. I loved the 2020 adaptation of it, though! Amazing sister relationships + Florence Pugh, which adds to any movie tbh.


I remember enjoying the movie when I first watched it but it didn’t blow my mind or anything, so I was never interested in picking up the books. It sounds interesting but I’m more into cheesy rom-coms than anything.

Three characters I love


I recently bought a physical copy of Concrete Rose and was re-reading some passages and oh my God why is Maverick the funniest, most chaotic character???? I adore him so much!


I talk about how much I love Lara Jean at least once everyday so yes, you’re going to hear me talking about my love for this character AGAIN. Look, Lara Jean is just iconic and I’ll defend her forever.


Another character I recently rediscovered and realized how much I love??? That scene from volume 3 of Heartstopper when everyone is hanging out with their friends and Aled is sitting in the balcony with his earphones on. I love that man so much.

Three current favorite covers


Ever since I first looked at this cover, I was like damn I need to have this book. I ended up not getting a physical copy, but the wish still stands, lol.


This one I do have a physical copy of and IT’S EVEN PRETTIER IN PERSON???????/ The colors and the contrast????? The illustration’s details??? I’m obsessed. John Rocco never misses.


Typically, covers that have SO MANY FONTS annoy me, but this one actually had all good fonts so I’m not mad. Plus the illustration is so pretty & the colors are so eye catching.

Three favorite authors


Babes, it’s him. It’s always been him.


As someone who’s just finished Nic Stone’s short story in Blackout, I am impressed by how she NEVER. ONCE. MISSES. Everything by her is amazing, how is that even possible?


It is true that I have been disappointed by Alice Oseman in the past, but I am choosing to put this behind us because she gave me Heartstopper, Loveless & Aled Last, so let’s focus on the positives, everyone!

Unpopular bookish opinions

ONE. I believe all tropes can be done well.

Controversial???? Idk. But this video by the amazing Julia Cudney just proved to me yet again that even LOVE TRIANGLES can be done well!

TWO. Contemporary > fantasy.

You will not catch me dead reading an adult fantasy book. I’m sorry. I know fantasy is the genre that got most people into reading, but yikes. Contemporary all the way.

THREE. Most YA fantasy series should be adult.

SPEAKING OF FANTASY. I can not stress enough how the Six of Crows characters are not that young. Wylan is 17, AT LEAST. Kaz is like 19. Matthias is clearly a 22 year old man. Stop fooling yourselves.

Three book goals for the year

ONE. Read three more books out of my comfort zone.

I’ve been trying to make progress, but honestly with the amount of things happening in my life lately, the last thing I want is to pick up a book out of my comfort zone. There are enough changes happening and I JUST WANNA CHILL!

TWO. Read more adult romances!

I have a lot of those on my TBR because apparently I never learn? For the past year, I’ve had luck with most adult romances, so I am confident that if I keep reading them I’ll have to eventually find good ones, right?

THREE. Write more!

One of my goals was to finish my WIP this year, which is realistically, not going to happen. Again, life has been such a mess lately, I can’t even think about that. But I want to at least try to write more in my free time instead of just watching tiktoks and old music videos?? Help.

That’s it for the tag, friends! Now, let me know in the comments: what are some of your favorite authors? Do you think all tropes can be done well?

gothtober readathon TBR (but i only read YA contemporaries lol)

to be read.

Oh, wow, look: me taking part into yet again another readathon? Yes.

The Gothtober Readathon is a month-long readathon, hosted by Olivia @ Olivia’s Catastrophe, Tish @ Little Wolf and Hannah @ Laddete M. As the name suggests, the readathon is inspired by gothic/dark themes, but I love the fact you can actually read *whatever* and my TBR will be mostly filled with YA contemporaries, as expected.



39863399I will be re-reading my favorite book of last year, aka Birthday by Meredith Russo. Will I make this an yearly occurence everytime around my birthday? Uh, probably. But I finally acquired a physical copy of this book so I want to re-read it leading up to my actual birthday and also take my time to annotate/highlight some of my favorite moments.

This book is dual perspective and one of our mains is a trans girl. Also: I loved this book A LOT and highly recommend it.



46223352Now That I’ve Found You has just recently came out but I’m so intrigued I just want to pick it up already, lol.

I’ve never read anything by Kristina Forest before and I believe this book will be all about this girl trying to uncover a mystery revolving the disappearance of her very famous grandmother. It’s set in NYC and this premise reminded me of Odd One Out, so I really, really hope to like it.



40170373. sy475 Ok, but I will FINALLY be reading The Boy Who Steals Houses. I got myself the e-book for my birthday (my own birthday present for myself, lol) and it’s happening.

It’s about two brothers, one trying to do everything he can to protect the younger one, who’s autistic. I’m pretty sure this book will break my heart in a million pieces, but I’m ready.




40204193. sy475 The Deck of Omens is the sequel to The Devouring Gray, but unfortunately doesn’t have as much of a pretty cover, lol.

This duology actually has like four main characters, but in book one, we mostly follow Violet’s story, so I guess it’s safe to assume she’s our female protagonist. I’m not sure if this one will follow her as much (I don’t think so), but she’s still a main, so it counts, lol.



43298077The good part about being Brazilian is that any book set in the US counts, lol. And most of the books in my TBR are all set there anyway.

I will be picking up We Are Lost and Found, which like Now That I’ve Found You, is also set in NYC, but I believe in the 80s and dealing with the AIDs crisis. I read Like a Love Story that had a similar premise earlier this year, but didn’t enjoy that one a lot, so hopefully this one will be better.


41941681. sy475 So, Patron Saints of Nothing was one of the books I mentioned in my Mid-Year Freak Out Tag as one I needed to read before the end of the year.

I had two more books in the list that I’ve finished by now, so it’s time to pick this one up. I am weirdly intimidated by this book and I have no idea why? From what I recall, it’s set in the Philippines and talks about the war on drugs in the country.

Pretty sure it will break me apart but let’s do it.


33857632. sy475 All the other books I read by Brigid Kemmerer followed pretty morally grey characters, so I expect the same from Letters to the Lost.

I ended up reading the other book in this duology before this one, and I hope to enjoy this one better. I liked the characters in More Than We Can Tell and the themes are interesting – grief and addiction -, so I am really crossing my fingers this will be as good as Call It What You Want.


30319086. sy475 LOL. Not me believing I’ll have enough brain cells to read If We Were Villains.

I will be reading this one in English, and it has to do with Shakespeare, so like, lol. The odds of me understanding anything at all to even write a coherent review afterwards are slim.

If I end up DNF-ing this one because I am too dumb: you never saw this❤️

I am hoping to finish an ongoing read this month for the prompt of Read a book with the undead, but I’m not sure if I’ll make it. There’s also a prompt to watch a movie or show with vampires on it and you can just expect I’ll be rewatching Twilight for the 400th time because… yes.

What are you reading on October? Have you read any of these books? If so, what are your thoughts?


a semi-realistic list of 2019 resolutions!


It’s the beginning of a new year year, and I feel like everyone has made their 2019 resolutions already. I used to write these lists pretty often, but since 2017, I’ve been all over the place and decided to write no goals. The way I think about it is: if I don’t put any expectations on it, I’ll never be disappointed. It works – but it’s also a very stupid way to accepting, in advance, that I’ll be terrible at commiting to anything I set myself to. No more of that, then. Even if I fail everything, I want to know that I at least tried.

2019 is an exciting & terrifying year. Mostly terrifying, though. There are some major changes happening: I’ll be a college freshman (but I still don’t know which college), and this is already scary. I’m not used to new environments, and I’m sure I’ll make a fool of myself by first-day’s break. If any of you have university advice/tips, leave them in the comments and I’ll be forever grateful.

However, it’s exciting to think about a year where so much is unpredictable. For all the new years before, I knew just what to expect: I would be going to school, meeting my friends, taking some tests. But I’m not sure about pretty much anything for 2019, and it’s great to know I’ll have a clean slate, to start all over.

My 2019 resolutions will be semi-achievable. I want to commit to goals I feel like I’m able to conquer and not just general pretty quotes.

  1. Read 40 books. Let’s get back into the reading game, but still be reasonable. I’ve only read 18 books in 2018, so I don’t want to rush just yet.
  2. Read more books in different formats. I’ve pretty much only read physical and e-books before, and I would love to venture out for audio books. I didn’t think I would ever say this, since I find reading out loud super cringe-worthy at times. However, audio books are incredibly convenient. I don’t know if I’ll be able to achieve this in 2019, though, since audio books subscriptions are quite expensive. I also want to read more web-comics in the new year and experiment with different formats overall.
  3. Stay away from negativity. I don’t know why I seek out for negative content so often. I follow a lot of plus-sized content creators, both on YouTube and Instagram, and sometimes I go through their comments just to read the nasty & mean ones. Obviously, this makes me feel terrible about myself, as I don’t have a super-model body either, but I still do it nonetheless. When there’s any type of Twitter drama, I also want to know what’s going on, even if it will hurt me. For 2019, I want to quit this habit altogether: if there’s nothing positive for me there, then it doesn’t need to be in my life.
  4. Keep around only people who put as much effort as you do. I feel like we all have moments to look back on old friendships and relationships and come to the full realization that you probably cared for that person much more than they cared back. I’ve had my extent of these relationships, to be honest. It’s so exhaustive to put so much effort in trying to make someone else feel good just to get nothing in return. In 2019, I hope to make much better friendship choices.
  5. Stay true to who you are. Considering that I’ll be going to college and experiencing a lot of new things, my biggest fear is that I’ll change to the point I’m no longer recognizable. I definitely don’t want that. I know I’ll inevitably change, but I also want to remember my values and my beliefs, as they’re a very important part of me that I don’t want to let go of.
  6. Spend less time on social media. Ha. My future self will probably laugh at this. But I guess I’ll never make it if I don’t try. Over the last year, I realized just how much social media can be a toxic place. I only have Twitter fanaccounts (where I talk mostly about K-POP) and it’s so exhaustive having to deal with fanwars and negativity constantly. I plan on taking advantage of the ‘iPhone Time Limit’ & other resources as well. I don’t think I’ll ever stop using social media altogether, but I hope to at least minimize some of the time I spend at the moment.
  7. Write more! Journal more! Believe on my own writing! For so much of my life, I’ve just considered myself a fraud when it comes to writing. Even though I’ve won writing prizes in my school & city before, I never thought I was actually that good. But as I look back at some of my old writing, I realize just how much I enjoy it! I want to write more – even if just for myself – and I definitely think this blog will help me to exercise it as well!

What are some of your 2019 resolutions? Do you also plan your year ahead? Are you going all in and being ambitious or setting lower goals? Let’s chat!


a first post (how awkward is that)?

Hello, fellow book bloggers!

I’m excited to announce that I’m back to book blogging. My old blog, harumansaebooks was officialy deleted and I’m finally restarting in a new place. Moving to WordPress has been quite a change, since I’ve always been so comfortable with Tumblr. It’s hard to know that there’s not much I can customize in a theme, as my blog aesthetic has always been so important to me. But I’ve been trying to play it cool and remember that this is not permanent and I can always change things if I’m still not feeling great about it.

I decided to start from scratch, hence why this blog is now called ‘The Bookish Skies’. I kinda tried putting two of my favorite things together: books & watching the sky. I’ve been feeling inspired as it’s summer in my country right now, and we’re getting a lot of pretty sunsets.

The awkward thing about making a first post, though, is that I don’t know whether to update or introduce you to my blog. So, let’s try both:

  • I’ve graduated! I’m no longer a high-school student anymore and I’m so happy to say that I could cry. I know that graduating can sound sad for a few people, as you’re saying goodbye to so many of your childhood memories, but to be honest, I feel as free as I’ve ever been. There’s a part of me who will never recover from high school: I’ll always check my hair twice in the mirror, apply makeup before going literally anywhere. High school took away some good nights of sleep, as well as my own self-confidence. I couldn’t be happier to say it’s over.
  • Because I’ve now graduated, I need to worry about an even bigger thing: COLLEGE. I’ve already taken hree college entrance exams, and I’m patiently waiting for the results. I’ve applied for quite different courses all around, but my biggest goal is to pursue something related to education. It’s kinda funny to say that out loud, since, if you had asked me in January, I would have no idea about my answer. But I finally found the one thing I’m incredibly passionate about and I’m super happy about it.
  • I also visited New York & Orlando this past month and it was amazing! This is officially my third time in the US – which brings us to the “introducing myself” part of this post: I’m actually from Brazil. This means my first language is not English – hence why you’ve probably noticed several Grammar mistakes throughout this post. I’m much more comfortable in expressing myself in English though, and I’ve been reading in English a lot more too.

 I am so glad I got the chance to explore NYC & Orlando again! I went with only my sister this time, who’s three years older, and we had a lot of fun and took way too many pictures. This trip reignited my passion for traveling and I can not wait to visit somewhere new!


  • I haven’t read much for 2018. This year was stressful, exhaustive and not my best year mental-health wise. I don’t feel comfortable labeling how I felt, as it sounds like an arrogant self-diagnosis, but I didn’t have the motivation to do a thing. As I had predicted earlier this year, I was on auto-pilot for most of 2018: doing the bare minimum to graduate, never leaving my house and spending way too much time on Netflix as it was the only thing I felt like doing. Though I only completed 14 books for the whole year, I watched 145+ movies, which was truly a huge achievement! I also found out I’m obsessed with rom-coms, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Though my year couldn’t have been worse, I really want to focus on the positive things only. That’s actually one of my goals for 2019: to be more positive. I think a lot of 2018 was disappointing because I allowed myself to have bad thoughts only, creating my own bubble of negativity.

Some habits that I hope to change on the new year are: to stop reading bad comments online (does anyone else read hate comments about other people and feel as if they were for you?) & spend less time on social media. Hopefully, I’ll be able to improve my mental-health as well.

Anyway, I rambled enough! Tell me about your year, your hopes for 2019, and how you feel! I’ve missed blog-hopping, leaving long-ass coments and interacting with other bloggers as well. I hope WordPress helps to make our interaction easier!

Hope you have a great end of the yearrrr! 💛