comparing brazilian & american book covers #3


Hello, friends!

A few days ago, I saw Kat talking about German vs. American covers and I was reminded of how fun it is to compare them. I went recently to a book fair in my country and found out a lot of new books that had been translated and with new covers, so I have quite a few to share! 

I recently talked about the cover for If This Gets Out in my blog and how I didn’t like it. So when I saw the Brazilian one, I was sososo surprised! The colors are stunning and the characters remind me of the art style from Turning Red, which I loved. Also: the title is so fun! It was translated to the equivalent of “This stays between us”, which I thought was a pretty smart way to adapt the title to make it accurate to the story but still interesting.

While some may argue that the covers are pretty much the same: they have very similar illustrations and backgrounds, and the style is not that different, I think the color scheme for the US one is sooo much prettier. In general, I tend to prefer light covers over dark ones, especially for YA contemporaries. However, I do think this one deals with slightly darker topics, so maybe the Brazilian cover is more accurate to the actual content. Still, the US one wins as the background isn’t as distracting, really allowing the illustrations to pop.

I really like the original cover and the illustration style is beautiful. Plus, it’s interesting to have the side characters in the background. However, I love how the Brazilian cover focuses solely on the main couple and has a softer art style. I am not obsessed with the title change, though, as “She Drives Me Crazy” is such a good title and would’ve been pretty easy to translate. “A Jogada do Amor” is a pun with basketball/sports, but it’s a bit too cliché imo.

I think this one is a pretty obvious answer. While the original cover for Winter’s Orbit is not my all time favorite, I definitely like the color scheme better for that one. I think it’s a very interesting style, as it combines illustration and photographs. I find that the Brazilian one has an overuse of the same font (like, c’mon, couldn’t at least the blurb be in a different font?) and it gives off more hard sci-fi than sci-fi romance vibes.

I think this might be an unpopular opinion, but I really liked the Brazilian cover of I Kissed Shara Wheeler when I first saw it. It’s definitely more of your “traditional” illustrated cover style, but I loved the art style and it gave me more YA vibes – which apparently this book is! I thought it was an adult novel for the longest time, so this cover makes a lot more sense imo.

Again, it’s not like I am obsessed with the original cover for You’ll Be the Death of Me, but it wins by default. I think the bus stop photograph is unique and yet fades in the background enough to leave the focus for the title. As for the Brazilian cover, the cutout for the girls’ face in the photograph is COMICALLY bad and it looks more like a generic thriller cover than anything particularly interesting. I haven’t read this one yet, so I don’t know how much the bus stop relates to the book, but at least is more creative!

What do you guys think of some of these covers? Which ones are your favorite and least-favorites? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Oh my god, the Brazilian cover for I Kissed Shara Wheeler is so pretty!! I love how the two characters are drawn on the cover and I feel like it encapsulates the whole story really well.

    I also agree with you about the cover for If This Gets Out. The colour scheme is absolutely gorgeous. I observed that a lot of the Brazilian versions have such vibrant colours and I just adore that!

    This was a really cool post, Lais!


    • having not read shara wheeler, i am glad to know the cover is fitting to the plot of the story! it means they made a good job at it!
      same, i was surprised to see so many of these books with such eye catching covers. hopefully, that means they will be very successful in brazil!
      thanks for reading, daria! 🤍

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  2. Oooh this is SUCH A FUN POST!! I love looking at different editions of books and omg all of these are SO GORGEOUS?? I ADORE that edition of if this gets out- THOSE COLORS!!! THEY’RE SO BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL!!! And ooooh yes the Brazilian cover for I kissed share wheeler does look absolutely stunning- it embodies the book so perfectly!!
    adore this post!! <3


    • thank you for stopping by, suhani! i was so impressed with the quality of some of these covers. it makes me happy to see brazilian publishers investing a lot in making queer YA books more eye catching to the public. hopefully, that means these books will be very successful here!
      thanks for stopping by! 💕


  3. I love the Brazilian cover for If This Gets Out, like you say the colours are beautiful 😍😍 and the peace sign, I love it 🤭 also, are the main characters holding hands?!? Under the title, it looks like it and it’s adorable 🥺
    I love the Brazilian cover for I Kissed Shara Wheeler, the art style is so goooddd!! 😍 And I love the map. I prefer it over the US cover, which is saying something as I love my green covers. But the “almost Alice Cullen hair” character has green eyeshadow so I’ll take that. I wonder what the spine is like because I know the US hardcover has little daisy type flowers over the spine and it was the cutest detail ever!
    Karen McManus never does well on covers it seems, I like none of them 🙈 I think the UK ones are the better ones but they all blend together a bit too well.
    Anyways, I loved this post so much Lais. It is always so interesting to see and compare! 🥰


    • they are holding hands!!! hahah that cover was sososo pretty, i almost bought it even though i have no interest to read it lol
      hahaha the almost alice cullen hair! the colors are different, but i still really enjoyed them. as for the spine, unfortunately, it is not illustrated, but what a missed opportunity! i had no idea the US hardcover was filled with daisies hahah i kinda wish they had done this for the brazilian one as well.
      same here, i don’t love any of karen mcmanus’ covers and while i like the fact the UK ones match, it becomes hard to tell them apart after a while hahah
      tysm for stopping by, sophie!

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