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Hello, friends!

Sooooo, at the beginning of the year, I had this goal to participate in more readathons throughout 2022. It is now July and I have yet to participate in any. Ooops.

It all worked out, though, because the Pop Culture Readathon is having a round all based on one of my favorite things: D-COMS! The prompts are based on Disney Channel Original Movies and I chose the third board as it has more movies I was familiar with + more prompts I wanted to accomplish anyway.

The Pop Culture Readathon is hosted by Whitney @ and ReadingParent!


disney channel original gifs — Starstruck (2010)

Read a celebrity romance

58330894Starstruck is one of my all-time favorite D-COMS and to this day I dream of reenacting the scene where they are riding around LA to “There’s Something About The Sunshine”.

I took some creative liberty with this prompt, and chose the third book in this companion series of historical romances by Martha Waters. It’s a romance involving the owner of a theatre, who’s not necessarily a celebrity, but he’s infamous in the community and has a bit of a messy reputation. So, considering the standards for the time, I’d say it counts.



Read a book with a haunted house aesthetic

58214317. sy475 To be fair, I know almost nothing about the plot of Tripping Arcadia. Much like I know very little about what Girl vs. Monster is actually all about!

However, this one had such an eye-catching cover and I know it’s sapphic. Plus, I remember that it had vibes similar to Knives Out, which I only watched this year, but I definitely get the appeal of. If I am honest, the Goodreads average rating does scare me a little bit, but I have a goal to read more out of my comfort zone this year, so I’ll push through!




Read the final book in a series

56518257. sy475 Ok, technically, this is not an actual book series, but it is the final release, so I am counting it. Last year, I read The Perfect First and thought it was a much more well-written novel than I expected from the shirtless guy in the cover, lmao.

The Fourth Time Charm is about a guy who has a crush on the coach’s daughter and it sounds like it has a lot of potential to be very overdramatic. I hope it delivers!



Read by an Indian or Indian-diaspora author

40697008I also had never heard of Spin before, so I might need to add this one to my D-COM marathon watch-list.

A Match Made in Mehendi is a YA contemporary I’ve heard a lot of great things about, especially from Marie. I don’t remember the specficis about the plot, but I am pretty sure this one is about match-making, which is something that has always fascinated me. (Lowkey still waiting for Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking on NETFLIX. Seriously, where is it).




Grab a beach read

53310061For some reason, I am very intimidated by the book I chose for this prompt, which is why I’ve been post poning reading it for so long. Mostly, it’s because I don’t reach out for this genre often (aka women’s fiction) and I don’t know if I have motivation to finish something that doesn’t have a romance subplot to it lol.

But this one sounds sososo fun: it’s about aunties, a wedding and hiding a dead body. Like, that’s a fantastic plot if I’ve ever seen one!



Read a book with a tech/computer geek character

58502638I hope to make time to read a new release by an author I’ve never really read before, but that sounds adorable! Love, Decoded is Emma but with a geek main character, which I feel like it’s a plot of a D-COM waiting to happen??? Like how come no one has done this already? Lmao.

The protagonist literally creates a friend-match app. I feel like I have to read this one simply so that I can then be the writer of the D-COM screenplay inspired by it.



Read a book with a pink cover

42115981. sy475 OK, I am technically cheating a little bit here because the cover for Loveless is more purple than pink, but who caresssss. I am sure Sharpay would approve of this color!

I have read Loveless before, but I really want to re-read it now that I have a physical copy and I can annotate and tab the hell out of it. I also hope to actually take my time with it rather than trying to finish it in one sitting like I did the first time around.



Read a book written in verse

46155086. sx318 Fun fact about me: I’ve never actually watched Let It Shine even though it is a classic. I know, I know. I hope to mend this fact this July.

I heard about Apple: Skin to the Core through Marines and since I finished A History of My Brief Body recently, I feel like I am ready to read another book with a very poetic writing style and *actually* understand it. Also, this one is actualy YA, so it should be easier to grasp. Fingers crossed!



Can't Ignore The Rest Of Forever — Lemonade Mouth Masterlist

Read a book with a musically inclined plot

39280480IT’S MY FAVORITE D-COM OF ALL TIMES!!!!!!! In honor of that, I decided I needed to pick up a book I knew I was going to highly enjoy. Famous in a Small Town is by the fantastic Emma Mills, whom I’ve read twice before, and I always really love her plot and characters. So I am hoping this one matches my love for Lemonade Mouth.

As for the musically inclined plot, I am pretty sure the characters are in a school band!


Have you read any of these books? Also: what is your favorite D-COM ever? Let’s chat in the comments!


11 comentários sobre “my pop culture readathon TBR!

  1. bjifwduiegruw this sounds like SO MUCH FUN and I hope you have the most amazing time reading all the books!! The cover of tripping Arcadia LOOKS CREEPY BUT ALSO GORGEOUSLY FASCINATING EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO RUN AND CHECK IT OUT (I’ve never heard of it before somehow?? WHO MAKES THESE RULES) also I’ve been dying to read a match made in mehendi SINCE THE LONGEST TIME 😭😭 BECAUSE INDIAN REP 😭 I NEED PLEASE!!
    Also gudewgyudeudegy dial a for aunties!!!! SHHHHHH I can 100% assure you THAT YOUR WORRYING SHALL PROVE TO BE UNNECESSARY the moment you start it, ok?!! The entire book is ridiculous (but, like, the good kind) AND MAYBE YOUR STOMACH SHALL HURT FROM ALL THE LAUGHING BECAUSE ITS HILARIOUS?!! Also it’s a looot of FUN!! And it DOES have a romance subplot but it’s terribly developed imo 😭 I HOPE YOU LOVE THE BOOK THOUGH AND AM RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED FOR YOUR THOUGHTS AND AM JUMPING UP AND DOWN IN ANTICIPATION EXCUSE ME

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • Thank you!! To be fair, I solely wanted to pick up Tripping Arcadia because of the gorgeous cover lol. It also helped that the synopsis sounded interesting, but I was mostly interested in the cover.
      You know what, I finished Dial A for Aunties a couple days ago and you HAPPENED TO BE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!! It was ridiculous and so much fun and I can’t believe I was ever intimidated to pick it up, because it was the most fun I’ve had reading a book hahahah. The romance indeed wasn’t the best, but the aunties came for the win!!!!
      Thank you for stopping by & for all your kind words!


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