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When I first saw this tag being answered by Maria @ The Character Study, immediately I wanted to answer it. The tag combines two of my favorite things: book and music. So I was very happy that Maria actually tagged me to answer this one, so thanks a lot!


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31145133Going with a cliché, yes, but it’s been a while since I last talked about this book, which is I Believe in a Thing Called Love! This one is for all the K-drama fans out there: in this book we follow our protagonist Desi who’s obsessed with watching Korean dramas with her dad and decides to create a list of “K Drama Steps to True Love” to hopefully finally attract her crush. I remember finding the K-drama references hilarious and the relationship between the MC and her dad super heart-warming.

35169304More because I was reading to The Great Unknowable End around the same time Solar Power came out, I am reminded of this story every time I listen to Fallen Fruit. I do think the lyrics go along well with the story – one because the whole vibe of Solar Power is “hippie cult” and The Great Unknowable End does revolve around a hippie commune in the 70s, but also because the story is about the pain left by previous generations which is certainly a theme for one of the protagonists, Stella.

36146624I do love book that features music in it, but most importantly, I love books that feature original lyrics!!! I recently read a book that featured musicians, but no actual lyrics of the songs they wrote and I was so disappointed. I find that I am only able to connect with the feelings the characters are singing about if I, too, get to read the lyrics like I was one of their listeners. And that was a feature I loved in You’d Be Mine. In this book, we follow Clay, who’s gotten himself into one too many scandals and is now on probation by his label. As a way to mend his reputation, they arrange that he goes on tour with the princess of country, Annie.

4556058I recently talked about this TikTok that compared the lyrics to “long story short” by Taylor Swift to Percy and Annabeth’s relationship and now, whenever that song comes out, all I can think about is Percabeth! The lyrics “When I dropped my sword / I threw it in the bushes and knocked on your door / And we live in peace” make me emotional just like whenever I think about Percy and Annabeth living peacefully in New Rome together as the married couple they are.

I have so many, so EXCUSE ME as I fangirl about soundtracks. Look, this is a very serious topic for me, okay, lol. But soundtracks can truly make or break a story and I am always happy when a favorite book has been adapted and the soundtrack is *actually* good.

60771793. sy475

Which is why I was so happy that Heartstopper contained so many of my favorite artists in the show soundtrack, such as girl in red, beabadoobee and ella jane. I was familiar with Baby Queen but I became down right obsessed with their song Dover Beach since it showed up in the show.

39860123I also remember when the first movie of To All the Boys came out and I was overwhelmed by how great the soundtrack was. It has the perfect indie-coming-of-age vibes to it and so many fantastic songs! Even though I think the quality of the direction of the movies went down after the first one, the soundtrack continued to be awesome. Chinatown by Wild Nothing is by far my favorite pick, though, mostly because it gives me walking around NYC vibes.

Lastly, I need to talk about a CLASSIC which is the Twilight movies soundtrack. Honestly, if there is one good thing to have come out of this clusterfuck of a series, it is the movies’ soundtrack. They’re the most perfect ambiance and atmosphere and I still dream of riding around Forks with Roslyn playing in the back. However, I have to shoutout my favorite song which plays in the best sequence of the franchise – Hearing Damage, which is the soundtrack to the montage of the wolves hunting Victoria in the woods.

I had so much fun answering this!!!! I’ll be tagging Ruby @ Ruby Rae Reads, Sophie @ Me and Ink and Caro @ The Book Cheshire Cat.

Okay, friends! Now it is your turn: what are some of your favorite songs that you associate with books/ships/adaptations?

16 comentários sobre “chapter and melodies book tag

  1. AHJDSHGSAGHSADS IS IT OKAY IF I AM RIDICULOUSLY IN LOVE WITH THIS ENTIRE POST???? NO, BECAUSE I AM 😭😭 i LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your answers and THE COMPARISIONS!! and i need to go listen to ALL OF THESE right away (especially long story short. because PERCABETH. HOW HAVE I NOT LISTENED TO IT YET???) and omgggg you’d be mine sounds amazing, AND I NEED! plus that cover 😍 ahhhhhh i absolutely LOVED reading your answers!!


  2. I LOVE the heartstopper soundtrack! Dover Beach was one of my favourite songs on it too! And long story short is perfect for percabeth, nothing can change my mind.


    • Hahah, exactlyyyy, I was so shocked when I saw someone making that connection. Can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself!
      Dover Beach is such a great song, I am really glad for all the songs that the Heartstopper soundtrack introduced me to.
      Thank you so much for your comment!


  3. AHHH I LOVE ALL OF YOUR ANSWERS FOR THIS!!! fallen fruit is one of my favourites out of solar power ahh!! AND THAT LYRIC OF LONG STORY SHORT MATCHES UP SO PERFECTLY WITH PERCY AND ANNABETH’S RELATIONSHIP???? obsessed now hahah
    Loved this!!


    • Thank youuuu!!! Ahhh, when I saw that connection, I couldn’t stop overthinking the whole song, and yes, long story short really is Percabeth’s song now in my mind hahah.
      Exactly! I was so happy to see so many of my favorite artists in there and I can not wait for the upcoming seasons’ soundtrack.
      Thank you so much for your comment, sorry it took me forever to get back to you!


  4. This is such a fun tag!! I’ve heard great things about the Heartstopper soundtrack and I have to admit it has almost become the thing I am most looking forward to experiencing 😂I know it isn’t out yet but I am dying for the music in the Daisy Jones and the Six series. I am worried I am giving myself too high expectations but I am currently rereading it, and I need those songs sooo bad!! The Twilight soundtrack was amazing… I remember loving them too (and Charlie)!
    I Believe In A Thing Called Loved sounds so fun!! 🥰 I haven’t listened to the solar power album but ‘hippie cult’ sounds very interesting and I love that you have a book to match, The Great Unknowable End sounds equally as interesting!
    Great tag Lais and thank you soo much for tagging me!! ❤️


    • It took me until your comment to realize that Daisy Jones and the Six will probably indeed be featuring an original soundtrack and suddenly I am NOT PREPARED. I really hope it meets our expectations because now I too need these songs very very bad hahahah.
      Solar Power was a really good but sadly underrated release, I wish it got more hype hahah.
      Tysm & thanks for your comment! 😊

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