monthly wrap up: may, ’22

Hello, friends!

May is FINALLY OVER!!!!!!!! Anyone else felt like this month lasted for approximately 32 lifetimes? It was certainly one of the most exhausting months ever and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. Also that Mercury in retrograde absolutely ended my will to live for a while there. But, at last, it is over! So we get to celebrate Pride Month feeling refreshed and much better.


  1. We finally have the casting for the Big Trio! This is such exciting news and I can’t believe a Percy Jackson TV series is finally a reality. I was very surprised to see Annabeth being casted as a Black girl, mostly because, before, the fandom had bullied the producers of the movie enough for not having a “book-accurate” casting for Annabeth that they literally dyed Alexandra Daddario’s hair blonde for the second one. While there was definitely some backlash after the recent news, I was happy to see that most of the fandom is now mature enough to see that Annabeth and all characters are so much more than their physical descriptions!
  2. And I have moved! I am now typing this from an apartment, which is insane, because I’ve never lived in an apartment building and it’s definitely been taking some adjusting to. However, I am so much closer to my job and university now and I take only about 15-20min, whereas I was taking 1h+ every day in commute. It’s certainly an improvement and I’m sure I’ll adapt eventually.
i’ve only had the big trio casting for a few days but if anything happened to them i would kill everyone in this room and then myself


May was so busy and I fell into a bit of a reading slump halfway through the month, so I ended up not reading as much as I wanted to and not enjoying everything I read.


First, I did my re-read of Always and Forever, Lara Jean. The conflict in this book is genuinely so good?! While the movie focused a lot on the future long distance aspect of Lara and Peter’s relationship, the book talks a lot about Peter feeling like Lara Jean is saying goodbye to him already, which is the first time LJ’s nostalgic and overly romantic self is shown to have negative repercussions. Also the Covey’s development as a family made me very emo.


Portrait of a Thief had been very hyped because of the gorgeous cover and I personally had a good time with it. A lot of things felt convenient and very easily resolved, but I definitely admire the author for being able to balance very well the adventure aspects of the heist, the characters’ dynamics and the introspective conversations on the Asian-American experience and their connection to China.


I was really into the idea of Give Love a Chai because of the second chance romance + childhood friends to lovers. And while it was very well written and the sexual tension between the characters was definitely there, I found the resolution of the main conflict happening off-page to be very unsatisfying. Also, why IN HELL did the author think a pseudo-break up was a great thing to add to her LAST CHAPTER????


While I hadn’t loved Tashie Bhuyian’s debut, I wanted to pick up A Show for Two because the novel was inspired by an actual experience the author had with Tom Holland! I liked the complicated family dynamics and the exploration of depression. But the romance was a bit over dramatic, especially towards the end, and the conflict between the MC and her best friend & sister made me sooooooo mad.


I also had no idea This Is All Your Fault was a fanfiction-esque book for this 90s movie called Empire Records so this had no impact on my reading experience. The writing was a bit clunky, with some sections feeling “overly written” and others missing key details. However, the development of the main characters’ made me very emotional and was a satisfying conclusion to a book set in a 24 hour period.


In a surprising turn of events, Super Fake Love Song was my favorite book I read all month! It wasn’t perfect, but I had such a fun time with it. Sunny was a delightful protagonist, I loved the friend group, the romance was actually sweet and the family dynamics brought legit tears to my eyes. Considering my first experience with this author, this one was certainly an improvement!



This month, I mostly listened to Billie Eilish’s Happier than Ever (yes, I am very late, don’t @ me) and the Heartstopper soundtrack. I also have to talk about Isaac Dunbar because he’s one of the best artists I’ve discovered recently and I am obsessed with his music right now.


I have ambitious reading plans for Pride Month and a bunch of 2022 releases I can not wait to get to. I am also looking forward for the release of Ms Marvel and being a month closer to the second part of Stranger Things S4 and S3 of HSMTMTS.

How was your May? Did you read any great books this month? Also: what are you currently listening to? Let’s chat in the comments!

15 comentários sobre “monthly wrap up: may, ’22

  1. AHHH I LOVE THIS WRAP UP SO SO MUCH!! and omg yes, WE MUST SCREAM OVER THE PJO CAST, PLEASE!!! 😭😭 THEY ARE PERFECTION AND I LOVE THEM ALL ALREADY!!! the wait for more information is KILLING ME 😭 and i’m so glad you enjoyed portrait of a thief!! I AM INSANELY EXCITED TO START IT!! ahhhhh the heartstopper songs are so good I AM OBSESSED, and am so so glad to find i am not alone, PLEASE WE MUST SCREAM!!!!! i’ve been listening to them on repeat since finishing the show AND HAVE LOST ALL SEMBLANCE OF SANITY – they are SO. GOOD. Which ones are your favorites???? I HOPE YOU HAVE THE MOST AMAZING JUNE AND HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!!! ❤❤❤


    • HAHAH i love themmm the fact the show is a Reality now is still something that i can’t wrap my mind around. i really hope we get some big names for some of the gods. a part of me also wishes they would have logan lerman as poseidon but i know that is veryyyy unlikely.
      the soundtrack for heartstopper was so fantastic i can’t listen to anything else these days hahaha the fact they also had a lot of artists i love was also so special!! dover beach is probably my most favorite, but i also love my own person bc of the relatable lyrics!!
      thank you & hope you’re having a great june so far!💕💕💕💕


  2. Congrats on moving into your apartment Lais and your new transport time does sound a lot more convenient. Best of luck adapting to living there though! 💗 I am glad you ended up enjoying Portrait of A Thief and Super Fake Love Song… I have been interested in both of them! I hope I feel the same way towards them! Give Love a Chai sounds interesting but I do hate it when romance has a last-minute drama, it always feels so unnecessary and I actually hate it.
    I have been recently getting into Happier Than Ever, the album and the song! So we were both late to that 🤣 but I am enjoying it!
    I hope you have a wonderful June and enjoy all the shows coming out!! 😍


    • thank you!!! thank thank you!! super fake love song is super cute and made me hella happy, i hope you enjoy it!
      honestly, i was a bit shocked because a third-act break up is quite common but a third act break up coming such last minute??? like what was the purpose lol
      AHAHAH i am so glad i’m not the only one super late to that album!!! what are your favorite songs? i really like therefore i am and getting older, they’re definitely my most played ones!
      thank youuuu & hope you’re having a great june too!😊😊😊😊

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      • Haha yeah last minute seems very random 😬😅
        Not at all 🤣 oohh nice, I am probably playing male fantasy & your power the most at the minute, it may change in 2 weeks though 😆😂
        Thank youuu 💗✨


  3. AHHH THE CASTING FOR THE TRIO IS SO SO PERFECT!! Also the blacklash received for the casting of Annabeth was pretty painful to watch, but I’m sure the actress will do an AMAZING job!! And ahhh congrats on moving, I hope you’re enjoying it!! And so many of those books are on my TBR especially a show for two!! After hearing the inspo behind the book I was dead set on reading it ahhah
    ALSO AHHH I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR PLAYLIST!! It has so many great songs!!
    AND ISSAC DUNBAR IS JUST>>>> I love blonde and fan behaviour by him, they’re amazing!!💗💗
    Hope you have a spectacular June!!!💖💫💫


    • exactly! i think she’ll do a great job and i think people should only be able to judge if they have actually seen her performance!
      thank you so muchh!!!! i hope you enjoy a show for two if you get around to it, i think it’s such a great experience for a book format.
      THANK YOUUU!! ahhh i am so happy to meet other people who love isaac dunbar, he deserves more recognition🤍🤍🤍
      you too, thank you so much for stopping by!

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  4. I also felt like May lasted for AGES meanwhile June is flying by for some reason 😱 I hope you settle in well in your apartment, it definitely takes a bit of time to feel at home 💕 I haven’t read any of your May books but a pseudo-break up in the last chapter sounds wild 😂 I hope you’re having a good June 💕


  5. Ahh I hope you’re settling in well in your new apartment, it’s great that you have less commute time! It takes a bit of adjusting, to get into this new environment, but I hope you’ll end up loving it all! :)
    I’m happy to see you enjoyed Portrait of a Thief overall, I’m really eager to read that one!
    I hope you’re having a lovely June! :)

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