best and worst: illustrated covers

Hello, friends!

I’ve been sososo busy and it’s been a while since I last found time to write a post. It also doesn’t help that I’ve been sort of falling into a reading slump. But everything shall work out! I’m sure it’s just a bad timing and I hope by June, things will have been sorted out.

As an edition of “best and worst”, I wanted to talk about a lot of people’s favorite book enemy: illustrated covers. Although many TikTok and Twitter users hate illustrated covers, I am actually quite a fan of them. But to be fair, some are definitely better than others, so I guess I’ll just break that down.

ONE OF THE GOOD ONES VS. IF THIS GETS OUT. No shade to the illustration in If This Gets Out, but both characters look exactly the same, just with different hair colors, lol. One of the Good Ones displays three black girls in the cover, and they’re all so different! The first one’s typography also has better spacing and compliments the cover, instead of adding to the busy aspect of it. Plus, the color scheme is so pretty!

SECOND FIRST IMPRESSIONS VS. WELL MET. I think the first one really shows a better way of negative space. Well Met’s cover gives off Wattpad vibes tbh. While I am all here for minimalism, the swirls and doodles around the couple make the book seem less mature and I’m not a huge fan of the green shade either. However, Second First Impressions has two characters in a more unique angle, a better shade of purple and one choice of doodle (the turtles) instead of one too many.

TIM TE MARO VS. THIS TRAIN IS BEING HELD. Again, what bothers me the most about The Train is Being Held cover is the typography, more than anything else. But, if you compare the two covers, the contrast between the background and the characters’ illustration in Tim Te Maro is so interesting! However, in The Train is Being Held, everything shares the same tone of red and it’s definitely not as eye catching.

TRUTHWITCH VS. LOBIZONA. I think the “illustrated cover stigma” mostly revolves around the romance genre, but if you think about it, most fantasy covers are illustrated. I think Lobizona’s is unique and interesting and so appealing to the eye. As for Truthwitch, I honestly think most people looking at it would dismiss it as a generic fantasy novel from the early 2010s, despite the fact the first book came out in 2017!

What are some of your favorite and least favorite illustrated covers? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Truthwitch came out in 2017?!? I am so shocked. I did dismiss it as an really old book! I still wanted to read but that cover seems a lot older in time 😱 not one of my favourites but I agree that fantasy love an illustrated cover and most the time it works out well… Lobizona is beautiful 😍 the detail is stunning! I think fantasy ones need a cool background or lots of details to make them stand out!
    Tim Te Maro definitely stands out more compared to This Train Is Being Held… Just so much more vibrant and “alive”, shading is important!
    I really loved this comparison and it made me realise that not all illustrated covers are created equal. There are a lot of factors to them which made them stand out! I love how you included so many different styles/genres in this post! 🥰
    One of my favourite illustrated book covers are Mary H K Choi’s books which feels a little unpopular as I know some say they are too plain, but I think they are so artsy and effective!
    Great post Lais 💛 best of luck fighting your reading slump 🥰


    • hahahah right??? it’s such a cliché cover, i was surprised when the book became hyped during 2017 because i thought it was an old title that was just then having hype.
      exactlyy!!! that was exactly what i wanted to show with this post hahah!!!! there are so many types of illustrated covers so it bothers me when people just label them all the same hahah mary h k choi’s has some of the prettiest covers out there!! i remember when emergency contact came out and sooo many people wanted the book because the illustration in the cover was so stunning hahah
      thank you so much for stopping by, sophie!

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  2. I also love illustrated covers, so I loved reading your post! 💕 I love Truthwitch, but the cover definitely isn’t the most unique, they had a slight redesign a while back but it still has the same vibe 😄 I like it much better than the UK covers, as they have no people and only symbols!


  3. I really love a good illustrated cover, so this is such a great post for me ahah, I love it! I really love the cover for One of the Good Ones! And I agree about Well Met, I’m not a huge fan of this cover ahah.


    • Same here, I don’t know why illustrated covers get a bad rep nowadays, I think it’s because they’ve been a bit repetitive. Yeah, Well Met is not very good, which is a shame bc I think the concept for these books is interesting but I never feel motivated to read it because of the cover lol.
      Thanks for stopping by, Marie!

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