an updated discussion on how i use goodreads

Hello, friends!

Recently, I was going through a few of my old posts and stumbled upon this one, all about how I use Goodreads. I thought it was really interesting to look back on and figured I should probably do an updated version, as the way I use Goodreads has changed a lot.

For once, I should start by saying I still exclusively use Goodreads. I know many people have migrated to Storygraph or use both platforms together, but I really do not have the desire or patience to import my current GR database to another website. I am definitely a bit old school and while I do agree Goodreads needs MANY improvements, I guess I’ll be sticking with it for now.


In my old post, I talked about how I barely really did any reviews on Goodreads. And for the most part, it’s true, I do use Goodreads as a Letterboxd, meaning most of my reviews are funny one-liners. (I am particularly proud of my Call Down the Hawk one, albeit my forever favorite is my History is All You Left me one).

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However, I’ve also been trying to use Goodreads to share slightly lengthier reviews. Mostly because I have a lot of thoughts, but not enough patience to format an actual review on my blog. Oops. I also don’t care that much if I get zero views on my Goodreads review, although this 2-star review for Counting Down With You got seventeen likes and made me feel like I was Goodreads-famous for a while there.


I never use Goodreads to track my TBRs, it’s true. To this day, I have like five books on my TBR shelf because I find weird to have nothing there, lol. But there’s no rhyme or reason as to why those are the five books there, it is a very random selection.

The way I track my TBR these days is through Notion! I find it the most convenient, especially when coming up with monthly TBRs, as I have the option to filter through genre and tags. So, let’s say I want to read an adult romance with queer rep: I can easily filter and find out which books in my current TBR fit the bill!

It is also convenient because you have the gallery option and I can also easily see which books would fit prompts as “blue cover” or “trees on the cover”.

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This was something that changed since the first time I wrote this post. I used to only add a book to Goodreads once I had finished them, so hardly ever the time showed on Goodreads was accurate to how long it had actually taken me to read the whole book.

Now, I’ve gotten a lot better about adding the book to Goodreads as soon as I start it and marking as “read” as soon as I finish it. However, I still hardly ever remember to log any updates. I want to be better about that as well, but I am too forgetful and I also don’t want to unnecessarily spam anyone.


I still take part on the Goodreads Challenge every year. It’s something I shouldn’t take so seriously, but I kinda do, lol. I know it’s not the end of the world if I don’t complete a challenge, but it still makes me feel unproductive if I am not as close to everyone else.

Currently, my goal is 70 books and I am 7 books ahead. I will probably increase the number if I reach 70 by September/October. I do wish I could read 100 books in a year, but sadly with my current schedule, I can’t make this happen yet.

How do YOU use Goodreads? Do you use Notion to track any reading-related things? Do you remember to log in updates as you’re reading a book or not? Let me know in the comments!

11 comentários sobre “an updated discussion on how i use goodreads

  1. I don’t use Notion to track reading (altho I should use it for ARCs…). All my reading is tracked on GR along with an impulsive rating just for my own reference (otherwise, I generally don’t rate books in my blog posts etc.). I use GR to keep track of past reads (esp for future book list posts) and my ever growing TBR. While it provides a social aspect as well, I don’t use it for that.


    • ohhh, that’s interesting! i think rating is such an integral part of my goodreads’ presence hahah, i couldn’t imagine reading a book and not thinking as i read it what will my rating be.
      it is such a useful tool to look back on, indeed! i am glad goodreads exists now, and i’m sure my future self will enjoy having this database to look back on and see how many and what were the books i read at this point in my life.
      the social aspect is not my favorite part of the app, and especially with the amount of bugs and lack of user-friendliness, it certainly isn’t easy to be social through goodreads hahah
      thank you for reading, sorry it took me so long to answer your comment!


  2. I tried storygraph but then decided i dont have thr time to track all the books ive read on another app and i quit it altogether too. Somehow, I can never write a goodreads review that is more than a few sentences. I do use goodreads to track my tbr though, but now it has over 300 books and growing unmanageable because I add any vaguely interesting book to my tbr list lol. This is the first time I’m participating in the goodreads challenge, which I’ve set to 50 books, but I do it mostly for fun!
    Great post!!!


    • omg, yes, and especially considering books and reading is just a hobby, if it becomes too overwhelming, with way too many tools and places to update, it takes the joy out of it completely!
      hahah, i get the struggle! i try doing some check ins every once in a while to see if what is in my tbr still interests me. it makes it more manageable, i think.
      good luck with that!! it is certainly just a fun challenge, i have to remind myself constantly not to get too worried about it!

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  3. Loved this post! I tried to migrate to Storygraph but it just didn’t work for me so I ended up deleting it and sticking to Goodreads… I also have about 5 books on my TBR and it’s mostly books I’ve started and put on hold for the time being. The Goodreads challenge is always good fun as long as you don’t over-stress about it.

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    • same here! i tried using storygraph initially but it was so much work and when i started using, there weren’t a lot of people in the platform, so it felt like i still had do constantly check goodreads to see other readers’ updates. ohh, that is a much smarter way to use the TBR shelf! mine is still a mess hahah

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  4. I use both Goodreads and Storygraph but I often forget that I have Storygraph so most of my activity is still on Goodreads, even though I don’t use that one much either. I like your idea of using GR like Letterboxd since I tend to do one sentence reviews there so I may pick that up :)

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    • hahah i get that! i think it’s so hard keeping two platforms at once, which is why i only ever used goodreads. to be honest, i find easier to keep up with small reviews, and i think it’s funny to read those whenever i look back hahah. tysm for your comment!


  5. This was super interesting to read! ❤️ I have been using Storygraph a bit on the side (I love that they allow individual reading challenges!) but still mainly use Goodreads as well 😄 I use Notion for tracking my Monthly TBR, Book Hauls/Owned TBR, and Reading Challenges, it’s such a great program! 🥰

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