monthly wrap up: january, ’22


Hello, friends!

2022 started and seems to have gone by so quickly already. I find the first couple months of the year to always be the ones I struggle the most, in terms of being productive, but I actually think I did pretty good this year.


  1. I got COVID! Yay! Much like many others this year, I got COVID in the first week of January, which was annoying and stressful. I had pretty mild symptoms and managed to not contaminate anyone else in my household, thankfully. For the most part, I’m ok, but I felt no taste whatsoever for pretty much three weeks which made every meal incredibly depressing.
  2. And I bought tickets to see Harry Styles in concert. I originally bought tickets to Love on Tour in 2019, to watch Harry two days before my 20th birthday in 2020. Obviously, because of the pandemic, the show was canceled and then rescheduled for December 2022. I was surprised to have gotten tickets because they sold out so freaking fast. I really hope the covid situation improves by December cause I will be very upset to miss another concert of his.



My first read of 2022 was Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins-Reid. I still think my favorite by this author is Daisy Jones & The Six, but this one was still fun. Taylor Jenkins-Reid writes the absolute best settings and it was so easy to feel like I was, indeed, in Malibu in the 80s. The characters were cool, and while I preferred the present timeline over the past one, I still really appreciate the authors’ perspective on themes such as family and responsibility.


One of Us is Next was a pretty boring read until about the 60% mark. I didn’t care much for the characters, I found the writing to be full of unnecessary details and the secrets that were being shared were just so painfully dull. However, after a character death happens halfway through the story, the book definitely picks up. While I did manage to predict the twist, I still found entertaining to see things unravel.


Then, the amazing Here for the Queers Book Club had The Passing Playbook as their book of the month and I decided it was the perfect time to read this one! It was definitely super cute, and I liked the protagonist a lot. However, I did think the autism rep was a bit questionable and for a book that hammered down the idea that coming out should only be done when it’s safe and you feel prepared to do so, it seemed to forget this message by the end, which was 😕


Also, thanks to Marie’s recommendation, I read A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow! I absolutely loved the setting of this one and it was incredibly atmospheric. I also liked the protagonist’s journey and development and how amazing her family was, even miles away. What I will say is that I am not a fan of foodie romances and got a bit tired of the amount of pastry descriptions by the halfway mark lol.


After that, I re-read Sinner which is a companion novella to the Wolves of Mercy Falls. I do admit that this book has a very convenient and rushed ending to it, but I still love it so hard. It’s pretty much no plot, just vibes, but I love how angsty it is. Also, Maggie Stiefvater’s writing style, all the side characters – Sofia, Leon, Jeremy – and how much Isabel and Cole are both hurting and yet how they work so wonderfully together just make my heart so full.


Then, I also finished Isn’t It Bromantic, which was such a great ride. I love Lyssa Kay Adams’ writing, both in the way she writes perfectly about failed marriages and pining, and also about how she never fails to write hilarious frendship dynamics. I will say I could’ve also lived with less food descriptions in this one, and I found the thrilling elements to be not my favorite, but it was still a great romance overall.

52934919. sx318 sy475 The Nobleman’s Guide to Scandal and Shipwrecks was a highly anticipated novel for me, as I love Mackenzi Lee’s writing style and her Montague Siblings trilogy has been so great. I am technically still reading this one, but so far, it’s been such an entertaining ride. I love Aiden and I think his dynamic with his siblings is amazing. I also love how the author crafts the characters’ development and I think it’s interesting how much Monty and Felicity also have growing up to do, despite already being adults.


There’s not much I listened to in January that stood out to me, except I have been rewatching Nashville and falling back in love with the playlist and I finally listened to Gracie Abrams’ newest album, released late last year. She’s a good vocalist and I do realy enjoy her lyrics.


I hope to have a good reading month in February as well, as I have a lot of reading plans. Work has resumed normally, but I also want to find some time to actually work on my long-term goals and resolutions (like finally scheduling a dermatologist appointment and researching how to start my drivers’ license process).

Let me know: how was your January? Have you read anything outstanding? Have you rea any of the books I talked about? Also, if you have song recs, drop them in the comments too!

14 comentários sobre “monthly wrap up: january, ’22

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you got Covid. I hope you’re over it now. I had it around the same time last year & it completely zapped me of energy. I’m relieved to hear no one else in your household got it though.
    I also really hope your concert goes ahead in December. It’ll make a wonderful end of year treat if it does. Fingers crossed it should though.
    You read lots!! Well done. I need to check some of the books out mentioned here too. Sorry to hear that One Of Us Is Next took so long to get going. I hope your current read stays strong too and that February ends up going according to plan.
    I finally read The Cursebreakers series along with some other fantasy books. I’m loving Daughter Of The Moom Goddess atm but haven’t read as much as I’d hoped to as I’ve got a recurring headache atm /: really hoping it’ll go for Good soon


    • Yes, it was definitely weird. I felt super dehydrated, even though I drink so much water, but thankfully, there were mostly mild symptoms. I was super relieved too, I am glad they all have gotten their booster shots already, and I think that definitely helped!
      Ah, it will! I am crossing all my fingers, even my toes, hahah.
      Thank you! Ah, I ended up never ocntinuing The Cursebreaker Series but I hope you are enjoying! Sending you positive vibes so you feel better soon! 🤍🤍🤍🤍

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      • Aww it’s horrible feeling like that. I think you do get dehydrated more when I’ll though. Plus it seems to affect everyone so differently. Thats good then. Glad no one else was affected.
        Don’t blame you!!
        I loved it. The characters changed in the middle book but oddly that was my favourite one 🤔 thank you 💗💗 it’s less intense on the whole but still keeps returning, twice quite nastily. I’ve always suffered with headaches though. It’s just annoying getting spells when they won’t seem to go.


  2. I’m glad you are feeling better since Covid!! How exciting that you are going to see Harry Styles though, it should be amazing. He seems to have a great stage presence and I like his speaking voice too, it is so unrushed! I hope it goes ahead for you! 🤞 I’m glad to hear you enjoyed Malibu Rising. After seeing a few mixed things about it, I was a little worried but I hope to check it out still. I have definitely liked the themes her books have covered in the past so hopefully the same will be true for this one. I hope you have a great February and accomplish all that you want to Lais! 💕


    • Thank you! Ah, I’ve been watching so many TikToks of people who attended his concerts, so I am even more hyped for the concert. I hope it happens!
      I think Malibu Rising is definitely a good one when it comes to talking about family. Plus, I love how Taylor Jenkins-Reid writes women. But her male characters in this one are definitely not the best.
      Thank you so much for reading & for all your kind wishes! 💕

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  3. I really hope you’re feeling all better now, sending you all the love! <3 I'm so, so happy you picked up A Cuban Girl's Guide and enjoyed it! I get it though, there are a lot of food descriptions ahah, I personally liked it a lot, but I understand that it can't be for everyone! And you're watching Nashville? AH I LOVE that show so much!! :)

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  4. I’m glad to hear that you recovered from COVID but it still sounds like it was a rough time, especially with no taste 😔 I’m glad that you liked Malibu Rising, I’m hoping to read more Taylor Jenkins Reid this year 🥰 I hope you’re having a good February 💌


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