comparing brazilian & american book covers #2

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Hello, friends!

A long time ago, I started this feature in my blog to compare Brazilian and American book covers. These days, most Brazilian covers tend to be exactly the same as the original ones, just changing the title, but sometimes, publishers will get real creative and the result can either be better or worse.

Please, join me in the comments and vote in your favorites!

This book is about to come out (or maybe it already has) in Brazil and while I haven’t read it and am not really interested in doing so, I thought it would be a good one to vote as favorite cover! I like the fact that it resembles the original just enough, but also has its own spin to it. However, the typography of the original cover is perfect imo, so I’d consider that to be the winner.

Well, I feel like this one comes absolutely as a no-brainer. The Brazilian cover is STUNNING. Not only the illustrations are beautiful, but the colors, the font, everything about it is literally perfect. Plus, I’ll always prefer an illustrated cover over anything else, contrary to popular opinion. I haven’t read this one either, so I don’t know which cover fits the story better, but I’d still go with the Brazilian one.

Oh my, this Brazilian cover is absolutely my villain origin story. While this book is by Tahereh Mafi, it has NOTHING to do with the Shatter Me series, so the “eye” illustration as a callback is so ENTIRELY misplaced. Plus, is just flat out ugly. I am not obsessed with the original cover, although I do think it’s interesting and refreshing to see book covers using just typography sometimes. But at this point, anything would look better than the Brazilian one lmao.

I don’t actually hate the Brazilian cover, but I think I’ll have to go with the original one. The colors and the simplicity of it make it even more eycatching. I feel like ultimately the Brazilian one has too many fonts, and I never like that, BUT it does come across as more historical fiction, which it technically is, as this book is set in the 1950s to the 1980s.

This is what I mean by eye catching simplicity! This book looks so cool just from the cover! I think maybe because of how similar this cover would look like to the Malibu Rising one, if they went with a similar theme, is that they changed it completely as we see above. While I also don’t know much about the story, I think the Brazilian one makes the book look cool, while the American one makes it look like an airport book.

Lastly, we have what I think is a tie?? I really can’t choose which cover I like better! The first one is simple, but cool and I like the fact the title and illustration look to be part of the vynil. However, I also love a “messy bedroom” ilustration – it gives so much personality to the characters before we even got to know them! Plus, I love the callback to the original cover by keeping a similar color palette.

Which of these covers you like better? Do you agree with my choices? Let me know in the comments!

20 comentários sobre “comparing brazilian & american book covers #2

  1. This was such an interesting comparison to see! I think in German, they also stick to the original cover a lot and then sometimes change it entirely. I often don’t have a huge issue with the changed cover, but the title choices in different languages are weird at times. Do you ever feel like the Brazilian publishers change the titles too much or do they stick to the og one and just translate it?


    • Thank you! Hahah, yes, the titles can definitely be a weird thing. For the most part, they stick to the original ones. There was even a trend for a while there where the titles weren’t translated at all? Like Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and the Kiss of Deception series – the titles were all in English, even though the books were in Portuguese. I definitely prefer titles in Portuguese, though!
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Kat! 😊

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  2. aah this is such an interesting idea and i loved reading this post so much! the illustrations on the brazilian cover for one last stop is just so pretty aahh! also i completely agree with you on illustrated covers over anything else! so excited to read all of your upcoming posts!


  3. I loved reading this post so much. It is so interesting to compare covers!! I really love that they are wearing the same clothes in both the Brazilian and American covers for One Last Stop especially as I love the outfits. Therefore I would probably be tempted to go with America purely as you see the outfits more, but I love the style of the Brazilian one so much!!
    Yep Somewhere Only We Know definitely has Brazil as its winner. That is an amazing cover!! It is stunning and I love the position of the faces like one is upside down, I love that style sooo much!!
    I would probably pick American for Super Fake Love Song because I love the vinyl design, I think it is smart and feels vintage. But I do love the messy bedroom in the Brazilian cover as well.. it is like the more you look, the more you see!!
    Such a fun post!! I LOVED it!! 🥰


    • I know, the covers for Casey McQuinston’s books are so interesting in Brazil, because they get a new illustrator but the outfits/vibes are still veryyy similar to the original, just with a slight difference in art style. I think that’s actually so cool!
      Hahah, Somewhere Only We Know is possibily one of my favorite Brazilian editions ever! It is so cool!
      Exactly! I love that aspect!
      Thank you so much for reading, Sophie! 🤍

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  4. I loved this post, comparing covers can be so much fun! 🥰 I love the Brazilian cover of One Last Stop, the illustration is gorgeous and immediately drew me in 😊 But omg the A Very Large Expanse of Sea cover … why is there an eye?? It doesn’t fit at all 😂 Though I have to admit the original cover could be a bit more interesting. I like the typography though.


    • I have no idea why they went with an eye in the cover for A Very Large Expanse of Sea either! It’s so weird hahah I think they just heard it was Tahereh Mafi and did the cover based on that because of the Shatter Me series having an eye illustration too. So weird!
      I wish more books would use typography in their covers, it can be so cool!

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  5. Ooh I quite like the Brazilian cover for One True Loves I think because its a close up of the characters. I love how similar they appear over both designs though- sometimes the figures look nothing like they should 🙈
    I agree with you about the second one. I really love the pink hair for some reason? I think maybe the colour makes it stand out 😅
    I love the colour scheme of the American Malibu Rising but I actually prefer the American one for the other book by the author too – airport style or not 😅 it just looks beachy to me tbh. And I Love the vinyl design of the last book. It’s so clever!! And everything seems placed so well.
    Generally I’m disappointed when covers change – I’ve usually fell in love with the original – but some have really grown on me over time. And others are just stunning from the start


    • Hahah, so true! They definitely have been putting effort to keep characters close to how they’re described in the books now, at least for Brazilian publishing, which makes me happy to see!
      I have no idea if the character actually has pink hair, but I love that they do in the cover!
      True! I think some cover changes can be disappointing, even if the new edition is still pretty. But I do really like analyzing the trends in book covers, especially in different countries.
      Thank you so much for reading, Sophie! 💕

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      • It’s definitely lovely when the characters look right. Or else if some deeper meaning becomes clear design wise after reading.
        True, it is always interesting to compare the different styles. It’s surprising how many different versions there are for some books too.


  6. Ah I love this post so much, such a fun idea! I have to admit I’m having a hard time choosing between the two covers of One Last Stop, I really like both! But you’re so right about the Tahereh Mafi cover, the Brazilian one is… no. WHY did they do that??😂

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    • whyyy did they do that with the cover for a very large expanse of sea? i was so shocked when i saw it at a bookstore hahah i guess they forgot the memo that this book has nothing to do with shatter me, so the eye illustration makes actually no sense!


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