2021 goals recap & setting up my 2022 resolutions!

Hello, friends!

It’s already the first week of January and guess who preached for so much positivity in 2022 that they started out the year with a POSITIVE covid test? Yours truly. Yeah. Maybe we got lost in translation or something.


I am fine, for the most part, I just can’t taste or smell anything which has been ~fun~. I also feel VERY dehydrated, despite the fact I drink more water than probably any other 20 year old??? Annoying.

Since we started 2022 in SUCH a great note, I felt like it would be the perfect timing to share with you my goals for the new year and recap my 2021 resolutions.



  1. Read 70 books. ✅ I did that! In fact, I read 90, which I was very surprised about considering how HECTIC my 2021 was, yet I still managed to stay consistent with my reading. So props to me.
  2. Read one black author a month. ✅ I did read more than one black author most months, but nonetheless this goal was achieved and I’m really glad I pushed myself to do so.
  3. Finish all my on-going series. ✅ I did finish Truly Devious and The Trials of Apollo. However, I decided to DNF the His Dark Materials trilogy. I didn’t love the first two books and heard awful reviews for the last one, sooooo, yeah don’t think I’ll push myself to do that.
  4. Start a new series! ✅ I didn’t start the series I said I would start, but I did start the Dreamer trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater! So it was technically an accomplished goal.


I was TERRIBLE at my personal goals this year. I did accomplish the biggest one, but yeah, uhh, I failed.

  1. Solo travel. ✅ Ok, technically, I did not *solo* travel, because I went with my godmother, but she speaks 0 English so I had to do most things. Also, my dream destination was Edinburgh and that DID happen!!!! Pretty crazy.
  2. Find a blogging status. ❌ I stayed consistent during the first half of the year, but after August, my life became a MESS and so did my blogging. I think I just have to accept I will never be 100% consistent with it.
  3. Take care of myself. ❌✅ Friends, still no skincare routine for this girl right here. However, I *did* do a scoliosis check up and I *did* buy a new backpack after using mine for SIX years!
  4. Don’t give up on things! ❌ I gave up in so much this year it’s actually kinda funny I had this as a goal. But seriously, my year was so chaotic and full of ups and downs that I am not even mad.
  5. Finish my WIP. ❌ HILARIOUS. I haven’t touched my WIP since I finished my 50,000th word in November of 2020. I literally didn’t write a single extra word for it throughout the whole year. For it or for any other project for that matter. I was too exhausted for most of the year to be creative.

OK, now that you saw me fail for 5min straight, I present to you my new year resolutions, where I promise I will be better just to not actually put any effort in it throughout twelve months. It’s fine.

2022 GOALS


  1. Read 70 books. I don’t know if I will be able to surpass it like I did in 2021, because I have a feeling 2022 will be even more chaotic. Hopefully I still manage that.
  2. Read more books by indigenous and disabled authors. My goal is to read 10 in total for both of these representations, because I have been lacking severely and these are voices I need to be more in touch with.
  3. Read out of my comfort zone! This will make more sense in my next post, but yes, I will be continuing on with the Out of Comfort Zone challenge by Caro!


  1. Pay all my current debts and save up for a drivers license. I told y’all that I went to Edinburgh, I just didn’t tell y’all how much money I spent that I didn’t actually have in order to make that happen. So now I have to pay all of it up. And because I have failed the goal of getting a drivers license in years prior (i am 21, for gods sake), I will just add the goal of saving up for it.
  2. Find a skincare routine. There. It’s not an unrealistic goal. I do hope I can find *and* keep up with it, but seriously just applying one thing to my face that is not the bar soap in the shower, will be an improvement.
  3. Watch more new-to-me movies instead of rewatching the same four. No, seriously. It’s a problem. My entire life is a loop of rewatching What Happens in Vegas, Twilight, Pitch Perfect and The Social Network. AND IT’S GOTTA STOP. It’s not healthy.
  4. Learn an instrument. I have always wanted to learn an instrument, but like I talked about before, I AM A QUITTER NOT A FIGHTER. And I feel like you have to be a fighter in order to learn an instrument cause it can be quite complex and not entirely rewarding. However, I did apply to start taking keyboard classes in the new year, and I hope I manage to stick with it and *actually* put some effort instead of giving up when I realize I am not immediately good at it.

Anyway, now that I have opened up a bit *too* much of my personal life and insecurities for y’all: let’s chat! What are some of your goals for the new year? Did you accomplish all your goals for 2021? Do you have any tips for someone wanting to start a skincare routine? (Srsly, help me out).

20 comentários sobre “2021 goals recap & setting up my 2022 resolutions!

  1. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear your year isn’t starting out well!! Wishing you a good and hopefully quick recovery! 🙏🏻❤️ Best of luck with your 2022 goals! 🥰 SO happy to hear that you’ll be joining my Out of Comfort Zone Challenge again!! 💖🥺 The signup post for this year just came out today, as I was a bit behind 😄


    • Thank you so much, Caro! I did recover pretty quickly, so it’s been a month and I already have most of my taste back, which!!! I was so nervous about it lasting for like over four months like it does for some people. I have been pretty lucky!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and sorry it took me a month to get back to you!

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  2. Good luck with your goals for 2022!! I’m bad at skincare too lol, i might never have the patience for a proper skincare routine. I’m so sorry you tested positive for COVID, I hope you take care of yourself and have a speedy recovery 💕 💛


  3. I hope you feel better soon Lais!! ❤️ Sorry it is a rough start to the year but my dad always said if the year starts bad, it means it will be a good year 😅 I think it was him putting a good spin on it but fingers crossed!!
    Congrats on achieving all your reading goals, that’s wonderful. I love your goal for reading more indigenous and disabled authors, it was a goal of mine last year and sadly I didn’t get to complete it in the way I wanted, but one I shall continue to work towards. 😊
    I am always trying to stick with a skincare routine… I’m good for one week then bad for two weeks and the cycle continues 😅 good luck with yours! I wish i had tips for you! Having all the bottles on show sometimes helped me with it though!
    I think travelling when you are in charge of everything is such an achievement… Did you enjoy Edinburgh??
    It is a goal of mine to watch more new to me movies in 2022 as well. I hope we both find new favourites.
    Wishing you all the best for 2022 Lais and good luck for all your goals ❤️❤️


    • Hahah, I believe that too! I hope that means 2022 will be my year then hahah
      Thank you so much! I hope I can be good about my skincare routine, but knowing myself… I just want to be able to find products that work and maybe that alone will motivate me to do it often!
      I enjoyed Edinburgh so much, I already miss it! It was amazing and we got perfect weather for the most part, which was such good luck!
      Thank you so much for your comment and all the kind wishes, Sophie! ❤️

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  4. Good luck with your goals for 2022, Lais! I also hope you’ll feel better and have a quick recovery!

    I think it’s a really cool goal to read more books from indigenous and disabled authors. I also need to read more of these books because they are important and it’s an area I am lacking knowledge in. And the Out of Comfort Zone Challenge sounds really interesting – I might check it out as well.


  5. Oh no! I’m so sorry the year hasn’t started out right, I hope you’ll get better soon, sending you all the healing vibes <3 <3
    Okay but I feel attacked at your "stop rewatching the same four movies over and over again" because this is so me 😂 both with movies AND TV shows, I don't know I can't stop 😂😂


    • Thank you so much!
      Hahah, it’s a problem! I always see people talking about their favorite movies and shows at the end of the year and I have the impression I watched so much, but what I did was only rewatch the same ones hahah
      Thank you for stopping by, Marie! 💕


  6. I love your goal of learning an instrument! I really want to learn how to play piano, but won’t be able to until I have a space of my own (no space for anything even kind of big AND no storage, it’s fun). I hope that you’ll keep up with it, too! It seems like such a beautiful instrument.

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    • thank you so muchh! yes, that has been a struggle of mine too. i take keyboard classes only once a week and i wish i could practice at home, but i don’t have storage space nor the money to get a keyboard right now, sadly. but it’s still a lot of fun and i hope i can get one for myself soon!
      thanks for reading, mary! 💛

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