most disappointing reads of 2021! (ft. songs from my spotify wrapped)

Guess what: it’s that time of the year again! Today, in my Grinch spirit, I will be sharing with you all my most disappointing reads of 2021 to celebrate Christmas.

In the past, I have always tried to give a more positive take in these posts by sharing recommendations of my favorite break-up songs or rom-coms, and this year, I thought I would match up all the books with songs from my 2021 Spotify Wrapped.

39863498The Gilded Wolves simply had no business being as confusing as it was. This book read like a fever dream sometimes, with the action sequences being pretty much impossible to follow. As much as the romance was interesting, the actual plot was pretty much all over the place, especially as the author would do girl in red Details Debut Album, Shares New Song “Serotonin”: Listen |  Pitchforkthings just to undo them a few pages later.

I’ll Call You Mine being my most listened song of 2021 was perfect to match my biggest disappointment of the year. Also, the line “living in a daydream that’s too good to last” sums up what reading this book felt: a literal daydream where nothing made sense, lol.

52778487Unfortunately, How We Fall Apart was a thriller that had possibly the lowest stakes of any book I ever read before. The consequences of the very serious things the characters went through lasted for about, uh, two pages? And as much as there was interesting space there for commentary on the “model-minority” myth and the disparities within the Asian community in the US, there was never a building anxiety or creepy atmosphere in the writing and therefore, reading Evermore (Taylor Swift album) - Wikipediathis thriller just felt veryyyy mellow.

I think Taylor Swift did a better job writing a murder mystery in no body no crime, tbh. The song is fantastic and I was actually quite surprised when I realized that it was in my top 3 most listened songs of the year! Just to show that it is good and easy to listen to.


52190991To be honest, I can’t even call this book a disappointment because the expectations were SO LOW. And yet it still sucked, lol. Any Way the Wind Blows is just 500+ pages of nothing: the characters are all living separate lives without ever intersecting, no relevant conversations are had leaving you to interpret things for better or for worse, and the *only* loose thread that needed to be tied since Sour (album) - Wikipediabook ONE was wrapped up in the last 10% of this book and it was rushed and terribly done. Big, big, big yikes.

It felt fitting to combine this book with deja vu, because I also gave 2 stars to Wayward Son, which is the second book in the series, meaning that hating this one really felt like deja vu all over again.

53180089Let me make one thing clear: Meet Cute Diary is NOT a terrible book. However, it did disappoint me, as I expected to really enjoy it. Unfortunately, the REALLY annoying and judgmental MC made it hard for me to *actually* really enjoy it. I also felt like the book avoided every single hard conversation the characters could possibly have, and while I am all about hopeful stories that do not rely on trauma, People Watching by Conan Gray on Amazon Music - one just felt a bit too Candyland for me.

If there is one song in the world that could’ve been written for this book is People Watching. Noah’s Meet Cute Diary is literally just made up entries of his daydreams as he observes couples and reimagines these scenarios with trans people. In my mind, Noah would 10/10 be a Conan Gray stan.

53001418. sx318 sy475 This one was a recent read but omg what a mess. I had no idea All The Things We Never Knew was going to be as insta-love-y as it was and considering it is a romance, it cheapens out the whole story. The characters will be fighting and considering breaking up and you’re like…. ok because I am supposed to feel something for this 2-week old relationship??? Not to mention Rex, the main male Happy Anymore - Single by Trousdale | Spotifycharacter, is straight up a dick.

I think these characters say multiple times throughout this book that they’re not “happy anymore” in this relationship, which is funny, because again, their relationship was maybe a week old at that point? So yeah.


49203397Y’all. This book. I honestly had forgotten I had even read it, because I straight up can not tell you what this book is about lol. I know what happens, but do I know *why* it happens? Do I understand why the author made the characters make the choices that they make? Can I tell you what is the bigger message of the story? Mess It Up by Gracie Abrams on Amazon Music - no. So there’s that.

I think the lyrics of Mess It Up go along pretty well with Paul’s monologue throughout this book, as he has a lot of self-esteem issues and is constantly seeing himself as someone Julian could never love.


23168945I really wanted to love The Sky is Everywhere because I adore Jandy Nelson’s I’ll Give You The Sun. But this one felt soooooo weak in comparison. The romances are super underdeveloped and insta-love-y, the family relationships are surface-level until the very end and the writing definitely wasn’t as strong as in her Midnight Love by Girl in Red (Single, Dream Pop): Reviews, Ratings,  Credits, Song list - Rate Your Musicsophomore release. This one was a hard pass.

I think the relationships in this book would go along well with midnight love. Like the name suggests, the song is about having a “hidden” romance – which is true for one of the romances – and believing you like the other person more than they like you – which is true for also another one of the romances.

38124225. sy475 This was my DNF of 2021 so congrats to her!!!! Desolate was so long. Just so freaking long. And nothing happened? It’s about a boy who wants to be a priest but is falling in love with this girl. Their interactions were so dry, I never truly understood why the guy wanted to be a priest so bad and there were so many The Longest Year - Single by Kathleen | Spotifyreferences to Guns ’n’ Roses that I wanted to k*** myself.

I think The Longest Year represents very well how I felt when reading this book. It was ever-lasting, I swear to God. (Also, on a side note, love how this song was released pre-pandemic and yet is SO timely).


49399658Lastly, I needed to talk about Counting Down With You. My 2-star Goodreads review for it absolutely BLEW UP, with a total of FIFTEEN LIKES!!!!!! Am I Goodreads famous yet or what? Anyway, this one really was not for me. It was excruciatingly cheesy and cliché, the love interest was the brand of white boy that I have read about in literally every book ever and the side characters were Holly Humberstone - 'Falling Asleep At The Wheel' EP reviewso painfully underdeveloped.

This book really reads extremely Vanilla: it’s super cheesy, the characters are always so lovey-dovey and I’m pretty sure the guy writes a poem for the girl at one point. So dull and lifeless, oh so vanilla.


What were some books you read this year that disappointed you? And what was your most listened song from your Spotify Wrapped? Let’s chat in the comments!

14 comentários sobre “most disappointing reads of 2021! (ft. songs from my spotify wrapped)

  1. I love that you combined your least favorite books with Spotify songs, that’s so creative! I’m still nervous about reading Any Way the Wind Blows because I already had the feeling that the author should have just stopped after book 1 😅 The second book was already weaker than the first and I questioned if it would even have any significance for the third book. I also removed Meet Cute Diary from my TBR a while back because I kept hearing such bad things about the MC 🥺

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    • Hahah, thank you, Caro! I keep doing this thing in my least-favorites of the year where I have to match them with something else, but I feel myself runing out of ideas already. Maybe you will have better luck with Any Way the Wind Blows than I did, but it felt like a pretty unnecessary addition. It’s a shame Meet Cute Diary had such an annoying MC, hahah, because I do think most readers prefer to read about likable than unlikable protagonists.
      Thank you so much for reading, Caro! 😌

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  2. I loved this post Lais!! I’ve heard a few disappointing things about This Is How We Fall Apart and it is such a shame because I was excited for it. Being a genre I don’t normally read, I’m not even sure it I will pick it up anymore. But, I did actually like the song no body, no crime too.

    I can’t believe anyway the wind blows is mostly the characters living separate lives… Like why?!? That’s so disappointing. I’m not going to pick that one up at all!

    I’d heard mostly good things about these Violent delights so interesting to hear you didn’t like it. I definitely like my books feeling like they have a purpose though.

    Such a fun post to read. It really is entertaining to see people’s most disappointing reads and I love seeing songs people love too 😂😍

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    • I would say that This is How We Fall Apart is not the best of the thrillers I’ve read, but I am also not a huge reader in the genre. However, I think there are some better titles out there with similar premises.
      It was so disappointing that their storylines in Any Way the Wind Blows never once intersected! We don’t really see Agatha interacting with literally any of the characters, and Penny and Simon also barely have scenes together! It was so annoying ugh hahah
      Thank you sososo much for reading, Sophie! 🤍🤍🤍

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  3. i’m sorry you didn’t like these books! i haven’t read any of these and i gotta say the only thing i’m pretty excited to read out of these is the gilded wolves – from what i’ve seen so far, it seems to be a hit or a miss for many people. great post!!!

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    • Hahah, oh I am sure you can still enjoy them! I know plenty of readers who love both of these books. However, I will say that if you go to Meet Cute Diary knowing Noah is an unlikable protagonist, and I think you’ll have better chance of enjoying it!
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Beck, sorry it took me so long to get back to you! 💕

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  4. I sadly felt exactly the same way about The Gilded Wolves. As for How We Fall Apart, I enjoyed it well enough, but I did expect to absolutely love it, and that didn’t happen. Also, I haven’t read Any Way the Wind Blows yet because, after being reaaaally disappointed by Wayward Son, I’m kinda put off from the series. I still want to finish it, but seeing your opinion made me nervous 😅 These Violent Delights has been on my TBR for a while, and I’m expecting to love it, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see (fingers crossed I’m not disappointed)


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