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Hello, friends!

I am currently drafting this post in a train from Edinburgh to London. I was pretty nervous about this trip, but so far, most things have been going pretty well and I hope they stay this way!

Before we get into the end-of-year recaps, I wanted to write a last hurrah and a fun tag post. I absolutely *adore* Harry Styles and this year, I experienced the most FOMO I probably ever have while watching TikToks of people who attended his Love on Tour. (I did have tickets to see him live two days before my birthday in 2020, but needless to say, it never happened). Therefore, it felt fitting to end the year with a tag all about this album

Anyway, let’s get onto the questions:


A new to you book or series, “The Honeymoon Phase”.

49553169. sx318 I recently finished Love and Other Natural Disasters by Misa Sugiura and I loved that book so much! It had such great, authentic family dynamics, a chaotic but lovely protagonist and a great twist in the fake dating trope. I really want to read more from this author now!




A book you associate with happy memories

44303730I decided to go for this answer with a book that I associate with the Fine Line album (and happy memories too). Back when the album first came out, I was in a roadtrip with my family and I was also listening to the audiobook from Me by Elton John. Whenever I wasn’t listening to it, I was listening to Fine Line, so I associate both with the same period and the happy memories from that trip.




Your favorite smutty book

54290559. sy475 The only book that was pretty much just erotica that I read and enjoyed was Go Deep by Rilzy Adams. I felt like it had a good balance between well-written smut and character development that surprisingly didn’t feel rushed, even though it is a novella.




A book that has stuck with you

35169304I am sorry to be SO repetitive because I will be talking about this book in a future post, and I just mentioned it in my last one, but a book that truly has stuck with me this year was The Great Unknowable End. I kept thinking about this book weeks after I had finished it and was unable to pinpoint what had really resonated with me the most, but this one was a *ride*.




fratboy!harry de harry styles is a beep bop

A happy, upbeat character you love

28186I recently finished the Trials of Apollo series and I was reminded how much I adore Grover Underwood. He really is my comfort satyr and I appreciate how hopeful and bubbly he is most of the time. He’s absolutely the best companion any demigod could have. (Also, unrelated, but I really want to re-read all the books in the PJO verse in chronological order, but I am hesitant because of how skewed my reading year will be if I do that, since I’ll have wayy too many 5 stars lol).


Favorite flawed character

28458598Y’all. I adore Dimple Shah. She’s not always the best person, she definitely has her fair share of internalized misogyny and takes a bit *too* much pride in not being like the other girls, but… I still love her! I love her unapologetic self, her determination and her intelligence. She’s definitely flawed, but adoring nonetheless.



A book that let you know it is ok to be yourself/led to self acceptance

52128695. sx318 sy475 This one will come as *no* surprise, considering I talked at length about how much this book changed my perspective on so many things and answered so many of the questions I had myself about asexuality. Ace by Angela Chen is one that I would truly recommend to anyone, but especially for fellow ace folks, as it can be truly powerful.




Ideal book boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other

55301100Y’all. Sometimes it’s hard being aro-ace, lol. But if I can imagine a world where I would be able to date a fictional character, then I might as well imagine a world where I am a straight girl. William, from Like a Love Song, was adorable: his love for his family and quirk socks would 10/10 make me fall for him.




✫peachy keen✫

A book that broke your heart

52035051. sy475 An Emotion of Great Delight is certainly a very tragic book. All the characters are quite self destructive and hurting each other in the process of hurting themselves. Our protagonist struggles with depression and disassociation and it’s a pretty dark story that I didn’t expect to break my heart as much as it did.




A book that feels like home/a nostalgic read

962247As I am in the UK, I feel like I should use this as an opportunity to honor Lauren Child and all her amazing books! Not only I was a huge Charlie & Lola fan, but I was also obsessed with the Clarice Bean books. I remember that Clarice had this huge family – she had three siblings and lived with her grandparents too, I believe – and I was so fascinated by that dynamic!



Black And White Treat People With Kindness GIF by Harry Styles

A book with an important message

56598041. sy475 I just saw yesterday that All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely has a new edition (at least in the UK) and it is STUNNING! It comes with beautiful illustrations and I urge everyone to read it if they can. It’s a book that talks a lot about the importance of speaking up and not remaining silent in moments of injustice, which is a message that I think we all need.



An inspiring book

55664091So, technically, this tag had something else for this question, but I didn’t like the prompt and felt like didn’t fully encompass what Fine Line is as a song (it is my favorite in the album, so I am quite protective).

Instead, I will answer with a book that inspired me this past year and that was certainly We Are Inevitable. This book’s focus on community and how great stories are made by everyone – including the minor and side characters – was such a good conversation to have. It made me think a lot about the stories I want to write and how even the most mundane ones, can be done well if in the hands of the right person.

That’s it, friends! If you’re a fellow Harry Styles fan, tell me: what’s your favorite song from this album? What book inspired you recently? What about a book that led you to self acceptance? Let me know in the comments!

9 comentários sobre “the fine line book tag!

  1. I’m glad your trip is going well Lais! Hope you continue to enjoy it 💕 I got into Harry Styles music this year, mostly his debut album (like woman and from the dining table) but I love ‘falling’ from fine line too and ‘she’, I do need to check out the album more though. I’m so glad Ace was such a powerful read for you. It is definitely a book I would love to check out soon. I really want to read An Emotion of Great Delight, I expected it to be emotional but it sounds a lot darker than I imagined. Another one I hope I will pick up soon. I would be interested to see how Love and Other Natural Disasters twists the fake dating trope 👀 it is a great trope but sometimes a bit formulaic so seeing twists in it would be interesting.
    Great post, as always 💕

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    • Thank you, Sophie! I am actually the biggest fan of Harry’s debut and I think I might love that album even more than Fine Line! I highly recommend Golden, it is my favorite track from the album! 🙈
      Honestly, the twist in Love and Other Natural Disasters is so much fun! Typically, I don’t like when characters address tropes throughout the book, but in this case, it made the book quite funny and chaotic hahah.
      Thank you so much for reading & for your comment! Sorry I am a month late to getting back to you lol! 🤍

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  2. I hope you have a lovely trip, Lais ❤️ I definitely want to read ACE next year, I have heard such good things about it and feel like it’ll be a book that teaches me a lot! I also really want to read Like a Love Song, I was so excited for it to come out and it sounds like so much fun 🥰

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