what i’ve been watching recently #14

O da minha

Hello, friends!

It’s been a while since I last posted, but between my internship and uni, it’s been hard finding time and inspiration to blog. I hope you guys don’t mind me commenting on posts from a month ago, but I just now got around to reading them!

Despite that, I did find time to watch more than a couple shows. I am so glad because for a while there, I had literally nothing else to watch and it was making me sad, lol.


cinematic corner.: "The Crown" delivers its best season yet and introduces  the new generation to Lady Diana

I did it, friends! The whole time, my goal was to watch *this* season and I finally got around to it. It absolutely did not disappoint.

I think they actually did a good job providing an all-around perspective on the issues and not completely turn Charles into a villain. He still wasn’t likable and I did want to punch him in the face multiple times, but you also understood how his and Diana’s marriage was doomed to unhappiness from the beginning.

Diana was as lovely as ever and this season made me think a lot: about how much happier she could’ve been had she never gotten married, about the loneliness of being surrounded by people that didn’t care about her, and about how everyone in the world loved her and Charles never could.

Also: tolerate it by Taylor Swift never made as much sense as after watching this season.

LOVE 101 (S2)

☼ — brumarchesine: Love 101 (Aşk 101) : OT5 “We were...

I’ve talked about season one of this show before, but I was so happy they got a season 2! Love 101 is a Turkish drama and it’s honestly, found family *perfection*.

My favorite thing about this second season was how they developed specific tiers within the friend group. In Love 101, we follow five friends and we had mostly seen them interacting as a group, but this season, there was a lot of one-on-one interactions between Kerem x Sinan, Eda x Sinan, Kerem x Osman. I absolutely loved that!

It was also extremely emotional at times and seeing their future selves made my heart warm. I think it was a hopeful story overall, and while I was annoyed by the teachers’ plot line this time around, it did not taint the whole season for me at all!



Speaking of found families…

Y’all, I love this show. On My Block will forever be one of my favorite series of all times and finishing this season made me very nostalgic about the first couple.

I found this finale to be hilarious and emotional. They were able to balance very well the funny moments and give more of a protagonist role to the best characters – Ruby and Jamal -, while also concluding very well the more emotionally heavy plot lines (such as Cesar’s and Oscar’s).

While I was annoyed that we didn’t get as much of Jasmine and Ruby as I would’ve liked (!!), this season was still tons of fun and I was overall pretty happy with our official goodbye to these characters.



The way I will be suing if there’s not a third season of this show.

Diary of a Future President is FANTASTIC and this season made me even happier than the first! It also made me cry a lot more.

We saw Bobby fully coming into terms with his sexuality and I cried *so* much with this plot line, it’s not even funny. Gabi also had such a fantastic development and Elena’s friend group is absolutely God level tier perfection.

To me, this season really was able to further develop the characters and their dynamics while still being the light-hearted, responsible work that it’s been. Plus, I loved seeing more of adult Elena acting as her consciousness! I really hope we get a season 3 because so many things were left unanswered and I *NEED* answers!

What have you watched recently? Any shows I absolutely need to check out? If you watched any of these, let me know your thoughts!

9 comentários sobre “what i’ve been watching recently #14

  1. I hope everything is going well with your internship and Uni! ❤

    I haven’t seen any of these shows, but On My Block has been on my watchlist for some time now! I recently finished watching the third season of Sex Education, but right now I’m mostly watching some spooky shows/movies 👻


    • Thank you, Caro!!
      Hahah, totally get that, I am not one for spooky things, but I did finish One of Us is Lying recently, which was super fun. I hope you do check out On My Block – it’s one of my all time favorites and a really easy-to-watch show.
      Thank you so much for reading! 🤍

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  2. Lately I haven’t had much time to focus on tv shows (or reading, or sleeping, or doing anything that’s not working lol) but I really wish I could change that!! I’ve also recently watched season 2 of Diary of a Future President and really loved it, I’m so excited for more episodes! I really wanna watch new stuff, but at the same time I have so much to catch up with AND I wanna re-watch She-Ra and the Princesses of Power just to have a little bit of happiness :P

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    • Ha, same here! My only luck is that I have an hour long lunch break, so I can typically watch something while I have lunch, hahah. You absolutely should rewatch She-Ra! And I hope you have a good time doing so!
      I am always happy to see other people giving Diary of a Future President love. I really hope we get a season 3!
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Marta! 😊


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