monthly wrap up: august, ’20


Hello, friends!

I have been literally so busy the past few days, it’s been hard finding time to blog and draft posts. I really didn’t want to neglect my blog, but my mental health has also not been in the best spot, so we’re just winging it at this point. I hope I can go back to posting/commenting more regularly soon!


  1. I got my first dose of the vaccine! Because I’ve been working as a teacher since April, I was able to get my first dose earlier, which was a blessing. My second dose is this September and I’m counting down the days, really.
  2. I might have gotten a plane ticket to Edinburgh. LOL. This can possibly be a HUGE mistake, because I did spend over 500$ in it and I don’t even know how the traveling situation will look like in December (when I got my ticket for). Fingers crossed??? I won’t be going totally alone, instead, I’ll go with my godmother, but she doesn’t know English, so I’ll be responsible for everything, which is pretty scary lmao. Everything shall work out, though! If you have tips/advice, let me know!
  3. I’m now in a new internship! Yes, this does mean that I’ve been in three internships so far this year and we’re still just in August! If you think I’m incredibly stressed and overwhelmed and tired, you’d be correct! I cope so badly with changes and there’s been so many. I’m also now interning at an international school, so there’s a lot of new terminology to learn and it’s a completely new environment too. I’m trying my best, but for now just very stressed and exhausted😓



I was very excited for Like a Love Song, but ultimately, I found it to be a bit :/. The dialogues were quite unnatural and the protagonist’s arc didn’t make that much sense to me? Like, she ends the book saying she’s reconnected with her Brazilian roots, but she doesn’t do anything throughout the book to actually reconnect with her Brazilian roots? Except like not straightening her hair and calling her grandma once, which like LMAO. I am confusion.


Blackout was a very solid read! I love the idea of shorts stories during a blackout and it was very well executed. Nic Stone’s was my favorite (are we SURPRISED?), but I also loved Tiffany D. Jackson’s with amazing characters and Nicola Yoon’s fantastic writing.


You Asked for Perfect had wayyyyy too many Harry Potter references, it’s true. But I liked the writing so much, the friendships and family relationships were so pure, and despite dealing with anxiety, this book didn’t leave *me* more anxious, which hardly ever happens lmao.


I think like The Wicker King, which is K. Ancrum’s debut, Darling is going to be one of those books that will stay in my mind for a couple of weeks. There was a very disturbing twist I could’ve never seen coming, but I loved the dark atmosphere. I didn’t connect with any of the characters or liked the writing for this one as much for the author’s debut, but it was still a pretty solid thriller with fantastic Peter Pan vibes.


I had missed reading from a *really* good male narrator and The Disasters def delivered. The world building for this series was a bit confusing and the familiar conflict for the protagonist was a bit dumb, but I loved the protagonist *so* much and the banter/writing was A+.



Y’all!!!!!! Lorde released an album this month!!!!! It’s part of my September playlist though lol but this August I also listened to the best tracks from HSMTMTS, Inhaler’s new album and Lil Nas X, because how could I not.


I don’t have anything specific that I’m looking forward this September except I want to hopefully acclimate better to my new job, afford the trip’s expenses and also get some reading done in between all that hehe

Tell me how y’all are doing! What’s your favorite thing you’ve done this month? What are you up to? And what good books have you read in August? Anything I should know that’s coming out this September? Let’s chat!

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  1. Ahh have fun in Scotland! I’ve been wanting to travel to Scotland for a while, too! I hope getting your vaccine goes alright and you don’t have too many side effects! Luckily I managed to get by without any side effects aside from some slight soreness in my arm where I got vaccinated. I’ve really been wanting to read Darling, it sounds so cool! And I’ve heard it has a biromantic ace mc, like me, so that makes me even more excited for it.


    • Thank you, Becky! Thankfully, I also didn’t have any side effects during my second dose either, except a sore arm. I am so glad to see vaccination rates going up where I live and I hope this happens for all countries soon! Yesss, that’s true, I completely forgot to mention about the ace rep in Darling. It made me really happy to see, I hope you do enjoy that aspect of it whenever you pick it up!
      Thank you so much for reading & for all the kind wishes! ❤️

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    • Thank you, Tasya! Honestly, I’m being quite pessimistic about the trip at the moment hahah I think I wrote this when I was still feeling all excited about the possibility of it happening, but now it just looks like I’ll probably be losing my money which is NO BUENO hhahah but thanks for all the kind wishes nonetheless, I’ll try to keep a more positive attitude about it!
      Thanks for stopping by! 💕


  2. Oh yes EDINBURGH!! I’ve been getting a lot of super aesthetic videos with Edinburgh on Instagram and I have to say I fell in love. I’d love to visit it one day. I hope you’ll have a very enjoyable trip!!

    And I’m happy you enjoyed The Disasters. I read it last year and I think it’s one of the most funny and engaging books I’ve ever read. I agree with you that the world-building was confusing and the plot was predictable. But Nax and the cast of characters made everything so fun! And I actually enjoyed the presence of the love triangle. Maybe because I predicted who he was going to be with from the start and I was so excited to be right(the Taurus in me jumped out). And I love Rion so much, I don’t know why tho…

    I hope autumn will be nice to you and you’ll enjoy your job and the books you will be reading! (I also get change-anxiety, it’s horrible)


    • Same here! The Instagram/TikTok algorithm keeps pushing these videos to me and they make me more and more in love with the city!
      Exactlyyy! I had no idea this book was going to be this fun, I found myself laughing out loud by myself while listening to the audiobook hahah I liked the love triangle a lot as well, it was definitely not predictable and I think we need more love triangles with bisexual protagonists!
      Thank you so much! Yes, it is pretty horrible, and I hope to get acclimated soon!
      Thanks for your comment & for all your kind wishes, Daria! 😊

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  3. I’m so sorry your mental health isn’t in the best spot at the moment. I’m sending you best wishes and am always here if you need anything. Best of luck with the new internship, I hope it becomes less stressful as you settle into it. I’m not always the best with change either so I’m sorry, it must be a lot to deal with.
    Edinburgh sounds really exciting though. I hope you really enjoy it. As for travel tips… I think the only thing I ever do is make a list of all the things I need to be able to travel like passport, money, hotel info and then keep it all together and separate from clothes etc. because that is the thing I stress over the most. It is probably a really basic tip. Also, I think I tend to use google maps to mark places where I want to go so I can see how far everything is and in my head know how long it may take to get places. Sorry not the best tips but that’s all I’ve got 😅.
    I’m glad you enjoyed most of your reads this month. The disasters looks fun and I’m so glad you loved the protagonist. They can really make the book especially if there is loads of banter too. I’m definitely curious about you asked for perfect and darling too.
    I finally watched HSMTMTS, I love the song let you go too. My favourite. The show was fun and I loved the music and documentary aspect. I liked that it didn’t take itself too seriously but was still emotionally driven. I think season 1 was my favourite though but season 2 has its moments.
    Also love people watching by conan gray too (i related too much to the lyrics, lol)!!
    I hope you have a great September !! 💛💕💛

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    • Thank you so much, Sophie! It’s definitely been some of the hardest weeks I’ve had, but I know things will get better soon!
      Hahah, that’s absolutely fine! I am a pretty bad navigator, even with Google Maps, so I’m going to take as much help as I can get!
      Ahhh, I am so happy you’ve watched HSMTMTS! I love this show, even through its issues. Let You Go is so beautiful, I’ve been listening to it non-stop since it came out. I’m also a huge fan of Wondering. Do you have a favorite song from season 1’s soundtrack?
      Hahah, Conan Gray also has THE BEST lyrics!
      Thank you so much for all the kind wishes, Sophie & for your comment! 🤍

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      • Sending you good vibes 🥰
        haha when I went to Edinburgh I actually found it an easier place to navigate and when it doubt I just use the tour buses 🤣
        Ahh.. It is so fun. The lyrics to let you go are 🌟stunning🌟!! I loved all I want before I watched the show so that’s probably my favourite at the mo but I think it has an advantage. I love the born to be brave song on the show– the way it was shot and just the moment I loved. I need to check out more of the soundtrack as I’ve really only listened to let you go repeatedly 😂 wondering will be at the top of my list. I remember the scene and I liked it a lot though 😍
        He does!!


  4. Congrats on getting your first dose of the vaccine! Keeping my fingers crossed that your Edinburgh travel plans work out 🙏 Sending you good vibes for your internship, it sounds stressful to have so many changes ❤

    Happy to hear that you liked You Asked for Perfect, I loved the representation of academic anxiety! The Disasters is still on my TBR, so it’s great that you loved the protagonist so much! 🥰

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    • Thank you so much, Caro! It is pretty stressful and your good vibes are much appreciated!
      Same here, I think academic anxiety is something I want to read more of. It was very well done in this book imo, it could’ve gone quite dark, but it never did, however the author didn’t downplay the severity of the issue, which I think was a good balance!
      Thank you so much for stopping by! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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