what i’ve been watching recently #13

O da minha

Hello, friends!

After having two weeks of job vacation, I was able to watch a lot of shows. Some, I had been following for a few months now, while others I just binged in one afternoon because I couldn’t stop myself.




Did I understand a single thing that happened in this show? No. Did I still love it? Yes.

LOKI was just a wild freaking ride. Again, I found the plot to be extremely confusing and I still stand by the fact that MARVEL writers have no understanding of the concept of *time*. Like, it’s not that hard folks. They also don’t know how to write romantic relationships and then get surprised that everyone ships the platonic relationships. It’s a mess, really.

But I adored Loki in here. While I don’t find that every single villain needs to be given a redemption arc in order for them to be likable, I think they were able to give Loki development but also keep his narcissistic tendencies and backstabbing habits. The dialogues are also hilarious and the supporting characters were all so great!



I talked about season one of Never Have I Ever in the blog before, and while I enjoyed it, it was never a show I thought much about. I still wanted to watch season two and I feel like this one really blew me away!

The dialogues are genuinely funny, and the acting has improved a ton! I feel like this is one of the best love triangles I’ve ever came across because I *genuinely* can not tell you which one I’d prefer for her to end up with. Also, Devi is such a fantastic protagonist. She’s so chaotic and hilarious, and yes annoying, but fantastic nonetheless.

I really enjoyed all the episodes and the side characters’ plotlines as well – Devi’s mom dealing with her grief and entering a new relationship, Kamala being a woman in STEM, Fabiola figuring out what queerness means to her. Even Paxton had a great development this season and his episode, with Gigi Hadid’s narration, was something amazing I never knew I needed.


It breaks my heart to say this, but unfortunately, I didn’t like this season as much as I liked season 1. I was anticipating this one so much, as I consider HSMTMTS to be one of my favorite comfort shows.

I think that there was a lot of production value for the scenes and songs, but not the same effort was put into giving every single character a satisfying arc. Overall, there were way too many characters and not enough time to develop all of them.

Also: why did they barely sing any High School Musical songs? Ugh.

I did enjoy a few things: some songs were amazing, I was so happy to see Portwell thriving and episode 5 made me cry like a baby. I don’t know if they’ll be returning for a S3 (fingers crossed?), but I hope they know to keep their focus for the following season. (And don’t try to make Ricky/Lily happen, pls).


This was another season that didn’t not give as much as I wanted it to give.

There simply was not enough plot for ten episodes. The main plot had been resolved by episode 6, meaning that they had to add an entire different plotline by the 70% mark that was not interesting enough. They could’ve really done something amazing, by touching on transgenerational trauma, but they never really went as deep as they needed to in order to really make a statement.

As much as I enjoyed the new characters, I did find there were one too many conveniences and inconveniences to the plot that felt *so* forced, clearly to put the characters where they needed to be or not.

Also: can we please stop trying to make Kiara/JJ happen when Kiara is so clearly a lesbian? Lmao. I can’t.

Let me know if you’ve watched any of these and what are your thoughts on them!

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  1. This season of Never Have I Ever was amazing!! I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I have and it took an unexpectedly good direction with a lot of interesting and important topics handled. I have yet to see Loki and Outer Banks but have only heard great thing. Wonderful post! 💕


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