five fictional friend groups i want to be a part of

Hello, friends!

To be honest, it’s been a while since I last sat down to blog. All the previous post had been scheduled for a while now and it’s a good feeling to sit down and finally draft a post. This one comes out the week I’m writing it, so it’s pretty up to date.

Recently, I’ve been enjoying my job winter break, but I still have uni classes to attend (virtually, of course). I’ve been watching a ton of NETFLIX (rewatching Julie and the Phantoms as I write this) and reading a lot too. Overall, it’s been a great week.

But that’s not what this post is about. I wanted to write about my favorite friend groups because that is something I always want to read more of. I *love* reading about friendships and watching iconic friends on screen too. Friendships > romance. It is what it is.


49399658Ok, it is true that I didn’t love this book, but the friend group here is ICONIC.

These girls are so chaotic and so supportive of Karina the whole time. Sometimes, it’s almost overwhelming. I respect that so much, because I was definitely that friend back in high school: the one to be sending messages SENT US SCREENSHOTS every time one of their friends was trying to talk to a guy.

They were so hilarious and yet, also knew when to be serious and be there for their friend during the hard moments too. Basically: they’re the type of girl friend group I want to see more of.


They’re an icon, a legend and they’re the moment.

Look, Meg and Apollo (Lester) are the best part of this whole series. The combination of Meg’s sass and Lester’s cluelessness is a perfect entertainment recipe.

Also, their growth??? How much they grow to care and understand and love each other, and just be able to read each other’s thoughts every single time?

Ugh, I’m obsessed. I want to be them SO bad.


27779275Imagine you just started at a new school and someone invites you to hang out with them and they already turn out to be the coolest friend group ever? Ugh, I wish.

I was obsessed with the friends dynamic from This Adventure Ends. The characters are all so unique and fleshed out on their own: Sloane being reluctant sharing her interests, Vera being charismatic and loud and so protective, and Gabe being the quiet one who loves fiercely. Aubrey, Frank and Remy were also equally iconic and brought great drama and A+ one-liners.

Not only that, but their dynamic as friends is exactly what I’d expect from teenagers and Emma Mills definitely nailed the realism in this one.


Alice Oseman on Twitter: ""hey alice what do the Radio Silence gang do  after the book ends!!??!?!!!" idk pal i guess they're all thriving and have  great hair…"My two favorite people to exist. Or should I say my two favorite fictional characters. Cause, sadly, these two are not real.

Their friend group does expand throughout the book, but it all started out with them, after all.

Aled and Frances have the best platonic relationship I ever read. My heart aches with just how much these characters love each other. How much they can *see* through each other. How much they can be themselves around each other.

What I’d do to have a friend like that, seriously.


53284187. sy475 This friend group gives me *major* On My Block vibes and if you know me at all, then you know how that makes me feel.

As much as I can say how much I love these other friendships I mentioned here, it hits different when you find a friend group you can *see* yourself in. And that’s who these people are: the chaotic, amazing and supportive Latinx friend group of my dreams.

Jules crafts a family for himself – a family that is not perfect (no family ever is), but that loves him through all things. Jordan, Rolie, Itzel, Lou, Piña: they’re all so freaking amazing and saying goodbye to them and realizing they weren’t an actual friend group I could hang out with anymore by the time I finished  the book made me actually tear up.

What is your favorite fictional friend group? If you could send apps to join, which one would you choose?

7 comentários sobre “five fictional friend groups i want to be a part of

  1. ahh this is such a great post Lais, it made me emotional because ugh. friendships are awesome 🥺🥰 i’m glad to hear that you’ve been having a great week, and omg now i wanna rewatch JATP too bc i miss all the characters sm 👀 hope you’re enjoying your rewatch hehe!!

    i really liked Karina’s friendship in CDWY too, they were so chaotic and funny and supportive hahaha. and i haven’t thought about This Adventure Ends in *forever* but you just reminded me of how much i love Emma Mills’ writing and her ability to write amazing, realistic teenager friendships :)) also now i’m even more excited to read Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun – that friend group sounds simply wonderful 🥺

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  2. I love this post idea Lais! Glad you’ve been enjoying your job winter break and hehe yes southern hemisphere gang :)) ahh I haven’t come across any of these except trials of apollo but friendships make me feel things and they can be just as powerful as relationships.


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