what i’ve been watching recently #12

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Hello, everyone!

It’s that time again: the one when I’ve finally watched enough shows to share my opinions on. There’s a lot more coming out in the next couple months, so definitely expect a follow-up to this one soon!



This show is just so entertaining, it’s pretty much impossible not to finish it in one sitting.

I do admit this second season had even more elements that felt too convenient, the first episode was very slow and they do sometimes overexplain a lot, but I still found it a lot of fun. More and more, I grow to love Assane as a character and I also loved how this season allowed us to see more of Ben, his best friend.

One thing I didn’t like was the romance, especially because it wasn’t the one romance I was rooting for, but oh well. Apparently, a season 3 is coming out, and I don’t know how necessary that will be either, but I can already anticipate it will be very entertaining.



Ok, full disclosure: I didn’t watch *all* of both seasons, because uh hi I’m Lais and I don’t give a shit about prime-ministers.

I started watching The Crown after watching a doc series on the Royal family and feeling like everything would be more interesting if I could watch a dramatized version of those events. Then, I remembered that The Crown existed. I also had a friend show me a fan edit of Princess Diana and Charles to tolerate it, by Taylor Swift and that successfully convinced me to watch it.

Instead of skipping ahead to season 4, I decided I needed some context, so I watched seasons one and two. I did skip around and only watched the scenes of the royal family, but they were interesting. The pacing of the show is *very* slow, but the production value and the dialogues make it worth watching after all.


Yes, I watched it. Yes, I hated it.

Ok, hated is a strong word. I went into it with low expectations, because some of my favorite characters were not returning for this season, so it’s not even like I was disappointed. Still, there was so much development from previous seasons that was just ignored here, especially when it comes to Guzmán, also known as my favorite character.

I didn’t care that much for the new characters and was annoyed at how the main plotline was so cliché and seen numerous times before. I did love the amount of angst we had between Ander and Omar and Samu looked the hottest he’d ever looked, but those were the only two things this season really had going for it.

To be honest, I don’t know if I’ll be watching any upcoming seasons, as I’m scared they will ruin further my favorite characters (Rebe, Omar and Samu).



I imagine that if you’re active at all on Tumblr, you’ve heard of Young Royals. It is a NETFLIX Swedish original and it’s compared a lot to Red, White and Royal Blue as it follows a young prince figuring out his sexuality.

I was initially excited about the show, but I think the high quickly wore off. I really appreciated the fact they casted age-appropriate actors and the main relationship was adorable, but apart from that, there was nothing really that was interesting?

I found the side characters to be annoying at worst, forgettable at best. I also hated the fact there is an outing plotline as well as how little support one of the characters had after deciding not to come out. This is your friendly reminder that people don’t need to be out to have their sexuality be valid and they don’t need to be out to simply satisfy their partners. Let people choose the moment when they come out and not be considered bad because of it.

If you’ve watched any of these, let me know your thoughts! What shows are you currently watching? Which ones are in your to-watch list?

9 comentários sobre “what i’ve been watching recently #12

  1. I’m high key scared for Elite since many characters didn’t return this season, which is why I haven’t watch it. Now I’m even more scared because a lot of people seemed to hate it?? Apparently Guzman character development went down the drain, THE break up happened, and we got ANOTHER Omander cheating plot?? What a mess. I miss them but I don’t think I’ll watch this season 💀

    I have Young Royals on my watch list! It sounds really fun but I’m also worried since the novelty could wore off quickly (like with The Royals…)

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    • yessss, that’s pretty much it hahah i hated what they did with guzman this season, it was so frustrating to watch. i honestly wouldn’t recommend it, it’s better to keep the ending of s3 in your mind hahah

      i think young royals it’s still worth watching, since it is so short – only 6 episodes. i’d love to hear your thoughts on it if you ever watch it!

      thank you so much for reading, tasya! 😊


  2. I’ve been watching The Crown recently as well and I’m really enjoying it! It’s definitely taking me a while to get through it and it’s not one I could ever binge but it’s still great. I kind of don’t want to get past season 2 though because I love the current cast and don’t want a new one!


  3. I just finished Young Royals recently and I was also a bit disappointed! There was great potential, but for some reason I kept getting more and more annoyed with some characters the longer the show went on 😅 I think I’d still watch a second season though, that ending was not satisfying :(

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    • ugh, the side characters really were insufferable! i’m glad the show wasn’t super long, otherwise i’d have most definitely gave up on it, hahah.
      same, i do think i’d be willing to watch a season two, but i don’t know how likely it is to happen, sadly.
      thank you so much for reading, caro & for sharing your thoughts! ❤️❤️❤️

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