a meta discussion on blogging (& me simping for percy jackson)


Hello, friends!

Today’s post is going to be a bit of a lenghty discussion, mostly on blogging. I was nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award by Belle (thank you very much!) and I thought answering her questions in this format would be fun.


One challenge you faced while blogging?

IMG_6225I think the biggest one is finding a schedule. I’ve been *a lot* better at it this year, but every time I get slightly more busy, my blogging takes the back burden and I turn behind on blog hopping and answering to comments. Then, I get incredibly overwhelmed and take even longer to get back. It’s a pretty bad cycle. I hope by being consistent, I’ll also find time to do so when I’m busy, so I don’t get into the same old toxic routine.

Another challenge I’ll say I’ve faced is the fact I’m not in social media that much. I tried bookstagram but really didn’t like it, I also *hate* Twitter and overall social media makes me anxious. I like consuming content there, but I hate being the one creating it. Because of that, I know my blogging growth has taken a lot longer, since I know how much being active on social media can boost your engagement. But I think slower growth is a sacrifice I’m willing to make for my blog in the name of my mental health.

I’d also like to add that recently WordPress has been my biggest source of stress. I feel no motivation to draft posts because I hate the block editor and I’m also constantly redirected to this wp-admin page that makes all my images look wonky and I can’t stop it from automatically sending me there. Now, I have to mentally prepare myself to have at least five mental breakdowns while doing anything in this website and it’s definitely not encouraging.

Inspiration behind my blog’s name?

Literally, none at all? Lmao. I wanted a name and I liked the idea of “bookish” ____ (enter word here). As someone who loves taking sunset pictures, I thought “sky” would be cute, and easy to build an aesthetic from (related to clouds, sun, the weather, etc). It’s probably not gramatically accurate, but that’s already my brand anyway, so it doesn’t really matter, lol.

How long I’ve been blogging?

Going on 3 years this December! Yohoo!


How has reading impacted your life?

IMG_5872Obviously, reading has led me to create this blog, which is something I mention in every single job interview I’ve done so far, lol. Ever since I saw Xandra mentioning she’d added her blog in her CV, I realized how smart that actually was, especially for me, as it shows my English skills pretty well.

On top of that, I think reading just makes me happy. Everyone has something different that they do on their own that makes them happy – doodling, makeup, yoga, or just listening to music really loudly, taking a long bus ride, people-watching and noticing small things in life. When I think about what makes me happy, reading is literally all that comes to mind.

When I got the opportunity for my current job, I was excited, but also sad cause I knew I wouldn’t have as much time to read and I like too much the person I am when I’m reading.

A book that reminds me of my past?

As someone who grew up reading, there are a lot of books that I associate with my childhood and preteen years. But I’m still attached to most of them (cof cof Percy Jackson), so a book that reminds me of my past and that I no longer really think about that much would be The Hunger Games trilogy.

I had a lot of fun reading those books as a kid (I literally read them when I was 11, which was probably not age-appropriately at all) and I remember watching every single movie on release day with my family. I also had a Tumblr around that time and was active on the fandom, which was very exciting (still remember watching the 1st movie premiere in a low-quality livestream and talking about it with my tumblr friends lol).

Predict a 5 star read

IMG_5867I have to be honest, I don’t have a lot of 5-star-reads in my radar at the moment. I do think it’s very likely I’ll end up loving An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green, simply because everyone I know loves this book, and I do think the comentary on internet and social media will blow my mind.

If you could live a character life for one day, who would it be?

Anyone in the Percy Jackson franchise. Because they get to interact with Percy and I consider that a win.


One thing you want to achieve in 2021? / Country I want to visit post COVID.

I mentioned this in my goals post about how I wanted to visit Edinburgh by the end of the year, so Scotland is at the top of the list of places I want to visit post COVID. I don’t know if I will be achieveing this goal, because realistically, I am a broke university student with currently 100R$ in my bank account, but one can dream, right?

Use three words to describe yourself.

I’d rather choose three Sims traits to describe myself. Creative, Loner and Bookworm.

I can also describe myself using three songs. Ribs, by Lorde. Meet Me in the Hallway, by Harry Styles. Everybody’s Changing, by Keane.

But three words? Uh, not sure, lol.

Let me know in the comments some answers to these questions: what’s one thing you want to achieve in 2021? And which fictional character you would like to live as for one day? Also: if you have a blogging schedule, what’s your secret? (pls help)

10 comentários sobre “a meta discussion on blogging (& me simping for percy jackson)

  1. Ahh I’d love to visit Scotland as well!! Haha I don’t have a blogging schedule. I tried a schedule and found myself burning out so I don’t do that now. I blog more like, has it been six days since the last post? Then it’s time to make a new one😅😅 and I’ve got a book where i write down all the random post ideas that come to my head, so that I wouldn’t run out of ideas😂. haha I read both The Hunger Games and PJO pretty late (I was around thirteen???)

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • Hahah, I get that! I like having a schedule, though, I think it helps me to be more productive.
      Yes, writing down ideas is super helpful, and lately I’ve had a lot of them, just not enough tiem to actually sit down and write the posts, lol.
      Thank you so much for reading, Jan! 😊

      Curtido por 1 pessoa

  2. i really want to visit scotland too but considering the situation, going to europe will be a far distant future. unpopular opinion: I actually like the block editor ahahah. it gave the structure of my blog posts so far but there are times where the inflexibility irks me.

    wonderful post, lais! so glad you did the tag!

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • Yes, I have hopes that things will perk up soon, but I don’t really think it will happen as soon as I want them too, hahah.
      Ohhh, I wishhhh. I am very reluctant to changes, which is why I already side-eyed the block editor as soon as I learned about it. I wish the possibility of using it or not was still around :(
      Thank you so much, Belle! And thank for tagging me ofc! 🤍

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