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Hello, friends!

For 2021, I really want to make an effort to tackle my TBR and finally pick up some of the more intimidating books I have there, also known as books outside of my comfort zone. I tend to read mostly for comfort, and I still intend on doing that, but I think it can be interesting every once in a while pick up a book that I wouldn’t normally.

That’s why I decided this year to take part in the Out of Comfort Zone Challenge, created by Caro @ Book Cheshire Cat.

L2_ TravelerLike the name suggests, the challenge is all about reading books outside of your favorite/go-to genre, mine being YA contemporaries. You have a few levels you can choose, depending on how many books you want to read for the challenge, and I thought 10 would be a good one, meaning I’ll aim for the Traveler level.

There’s also a bingo board, and I haven’t decided yet how I’ll do it, I think I’ll share it only on my wrap-up, as my TBR can change throughout the year.

For now, though, I do have a selection of books I’d like to get to to complete the challenge:

SKY IN THE DEEP. This book has been on my TBR for a really long time and it is a viking-inspired fantasy, which is what I’m most intrigued about.

THESE VIOLENT DELIGHTS. This one was in EVERYONE’s list of favorites of 2020, and I have high expectations. I do love Romeo & Juliet, and most people I talked about said the fantasy was not super complicated, so hopefully I’ll fly through it and love as much as everyone else.

THE SUN DOWN MOTEL. Me after reading one (1) thriller: I can handle this! Let’s read one more! But in all seriousness, this one was a recommendation that made me intrigued, as it follows two timelines (which I love) and is set in a creepy motel.

THE INVISIBLE LIFE OF ADDIE LARUE. Another one that everyone and their moms loved and said they cried over. I’ve only read one other book by V.E. Schwab before, so I don’t know entirely what to expect, except that it will probably be slow at first.

THE BEAUTY OF THE WOLF. This book’s average rating on Goodreads doesn’t make me hopeful I’ll love it, but I am so intrigued about the idea of a gender-bent re-telling of Beauty & the Beast. It is adult fantasy, though, so definitely out of my realm here.

HILLBILLY ELEGY. Non-fictions are not entirely out of my comfort zone, but I know this is darker than any of the ones I’ve read before. It’s been turned into a movie, but I want to read the book first!

Of course I do plan on reading more, but for now, these are at the top of my TBR anyway, so I hope that the challenge motivates me to finally get to them. Let me know in the comments what’s your go-to genre and if you read any of these books!

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  1. My go-to genre is definitely Contemporary. I pick up some fantasies every once and again but I never read Sci-fis or Historical Fiction or any books for the Adult section. So I am trying to broaden my scope so let’s see how that goes.
    Everyone has been talking about These Violent Delights and The Invisible Life and Addie Larue so I have been wondering if I should read them.
    Great Post

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    • Yeah, I am definitely excited to see my end of the year results and see if my overall rating of the books I read was affected by me reading more outside of my comfort zone. Maybe there are other genres out there that I love and haven’t just found out about yet, hahah.
      I hope you enjoy them if you ever decide to read them as well! Thanks for stopping by, Kayla! 💕

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  2. This sounds like a great challenge!!! I don’t think I’m joining any *big* challenge in 2021, because I tried last year and it didn’t really work out for me, but I do have goals I want to accomplish, and I’m also gonna tackle my TBR (and try to read at least 50% of it). I hope this works out for you!! I really enjoyed Addie LaRue, though it wasn’t quite a favourite, but These Violent Delights was absolutely amazing, and I can’t for you to read it!! Good luck <3


  3. oohhh this looks like such a cool challenge, and i hope you enjoy all of these books Lais!! my favorite/go-to genre is also YA contemporary haha, but i’ve been reading a lot of fantasy as well. i don’t really read outside of the contemporary and fantasy genres tbh and kinda don’t want to atm, bc i just wanna read books that i’m used to and know i enjoy hehe. kudos to you for doing this challenge though!! and i really hope that you love These Violent Delights and Addie LaRue as much as i did 💛 i read both in January and they both blew my mind in the best way 🤯

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    • Thanks, Dezzy!
      Yay, I am so excited to see how I feel about both of these books, they’re very hyped and I hope to feel the same as most people do about them.
      I totally get that! I probably wouldn’t have joined this challenge last year either because I was in a similar mindset of just wanting to stick to what I know. But because I read so much last year and had a meh reading year, I wonder what changing some of what I typically read will do for my stats!
      Thank you so much for reading & for your comment! 😌😌😌

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  4. Good luck with this (: I want to branch out into reading other genres a bit more eventually but atm I’m pushing myself to read my most anticipated reads as for some reason I convinced myself I wouldn’t enjoy them and kept putting them off 😐 one of them was Addie LaRue and I adored it. It was such a beautiful story so I hope that you love it when you do read it.
    Thank you for bringing a Beauty & The Beast retelling that I was unaware of to my attention too.
    Ooh and I think Riveted Lit has These Violent Delights as a free read this month 😁
    Anyway I hope you enjoy these and good luck with the challenge.


  5. Slowly catching up on my fave so I’ll keep this short and just say that I hope you have fun and get to all of these ones!! Especially hope you love These Violent Delights hehe and I also need to get to Addie (hope I love it). Sending all the love your way <3<3<3


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