the julie and the phantoms book tag! (original)


Hello, friends!

This is my first time ever writing an original tag, which is super daunting, but I hope you guys like it!

Julie and the Phantoms was one of my 2020 saving graces and I was so obsessed with it, I watched it numerous times. So I decided to come up with a book tag inspired on the show (you don’t have to have watched it, in order to answer the tag btw!)

Also, I know Peyton Reads already came up with a JATP Book Tag, and while I definitely encourage you to check hers out, mine is quite different and we didn’t follow the same concepts or had similar questions, so I didn’t think it would be a big deal to share mine too.

As always, if you decide to answer it, please credit me (also so I can check everyone’s answers for my tag, hehe!) And feel free to use the graphics if you want to!


27779275I really did love Sloane, from This Adventure Ends. So many things about this book were amazing, but I really liked how all the characters felt so *real*. Sloane was straightforward and honest, but also had a hard time letting people in. I also related to the way she felt like she had to tone down her obsessions so she wouldn’t come across as “annoying”, and how she never set expectations too high so she wouldn’t get disappointed. Sloane was a really complex character and I really liked and related with her.


15724396I’d argue that Magnus’ is really iconic. This ain’t a spoiler, by the way: Magnus story only starts because he dies, lol. It’s a whole thing, and you’ll have to read to understand. BUT, I was thinking recently about how many memorable and iconic things the Magnus Chase trilogy gave us and how much I want Rick to release more books in this universe because I love everything about it too much.

a book that introduced you to reading_a book that introduced you to your current favorite genre

“Yeah, Luke introduced you to rock” is literally a quote from JATP that makes me go feral no cap.


16068905Considering I’ve been kind of a reader my whole life, there wasn’t necessarily one book that “introduced me to reading”. But the Percy Jackson books introduced me to book fandom, so there’s that.

As for contemporaries, I believe the first YA contemporary I read when I was in a biiiiiig fantasy mood was probably Fangirl. At the time, I was mostly reading fantasy/dystopian but I saw someone recommending this book and while it was pretty different to what I typically read, it was so fun I ended up picking several other books like this and here we are now.


12000020Of course I’d have to say Ari & Dante. I really hope that this is a book people remember me for. In fact, recently, I got a message from a friend of mine from high school and we lost contact, but he told me that he remembered about Ari & Dante and immediately thought of me! I love that it is my legacy.

But also Maze Runner. Every single time one of the movies is on TV, my parents remember of me, and I feel happy knowing that they know it’s my favorite thing ever.


32768522Not me wanting to answer Percy Jackson AGAIN.

But, literally though? Absolutely 10/10 my emotional support character, wouldn’t have survived without him.

Also Simon Snow from Carry On. I love Baz (even named my phone after him, funnily enough), but Simon Snow is just a child I must protect at all costs and who also gives me so much *light*.


As a disclaimer: this question is basically for you to talk about what kind of villain you think you’d be. A super sofisticated one? Or the one that lives underground and talks to no one?

23437156I’d probably have like an evil lore behind a bookstore where I’d hide the bodies. Mysterious and quiet. Would only wear capes and gloves. Never makes eye contact, can disappear in the shadows, etc. Kinda like Kaz Brekker/Inej Ghafa’s love child but villain version.


44019067. sy475 I have to shoutout The Bromance Book Club. Like I talked about in my best reads of 2020, this book was as fantastic as it was because the banter between the members of the book club is hilarious. Even if the rest of the books in this series don’t appeal to me as much plot-wise, I still think about picking them up just because I know how hysterical and laugh-out-loud funny the scenes with the bromance book club are. I’m not one to read out loud with books, but it was impossible not to do so with this one.


52822210I am not trying to cause controversy by using the word underhyped here, but I haven’t seen as many people I thought talking about Concrete Rose. Considering THUG’s hype, I’m surprised to haven’t seen this book in many 2021 releases and I’m dying of excitement for it.

53240811I also haven’t seen many people talking about This Will Be Funny Someday, and as a Katie Henry stan, I am also *super* hyped. This one is about a girl who is into stand up comedy, and ends up lying to her group of friends that she’s in college when she’s actually a high schooler. *Chaos ensues*.


49867239I think Charming as a Verb is a good example of a book that was able to work through a very popular trope really well.

In this one, we have our protagonist Halti feeling pressured to go to Columbia as it is his father’s dream. Even though the whole “no, dad, this is your dream” thing is suuuuper present in a lot of teenage fiction, I think the author was able to add a new layer by having Halti’s parents being Haitian immigrants, who had a lot of expectations around the “American dream”, that sadly never came true for them, making them project said expectations onto Halti and his potential.

It showed that, for a lot of immigrant kids, their parents dreams also do become their dreams in a sense, in hopes to make them proud and finally achieve what they were reaching for when they moved. It definitely made the conversation deeper and proved to me there’s still a lot of room for these clichés to be done, if done well.


50027029. sy475 It’s been forever since I last read a real slowburn romance, but Naomi and Nicholas definitely took their tiiiiiime in You Deserve Each Other.

I can’t complain, though! Their tension was the best part of the book by far! While I am not typically a fan of slow burn, I think it worked for this one so that we could root more for the characters and also so the author could have more time to develop them individually. It definitely felt like a reward when they got together!


1840686217347389Both of these characters are by Maggie Stiefvater, so I don’t know if she’s already given her perspective in this, but like:

Cole and Ronan. (Cole from The Wolves of Mercy Falls, Ronan from The Raven Cycle)

In my mind, they’d either love or hate each other. I can definitely see them being friends, with Cole finding Ronan’s snapping funny, and Ronan thinking Cole is an annoying show-off, but ultimately being friends?

Their banter would also be immaculate. Can Maggie Stiefvater write this crossover already?


30319086. sy475 I didn’t think I had the mental capacity to finish If We Were Villains, but guess what: I did and I even liked it?????

I may have brain cells???? Who could’ve thought.

Not me, tbh.

That’s it, friends! I will be tagging Marta, Lauren, Fiction Fixer and Dezzy (don’t feel pressured to answer it, though!) If you decide to answer it, please tag me so I can see it! And also let me know in the comments a book you didn’t think you’d be able to finish and your villain aesthetic!

29 comentários sobre “the julie and the phantoms book tag! (original)

  1. thanks so much for tagging me, Lais! JATP is such an incredible show and i’ve had so much fun talking about it with you, hehe 💓 i definitely agree that Sloane is a relatable character, and omg i’d almost forgotten how the Magnus Chase series started with Magnus’ death HAHA,, how iconic. also you got me v curious about If We Were Villains now 👀 so excited to do this tag!

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    • Yayy, I am super curious to read your answers to the tag whenever you get around to it, Dezzy!
      Hahah, it’s indeed iconic, it’s not always that a death kicks off a character’s journey instead of finishing it, lol.
      Thank you so much for reading, Dezzy! And thanks for allowing me to fangirl about JATP heheh

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  2. Ohh I LOVE this original Tag – the questions and graphics are all so lovely!! ❤ I loved watching Julie and the Phantoms, so I’d love to do the Tag sometime 🥰 The beginning of the Magnus Chase Trilogy was truly iconic, you don’t have it often that the main character dies in the very beginning 😄

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  3. I SO want to watch JATP. As I don’t have my own netflix account so I only watch it with someone else so maybe I will have convince my mum to watch it. She does like music soo… and this tag is SO great. I love the prompts and the header titles (the polaroid’s and purple details are so cute, i love it *so* much)
    Honestly the way you have described Sloane has made me already convinced that I’m going to love her. I love honest characters who have a hard time letting people in so I will have to read that book. Especially as I’ve been meaning to read an Emma Mills books for what feels like forever haha.
    I definitely think of you when I see Aristotle and Dante mentioned, haha !!
    Mysterious and quiet villains are always the ones that win ahah. I love this question. I don’t know what type of villain I would be, maybe one who thinks they are handling it all but I’m really just crying about everything !! Or someone who is too stubborn to let things go (but I’m working on it)
    I read Ben Philippe’s first book, the field guide to the north american teenager and I loved the main character so much. His voice was great, I just didn’t like the rest of the characters in the book but it did make me want to continue to check out their books I’m glad to hear you enjoyed Charming As a Verb, it sounds like a good book.
    Again, wonderful tag and I loved reading your responses. I will definitely add it onto my list to do as well. 💕

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    • I think it’s the cutest show to watch with family, I hope you enjoy it if you ever get around to it!
      Thank you so much! (I don’t love the headers, but it was the best I could get, hahah, it means a lot that you still liked them!)
      I think you’ll really like Emma Mills’ books, all of her characters are really well-written and easy to relate with! I hope you enjoy it!
      Hahahah, the villain aesthetic one was definitely a hard one even for me to come up with an answer! But stubbornness is definitely a good villain trait!
      Ahh, I am so glad you enjoyed The Field Guide to the North American Teenager, I really want to check it out!
      Thank you soooo much for reading, Sophie! And thanks for the comment! 😊

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  4. LAIS OMG- I’m currently obsessed with JATP! I love the characters so much, and I’ve had the songs on repeat for the past two weeks. This tag came at the perfect time!! I’m definitely going to do it! :))
    Also, I completely agree with the urge to just put Percy Jackson for everything LMAO it’s a real struggle not to!
    Love this post so much- congrats on your first original tag!

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    • YAYYYY!!! I am so happy to hear when people tell me they’re watching JATP, it’s just such a good and happy show, it’s impossible not to feel good when watching it, hahah.
      It is!!! That’s why I struggle with tags sometimes, because I’m like…. Percy would literally fit every prompt, hahah.
      Thank you so much, Adiit! I’ll be looking forward to red your answers! 😊

      Curtido por 1 pessoa

      • Exactly!! <333
        Of course!
        Also random thought but every time when Luke and Reggie sing together at one mic and were staring into each others eyes SLKDFJDLKS they really do have so much chemistry!!


  5. I DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE YOU HAD TAGGED ME BUT I WAS PREPARED TO COMMENT THAT I WAS SO GONNA ANSWER IT!! Thank you so much for tagging me, though 🥺 Julie and the Phantoms was also such a big highlight of the crappy year that was 2020, and I’m *still* listening to its soundtrack, though it’s been weeks (months? what even is time?) since I watched it!!! And the tag is amazing!! 💖💖


  6. This series honestly saved my life and I love it so much!! It’s such a wonderful tag to do! 💕I’m OBSESSED with these characters and I listen to the soundtrack daily and praying for a season 2! 🥰


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