what i’ve been watching recently #8

O da minha

Hello, friends!

Here’s me, again, talking about all the things I watched recently. I was supposed to have watched a completely different list of shows, but I decided not to keep a “to-watch” list and just go with the flow, so this is probably more of the same, but it makes me happy, soooo…


I’ve watched this show twice in less than a week. I’m simply so obsessed it’s embarrassing.

When I watched the trailer, I told myself I was not going to like it and there was no point in watching it. Julie and the Phantoms is inspired by a Brazilian Nickelodeon show that I used to watch as a kid, but it was very different aesthetically-wise and I was just?? What’s the point if the whole cast looks like they came out of Outer Banks and are not even goths?

But I was feeling bad as one does around their birthdays so I watched the whole thing, and then rewatched it again on my actual birthday. It’s just *the best*.

Julie and the Phantoms is just pure joy in 9 episodes. It’s wholesome, adorable and the soundtrack is uplifting and precious. It just shows how toxic masculinity, unnecessary competition and jealousy to cause drama are not necessary tropes for YA fiction to survive. I loved pretty much all the characters and have listened to the soundtrack nonstop for the past weeks. Love that for me.


Emily em Paris": 7 curiosidades sobre a série da Netflix - Purebreak

Are you happy to be in Paris? Oui.

It’s hilarious to me that this show turned out to be “controversial” because of the European stereotypes. *laughs in Brazilian*. As if Latinx/South-American stereotypes haven’t existed in media for years, been incredibly more harmful and haven’t had at all the same amount of backlash. But I guess mocking third world countries is acceptable, just not colonizers. Anyways.

My thoughts on Emily in Paris can be summed up in:

  • Americans are annoying. We been knew.
  • French people are also annoying. Again, we been knew.
  • To be a white skinny attractive girl in Paris equals getting a new love interest every day.
  • Eiffel Tower can be a sexual position?
  • And the show would’ve been INFINITELY better had it been gay. (Camille x Emily > anyone else).


Look, I know this show is trash, ok. It honestly gets worse by the minute, and I don’t think I’ll be continuing watching after this season. The fact I’ve gotten this far is quite impressive, actually.

This season wasn’t all bad, to be honest. I cried during the entire first episode and episodes 13 through 15 left me absolutely hooked and I almost missed class one day because I couldn’t stop watching, lol. But that was pretty much it, though.

I hate how Riverdale is just incapable of developing more than a relationship at once, meaning that if we see the romantic relationships, the friendships and familiar relationships are completely forgotten. The writing is just as nonsensical as it’s ever been, but topped with the problematic representation and the lack of FP Jones in general, this is definitely my least favorite season and also my official goodbye to the show.




I cried watching the trailer, which I think says enough about how excited I was to watch this. I’ve been to NYC twice, both times around Christmas, so seeing all the different buildings and their Christmas decorations and the overwhelming Christmas soundtrack made me SO nostalgic.

Is this show perfect? Absolutely not. The ending is anti-climatic, it seems to have been directed by a different person in every episode and some are not really good, it’s quite slow and the characters are the epitome of “not like other kids”.

But this show captured my aesthetic perfectly: Christmas lights and Christmas songs, New York City, being an outsider/weird/a loner, bookstores and notebooks, pizza, even the JONAS BROTHERS. This was art, I was happy AF watching it and I highly recommend it to put you in the Christmas spirit.

What have you guys been watching recently? Any new favorites? If you’ve watched Julie and the Phantoms, let me know your favorite character & song!

17 comentários sobre “what i’ve been watching recently #8

  1. fictionfixerreads 18 de novembro de 2020 / 12:17

    OMG YES. JATP is an absolute delight!!! I was so glad too, that the show’s conflicts ARE conflicts based on actual plot beats and not stupid melodrama. It’s great.

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    • Lais @ The Bookish Skies 22 de novembro de 2020 / 19:14

      Yes, exactly! It was so refreshing to see, especially because of how much teenage shows I watch and that was totally what I expected, but they surprised me creating actual good conflicts that made sense for the story.
      Thank you so much for reading!

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  2. Emily 18 de novembro de 2020 / 15:38

    I don’t think I will be giving into the Emily in Paris hype. I hate the trope of Americans going to Paris and being super ignorant to everything around them just because it’s outside of their normal traditions. I mean, I guess its good for a fluffy feel-good show, but it doesn’t seem like it’s for me.

    Also, were people seriously complaining about the European stereotypes?! As if POC haven’t had to deal with stereotypes for years. Yikes, I can get your frustration.


    • Lais @ The Bookish Skies 22 de novembro de 2020 / 19:10

      Hahahah, it’s literally *that*, so I can completely understand you not wanting to watch it. It was definitely just an alright show, and I’ll probably not be watching S2 if it ever comes out.
      Thanks for reading, Emily! 😊


  3. Cas @ Daydreaming Ink 18 de novembro de 2020 / 17:14

    Omg Lais I commend your ability to continue watching Riverdale, I think I stopped around halfway through S3 or something because it was just so teRribLe (I watched it unironically for about a season and then watched it ironically with a friend for some time more), I’ve just started watching Lucifer this month and though I thought it was a fun show without much substance at the start I’m starting to get really hooked now that I’m partway through season two.


    • Lais @ The Bookish Skies 22 de novembro de 2020 / 19:12

      Oh my God, it’s actually kinda funny because my experience with Riverdale was actually the opposite? Like, I watched S1 ironically because I wanted to make fun of it, but then I actually started to like some of the characters, so I watched until now season 4 completely unironically, hahahah.

      I have so many friends who really enjoy Lucifer, I am so glad it’s been such a great experience for you!

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Cas! 😌

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  4. Ruby Rae Reads 19 de novembro de 2020 / 06:39

    Ah, you’ve been watching so much!! All of these I’ve had my eye on.

    ‘ve heard Julie & The Phantoms looks adorable, and I did watch like first like 10 minutes but it was quite corny. Might get back to it. I’ve also been eyeing Dash & Lily. But omg idk if you’ve seen Shameless (US) but the main guy plays a weirdo in like one episode and now every time I see the male lead I think of him haha.

    I had to choose something to watch from a list for one of my Film uni assignments and one of the options was Outlander. Which I felt like I could analyse quite well. So I watched the first few episodes, which was the intention to just watch a bit, and now,, well you can guess where I’m going. It’s not a perfect show and I have many critiques but I also feel like it does so many things well and very respectfully. So that’s been my obsession lately.

    Also Lais you are lowkey amazing for actually continuing with Riverdale because like… no tenks lmao. I think I stopped at season two because I COULD NOT. And it seems like I was right haha

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    • Lais @ The Bookish Skies 22 de novembro de 2020 / 19:09

      I have never seen all episodes of Shameless, I only watch the Gallavich scenes (lmao sorry), but I am so surprised that guy looks to be everywhere! I’ve seen him in Euphoria, and Chemical Hearts, and now in Dash & Lily!

      Oh yeah, I saw you were watching Outlander, and I *wish*, hahah. I started watching it but I found it quite slow (I have a problem with historical fiction tbh), but I am glad you enjoyed it so much it kinda transcended the project in a way? That’s awesome! And I do love the Scottish accent!

      Hahahah, you were soooo right, Ruby! I was way too attached to the characters to stop watching, but I think I’ve had enough at last, hahah.

      Thank you so much for reading, Ruby! 💛

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    • Lais @ The Bookish Skies 22 de novembro de 2020 / 19:03

      Hahaha, I love that! I hope she’s enjoying whatever shows she’s watching there!
      I really need to catch up on KPOP shows/music videos! I still have a few comebacks I haven’t watched and there are more incoming, hahah.
      Thanks for stopping by, Tasya! 💕


  5. beckythemothling 20 de novembro de 2020 / 03:33

    Wait were people legit upset about the French representation?? I thought they were joking…

    Sometimes I used to look up dumb Riverdale clips just to laugh even though I’ve never watched the show. 😅 It was pretty funny and I have NO idea how any of that made it out of the cutting room floor.

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    • Lais @ The Bookish Skies 22 de novembro de 2020 / 19:01

      Oh my God, what if they were joking and I took it seriously? Hahah. I did see a lot of people saying that the French representation was offensive, though, and I definitely think it was a bit annoying, but *~offensive~* seemed a bit of an overreaction in my opinion.
      I watch some of them too and I can assure you that they’re not much better with context, to be honest, hahah. The show is a mess, but it still makes me happy for some reason.
      Thank you soooo much for reading! 🥰

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  6. Marta @ the book mermaid 21 de novembro de 2020 / 14:41

    I’ve heard SO many amazing things about Julie and the Phantoms, I have to check it out!! And I’ve also recently watched Emily in Paris, and they’re lucky it was funny, because the show is soooo cliché and they can’t tell me that Emily can post what she does and get so many followers and popularity, that’s simply not real lmao (and yes, everyone’s a bit annoying hahaha)

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • Lais @ The Bookish Skies 22 de novembro de 2020 / 18:55

      Oh my God, yesssss, the social media aspect of Emily in Paris made no sense? She had a pun for every single caption and apparently that made her famous? Ugh, I wish it was that easy to grow a social media following, especially these days, hahah.
      I really do hope you get to Julie and the Phantoms, I think you’ll really like it!
      Thank you so much for reading, Marta! 😌

      Curtido por 1 pessoa

      • Marta @ of waves and pages 4 de dezembro de 2020 / 08:18

        I LOVED JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS!!! I watched it in one night ((((:

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  7. Tree and Bree 23 de dezembro de 2020 / 15:10

    Julie & the Phantoms is sooo good! I definitely watched it twice too.

    xoxo, tree


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