gothtober readathon TBR (but i only read YA contemporaries lol)

to be read.

Oh, wow, look: me taking part into yet again another readathon? Yes.

The Gothtober Readathon is a month-long readathon, hosted by Olivia @ Olivia’s Catastrophe, Tish @ Little Wolf and Hannah @ Laddete M. As the name suggests, the readathon is inspired by gothic/dark themes, but I love the fact you can actually read *whatever* and my TBR will be mostly filled with YA contemporaries, as expected.



39863399I will be re-reading my favorite book of last year, aka Birthday by Meredith Russo. Will I make this an yearly occurence everytime around my birthday? Uh, probably. But I finally acquired a physical copy of this book so I want to re-read it leading up to my actual birthday and also take my time to annotate/highlight some of my favorite moments.

This book is dual perspective and one of our mains is a trans girl. Also: I loved this book A LOT and highly recommend it.



46223352Now That I’ve Found You has just recently came out but I’m so intrigued I just want to pick it up already, lol.

I’ve never read anything by Kristina Forest before and I believe this book will be all about this girl trying to uncover a mystery revolving the disappearance of her very famous grandmother. It’s set in NYC and this premise reminded me of Odd One Out, so I really, really hope to like it.



40170373. sy475 Ok, but I will FINALLY be reading The Boy Who Steals Houses. I got myself the e-book for my birthday (my own birthday present for myself, lol) and it’s happening.

It’s about two brothers, one trying to do everything he can to protect the younger one, who’s autistic. I’m pretty sure this book will break my heart in a million pieces, but I’m ready.




40204193. sy475 The Deck of Omens is the sequel to The Devouring Gray, but unfortunately doesn’t have as much of a pretty cover, lol.

This duology actually has like four main characters, but in book one, we mostly follow Violet’s story, so I guess it’s safe to assume she’s our female protagonist. I’m not sure if this one will follow her as much (I don’t think so), but she’s still a main, so it counts, lol.



43298077The good part about being Brazilian is that any book set in the US counts, lol. And most of the books in my TBR are all set there anyway.

I will be picking up We Are Lost and Found, which like Now That I’ve Found You, is also set in NYC, but I believe in the 80s and dealing with the AIDs crisis. I read Like a Love Story that had a similar premise earlier this year, but didn’t enjoy that one a lot, so hopefully this one will be better.


41941681. sy475 So, Patron Saints of Nothing was one of the books I mentioned in my Mid-Year Freak Out Tag as one I needed to read before the end of the year.

I had two more books in the list that I’ve finished by now, so it’s time to pick this one up. I am weirdly intimidated by this book and I have no idea why? From what I recall, it’s set in the Philippines and talks about the war on drugs in the country.

Pretty sure it will break me apart but let’s do it.


33857632. sy475 All the other books I read by Brigid Kemmerer followed pretty morally grey characters, so I expect the same from Letters to the Lost.

I ended up reading the other book in this duology before this one, and I hope to enjoy this one better. I liked the characters in More Than We Can Tell and the themes are interesting – grief and addiction -, so I am really crossing my fingers this will be as good as Call It What You Want.


30319086. sy475 LOL. Not me believing I’ll have enough brain cells to read If We Were Villains.

I will be reading this one in English, and it has to do with Shakespeare, so like, lol. The odds of me understanding anything at all to even write a coherent review afterwards are slim.

If I end up DNF-ing this one because I am too dumb: you never saw this❤️

I am hoping to finish an ongoing read this month for the prompt of Read a book with the undead, but I’m not sure if I’ll make it. There’s also a prompt to watch a movie or show with vampires on it and you can just expect I’ll be rewatching Twilight for the 400th time because… yes.

What are you reading on October? Have you read any of these books? If so, what are your thoughts?


15 comentários sobre “gothtober readathon TBR (but i only read YA contemporaries lol)

  1. Good luck with your TBR! I also need to read The Deck of Omens, I really liked the eerie and creepy atmosphere of the first book 🥰 I also read If We Were Villains this year, it was suspenseful but I have to be honest that I skipped a few parts that were heavily reciting Shakespeare for the plays 😅

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    • Thank you so muchh! Oh, I feel better knowing I’ll be ok if I need to skip some of the heavily reciting Shakespeare moments, lol. I read Loveless earlier this year and it also had a lot to do with Shakespeare, and I did skip most of it since it didn’t affect the story *that* much. I’m hoping that it works the same for this read, hahahah.
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Caro! 🥰

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  2. I feel you about If We Were Villians haha. The biggest reason why I don’t plan on reading it anytime soon is that I know nothing about Shakespeare so there’s a 50/50 chance I won’t understand what’s going on. As for this October, I want to read more horror but I’ve never really read this genre before so I’m not sure how I’ll do tbh. Good luck with your readathon!! 💕💕

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    • Yes, exactly, but I’m counting on the 50 chance that I will understand something and hopefully enjoy it, hahah.
      Wish you all the luck! It’s intimidating to start a new genre; I’m currently diping my toes into a classic goth novel and I’m just trying to take my time so I’m not overwhelmed, hehe.
      Thank you so much! And thanks for reading, Ngoc! 😌

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  3. Lmao Lais I literally love you so much and this title!! A CREATIVE QUEEN!! Hope you get to all of these. I’ve only read The Boy Who Steals Houses but its one of my absolute faves. I adore that book so so much. I’ve been super keen on reading The Devouring Gray duo though, and also If We Were Villains. Love you lots <3<3

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  4. Nice list! Birthday looks brilliant (you’ve actually made me put it on my wtr list) andI recently read Letters to the Lost. I didn’t really think about the characters as morally grey but now you’ve said that I really do. I loved the characters, although honestly it might have worked better if they stayed friends? I’m not sure. Hope you enjoy! Here’s my review of it (Spoiler free ha)🙂


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