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Hello, friends!

Today’s post is going to be a mixed one. In the past few weeks, I watched some great things, and some very bad ones. I actually wondered if I should post this, as it would be more negative than I typically write my posts, but ultimately decided to do it, as it could potentially help other people out there on what to avoid on NETFLIX.


druck rewatch party | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

I watch way too many SKAM remakes for my own good and I am aware.

I thought I’d never watch DRUCK, because I’d already watched their season 2 at one point and it was really disappointing. But I am really glad I ended up going back and giving it a second chance, because the other seasons are actually really good.

I still stand by the fact S2 is a disappointment because I really disliked Mia as a main, as well as her dynamic with Alexander and Kiki. But I surprisingly adored Hanna as a protagonist in S1, even Matteo who I thought I’d hate in S3 turned out to be a lovely character, and I will never shut up about Amira’s season because it’s literally art.

The side characters are also lovely and this may be the first Eva/Jonas relationship I actually rooted for from the beginning, so yeah, we stan.


love alarm | Tumblr

I’ve been meaning to get back into Korean dramas, as the last one I watched was in early 2018. I don’t know why I fell out of love with them for a while, but I really wanted to get back, so I decided to watch this one on Netflix because the trailer caught my attention and it was really short, so I felt like it would be the best way to ease myself back.

I was very wrong, lol.

This drama is just a compilation of all the tropes I hate in Korean dramas: inconclusive endings, rich guy/poor girl, bullies, main character with no agency, and dudes that have to save her constantly.

It was also even worse because the motivations are so unclear. I still have no idea why the characters made certain decisions, so I couldn’t buy none of the plot for that reason. I also hated how irresponsibly they dealt with topics such suicide and homophobia.

I am pretty mad about this one and if you’re looking into K-dramas to watch, I’d definitely say run from this one!



I was looking forward to this season since the first one ended and I can’t believe how quickly we got it. I like the fact that this season has as much of the extravagance and over-the-top-ness of the first one, while still addressing a bunch of interesting and relevant topics.

The main conflict of this season was the generation conflict, and I liked their approach a lot. Even the voter’s episode, which I didn’t like as much in S1, was so well done in S2 and I think shows well how politicians are so far from the standards we tend to hold them to.

Still, I understand people who found this season disappointing, as there are *definitely not enough gays* and some of the character’s relationships and dynamics were pretty much all over the place. I loved the ending, though, and the acting is still gold.


control z | Tumblr

Trigger warnings: transphobia, graphic violence, bullying, public outing, self-harm

Everytime I think NETFLIX has learned something on how to *responsibly* address sensitive issues, they prove me wrong. This was 10x worse than anything they could’ve possibly done in Thirteen Reasons Why.

This show has a very cliché premise, similar to Pretty Little Liars, where an anonymous social media account is threatening the students with their secrets. Our main character is trying to investigate who could be behind the account.

The problem is that they also try to address bullying, transphobia and self-harm, but absolutely irresponsibly. All the discussions are surface-level, they serve literally for no purpose other than to shock the audience and create more drama. I mean, considering that the whole main conflict is triggered by a public outing – an incredibly traumatic event that serves no other purpose in the narrative but to perpetuate the drama -, I shouldn’t have been surprised by the outcome.

This also had some of the most graphically violent scenes I’ve watched in a while, and while it’s not targeted for teenagers necessarily, the fact it’s set in a high school makes me feel like a lot of teenagers will want to watch it and it can be such a harmful content.

Sorry that I ended up ranting so much on this one! If you’ve watched any of these shows, let’s discuss in the comments. And if you have actual good K-DRAMAS to recommend, also please let me know!

20 comentários sobre “what i’ve been watching recently #6

  1. Ahhhh I looove Skam and all the remakes!! So happy you loved Druck (: I think Skam Italia is my favorite remake, but they all have great qualities (: I haven’t watched season 2 of the politician – honestly, I was kinda disappointed with the first season and haven’t gotten up the nerve to try the second season. Maybe I finally will after reading this! Thanks for sharing! ❤️

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    • Same here! I’m so glad I gave DRUCK a chance. I have yet to watch S4 of SKAM Italia, but I’ve heard amazing things about it!
      Well, considering I loved season 1 but was slightly disappointed by season 2, maybe it will work for you the other way around, hahah.
      Thanks for reading! 💛

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    • Ah, yes, if you don’t like these tropes in K-dramas either, then you won’t like this one. It’s definitely beautiful aesthetically-wise, there are a lot of really gorgeous shots during Autumn and stuff, but the story really isn’t the best.
      Thanks for stopping by, Tasya! 💕


  2. I,,, have not seen any of these yet. Yes please shout at me but I’m notorious for never watching shows. But I’ve been really wanting to try some k-dramas and see what I think of them (I’ll probs like). But so sad you didn’t like any of these ones :(

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  3. I have only seen the first episode of The Politician and I wasn’t a huge fan of it (which is a shame because I really like Ben Platt). I have never watched a K-drama, I definitely need to start one (probably note Love Alarm though XD).

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    • Yeah, I don’t think The Politician would be for everyone, it’s kind of a weird show and the characters are all a bit unlikable. Hahaha, yessss, please don’t start with Love Alarm. Cheese in the Trap is on Netflix and I recommend immensely more!
      Thank you so much for reading! 😌

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  4. ahh, sorry love alarm didn’t work for you!! i was actually kinda interested in it, but now that I know what you thought about it, I think I’m better off giving it a pass. For a k-drama that doesn’t have those toxic tropes you mentioned, I highly recommend Crash Landing On You 🥺 it does the star-crossed lovers trope so well, and it’ll probably make you both laugh and cry! the female mc does have to get saved a lot of times, but i think it’s realistic given the circumstances she’s in. and even though the male lead can get protective, he’s actually pretty soft, and, again, i think the circumstances they’re in make his actions understandable. i really wanna know what you think about CLOY!!

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    • Ahhh, that’s right, I remembered your recommendation and I’ll definitely make sure to check it out soon! I don’t entirely dislike the male character saving the girl trope, but I feel like it was overused in Love Alarm. I’ll make sure to get back to you after I watch it!
      Thank you so much for reading! 😊

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  5. I was considering watching Love Alarm! This sounds awful. Thanks for the review *sigh* I’ve got some kdrama recommendations for you!
    1. Love with Flaws (gay side characters with an actual fleshed-out story, I loved them so much. TW: attempted suicide)
    2. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (the MC is this tiny girl with powers of strength, has discussions around misogyny and violence against women, cutest, healthiest relationship ever!)
    3. Because this is my First Life (about a man and a woman who become roommates because of financial issues; discusses rape culture, workplace harassment, and it’s very sex-positive)
    4. Itaewon Class (revenge story, Black and trans side characters with their own side plots)
    5. Hospital Playlist (story of 5 friends who are doctors in different fields; their friendship was amazing! The 1st episode can be confusing but please stick with it)

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    • AHHHHHH!#!!!!! thank you soooo much for the recommendations! 🥺
      i’ve heard so many great things about itaweon class, but i had never heard of love with flaws and hospital playlist.
      i’ve watched strong woman do bong soon and i love it! the romance is adorable and i was surprised by how invested i was in the mystery plotline as well.
      thank you sooooo much for all the recs! 💛💛💛

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      • I love SWDBS so so much. It’s the definition of a healthy, happy romance. Itaewon class is great too! The main couple is not fantastic but the side plots really make the series great! I’m glad you like my recommendations. I hope you like these dramas if you watch them 🤗❤

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