top five things i want to see more of in YA books!


Hello, friends!

Last month, both Marie and Cait shared a similar post where they talked about five things they want to see more of in YA books. I highly recommend you guys check out both of their posts, as they’re amazing and I honestly related a lot of things they talked about.

Let’s get into my top 5, then:


Okay, y’all, I know I’m probably getting annoying at this point because I talk about this a little bit too much, but I need more, alright. And dont’ get me wrong, I love any kind of latino rep I can get my hands on. But Anitta, Shakira, J Balvin and Kali Uchis didn’t do all of that to Mexico still be the only latinx rep in books.

South America is a full continent. I want to see more Colombian, Bolivian, Argentinian, Ecuadorian and even Brazilian characters in YA. C’mon.

🌎 Books I know with South-American characters:

34659293. sy475 Heretics Anonymous has a badass Colombian-American side character called Lucy, who’s a proclaimed feminist and wants to be a priest. She also has a complicated 51179882. sx318 sy475 family dynamic which added a lot to her character depth.

Lobizona comes out in August and will center around an Argentinan girl discovering mysteries that have to do with folklore and her family. To say that I am excited about this one is an understatement.


I know books centering around fandom are actually not that rare and I have read a few already. But I really want to see more books talking about boybands and the culture around that. Sorry, it’s just that I have way too much personal experience on this one, lol.

I literally said: “fine, I’ll do it myself” and started writing my own story about boybands and roadtrips. But I want actual books by competent authors that I can devour again and again that will be able to encompass the feeling of going to concerts, overanalyzing lyrics, waiting for a videoclip release, buying too many unnecessary merch, and meeting amazing people because of it.

🎸 Books I know about boyband fan culture:

34325090. sy475 I Was Born For This is a dual perspective novel where we follow both a fan of the band, Angel, as well as Jimmy, their vocalist. However, I ended up DNF-ing this book as I felt like the portrayal of fan culture here was 33275690overwhelmingly negative and made me feel really bad.

I have not read Foolish Hearts yet and I have no idea where the boyband element gets intertwined here, but I do know our main character will be in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, so there’s also some Shakespearean references to expect!


I really want to read more YA contemporaries where I couldn’t just pick up the plot, move to an entire different city or state, and it wouldn’t even be noticeable. Because I love whenever the setting has a big role in the story, even if the book is not inherently about it, like a roadtrip/travel book, where obviously the setting will be important.

I love getting to know new places, even if through books, and I don’t think you need to go crazy in order to make it interesting.

✈️ Books where the setting matters:

30312700. sy475 Alex Approximately is set in a surfer’s town in California and there are so many talks about boardwalks, surfing, tourists and nice weather. The characters also are working at a museum, which was such an unique setting and works so well here. It was, by far, my favorite part about this book.18460392

Even though All the Bright Places is set in Indiana, which may not sound like the most picturesque place, a whole portion of this book is dedicated to follow these characters as they explore wonders of their own state. I think this is a great example that any place can have an impact on the story, if done well.


I want more authors being brave enough to explore platonic relationships. I want to see less girl/boy friends becoming lovers because it sounds like the only viable option – it is not. Sometimes, they don’t even work as a couple, but because they have chemistry, then inherently, they have to be boyfriend/girlfriend? Nahhh, I don’t think so.

💕 Books I know with platonic relationships:

25322449Radio Silence even has a quote that I think sums it up pretty well: “You probably think Aled Last and I are going to fall in love or something. Since he is a boy and I am a girl. I just wanted to say- we don’t. That’s all.” Even though these characters had chemistry and clearly loved each 37880094other a lot, they worked so much better as just platonic lovers.

The bond between Felicity and Sim in The Lady’s Guide can not be explained with something as simple as a “friendship”. They learn so much from each other, share so much, even talk about what their future could look like together, and were just adorable throughout most of this book.


Look, yes, enemies to lovers can be fun and all but have you ever experienced the JOY of enemies to friends? Of two characters using everything they can about the other person to make their lives hell and then suddenly finding the urge to protect and support that person through whatever?

It’s the most *satisfying* transition in the world. I don’t care much for enemies to lovers, but I need more enemies to friends stories in this world.

👯‍♀️ Books I know with enemies to friends:

35704397. sy475 The Way You Make Me Feel has such a nice story of these two girls who couldn’t be more opposite from each other – class clown Clara and good-two-shoes Rose – and who are forced to work together for the summer. They spend most of the book being petty, 23437156but once they start opening up to each other is beautiful.

The Six of Crows squad is also perfect example of this. They start out definitely as a dysfunctional team, but end up developing strong bonds and protecting each other through everything, which is a delight to follow.

Alright, y’all. If you have any recommendations for any books that you know contain one of those themes, let me know in the comments! What other things you want to see more of in YA books?


26 comentários sobre “top five things i want to see more of in YA books!

  1. I wish we get more platonic friendships too, they’re one of my favorite relationship! The latest book I read that has this is Seasons of the Storm. I also want to read about boyband fan culture more! I think the only book I have in my TBR that actually relates to this (but maybe darker than what you mean?) is #Killtheboyband where the MC I think kidnaps one of the boyband member and things went wrong…

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  2. Love this post, Lais! I almost screamed when I saw Foolish Hearts in this post, haha – I absolutely ADORE that book, it’s such a heartwarming and funny read 💕 I’m so excited for you to read it! Just letting you know, there’s also enemies to friends in it 👀


  3. YES FOR MORE BOYBANDS! I would totally agree that I have a lot of experience as well with boyband fan culture lol. I would love to see more of those experiences, as they were such a big part of my teen years! I can imagine those books being really fluffy and cute :D

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  4. I haven’t read nearly enough books about South American characters, so I would LOVE to see more! Ahhh I hadn’t realized until you pointed it out how much I love it when the setting is intertwined with the story in contemporaries :D I definitely want more of that! And platonic relationships are always a win in my opinion. Frances and Aled are absolutely perfect, and your description of Felicity and Sim is spot on!

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    • It also took me a while to realize the setting thing. It was actually only recently when Marie made a post about the places in France – outside of Paris – that books should be set in that I realized how much the setting can affect a story, even a contemporary one!
      Thanks for stopping by, Margaret! 💛


  5. I am all about more South American characters. I feel like the continent is so vibrant with a culture that it’d be such an immersive reading experience. I’m also a sucker for platonic friendships and I think it’s so healthy to show individuals from the opposite sex striking up a deep connection without it turning into a romance.

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  6. Lais, I agree with all of these! 😊 I really want to see more South-American characters in YA, and I can’t wait to read Lobizona! I also loved Radio Silence and the fact that the main characters did not end up together at all made it so much better. We really do need more platonic relationships!

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  7. I hope you get more South American characters in YA books like you want to. I definitely want to read Lobizona sometime as it sounds incredible. I love the way that it seems like it’ll mix real world issues with folklore that I’m really not familiar with. Actually that’s something that I’d love to see more of in fiction – folklore from a variety of places. I love seeing the more familiar ones too but it’s wonderful learning about the folklore, myths & legends of places that you don’t know as much about as you’d like to. I never really thought about enemies to friends but it is an interesting dynamic too. I think any intense shift in relationships can be fascinating to learn about.

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