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Hello, friends!

Today, I felt like playing the Sorting Hat again. I’ve already done this twice, with Slytherin and Ravenclaw, and today is Hufflepuff’s turn! I really like this house as my favorite character in the Harry Potter universe is a Hufflepuff (Cedric Diggory, of course). It’s definitely a rare one, I think. I don’t know a lot of Hufflepuffs, but let me know if you’re one!

Hufflepuff is the most inclusive among the four houses; valuing hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play rather than a particular aptitude in its students. Hufflepuffs are known to have a strong moral code, and a sense of right and wrong. It may be that due to their values, Hufflepuffs are not as competitive as the other houses, and are more modest about their accomplishments. Students sorted into Hufflepuff often demonstrate exceptional abilities in Herbology, owing to their correspondence to earth.


Finian de Seel | The Aurora Cycle Wiki | FandomFinian is described multiple times as a “lover and not a fighter“. Let’s just say he’d definitely *not* be sorted in Gryffindor. I think it’s very Hufflepuff of his to not be competitive at all: he ranked at the bottom of his class and he’s fine with that. He doesn’t have outstanding pride and doesn’t mind having others protect him.

His alignment chart is also, absolutely, chaotic bi. He flirts with absolutely everyone, but would combust if anyone tried flirting back. He’s also constantly making jokes in order to avoid confrontation, which is kind of a big mood.

I know these are not official Hufflepuff traits, but I definitely see most Hufflepuffs as outgoing and easy to make friends with. And Finian literally befriends people in five seconds, which is remarkable.

(Oh yeah, and he’s an alien – hence the eyes, lol).


I love and relate a lot to Molly, even if I’m not a Hufflepuff myself. I feel like this is her house, though, because she’s the most patient and understanding. Like, her sister was a bitch to her throughout most of this book, but she was still forgiving at the end. Girl, I wish.

Loyalty is not a joke to Molly, which I appreciate. This is a trait that I always find to be existing between Slytherin and Hufflepuff, actually. When I think about Hufflepuffs, I think about people that are loyal but also have a moral compass strong enough to back down when they realize they’re in the wrong. Slytherin’s loyalty can be kind of blinding, though.

I definitely see Molly as being the loyal, mom-friend, that makes sure all her friends get home safe, but wouldn’t be willing to get in trouble for them.


Peter-Kavinsky-To-All-the-Boys-Ive-Loved-Before – Febre Teen

Ok, ok, hear me out on this one.

I know Lara Jean is canonically a Hufflepuff. But I can not be convinced Peter isn’t one as well. It’s no wonder they work so much as a couple, y’all!

But, really, Peter is loyal AF. Just look at how protective he is of his mom and his family, especially towards his dad after he left them. He’s also very dedicated – from planning the romantic surprises to Lara Jean, to keeping himself on check for lacrosse. He knows the importance of working hard in order to get a scholarship and he for sure does.

He literally checks all the boxes for Hufflepuff. I hope he’s already finished the series by now and has sorted himself in one of the houses. If it’s not Hufflepuff, I disagree.


I understand everyone who would sort Elias as a Gryffindor, because he’s definitely brave AF and I’d never disagree with that. But I think the Hufflepuff traits are what makes Elias, Elias, and not just a random badass male protagonist.

Even though he is a Martian, learned for most of his life to despise the scholars and to fight for his Empire, he does not agree with any of these things. We know, right when we start the first book, that Elias actually wants to run away. He does not want to become the Empire’s killing machine. He wants to be his own person.

That is *such* a Hufflepuff thing. To have such a strong conduct about what’s right and what’s wrong you’re willing to stand up against your own people.

There’s also the fact Elias wants to help everyone, even when it’s pratically impossible. He takes upon himself to be as helpful and good to others as he can be, and I literally can’t deal with how good he is in a world that is so far from it.


Hazel Levesque | Wiki Acampamento Meio-Sangue | Fandom

Hazel and Frank are literally the Hufflepuff power couple you dreamed of. But, honestly, I am just sorting her in Hufflepuff because she’s the softest. Hazel is too nice to be real sometimes.

This girl has been through a lot. Like, literally too much, including coming back from the dead. She’s a daughter of Pluto, aka Hades, and is also cursed, so let’s just say things are not lining up to be the best for her.

But she never loses her hope or her strive to be as best as she can be. She’s definitely not the strongest or smartest demigod, but she works her but off nonetheless and never loses sight of what really matters. She also definitely knows how to keep a secret and when to let people go, even if it hurts.

Let’s chat in the comments: let me know some characters you like that you’d sort in Hufflepuff yourself and if you agree with my sortings!

13 comentários sobre “characters who would be sorted in hufflepuff!

  1. yesss… i’m a proud Hufflepuff!! 😊💛 i only know Hazel from this list of characters, but i agree with your choices and definitely have to read the rest of these books. this post idea is so cute, i loved it!!

    also, hi! i’m new to your blog but it’s so amazing, i’m definitely going to stick around ;) <3

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  2. this idea is so cool !! all the hufflepuff cinnamon bun characters totally deserve it for all the love and support they radiate. i haven’t read “aurora rising” but finian seems so easy to fall in love with (and that’s totallyyy not because of the flirting.. haha…). molly was such an adorable character, and i could literally relate to her so much. i would say she’s a hufflepuff too, as slytherins don’t trust people easily, yet when they do it’s blinding like you said. but it’s also really cool to see the unlikely dynamic between hufflepuffs and slytherins cuz’ their bond is the. best. HANDS DOWN.
    hazel is the person i aspire to be, she’s always positive and there for her friends even when she’s gone through the worst of times *cries* what an iCoN.

    i really love how in these sort of posts, you don’t go for the house that “makes the most sense” at first glance, but you consider qualities of the character that don’t shine through that easily and i’m ALL for it.

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    • Hahahah, thank you so muchhh!
      That’s so trueee! I had never noticed the Hufflepuff/Slytherin bond, but it’s so real! I will definitely pay more attention to these duos in the future, hahah.
      Thank you so muchh! I think a lot about how some of the characters in HP were sorted. Like, Hermione being Gryffindor instead of Ravenclaw and Neville being Gryffindor instead of Hufflepuff. I think the Sorting Hat didn’t go for the obvious choice for them either, so that inspires me to think for other traits as well.
      But thank you so much! And thanks for the comment! 💞

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  3. I love hufflepuff characters a lot because they are usually so precious !! I consider hufflepuff to be my secondary house and I admire a lot of their traits !! 💛
    Finian being fine with being at the bottom of his class is so nice to hear because everyone is always like you must be the best at every thing and it becomes stress overload so that is so comforting to hear. I love his character just from that !!
    I’ve never read the books for all the boys but I get totally understand Peter being a hufflepuff, he seems loyal, hard worker (like sports are a lot of work) and kind !!
    I can totally see Elias being a hufflepuff as well because he is motivated by what is right and loyal to the cause. He thinks with kindness and has a really strong work ethic so I 100% agree !!
    Great post, I loved reading it a lot !!! 💛💛

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    • Same here! I think the world needs more Hufflepuffs. I think, now, with social media, this house is getting more appreciation, but I remember when I first watched Harry Potter, being a Hufflepuff was associated with being a loser, which I don’t understand at all, because they have some of the absolute BEST traits.
      Hahah, Finian is the best! And the fact he takes everything with humor really makes him so funny too, hahah.
      Thank you sososoooo much for reading!

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  4. I’ve never thought of Peter as a Hufflepuff, but it totally makes sense! He’s extremely loyal to both Gen and Lara Jean, and I think he really defies the “popular jock” stereotype in that sense. I loved this post so much — yay for Puff pride! 💛🖤

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  5. I love posts like these and finding out who would place which characters into which house. I’ve just read all three of your posts on sortings and seriously need to read some of the books included though. Especially An Ember In The Ashes (because I’ve heard such incredible things), Percy Jackson (how have I not read that yet?) and The Raven Cycle (the mystery you mentioned in Ravenclaw intrigued me and someone else shared the first line of the book and it left me hooked).That Percy Jackson quote is so Slytherin!! And Peter definitely sounds like a Hufflepuff to me!! (Yet another that I need to read). Do you think you’ll do one of these for Gryffindor too?

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • wow, charlotte, thank you so muchhh for reading! thse posts are really fun to read.
      i am already thinking about the post for gryffindor. it’s one of the houses that i find the hardest, for some reason, though!
      and yes that percy jackson quote is veryy slytherin-like! i always think about it, hahah.
      once again, thank you so so so much for reading! 💞

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      • Aww well I’m sure you’ll come up with some fantastic options for it and I look forward to reading it 😊
        It’s ok, I really enjoyed the posts. Hope you’re well and Happy Reading ❤️

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