monthly wrap up: march, ’20


Hello, friends!

I hope y’all have survived March well. I know the news worldwide have been pretty scary and I hope you are all staying healthy and safe. My month was pretty uneventful, because of everything that’s going on, but I read a lot of great books for Women’s History Month, so at least there’s that!


  • I got tickets to watch Niall Horan in November! Niall Horan was my favorite One Direction member and I absolutely love his solo work too. He released his new album, Heartbreak Weather, this March, and I am so glad I loved it just as much as I loved his debut. It will be my second time watching him live and I’m really excited to see some of my favorite songs being performed live.
  • And I quarantined – much like everyone else. Corona virus hit Brazil as well, and because of that, classes were cancelled and I didn’t have to work either. Even though I’m somewhat used to staying home, it’s pretty annoying having to stay indoors for so long, especially because the weather is absolutely PERFECT. I won’t get much into it, because I feel like everyone else in the world is doing it, but yes this virus absolutely sucks and I’m lowkey terrified but pretending to be fine.



I started the month with a new release I absolutely adored. Only Mostly Devastated was the gay Grease I never knew I needed. I loved everything about it, but what got my attention the most was the incredibly accurate representation of teenagers. The dialogues felt so real, the characterization, just everything. I related quite a bit to Oliver, our protagonist. It was just a very *giddy and adorable* read and I loved it.



32333055. sy475

Saints and Misfits was quite a weird read. I liked our protagonist, I liked the themes, I loved how the book was unapologetically brown and Muslim. I was sort of lost sometimes, but I appreciated that a lot. However, I hated the side characters; and I feel like the writing style was choppy and difficult to connect with at times. It focused focused too much on the plot, and not enough on the characters’ emotions. I still enjoyed it enough for the themes it discussed, especially sexual assault and religion.



34325090. sy475

I Was Born For This is my second Alice Oseman and, well, it didn’t go how I expected. I related so much to the main characters’ obsession with The Ark; it reminded me so much of my own obsession with One Direction from back in the day. And, at the beginning, I was really excited with the idea of this book being very fandom-positive. But I feel like every chapter was there to remind me over and over again, about the ugly parts of fandom – the stalking, the disrespect, the shipping -, that even though I am not a part of, I’m still uncomfortable to be indirectly attached to. In the end, it was making me feel so fucking bad about myself, like being a fan is being a part of an awful community, dedicating your life to fandom is being naive and irresponsible, and that my feelings are not valid because celebrities are constantly lying to their fans. So I DNF-ed it, because I don’t need this kind of negativity in my life at the moment.

43204703. sy475

I picked up another Brigid Kemmerer this month and I may be obsessed with this author. This book is your classic fantasy, with a badass female character, and a reserved but deeply passionate male character. It had a lot more political intrigue than I anticipated, as I expected more romance from a Beauty and the Beast re-telling. I liked the characters enough, and even though I found the story to be a bit dramatic and predictable at times, it was still a solid read.



23559994. sy475

I also finally picked up Loveboat, Taipei and found it to be quite overdramatic, so I was eyerolling through most of it. While I expected this book to follow reckless teenagers, it was a bit too cliché at times and I found myself not carrying for any of the characters. It also rushed through themes I wish had been more deeply explored. I couldn’t really connect with our main character and felt like most of her actions were written as “reactions” to others rather than like she was actually taking responsibility for it. (Also lowkey pictured all the guys in this book as those Asian e-boys on TikTok and that alone made me want to punch every single one of them).




This playlist is the most chaotic playlist I’ve ever done in my whole life. This is what being inside my brain looks like, y’all: there are indie songs, pop songs, Nelly Furtado and The Beatles. So it’s definitely not one for everyone, but I had a lot of fun!


I’m expecting April a lot, mostly in terms of reading, as Magical Readathon is happening and I’ll be taking part ofc! That’s pretty much the only thing I know for sure will be happening in April, as everything else has been put on hold for the past few weeks and I still don’t know where we’re heading next. Oh, so much for planning, lol.

How has been quarantine for you? Did you read any amazing books this month by female authors I should know about? Let’s chat in the comments!


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  1. Ah, I’m sorry that COVID-19 has done this to you, Lais :(( I hope things get better in Brazil soon. <3 I'm so happy that you enjoyed A Curse So Dark and Lonely! we had pretty much the same thoughts about it, though I simply rated it 3 stars, haha :") And I liked Loveboat, Taipei, but I totally agree with your criticisms! Now that I think more about it, Ever was a very passive character. And I'm sorry but I laughed when you said that you pictured all the boys as TikTok e-boys 😂😂 i can see it

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  2. That’s so exciting that you get to watch Nial Horan!! I’m personally not a fan of any of 1D, I don’t have anything against them, but my friend is a MAJOR fan. She was super stoked to have tickets for a Nial Horan concert in May, but that doesn’t look like that’s still happening 😕. Hopefully, everything will be better for you to watch it later this year!
    Also, I picked up I Was Born For This a couple weeks ago, and I haven’t read it in a while 😕. I agree that all the negative fandom stuff is so toxic to have to sit through.
    This whole situation is surreal and tough 😔. Stay safe and well, Laia 💛!!

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    • Yes, it’s a shame that so many concerts and events are being cancelled. (Don’t even get me started on the Olympics, I was looking forward to it the most). I was very lucky to get tickets for a concert that is happening later on in the year.
      I really wanted to love the book, but unfortunately it wasn’t the best one. I think I could enjoy it at other period of life, but now it was a bit too uncomfortable to sit through it all.
      Thank you so much for all the positive energy, Belle! 💛

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  3. Aww I’m sorry about Loveboat, Taipei I was kinda quite looking forward to getting round to it at some point :( oh well, you win some, you loose some – hope you continue to *LOVE* quarantine 😂

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  4. Ooh glad to see you loved A Curse So Dark and Lonely! That book was amazing :) Also I LOVE NIALL and think his new album is amazing!! Almost bought tickets but than COVID 19 kind of ruined my plans for that lol. Great wrap up :)

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    • A Curse So Dark and Lonely was a lot of fun; I can not wait to continue on with the series. Have you read the 2nd book yet? Let me know!
      Ahh, it’s a shame that the virus really has ruined a lot of concerts during this earlier half of the year. I am lucky the concert is only happening in November, so hopefully everything will be sorted out by then.
      Thank you so much for reading! 😌

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  5. Hey Lais, long time no see :) I hope everything is going well with you and your loved ones back at Brazil. Stay safe always and take care! I agree it’s been pretty sad to stay at home all day, but weirdly enough, I’ve finally settled because of reading books, which has kept me company.

    I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned, but reading your thoughts on A Curse So Dark and Lonely makes me want to read it, for its really interesting female lead character in the story.

    jillian @ jillian etc.

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    • Jillian!! I am so happy to hear back from you! I am trying to pick up some old hobbies that I missed having time to do, such as writing & playing puzzles. It’s been a life saver for my stress, hahah.
      A Curse So Dark and Lonely was a really nice read and I think any fans of fantasy would appreciate it.
      Thank you so much for reading! I’m really happy to hear from you again!


  6. Life has definitely been strange lately and it is very stressful but I’m sending you positive thoughts and well wishes. I hope you are staying safe!! <3

    Only Mostly Devastated sounds interesting, I feel like as much as I like Grease it does have a lot of problematic behaviour really so a new version sounds even better. I also love the name of this book, I love it when things make something big sound little like 'it only hurts when I'm breathing' or 'all I ever wanted was the world'. I have no idea why but I love that a lot. I will have to check this book out especially as you said it has realistic dialogue!!
    I've heard so much about A Curse So Dark and Lonely but I can be quite reluctant with retellings as they aren't my favourite and they can be a bit predictable (maybe this is just in my head though). But hearing so many good things and the fact that I love YA fantasy it is making me tempted so I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it.
    I'm so sorry I Was Born For This made you feel bad, nobody wants that so it sounds like DNFing was a good choice. I do think it ended on a more positive note if that makes you feel better (not that I think you should have continued but just in cases it makes you feel better in general (??) I hope that came across how I meant it) !! I hope you find a book that makes you feel extra happy to make up for it soon.

    Ahh.. Summer of 69, probably one of my favourites of Bryan Adams !! I love the beginning notes, such a song!!

    I wish you a wonderful April and lots of great books!! <3

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    • thank you so much, sophie!
      i definitely see that grease has a lot of problematic elements, but i was happy to see most of it not present at all in only mostly devastated. i actually found that the book did a good job calling out some of those behaviors. and i loved your comment on the title! i had never noticed it before, but it really is a great one.
      it does make me feel better knowing the end is a bit more positive, thanks for letting me know! i was happy to find strength to DNF this book, because i hardly ever DNF, but i think it was the smartest decision in this case.
      thank you soooo much! and thanks for stopping by! 💞

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  7. i’m SO HAPPY that you enjoyed ‘only mostly devastated’ i’ve only been hearing the highest praise for it and it sounds like so much fun!! i can’t wait to read it!! I agree with you a bit on ‘saints and misfits’ i really loved the story and how unapologetic it was but the writing was a little jarring at times and it took me a while to make progress on it.

    loveboat taipei, was NOT my favourite thing either. the drama was just over the top and yeahh the boys annoyed the hell out of me (ALSO WHAT THE FRIEND DID TO THE MC!!! THAT WAS NOT HANDLED WELL!!)

    great wrap up!! hope you’re having a great month ❤️

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    • exactly! which is probably why i enjoyed love from a to z a lot more, as i was able to connect more easily with the writing in this one.
      ughhhh, it really wasn’t handled well. it was so disappointing seeing that coming from a best friend, and especially a girl! it made me frustrated how the book tried excusing her out of said actions.
      thank you so much for reading, may! 💛


  8. I hope that things get better soon in Brazil and that in the meantime, you’re keeping safe!! 💕 I’m sorry to hear you also didn’t like Loveboat, Taipei. I had big expectations, that clearly weren’t met. I also thought the book was a bit overdramatic :(( I hope April will be better for you!!

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    • thank you so much, marta! i am really trying to keep a positive mindset and take a day at a time.
      even though i am okay with some books sounding more over the top than realistic, loveboat taipei was a bit too much, hahah. it really is a shame because i think it had potential.
      tysm for reading, marta! 😌

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  9. Hi Lais! It looks like you had a decent reading month of March either way, and I’m hoping you and your loved ones are safe and staying healthy. I definitely had some great reads in March by women authors, including Writers & Lovers, The Girl with the Louding Voice, and Little Fires Everywhere! I hope the month of April is more relaxed for you :)

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    • a curse so dark and lonely was so much fun! i want to continue on with the series soon. it’s good you already have both on your TBR, this way you can read them back to back. the first one leaves in quite the cliffhanger!
      i really recommend monthly playlists. it allows me to find a lot of new music and artists. it’s a lot of fun!
      thank you so much! and thanks for reading! 💛

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  10. I hope you’re doing okay and keeping safe, Lais, sending you lots of love <3 <3 <3
    I'm happy you loved Only Mostly Devastated, it's such a fantastic read, I had lots of fun reading it :)
    Wishing you all the best for this month <3 <3

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