what i’ve been watching recently #3

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And this feature is back for 2020!

I haven’t been watching a ton of new things, but I’m very excited for some upcoming releases during the next few months. S3 of Élite comes out in March and I already can not wait. It was a total surprise for me, because I thought I’d have to wait until September/October, but thankfully, the wait will be much shorter.

As for what I’ve been watching:


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This is what I did during the last day of 2019: watched Queer Eye.

I already expected this show to be emotional, but I was taken aback. I’ve cried so much with practically every single episode. I love how this show focuses on self-love and self-confidence so much, and I also adore how they end up connecting with a lot of people that probably would’ve never considered them in different circumstances.

I think Season 1 remains my favorite, but all of them are unique and great on their own way. I have more favorite episodes than I can count, but one that resonated with me a lot was the Jones’ BBQ one from Season 3. I’d always be a bit *meh* when they were transforming women, but this one was so beautiful and emotional and made me so happy.

(Also, my favorite one out of the FAB 5 is Antoni. No one is surprised. I didn’t want that. I tried to fight it. I was determined not to be the basic bitch, but I couldn’t help it. The funniest part is that I don’t even like food and I pay attention to a total of zero things he says. I only pay attention to his face. I know, I suck).


The name of this show, I swear to God. Why. So. Long.

Now, it is very much true that this girl right here doesn’t even have Disney+ because it’s not available in my country yet. But I’ve watched it nonetheless, because I am a child of the internet, and I was born knowing how to illegally download *anything*.

Y’all, this show was GOOD. I already had high hopes from the trailer, but oof. I spend the whole night watching it and then woke up and immediately re-watched all my favorite episodes.

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The characters all let their emotions impact their performance on stage, which is so annoying. Scoffs = acting. There are a lot of unnecessary zoom-ins. But I was still so involved in the entire storyline, in love with all the characters, rooting for my favorite couples and jamming to the soundtrack like CRAZY.

For Disney standards, this discussed a lot more than I expected. It had two LGBT couples, and it also discussed empowerement and healthy relationships and being who you are in practically every single episode and I was SO happy to see it.

If you have Disney+, watch it. Even if you don’t, WATCH IT. It’s amazing and all the HSM references added 20+ years into my life spam.


I can’t believe I’m jumping in the wagon and talking about Little Women too. I can understand the references people make in social media. I feel cultured.

I am hardly ever interested in Academy Award types of movies. I recently made a Buzzfeed test about “the most highly-acclaimed” movies I’ve watched and I think my result was something like 3/89. I really do not care for these things and am much happier watching rom-coms back to back.

But my sister and I had time to waste at the mall one afternoon, so we went for it. And it was *so* entertaining.

I legit though I was going to fall asleep halfway through the movie, because I was tired AF and it is historical fiction, but it was really dynamic. My biggest gripe with Academy Award movies is that they’re always so tragic – it’s like one bad thing after another bad thing and hey here’s another bad thing. But Little Women was lovely and wholesome, and while it had its rough moments, I loved the happy ending so much.

The cast was phenomenal and I can totally understand the hype behind Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet now. (I still don’t think he’s attractive, but his character was so childish and ADORABLE).



Yes, I am obsessed with SKAM, ok. And what about it?

SKAM FR is the only remake that is getting more seasons than the original one had, which means this is a completely original season, focusing on a completely original character. So I’d already signed up, but moreover after finding out this season was following one of my favorite characters from S3 – Arthur.

(The entire boysquad of SKAM France is just *chef’s kiss*).

So far, this season has been an emotional rollercoaster, but I am really happy they’ve managed to keep the feel from OG that I love. And that we have so much bromance. Like, yes. Thank you. We still have a couple more weeks to go, but I’m really enjoying what I’ve watched so far. They’re discussing a completely new topic, and I was really surpised, but also really happy that SKAM FR decided to dedicate an entire season to it, as it is really relevant, but not adressed enough, especially in teenage shows.


What are you guys watching? Have you watched Little Women? If so, which of the characters you relate the most with? (I’d be Jo). Let’s chat in the comments!

7 comentários sobre “what i’ve been watching recently #3

  1. I’ve heard so much about Queer Eye but I’ve never watched it. 😭 I need to change that 😂 I’m glad you enjoyed it!!

    I watched the high school musical trailer expecting to hate it but I kind of loved it 😂😂 I’m so glad you loved it. It had made me want to watch it!!

    I want to watch Little Women which is a surprise since I don’t love the book 😂 I’m so happy you loved it!! I’m not sure which sister I would be as it has been a while since I read it so maybe after I have watched the movie I will know!!

    I have finally watched something, YAY!!! 😍 I have been loving Skam France 5. I love Arthur’s journey and I think it is so important. And the bromance is so sweet– I love it!! I also love Alexis !! ❤

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • i think you’d love queer eye! it’s such a great reality show. i find that they can be really shallow, but queer eye touches on so many important subjects and it’s just a really emotional show.
      i’ll be looking forward to hear who do you identify the most with. i suspect it’s meg, but let’s see how you feel once you watch the movie and reconnect with the story.
      indeed!!!! the bromances are amazing, and so are the romantic relationships. i’m really invested in this season, which makes me really happy.
      thank you for reading, sophie! 💛

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  2. I really wanna watch HSM The Musical The Series but I don’t have Disney+ and they’re really strict about the use of the dorm Wi-Fi here, so I can only look into your *~ways~* when I go back home xD I also haven’t watched Little Women! seriously, I blame Germany here. The movie tickets are unnecessarily expensive!!

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  3. Okay, listen, I LOVE THAT ONE SCENE IN THE CURRENT SEASON OF SKAM FRANCE WHERE ARTHUR IS ON THE TOILET AND BASILE JUST QUIETLY GOES I LOVE YOU THROUGH THE DOOR AND WAITS UNTIL ARTHUR SAYS IT BACK BEFORE LEAVING HIM ALONE. I haven’t seen the whole season yet but this *one* (1) scene has my heart and deserves to be screamed about in all CAPS. It’s soOoOo sweet and I have like ten gifsets of it favored on Tumblr because *sugar-y fluffiness* is my type of friendship. I’m. so. here. for. the. bromances.

    PS: I haven’t seen Little Women yet but I’m This Close to just buying the book, reading it and then marathon-ing the movie. I literally have no control, I have been infected by the hype.

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    • Hahahah, that was one of my favorite scenes too! It was so sweet! I didn’t expect to fall in love with their friendship, but I’m really glad they’ve been so well developed. I’m very excited to see what else happens this season with these two.
      Same here! I’ve been eyeing some of the beautiful copies of Little Women in the bookstore recently, even though I have never been interested in classics. But the movie was so good, it made me want to read it so bad, hahah.
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Janina!


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