what i’ve been watching recently #2

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Hello, friends!

It hasn’t even been that long since my recently watched, but I actually fell in love with a couple more shows that I needed to talk about before this would turn into too much of a big post.

Since I haven’t been watching much lately, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to wrap it up before the new year. Let’s get started!


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Trust me: I am more than aware of all the things that make Riverdale a really bad show. But I’m way too invested on it at this point to stop, despise how much it makes me cringe. Season 3 dropped out on NETFLIX Brazil this October and, of course, I watched the whole thing in a matter of days.

This Season 3 was entertaining, though truly non-sensical. I’ll never be able to wrap my mind around the fact a 16 year old owes a bar and a diner. Or that they’re so intimidating for almost 50 year old adults. Most of the plot centers around this roleplay game like Dungeons and Dragons and I’m not familiarized with this type of game at all, so I was just confused most of the time.

Still, this season gave us new layers of some of the characters. I really liked seeing a darker Archie, though he remains my least-favorite character. Jughead’s family dynamic added 50+ years into my life spam – it was beautifully complicated. Betty was also doing a lot of investigating on her own and I’m always happy to see her standing up for herself as one of my favorite characters.

My favorite episode was the flashback one, where we follow the parents’ storylines. I also realized how much I adore Fred Andrews and I’m sad already thinking about the next seasons without him. This wasn’t the best thing I’ve watched, but it’s Riverdale, so it always makes me low-key happy.


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WTFOCK is the Belgium remake of one of my favorite shows ever, SKAM. I’ve never watched all seasons of any remake before, but this version really grabbed my attention. After watching some fan made videos of Zoe and Senne (the Belgium version of Nora and William), I decided to watch the whole thing. And I really love it.

I didn’t care that much about season 1, and the acting didn’t help at all. Season 2 was definitely an improvement. The chemistry between the characters is undeniable and I felt like all the changes that were made to the plot were really great. They still kept it pretty close to the original, but added new layers to the characters and deepened the relationships, which I loved.

Senne is my favorite character, because he’s just really charming and also unaware of what toxic masculinity means. (William wishes). I am currently watching S3 and I also love Robbe – he’s such a sweetheart and I’ve been feeling every single one of his emotions with him, which has been a powerful ride.

Season 3 is currently airing and I’m really into all the changes that they’ve made to the OG storyline. It is also my first time watching any SKAM remake live and it’s been a really intense experience – waiting for each clip to drop it’s such an excrutiating wait!


So, this was… interesting.

When I watched the first season of this show, I thought it was pretty freaking weird. I really did not like the characters and felt like it was trying to be edgy but ultimately, just being cringe-y. I loved the side characters, though. The lesbian cops were my favorites and I could’ve watched two more seasons of just them.

When I heard a season 2 was dropping, though, I decided to give it another shot and I definitely enjoyed it better than the first. I felt the relationship between James and Alyssa a lot more this time around and I simply loved James. He was a lot more talkative, open and worried this season and just showed more emotion, which definitely helped in making me believe that he was an actual character and not a cardboard cutout.

I don’t know how great this was though, representation-wise. I still have to read more own voices reviews on it, but it was borderline problematic how they adressed Bonnie’s character, especially since she was the only non-white protagonist in the show.

Even if you didn’t like season 1, I would still consider giving it a shot, since it’s such a short and fast-paced series anyway.

Have you guys watched any of these show? If you’re a fan of SKAM, what’s your favorite remake? Do you have any other shows to recommend to me? Let’s chat in the comments!


7 comentários sobre “what i’ve been watching recently #2

  1. I watched the first season of Riverdale is like two days or something and then never watched it again!! I do agree that I can definitely enjoy watching it but I’ve seen some of the lines and it does seem so weird!! I think I see the lines on sites that give no context which doesn’t help but yeah!! I’m glad it makes you happy though!!

    Ahh.. I’ve seen moments of Skam Belgium but I haven’t watched it (does that make sense) but I really liked Zoe and Senne!! He was so sweet!! I haven’t seen it so I can’t really talk about it but I’m so glad you liked it. I’ve only seen the French one!!

    I watched teotfw too but I didn’t realise it was a book first!! I thought James was much better this season too!! I didn’t think about Bonnie character but that’s a good point. I will definitely try and find more own voices reviews too!!

    I haven’t been watching any shows recently which makes me kind of sad. I will have to start one soon, I miss it!! 😊

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    • Hahah, I promise that Riverdale out of context isn’t much better than Riverdale with context, but as I said, it’s so addictive, I can’t stop watching no matter how non-sensical it gets, lol.
      It totally makes sense, because I did that too, before I started watching the whole thing! I watched only a couple moments of Zoe and Senne and then decided to actually watch all their season and it was really great. I love the French one and I’ll say, the Belgium one is getting high on the list for me too!
      Same! Apart from WTFOCK, I haven’t watched anything else, but I really want to find a new show I can binge-watch during my summer break.
      Thank you soooo much for reading, Sophie! 💛

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  2. I remember watching Riverdale when it first came out but it was so cringy I immediately gave up, after a few episodes. I’ve never watched the others. :/
    I’ve recently watched all three seasons of Anne with an E and I absolutely adored it!! <3

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    • Hahah, that’s the story of Riverdale! I also found the first season super cringey, but I continued watching and now here I am, three seasons in, hahah.
      I’ve heard such lovely things about Anne with an E! It’s definitely one I should give a chance to.
      Thank you so much for reading! 😊

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