monthly wrap up: october, ’19


Hello, friends!

October lasted for forever, I feel like. And I also can not believe is already November. As the end of the semester approaches, I anticipate I won’t be able to blog much this month, but I’ll work my hardest to be on top of everything.


  • I turned nineteen! It was my birthday this month, but unfortunately, I spent most of the day sick and I didn’t do much, except for having lunch with my parents and watching Bridget Jones at night. It took me a couple weeks to fight the cold completely, but I got the chance to celebrate it properly with some other friends later on in the month. I also got some cool birthday presents: a Titanic t-shirt, some laptop stickers and the book Just Kids, by Patti Smith.
  • I watched a bunch of gymnastics. Earlier in the month, there was a World Championship in Sttutgart, Germany and as a huge fan of gymnastics, I watched the whole thing. From my bed, of course, but still. Even though my couple of favorite gymnasts didn’t get any medals, I was still super happy to watch and cheer for them. I’ve never done gymnasts or anything, but for some reason, I’m obsessed with the sport and love following as many competitions as I can. This one was really fun, albeit predictable, since the Russians are so good, lol.
  • I bought tickets and I’ll be watching Taylor Swift next year! I still can’t believe I’m writing these words. I legit never thought this day would come and had already made peace with the fact Taylor wouldn’t be ever stepping foot in South America. But she announced the Lover Tour will in fact come to Brazil and I finally have the chance to watch my #1 favorite artist live! I didn’t get the best seats, sadly, and definitely spent more money than I should’ve, but it’s still a dream come true. The concert won’t be for another six months, but I’m thrilled nonetheless.



I was supposed to read this around my birthday on October 5th, because the title was just super fitting, but I accidentally devoured this in a day. This was possibly one of the best reading experiences I’ve had this year and I can not wait to buy a physical copy so that I can re-read it forever. I loved absolutely everything about it. Starting with the characters, Morgan and Eric are both so lovely and go through so much. Morgan is obviously struggling with her gender and sexuality and Eric with his family and abusive father. The friendship they have, though, is so pure and amazing and felt like a true breath of fresh air amongst the hardships they were facing. The way the book is written also allows you to watch them grow up and become their own people and change and evolve in some of the most beautiful but heartbreaking ways I’ve ever read about. I just want everyone to read this. The audiobook was great and features an interview with the author at the end that made me think a lot. I specifically loved how they mentioned how problematic it can be to carry on “cancel culture” we see online to our day to day life and how it is worth fighting for a better life amongst our communities. What I’m trying to say is: please read this. Thank you.


This was probably my most anticipated release of 2019 and I’m so disappointed I can barely talk about it. I finished this before Rainbow Rowell released there’s a next book coming out, but I still feel this one lacks a lot. Maybe, reading the whole trilogy, I’ll feel better about this and I’ll definitely consider re-reading it upon the release of the third one, but honestly, it’s like Baz and Simon didn’t have one conversation for more than two lines that wasn’t interrupted. They didn’t work any of the issues they had at the beginning of the book and it feels like a potential development wasted. The representation of the vampires made me annoyed AF too. I feel like nothing much about the magic system in this book makes a whole lot of sense and could’ve been build up better. I also wanted more closure for Simon as a character, and I expected that as soon as they said they would be going to America, but literally nothing happened. Basically: this book could’ve been everything but nothing happened, and I’m mad.

36371056. sy475

I listened to the audiobook for Emergency Contact, which, by the way, I really do not recommend. The narrator for Sam was really bad and spoke with this monotone, low voice tone that made almost impossible for me to hear him, even with earphones on. It also didn’t help that I couldn’t be less interested in the actual content of the book. Although I appreciated how it discussed mental health, with really important descriptions of anxiety and panic attacks, as well as how it gave us insight on the artistic process both of the characters (Penny as a writer and Sam as a film-maker) are going through, I really disliked this book. There’s so much girl hate. Just so much. It’s 2019, for God’s sake. I am also really done with YA characters complaining about the great parents they have, or acting like special snowflakes because they are sooooo different and awkward. Surprisingly, I actually appreciated the writing style and it gave me almost Rainbow Rowell vibes sometimes, but I still feel like we couldn’t have chosen more unlikeable protagonists to follow, as both are judgemental and annoying AF.

36077176. sy475

Apart from Wayward Son, Jackpot was my second most anticipated release of the year, and at least this one really did meet all of my expectations. I absolutely adore Nic Stone as an author and her writing style is so captivating. This book was a lot of fun, despise discussing such hard themes. That’s probably what I adore so much about her books: the fact that she can write these really witty and funny dialogues and amazing, three-dimensional characters, but also address themes such as racism, poverty and privilege really well. Zan was such a great character (and I couldn’t help but picture him as Riverdale’s Archie the entire time, lol) and so was Rico. The family dynamics here were also so pure and made me feel everything. Basically: Nic Stone is a queen and I think you all need to read all of her books.


My re-read for the month was The Dream Thieves, by Maggie Stiefvater. This is my favorite installment in The Raven Cycle series and I obviously wanted to prioritize a book I love for my birthday month. I decided to listen to the audiobook, since I’m already so familiarized with the story, but I really hated it. The narrator did such a weird voice for Kavinsky and he sounded more like a funny Disney sidekick than an actual villain. He also kept pronouncing ‘Niall’ Lynch as ‘Neil’ Lynch and that triggered me a lot. I still enjoyed the book enough, though I didn’t love it like I thought I would. I guess I’m really just realizing now the amount of problems in The Raven Cycle series I hadn’t noticed before. Like, the insta-love or Blue never being able to truly stand up for herself. How Gansey treats Ronan like a child he has to discipline instead of an actual friend. The fact the word ‘gay’ only showed up with a negative connotation, like when Kavinsky was trying to offend someone. I still really adore the characters and reading about Joseph Kavinsky always makes me weirdly happy, but this was probably my one disappointing re-read of the year.


As a birthday present, I got a copy of Patti Smith’s Just Kids. If I’m being honest, I didn’t know anything about Patti Smith before reading this book, but I thought it would be a good way to learn more. I’m really interested in the period between the 60s and the 70s and this book was a true immersion. Patti Smith lived more in twenty years than probably many people lived in their lifetimes. From living in the streets of New York with nothing but a passion towards reading to a groundbreaking punk artist, the book digs deep in her early 20s and the hardships she had to go through and also her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe. I didn’t know much about him either, but their relationship was so interesting to read about. They were both really unique individuals, that found each other no matter the circumstances and I loved the photos we got to see in the book as well. I think this is just one of those books that throws you into rabbit holes of wanting to learn more about not only them, but also the people they interacted with, idolized, and both. However, I’d have enjoyed this a lot more if it had focused more on Patti than on Robert, because I truly just did not care that much about him as an artist or as a person.



As October is my birthday month, I really wanted to include a lot of songs I love, even though some are oldies here (like We Don’t Talk Anymore, by Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez). There’s definitely a ton of K-POP, but most importantly, musicals too! I went back to listen again to the soundtrack of Dear Evan Hansen and I’m so glad I did.

I want to listen to a lot more musicals, so you can definitely expect some on my November playlist!


If I’m being honest, I’m not looking forward to November at all. It will be a packed month and I have so much going on at college. I apologize in advance for my lack of blog hopping and posting, but it’s the end of the semester and I have several projects and things to work on. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Let me know what you guys are excited about in the month of November and what did you do this October!


26 comentários sobre “monthly wrap up: october, ’19

  1. Happy birthday 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    I tried listening to Emergency Contact last year too, and I dropped it around half an hour. The narrator was meh, and I couldn’t handle the main girl character because all she did was hate on other girls and say how better she was. Good to know I’m not the only one that doesn’t like the book.

    Also, I wasn’t expecting that reaction to Wayward Son. Maybe it’s better to wait for the final book.

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    • Thank you soooo muchh!
      Exactly! I really hated the narrator for Sam, and I feel like I could’ve even enjoyed or at least felt more about his character and what he was going through had the narrator not been so monotone the entire time.
      I would definitely recommend it! I think it would be more enjoyable if you could just straight jump into the third one.
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Catarina! 💞

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  2. omg I get so much joy when I see you in my Reader!! Belated happy birthday, Lais!! <3 Hope being nineteen is amazing <3 Also, congrats on the TS tickets! That's amazing! I’m sure you’ll have fun even though your seat isn’t the best out there!

    And idk why you’re the first person I’ve seen review Jackpot? Really odd, but considering your thoughts, I’ll have to add it to my TBR! Also, don’t worry too much about being inactive. I probably will be too because school is such a b*tch :/


    • Aww, thank you so much, Caitlin!
      I actually got a much better seat recently and I’m really, really happy. I really am looking forward to it.
      I haven’t heard enough people talking about Jackpot either! It’s a really good book and hopefully you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did.
      School always taking the best of us, right? Ugh. Wishing you luck on November too!
      Thank you so much for reading, Caitlin! 💛

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    It looks like you had a great reading month! I’m so glad that you liked Jackpot because I’m also looking forward to reading it as well. It’s sad that Wayward Son didn’t live up to your expectations, though. I have been hesitating to read it because I didn’t even like Carry On that much (but, also, I miss Baz…).

    I’m so happy that you’re attending a Taylor Swift concert!! It must be so exciting!

    I hope you’ll have an amazing November as well! Good luck with school 💞 💞

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  4. Happy belated birthday!! Sucks that you were sick on the day, but at least you got to celebrate properly when you were better.

    I’ve had a copy of emergency contact for a while and I’m always on the fence about reading it. The girl hate will definitely irk me, but I’m glad it does a good job at exploring anxiety and such.

    Hope you have a lovely November.

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    • Thank you, Lois!
      I think there are both good and bad elements about Emergency Contact. Unfortunately, for me, the bad ones outweighed the goods, but I can still see why so many people have this as one of their favorite contemporaries.
      Thank you so much for reading! Wishing you a good November too! 💞

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  5. Hey!! I’m sorry that you felt ill on your birthday, that is the worst but I hope it still had some good moments for you!! 😊
    Yay Taylor Swift tickets, how exciting?!?! I kind of love and hate how long you have to wait for the concert once you’ve booked them because on one hand it is something to look forward to but on the other you have to wait so long 😂 do you have a favourite Taylor Swift song or is that too hard??? 😂

    Yay I’m glad you loved Birthday, I will definitely have to check it out now!! 😊 and Nic Stone’s books I will have to read all of them!!
    I’m sorry to hear Wayward Son didn’t live up to your expectation. I haven’t read it yet so I’m curious to see what I will think, hopefully the third one will make up for it for you!!
    I’m so sorry you didn’t enjoy Emergency Contact but I definitely see your concerns with it and I think Penny’s roommate deserved better (I forget her name I’m sorry), I am glad you liked the artist journey as that was my favourite bit in the book!! ❤
    It’s shame your reread of the dream thrives was disappointing but I noticed that about Blue actually, she always called a feminism but it seemed to be more in her head than what she does. There was one moment where I think it seemed good but I can’t remember it now 😂
    I love listening to musicals too!! 😂 and thank you for recommending Rain by Ben Platt to me, I have been loving listening to it!! 💛
    I hope you have a great November and it isn’t too stressful!! 💕

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • Hahah, exactly! It’s still a long wait, but I’m glad to have something to look forward to! I have a couple, but my number one favorite song is Long Live! I cry everytime I listen to it and I’m hoping I get to watch it being performed live. It would be a dream come true!
      I’ll be looking forward to hear your thoughts on Wayward Son! I’ve heard a lot of both positive and not so good reviews on it, so I’m excited to see what you think of it.
      Despise not having enjoyed Emergency Contact, I can see why people like it and relate to it so much. Both the artist journey and the mental health rep were really well done in the book, so even though I didn’t have the best time with it, I can definitely understand why it is so many people’s favorite!
      Thank you for reading! (I also finally took your recommendation to listen to Greyson Chance and I had to stop myself from not adding his entire album to my November playlist. All of the songs are sooooo good! I’m obsessed! Thank you so much for recommending it to me!)
      And thanks for reading, Sophie! Wishing you an amazing October too! 😊

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      • Yay!! Oohhh.. I will have to give that one a listen then and I hope you get to see it live as well *fingers crossed* 🤞🏼
        I have seen a mix about now so we’ll see!! I am hoping to read it by the end of the year!! 😊
        I did think it did both of those well but not every book is for everyone!! 💕
        Ahh.. That’s makes me so happy that you loved the album, it is so gooood though!! 😍 of course, I’m so glad you loved it!!
        Thank you so much Lais!! 💛

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  6. Happy (late) Birthday!! That’s so exciting that you get to watch Taylor Swift next year. She’s also one of my favorite artists, but I’ve never actually been to a concert before. I hope you have tons of fun <3

    I also love your monthly playlist!! London Boy is probably my second favorite song on the album (after Cornelia Street), and Livin' on a Prayer is SUCH a classic too. I hope you have a fantastic November too :) Happy Reading~!

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • Thank you so much, Tiffany! (Also, sorry it took me literally 20 days to get to this comment. I suck).
      I hope you get the chance to see her live once too! I’m sure it will be a marvelous experience.
      Livin’ on a Prayer is one of my favorite songs of all times. It always gives me an amazing feeling whenever I listen to it, no matter how often I do.
      Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you’ve had an amazing November so far! 😊

      Curtido por 1 pessoa

  7. Awwww! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🥳 it sucks you were sick but I’m glad you still got to enjoy it!

    It’s so interesting that you love gymnastics! I don’t think I could ever sit through a whole competition 😂 I used to do some when I was younger but I actually learnt to cartwheel after I finished & I still can’t really do a handstand!

    I recently read permanent record & really enjoyed it so emergency contact is up crazy high on my list but I’m sad it wasn’t so great for you :(

    Woooooo! About Taylor Swift tickets!! I hope you have a great time going to see her live! (That autocorrected to love but isn’t that kinda perfect?)

    Have you heard the music from six the musical? It’s Henry VIII’s wives as a girl group & is great! 😂

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • Thank you so much, El!!!!!!
      Hahah, I never tried gymnastics in my life and I kinda regret it now. But it was actually super fun to watch it, even though it was long and a bit predictable. I’m just obsessed, lol.
      I’m super excited! It’s still a long time before the concert, but I’m hyped and making tons of plans already, lol.
      Wow, I never heard of this before! It sounds really interesting; I’ll make sure to check them out and let you know how I like them.
      Thank you so much for reading and sorry it took me A MONTH to answer this. I’m a mess!

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  8. YOU’RE SEEING TAYLOR SWIF!! omfg enjoy for me too!!!
    I think I’ve had to come with terms that for a while I won’t see any of my favourite artists perform, because even tho some of them do come here, it’s still far away or super pricey and I can’t afford ))):

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

      • Taylor is coming here too next year, and I’d love to go, but the tickets are expensive because it’s not just her, it’s a summer festival, and also I’d have to add travel costs and whatever. But I have my fingers crossed! :D

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  9. aaa, happy belated birthday!! it sounds like you had an amazing day and i’m so happy for you!

    ooh, i’ve never heard of “birthday” before, but it sounds super interesting. heck, even if the plot of a book is sucky, good characters will always make me read it (y’know… ones that actually have emotional depth– what a concept). i actually haven’t read “emergency contact” yet, but the girl-hate stuff is so upsetting. my opinion of a book has definitely changed because of this, and it’s just wayyy to common and overlooked (*cough* jennifer niven *cough*)

    thank you for the new music! i actually haven’t heard of a lot of these artists, so i need to get to that! (AND THE WALLOWS I LOVE THEM)

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • thank you soooo muchhh!
      birthday is an amazing book i really think more people need to read it. ahhh, i haven’t re-read jennifer niven’s all the bright places in forever, so i don’t even remember that much girl on girl hate, but it’s definitely a turn off.
      wallows is amazinggg! recently i did my spotify wrapped and they’re in my top favorite artists, even though i just found out about them in july, and i’m not even surprised. they’re such an amazing band!!
      thank you so much for reading! ❤️

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