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Hello, friends!

Back in September, Ngoc tagged me for the Identity Crisis Book Tag, created by Loretta @ The Laughing Listener. I absolutely loved the concept of this tag, because it consists of: me doing Buzzfeed Quizzes which I already do everyday anyway.

I also want to clarify I won’t be answering all quizzes, and I’ll be adding a couple at the end too.


  • Take all the quizzes down below and record your answers somehow. I decided to just copy the text from each quiz and paste it into my post, but screenshots work too!
  • NO CHEATING. You get one shot to take each quiz my friends. I’m watching you. ∗Suspicious squinty eyes∗
  • Use this post to give credit to the creator or tag her on Twitter @LaughnListener so she can see everyone’s answers!
  • Tag some friends to spread the fun!


22328546. sy475

I got: Kilorn!

Did you forget about Kilorn? Well, you shouldn’t have! He may not be the center of attention but he has stuck by Mare since day one and didn’t even hesitate to join the Scarlet Guard. Just like Kilorn, your loyalty and bravery are your most admirable qualities. Rise, Red as the Dawn!

Okay, friends: I have never read this series and I also have no interest on it, so I definitely feel like some of my answers could be different had I any attachment to it. Apparently, I got the most forgettable character in the series and the one no one really cares about, which I think fits me just right.



256683. sy475 I got: Jem Carstairs and Alec Lightwood.

You’re selfless yet guarded, protective and romantic. You value those around you more than yourself, and sometimes you need to be reminded to take a moment for yourself! You’re the friend that everyone loves to have around, even if you doubt it sometimes.

I’ve never read any series by Cassandra Clare, but I know a little bit about it, since it’s such a hyped series. I also watched S1 of the show and I definitely know the characters. I was surprised to get Alec, since I actually thought of him as a whiny b*tch in the show, but perhaps he’s a little nicer in the books? I’m glad I got Jem, though, as I feel like I’d like him the most in The Shadowhunters Universe anyway. I could definitely see myself in this description.



16034235I got: Rowan and Asterin.

You may come off as stand-offish at first, but once a new friend earns your loyalty, they have it for life. Not without good reason. You’ve been through your fair share of struggles and are careful to protect yourself from more.

Speaking of really hyped YA series I have no interest in reading: there it goes another one. Throne of Glass’ books are humongous and I’ve heard not the best stuff about Sarah J. Mass as well, so I don’t think I’ll ever read it. However, I do know Rowan is a loved character in the fandom, so I’m pretty pleased to get him. I also totally relate with “having a loyalty for life“, because yes, me.




I got: Haymitch!

You’re one big confusion in one giant world. You can be wary of people at first but once they get to know you they’ll love you with all their hearts because you’re awesome. You won’t be messed with but you always stand up for your friends and are extremely loyal to those close to you. Yeah, you like to party — but boy, you deserve it.

Oh, finally a series I have read! Even though my feelings towards The Hunger Games have changed completely since I first read it, it will always be a series I’m thankful for. I laughed at my results, because Haymitch is the one character I never thought I would look like. Someone who’s never had alcohol in her life and hates parties getting the alcoholic, party animal as a result? But it talks about loyalty, which again, I relate!



136251. sy475 I got: Voldemort!

Sorry, but you’re a fucking psycho.

I’ve also read Harry Potter, though I stopped at book 5 and have yet to carry on. It is a series I want to finish one day, though! I know enough about it, since I’ve binge watched the movies numerous times. I laughed out loud at my result, honestly. What the heck? I literally chose only normal things, like ‘Sherlock’ as my favorite show and spending my night with a book. But still I got Voldemort, lol. I kinda love it, though.



17675462I got: Noah Czerny!

You are very observant, and mostly keep to yourself. A little too naive and gullible of others, your willingness to trust leads to you getting hurt quite often. You are extremely kind and loyal to those you love.

*pretends to be shocked at my results*. I relate a lot to Noah. He’s literally just going through motions and doesn’t say much, which same. Also, can we talk about how the photo Buzzfeed chose for it was a picture of Freddie Highmore? I didn’t know this was a fancast people had for him, but I’m just happy to have been blessed by Freddie Highmore’s face in this sad Tuesday night.



41865I got: Victoria!

Yeah, no one better cross you. Mess with you and it’s a death sentence. You’re not one to play games and are willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goals — no matter how bloody it can get. But life doesn’t always have to be filled with hate! Just blood. Lots of blood.

Oh, the good old days of Twilight. I’ve read this series actually, up till Breaking Dawn, and watched all the movies – in theaters, may I add. I feel like everyone was obsessed with this series anyway, so it’s fine. I truly don’t understand my results, though, as all my choices were the least bloody or scary. Buzzfeed is playing games with me.



13206760. sy475 I got Scarlet!

Scarlet lives on a farm in France with her grandmother. She has curly red hair and lots of freckles and is mostly seen wearing jeans and a red sweatshirt. She is frank and abrupt, with a tendency to act first and think later. She is cautious of newcomers and takes a while to warm up to them and trust them.

I have only read Cinder from this series, so I don’t know many of the characters. The questions for this quiz were pretty hilarious, and even though I chose almost none related to farming, I still got Scarlet! I relate to the trust issues, but not really to the tendency to act and then think. I’m too much of an overthinker.



7736182. sy475 I got Percy Jackson!

You are Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon! Percy is a brave, spirited natural leader, and is willing to risk his life to save friends, family, strangers, and sometimes even enemies. He has a sarcastic and smart sense of humor and a laid-back demeanor. Fatal Flaw: Excessive Loyalty

Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus is not a part of the original quiz, but I wanted to add it anyway, because I wanted to check my results, since PJO/HOO are two of my favorite series. And this is the best result I could’ve gotten if I’m being honest. I adore Percy with all my heart and I can definitely see myself a lot in his excessive loyalty, sarcasm and sense of humor.



6186357I got Gally!

Just like Gally, you are a little big headed and don’t like people saying no to you. You may come off mean, but you’re not willing to risk your life for other people’s stupid ideas. You can be the voice of reason and try to convince others that what you think is right. You may try to win, but you have enough brains to know that certain things just aren’t worth fighting for. Especially if it leads to unknown territory. You two are a perfect match.   

This is another series that wasn’t a part of the original tag, but I added it, because I love them too much. I am also not surprised with my results. Rewatching the movies recently made me realize how Gally literally is chaotic good and just wanted to keep everything the same because he was terrified of changes. I can totally relate.


I’ll be tagging Aditi, Kayla and Rain!

Now, let’s chat: do you identify with your favorite characters? And if not, which character from your favorite series you think you look the most alike?

13 comentários sobre “the identity crisis book tag

  1. HAYMITCH + VOLDEMORT + GALLY!? Damn we should be fucking scared of youu!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣👻👻👻

    AND I HAVENT READ ANY CASSANDRA CLARE ONE EITHER! Saaame with Red Queen! Although it’s cover is gorgeous 😍 And I actually do own the first part, I just cannot get myself interested in it! 😕😕

    I LOOOVEEED YOUR ANSWERS, Lais! 😍😍❤️❤️❤️ This is SUCH a fun tag! 😍😍❤️

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

  2. This is a really unique post, Lais! I use to take these quizzes all the time. I think when it comes to Harry Potter, I am a cross between a Luna and Ginny. I tend to be very dreamy like Luna, but also see a lot of Ginny’s traits in me.

    The Raven Boys wise, I am 100% Adam. I relate to that boy so much.

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • Thank you so much! Quizzes are so much fun. I take more of them than I probably should. Buzzfeed owes so much of my data they could probably knock on my house’s door if they wanted to.
      I thought I’d end up with Ginny too, but I guess I was too much of a psycho for the quiz, lol. Adam is suchhhh a great character. I lowkey wanted to get him, but I was happy with Noah too.
      Thanks for reading, Em! 😊


    Oh darn Lais you’re Voldy?? And Haymitch?? Um, I didn’t peg you for the type… 😂 but oh well!
    I haven’t read any Cassandra Clare books either, but in ToG Rowan is dear and Asterin is *sobs and giggles incoherently* aMaZinG! And awwh, Percy is just afsnkalalal my FIRST favorite ever!! I’m glad you got him 😊 but Voldy..?
    Anyways, thanks fot the tag!! I’ve been wanting to do it, and this is a LOT of fun!

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  4. I love this tag because buzzfeed quizzes are awesome and I do enjoy doing them, haha!! This tag is on my list to do (so I have no idea when I’ll do it 😂)!! But I loved reading your answers!! Some answers definitely had some villains with Voldemort and Victoria!! Clearly Voldemort likes to read a book in the evening (even though I can see Tom Riddle doing that haha)!!
    And you got Haymitch– he is actaully one of my favourite characters (speaking only from the movies as I haven’t read the books) but the party bit doesn’t match but I think Haymitch’s character is more than that and like you said loyalty!!
    I’m rereading the raven boys at the minute and I just love all of Noah’s lines, he doesn’t talk that much but when he does, he is iconic. I love him, I think I was Adam when I’ve done a quiz before which I think is the most suitable for me.
    I love that you added some more books that you love onto this tag— I completely agree with you about Gally as when you watch the movies again, you realise he wasn’t actively bad, he just had very strong and different opinions to everyone else but he only wanted everyone to be safe– chaotic good is a very good way to describe him!!
    Great tag!!! You got a lot of answers based on loyalty which is wonderful!! I loved reading it!! <3


  5. Ahahahha this is such a fun tag, I can’t believe you got Voldemort though, that is so strange and so unlike you haha. I love that you got Noah, though, I ADORE him so so much, he’s probably one of my favorites from the raven boys series, for sure. <3 and, aerm, I couldn't relate to Scarlet either, I'm an overthinker as well, haha :)

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