the liebster award!

Hello, friends!

So, two fellow amazing & lovely bloggers nominated me for The Liebster Award and I’m really excited about it! Thanks a lot for Lauren @ Twenty Seven Letters and Zoie @ Whisked Away By Words – they’re both phenomenal bloggers, whose content never fails to impress me. Both are super smart and super kind too, so make sure to check out their blogs as well!


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, provide a link to their blog and display the award.
  2. Answer 11 questions they asked you.
  3. Come up with your own 11 questions.
  4. And lastly, tag some bloggers!


ONE. If you could trade lives with one fictional character, who would it be and why?

Resultado de imagem para lara jean gif

I think I’ll have to go for an easy answer, but that would be Lara Jean, from To All the Boys. Firstly, because I’d get to date Peter Kavinsky, which is probably like my biggest dream, after dating Nate Archibald, ofc. But also Lara Jean is really good at baking and hand-crafting, and I *wish* I could be as good as she is. Plus, her wardrobe is phenomenal and I’m jealous.

TWO. If you could see any artist, singer, or group perform live (dead or alive), who would be your top three?

  1. TAYLOR SWIFT. (I’ve been stanning Taylor Swift since 2010 and I have never had the chance to watch her live, because apparently she’s against all South-Americans, so, yeah).
  2. WALLOWS. (Just found out about this band recently, but all of their songs are so great).
  3. LORDE. (Queen of everything – she actually came to my country a couple years back, but I didn’t get the chance to watch her, and I’d die for an opportunity, truly!).

THREE. What book/story turned you into a reader?

I’ve been a reader my whole life, so there isn’t any particular story that *turned* me into a reader. But Percy Jackson was the one story that turned me into a fangirl-reader, as it introduced me to the online bookish community and fandom in general.

FOUR. What language would you love to learn if you had the time to, and why?

I’d love to learn Korean, and I think it’s mostly because I’m really into Korean stuff these days and it would be very practical to know the language and not have to wait for Engsubs, lol.

FIVE. What is one place you have never traveled to that you are dying to visit and what would you want to do there?

THERE ARE SO MANY! I haven’t left the country in many opportunities, sadly, but Europe is at the top of my list, specifically England. I’d love to:

  • check out the Harry Potter studios
  • visit all the palaces
  • go to Liverpool and pay a visit to the Cavern Club, where The Beatles first started
  • go to Brighton and try all the pier rides

SIX. What is your most effective solution to get out of a reading slump?

Picking up a romance or re-reading an old favorite never fails to put me back into the reading mood, since they’re both binge-worthy and make me feel productive.

SEVEN. Why did you start blogging?

I’ve always been interested in taking part in the bookish community. At first, I was really captivated by Booktube and considered joining for a long time, but ultimately decided book blogging would be a better fit for me, since I’m not really comfortable around cameras and feel like I should work more on my writing in English than in my speaking.

EIGHT. What is the best thing to happen to you so far in 2019?

Resultado de imagem para jonas brothers 2019 gif

Well, the Jonas Brothers have returned and their new album IS THE BOMB so I’d say that.

NINE. Would you choose an elephant-sized puppy or a puppy-sized elephant, and why?

Boy, I really don’t like animals, so I’m not sure if I’d be comfortable with either. However, a puppy-sized elephant sounds better, since an elephant-sized anything would be way too much of a workout.

TEN. What is the best concert/show/musical/play/live performance you’ve been to, and why?

I really loved going to my first and only One Direction concert in 2014. It was an unforgettable experience, as it was my only chance of watching the five of them live and I was surrounded by amazing friends & family. I also really enjoyed my experience at the Arctic Monkeys concert, since they’re a band I’ve loved for years now and they’re absolutely fantastic live.

ELEVEN. What is a favorite memory you have that is associated with reading?

There are literally *so many*.

But one of my favorites starts like this: I was having an awful day. Literally. So many things had gone wrong; I had, for the first time, tried to talk to a guy I liked and it went horrible and I was pretty much feeling like crap.

However, that was also the day I got my hands on a copy of The Fever Code, by James Dashner, a prequel to my favorite ever series, The Maze Runner. And, legit, all I can remember is lying in bed, looking at the book in my hands, and not being able to even tell what I was sad about, because I was overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude towards that book. 💛


ONE. Do you watch shows in foreign languages frequently? Any recommendations?

I wouldn’t say frequently, but I’ve definitely watched a handful of shows in foreign languages. My recommendations would probably be:

  • SKAM Norway (Norwegian)
  • SKAM France (S3) (French)
  • Elite (Spanish)
  • Cheese in The Trap (Korean)
  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (Korean)

TWO. What place do you consider your home?

I’ve lived in Sao Paulo, in the same house, for literally my whole life, so I know that should be the answer when asked about home. But isn’t there a saying of: “home is where the heart is“?

Mine is in Orlando, Florida, one of the best cities I’ve ever visited and still to this day my favorite place on Earth. I love everything about it and would die to move there with my whole family one day.

THREE. Name a book character that you would be the best of friends with.

I like to believe me & Magnus Chase would be best friends. Even if we weren’t, I’d just love to annoy the heck out of him until he had to eventually call me over to be a part of his friend group.

FOUR. What fictional country/world would you like to be able to travel to?

Imagem relacionada

Narnia! It’s been such a long time since I’ve even last thought of Narnia, though that reunion picture Georgie Henley posted made me cry for about five minutes. But I’d live there forever, gladly!

FIVE. Tropical weather or snowy weather?

A brief description of Lais: lives in tropical weather but much prefers snowy weather, though has never seen snow once in her life.

What’s the most extreme environment you’ve ever been in?

Summer in Rio de Janeiro. 38ºC.

Ugliest book cover you own?

I don’t think I have a lot of ugly covers in my shelves, because sometimes I prefer not to buy a physical copy than to have a really ugly one standing there, lol. But there are some Brazilian editions that are real ugly next to their original ones.

My edition of CHALLENGER DEEP, BY NEAL SHUSTERMAN is a great example of it. The original cover is stunning, with different shades of blue (which is my favorite color, btw) and a really cool illustration. But this one is so boring; the one shade of blue adds no dimension and the title is in a weird font too.

Prettiest book cover you own!

I’ve shared my love for the cover of The Weight of Our Sky already, but I also really adore my cover for The Wicked Deep! I was really lucky to find this copy at a local bookstore, because they hardly ever hold UK editions, but this one is not only stunning, but also paperback, which is much more convenient to read.

Even the spine is gorgeous, and looking at it on my shelves makes me so happy.

What’s the coolest conversation you’ve had with someone because you were reading a book in public?

IMG_1083Unfortunately, I am way too shy to start conversation with strangers in public, but there was this really interesting situation once that I think fits this question nonetheless.

I was reading Carry On for the first time and waiting for my sister at a subway station. Then, a girl passed by me and she was holding a copy of Fangirl, also by Rainbow Rowell, which can almost be considered a prequel of Carry On, since it’s where we are first introduced to Simon and Baz. 

I didn’t have the chance to talk to her, because she just walked quickly by me, but I love overanalyzing coincidences and this one is just one of my favorite memories.

What’s the most interesting place you’ve read a book in?

I wish I had a really cool answer, but truly, I don’t think so. I love reading books during roadtrips, though, and I know a lot of people get headaches and nauseous when reading in a car, but I looooove reading and being able to look out the window and see really amazing landscapes as well.

And lastly… favorite post you’ve written so far on your blog?

I loved my discussion on sexual content on YA, but since I’ve already mentioned it recently, I feel like I should have a different answer. I loved the discussion I did in which I recommended books for my favorite songs, because gushing about music is my favorite thing ever.


  1. Favorite rom-com?
  2. Would you ever consider moving out to another country? If so, where?
  3. Favorite decade and why?
  4. Have you ever had a nice interaction with a celebrity/famous author, either personally or online?
  5. Your favorite and least-favorite Netflix Original?
  6. Favorite soundtrack?
  7. A series you haven’t finished yet, but want to? And a series you have DNF-ed?
  8. Do you have a favorite online/mobile game?
  9. If you could wake up one day and be incredibly skilled at dancing, playing instruments, singing or drawing, which would you prefer?
  10. The oldest book you have on your shelves?
  11. A character you would like to hug and a character you’d like to punch, lol.


Once again, thank you so much for Lauren and Zoie for nominating me! I loved answering those questions as well. As for the bloggers who I tagged, don’t feel any pressure to answer to these questions if you’ve already been nominated before. 

18 comentários sobre “the liebster award!

  1. Ahh congratulations on the award, Lais, I loved reading your answers to these questions so much <3 Lara Jean, I love her SO much and ahh. I would love to see Taylor Swift live someday just as well. And… right here with you about the Jonas Brothers haha. Love them always <3
    I love that copy of the wicked deep as well, this edition looks SO PRETTY!

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • Thank you so much, Marie!
      Taylor Swift live must for sure be a magical experience! I love watching her concerts, like through the Reputation World Tour Concert on Netflix… That was really epic, but also made me feel really jealous about all the people that got to watch it live, hahah. Hopefully, we’ll both have that opportunity one day!
      That copy of The Wicked Deep is so unique! I definitely prefer this one over the American edition as well.
      Thanks for stopping by, Marie! 💛

      Curtido por 1 pessoa

  2. Thank you so much for tagging me, Lais! I always love the Liebster Award, it’s awesome how it’s different every time and lets us all get to know the blogger better.💖
    I really, really hope you get to see Taylor Swift live one day! She’s such a queen and an amazing performer. I don’t know if this is just rumors, but I have heard that she’s going to go to a lot more international locations on her Lover tour, so hopefully she will come to Brazil so you can see her🤞🏼
    It would be so awesome to see all the Harry Potter parts of England! I haven’t been anywhere outside of the USA, but I’d also love to go to Europe and if I did go to England then you know I would go to everything Harry Potter related.
    THE GIF for “the best thing to happen in 2019” is truly iconic and I love that you didn’t even really need to give a response, just the gif, haha!
    Ahh, I have never been to Orlando! I’m dying to because of the Harry Potter world there, though. I hope you get to live there someday! (After reading your response about never having seen snow~ I wonder if it snows in Florida? I feel like probably not, sadly. It doesn’t snow where I live either, though it used to snow occasionally when I was younger.)
    Lovely post!

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • you’re welcome, olivia!
      i really hope so! i’ve heard these rumors as well, and i’m crossing my fingers they become true. i’ve been following each tour through social media and such and i’m stunned by how much her concerts are huge! like, the amount of dancers, outfit changes, backing vocals… it’s amazing! plus, i love the fact she sings “surprise” songs and invites other artists to perform with her. i really, really hope she adds south american to the Lover tour stops!
      i was proud of myself for the ‘best thing to happen in 2019’ answer too, hahahah.
      i don’t think it snows in florida tbh and i even wonder if i’d be able to handle the humidity during the summer, but it’s still a location close to my heart!
      thank you so much for the lovely comment, olivia! 💛

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  3. aaaaah, the wallows are amazing! (I just can’t help but add “the” in front of it). I’m so excited because a lot of people have never heard of it and ohmygosh that’s amazing :-) do you listen to a lot of music? lorde sounds pretty neat, though I’ve only listened to a few of her songs. apparently the band chvrches is similar if you like matched tastes. AND I JUST WANT TO GO BACK-PACKING THROUGH EUROPE AND FILL UP MY CAMERA STORAGE OK.
    p.s. puppy-sized elephants for da win.
    p.p.s. have I mentioned how AMAZING your blog is? your content and photos and personality and just everything is the best thing ever, and I would love to be friends :-)

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • WALLOWS IS SO GREAT!((!)@! i listen to a lot of music all the time, and i’ve heard a couple songs by chvrches (btw how do you pronounce that? lol i’ve also said churches but i’m rethinking this now), but i’ll definitely check them out now you’ve compared them to wallows!
      and thank you sososoooo much for being so lovelyyyy! it means a whole lot! let’s be friendssss💛💛💛

      Curtido por 1 pessoa

  4. Hands up for being jealous of Lara Jean’s wardrobe 👐– I try to be stylish but honestly I just stay in pyjamas 😂
    I hope you get to see all those artists/bands that you want– you deserve it!! I do love Lorde’s voice 😍
    I actually went to the cavern club last year and it was really cool– so atmospheric and had lots of cool things on the walls. I really hope you get to go one day!!
    That is such a nice memory with the fever code– books are truly amazing!! I have yet to read the fever code– I really need to to that!! 😊
    Wow the wicked deep really is a lovely cover– I love the illustration and the colours and the spine is great too (spines don’t get enough love I swear 😂) I am still adoring your pictures BTW 😍
    I loved reading this and getting to know you more through you answers!! Great post and congratulations on getting the award!! 💛

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • same! i wish i could be as stylish, but most of the time, i just try to go with the most comfortable outfits i can find, hahah. lara jean’s style inspires me a lot, though!
      ahhh, that’s so awesome! it sounds like a really great place. one of my favorite movies ever is nowhere boy, which is kinda like john lennon’s non-official biopic, and it’s all set in liverpool, so there are definitely a lot more places i’d love to check out! but i’m glad you enjoyed the cavern club!
      SPINES DO NOT GET ENOUGH LOVE, that’s so true!!! since i don’t have enough space on my bookshelves to display covers, i always appreciate when the spines are nice to make up for it, hahah.
      thank you soooo much for the lovely comment! 💞

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  5. Hi Lais! Thank you for doing this tag — I enjoyed reading all your answers! Skam would be on the top of my list for foreign shows to watch, too, though I haven’t fully watched the French one yet.

    I haven’t been stopped randomly in public much for reading a book, but I have a bunch of times at school, by teachers and classmates commenting on my books. I think it’s why I prefer having a physical copy of a book with me instead of ebooks because they make such good conversation starters with other bookworms. 😊

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • Ah, that’s so true about books being great conversation starters! Even when I’m not reading a super popular book, whenever someone asks me about its plot, it usually moves to another book with a similar story that we’ve both read/heard of and turning into a really good conversation! I feel like I’m just way too awkward to approach people reading, but I do appreciate when others do it with me, hahah.
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Zoie! 💛

      Curtido por 1 pessoa

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