a trip to my home country: my favorite time of the year!


Hello, friends!

I’m sorry that all of my posts have been starting out with an apology, including this one. It’s just that, truly, life has been chaotic lately. I’ve announced before that I have now kind of a side-job that has been taking a lot of time; plus all the school work that comes with the end of a semester; and I’ve also decided to plan a surprise party for one of my best friends, so to say I have my hands full is an understatement.

Because of that, I haven’t been reading at all and I’ve also been pretty absent here too. I also apologize if I’m not able to get to everyone’s previous posts, but I’ll try my best!

However, this post is not only to talk about the fact I’m incredibly overwhelmed with life. It is actually time to discuss my favorite time of the year, aka: FESTA JUNINA SEASON.

Resultado de imagem para how do i even begin to explain regina george
How do I even begin to explain festa junina?

During the months of June and July, my country celebrates “Saints Season“. A lot of Catholic saints are celebrated during this time of the year, including Saint John the Baptist, Saint Anthony and Saint Peter. And since Brazil is a predominantly Catholic country, a lot of parties happen all around.

Originally, Festa Junina was a celebration that happened on the countryside, and around churches. People ate traditional food and got around the bonfire to sing and dance. Throughout the years, though, the party has changed a lot, but some things remain the same.

Not only Catholic churches celebrate Festa Junina. Most schools do as well, and it’s now considered a time of the year where you can gather around with your community, so it can happen literally anywhere – even in someone else’s backyard.

IMG_0666 2The food is mostly traditional, but it’s just a pack of delicious street food all around. My favorite one is definitely tempura. It’s actually a Japanese dish, but it’s absolutely delicious and commonly served during Festa Juninas. I know this one doesn’t look that appetizing, but I swear it’s delicious, especially when it comes with shrimp.

Because Festa Juninas originated and were more popular in the countryside, it is a tradition to dress alike and play country songs. We mostly see kids going around in plaid shirts, high waisted jeans and boots. There’s a lot of sertanejo playing in the background too.

Bonfires are not that common anymore, though, but because it happens during Winter for us, there are a lot of hot foods and beverages to make us feel warm, since most of the parties happen outside.

IMG_0665 2IMG_0664 2

But why do I love it so much? Simply because the food is delicious. I am obsessed with street food and it’s literally everything I can want in one place. Plus, it’s always nice to be surrounded by your community. These photos I took were from the Festa Junina happening in my high school, which I am no longer enrolled at, but I was able to go and see a lot of my old friends and teachers.

Overall, I like festa junina more than I like Christmas or any other celebration, to be honest. It’s truly my favorite time of the year.

Now, please, share down in the comments: what’s your favorite time of the year? And which celebrations only happen in your country? I’d love to know!


10 comentários sobre “a trip to my home country: my favorite time of the year!

  1. Hi Lais— I’m sorry to hear life has been a bit overwhelming, it does sound very hectic but you don’t have to apologise to us. I love checking out your posts whenever you post them and I hope you don’t feel too pressured by it all. Sending you best wishes.
    I loved hearing about Festa Junina season– and I hope you enjoyed it this year. It sounds like a lovely celebration which brings the community together and lots of food which sounds delicious. I’m so happy to hear you enjoy it so much!!
    My favourite season in probably Christmas– it feels like the biggest one that my family celebrate and I love winter as well so it happens at the perfect time for me. But in the UK we have bank holidays and it is not something we celebrate– it is more to do with time off but the august bank holiday is during summer so a local village to me does a scarecrow festive and has a fete which I quite enjoy!!
    Great post!!! <3

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    • Thank you soooo much for being so nice, Sophie! It’s really good to be back blog hopping and stuff and I can’t wait to check out what you’ve up too recently as well.
      Ahhh, that’s all so nice! I love the idea of celebrating Christmas during Winter; perhaps I’d enjoy this time of the year more if it was the case? Hahah. The scarecrow festive sounds a lot of fun and super appropriate for late summer as well.
      Thank you soooo much for stopping by and for always being so nice! 💞

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      • Aww.. thank you!! Maybe– it does have an added cosy effect as it is cold and dark outside so it is nice to celebrate inside where it is warm and cosy!
        Ahh you’re very welcome— I love reading your blog posts and I hope you are well!! <3 <3

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  2. I love reading these posts about Brazil! 💕 You don’t have to apologize for being gone – I’ve been having a hard time, too, keeping up with my blog. Sometimes we just need some time to slow down! (And hey, I also got a small side-job which is taking up a lot of my time! 😂)

    I had never heard of Festa Junina until right now, but it sounds so fun! I especially love outdoor parties with lots of food! My favorite time of the year is Christmas Season, or just November-December in general. That’s also a time for lots of food in my city, so you can see why I like it so much! 😂

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    • Ahhh, that’s the thing about adulting, right? I love the fact I can have a side-job, because it means I now have money to afford new books, clothes and such. However, it takes up a lot of the free time and it’s hard to juggle it all sometimes.
      Any holiday that involves a lot of food is ALWAYS a great holiday to celebrate, right? That’s why I love Festa Junina so much so I relate, hahah. However, we don’t have a lot of food around Christmas time – probably because it’s way too hot for that, hahah.
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Xandra! 😊

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