monthly wrap up: may, ’19


Hello, friends!

I feel like I need to start this post by apologizing for my lack of interaction this month. I still have a lot (a lot) of blog posts to get to, so excuse me if you see a comment by yours truly in a post that is already two weeks old. College hasn’t been treating me well and my side job has been taking a lot of my time lately, plus all the reading & writing I’ve been doing.

Hopefully, by the second week of June, I’ll have sorted things out and will be able to get back on commenting & blog-hopping as usual.


  1. I went to my first ever student march! Last year, a lot of marches happened in the US, such as the Women’s March and even the Students March as a result of school shootings. In my country, though, the protests happened for a different reason. Basically, our government has cut investments for our public universities, with the excuse that “students are just there to party and do nothing else”. Literally. (Our president is so stupid is laughable). As a public university student, I felt the need to be there. It was pretty crowded and it was quite scary, but I’m still overall very glad I was able to go.
  2. I finally watched Aladdin and I’m in love with it. I’ve even added the soundtrack to my monthly playlist for June already. Aladdin has always been one of my favorite animations, and I was very much looking forward to it. Despise the controversy when the casting was first released, I think it’s truly worth watching. Will Smith is amazing as the Genie, and by far my favorite character. I also loved Mena Massoud as Aladdin; he was the perfect balance between charming and awkward, lol. I’d 10/10 recommend it if you like the animation as well!


All the books I read this month (except for one) talk about mental health issues in some way, in honor of May being Mental Health Awareness Month.


First book completed this month was I Have Lost My Way, by Gayle Forman, which deals with depression. I re-read Where She Went by the same author earlier this year and I was excited to catch up with her most recent release. And, typically, I’d trust Gayle Forman with books set in one day. She’s still able to write three-dimensional characters and flesh out relationships, but not in this one. I really didn’t like how quickly the connection between these characters was formed, especially considering how little they knew about each other. Nathaniel, especially, was a character who had about two lines throughout the book, and yet Freya was falling head over heels for him. Harun was the only one whom I truly sympathized with and I definitely wish he wasn’t so much of a third-wheel. I still recommend the audiobook, though, especially because you get to listen to a song that is very important for the narrative and the full cast makes it super dynamic.


My re-read for May was A List of Cages, by Robin Roe, that has ADHD rep. I wanted to re-read this and take my time, since I read it in one sitting the first time around. I also took the chance to highlight some of my favorite quotes and really appreciate the writing. I still find that this book has some minor plot holes and things that fall too conveniently into place, but it’s a beautiful story nonetheless. Adam is, by far, one of my favorite characters in the world and I just wish he could be turned into a real person so we could be best friends. Julian is a sweetheart too and his relationship with Charlie never fails to break my heart and put me back together. Despise this book’s problems, I’d still recommend it to everyone I know.


Then, I was craving desperately some romance, and I thought it was the perfect timing to pick up The Bride Test, by Helen Hoang that came out this May, 7th. I thought it was okay to make an exception for my themed month, because this book still has a lot of great representation, with two Vietnamese leads & an autistic main character. Overall, I enjoyed this book much more than I enjoyed The Kiss Quotient. It was refreshing, because Khai’s character takes some time to understand his own way to cope with feelings, and I wasn’t exhausted of the miscommunication like with Hoang’s previous book. I also found Esme to be such a powerful main character; she was badass and hardworking, and definitely not your typical protagonist, but that’s exactly what made her so endearing to read. (The author’s note at the end!!!!!!) I still hate having to read romance and especially sex scenes from a male perspective, so if you have any romance books recommendations that are written from one perspective only, let me know!


I also finally picked up Eliza & Her Monsters, by Francesca Zappia, that includes anxiety and selective mutism rep. This book was sort of a ride. I didn’t connect to it at all at first and was so frustrated because of that. Eliza was desperate to be edgy, in that “I don’t fit in but I don’t want to fit in” kinda way that I find so annoying and trope-y. Her parents were very understanding & supportive and she still complained about them 24/7. Even though she grows and learns, I still feel like the book could’ve gone further in showing how her behavior was unacceptable. Her relationship with Wallace also got borderline abusive and manipulative at the end and it was a no-no for me. I also did not connect to the fandom aspect of the story as much as I thought I would. I was excited to fall in love with Monstrous Sea as much as I loved Carry On, when reading Fangirl, but I didn’t understand the plot for that series *at all* and I was very much let down. Even though this was not a horrible book, I’d still take it as a disappointment.


At least, my expectations were met with Darius The Great is Not Okay, by Adib Khorram. This one has depression and Persian rep. I loved so many things about this book. First and foremost, the whole talk on identity was so remarkable and I’m pretty sure will touch a lot of people out there. I also loved the friendship element; Sohrab and Darius had the purest of the relationships and it was very heart-warming. The one thing that stood out the most for me was definitely the family aspect. Darius’ relationship with his father mirrored a lot my relationship with my own father and I was already in tears only 20% into the book. Also, the whole talk on body-image was so important! I have yet to read more books with fat MC, but this one made me feel everything. Even though this book deals with a lot of different topics, it never once felt like it was *trying too hard*. Instead, it felt like a very natural way to tell this story, and I’m just so so so happy that I’ve read this. (ALL THE STAR-TREK REFERENCES!!!!!!!!!)


The last book I was able to finish for the month of May was Challenger Deep, by Neal Shusterman, with schizophrenia rep. The book doesn’t actually label the character’s feeling, but it is mentioned to be within the schizo-spectrum. This book was so smart and well done. It was able to, through the writing, show you what it was like inside Caden’s head, in a way I had never seen before. This being a first person novel felt like a true personal ride down the mental illness hole. I also learned that Caden (our main character) was very much inspired off of the author’s son, who also deals with similar disorders, and the book has exclusive illustrations made by him when he was first diagnosed at the age of 15. Because of that close experience, I think the book was able to handle the subject in a very personal and realistic matter, and it was truly heart-wrenching.

Currently, I am reading The Weight of Our Sky, by Hanna Alkaf, that has OCD and anxiety rep. I’ll carry on this read to the month of June and talk to you guys about it in my next monthly wrap up.



My May playlist has been sort of a weird ride. Even though there are some great artists I’m glad to have found out, such as Wallows and Rex Orange County, I still didn’t feel as inclined to listen to it in a regular basis, as I did with my previous playlists. I still think it’s a fun one, if you want to give it a listen. And I’d highly recommend Wallows, by the way!


June is Pride Month so I obviously have plans to read all them queer books. There are a couple I’m super excited to get to, such as Red, White & Royal Blue and A Song of Achilles, because people have been talking non-stop about these two titles and the reviews are all incredibly positive. Hopefully, I’ll love these two just as much as everyone else.

I’m also excited because June is a birthday month for a lot of people close to me. And the day this post comes out is also Champion’s League final and I don’t know why I’ve been anticipating this so much, but I low key am, lol. (GO, LIVERPOOL!)

Let me know in the comments: how was May for you? And what are you’re mostly looking forward to in June? Are you doing any themed reads for Pride Month? And if you care for soccer at all, are you excited for the match?

21 comentários sobre “monthly wrap up: may, ’19

  1. I read Darius The Great is Not Okay in May as well and I loved it so much!! Such a beautiful book imo. I’m so glad to know that you enjoyed The Bride Test! There are many mixed reviews, but it sounds really interesting and I want to check it out. I hope June will be a good month for you <3

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    • Darius The Great was such a fun novel! I’m really glad this was one that did not let me down this month. The Bride Test really has a lot of mixed reviews and I understand all the different points of views, but I really loved Esme as a protagonist and this helped a lot with my final rating, hahah.
      Wishing you a fantastic June as well! 💞

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  2. Ahh I’m so happy you liked Darius The Great, I can’t wait to read this book, I feel like I’d love it so, so much. I also need to add The Bride Test to my TBR now! :)
    I hope that June will be good to you, Lais, take care of yourself, sending you tons of love <3

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    • Darius the Great was amazingggg! I can definitely see you loving this book, Marie! It has all the things I know you love: great mental health rep, amazing friendships, a heart warming family dynamic… I hope you do have the chance to pick it up soon!
      I hope you have an amazing June too! Thank you so much for the comment! 💛

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  3. I really enjoyed Aladdin as well. I didn’t think I would because the trailers haven’t been so great but its a lot of fun and the cast :) I was a bit worried about Guy Ritchie adapting Princess Jasmine as I don’t think he’s been that great with female characters in the past. But I thought they did a fantastic job with her and Naomi Scott was excellent! Good luck with your June reading!

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    • I really loved Naomi Scott as Jasmine as well. I think she had so much personality and the original song, Speechless, is beautiful. It gave me chills when I listened to it during the movie, because it comes at such a special moment. I haven’t had much luck with live actions before, but this one really impressed me.
      Thank you so much! And thanks for stopping by! 😌


  4. Fun fact, Mena Massoud is from my town and went to one of the high schools in my area. He’s kinda a big deal around here and that makes me want to see Aladdin even more! Everyone’s pretty hyped about his success.

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    • Emily, that is SO nice! OMG! I mean, you can say you’ve been to the same restaurants and places that Mena Massoud and that’s pretty awesome, hahah. I think he has a lot of potential as an actor and I hope he succeeds even more in the future.
      Thank you so much for stopping by! ❣️


  5. I love reading your wrap-ups so much!! It’s so great that you got to go to a student’s March, and for such a great cause too! Our president here in the Philippines is pretty stupid too actually :// Also how can you talk about books so concisely? Howww?? I loved reading all of your thoughts!! I’m so glad that you enjoyed Darius because it’s pretty high on my TBR! And I’m currently reading and loving The Weight of Our Sky too💫

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    • Caitlin, thank you soooo much!
      I was pretty excited but also scared about the student’s march, because those things can get out of control pretty quickly. It was ultimately fun and it made me feel better knowing I took part on something very important. I think we need to stop making stupid people famous, and mostly stop making stupid people presidents.
      Thank you so much omg???ajksas
      Darius The Great was amazing; it truly deserves all the love it gets! I’ve actually paused my read of The Weight of Our Sky for now, because I hadn’t been feeling the best mental-health wise and that book goes *very* deep in showing our main character’s thoughts and struggles. I will pick it up as soon as I feel better, though, because it was truly a beautiful & powerful story.
      Once again, thank you so much for your lovely comment! 💞

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  6. I’ve never really been interested in Eliza & her monsters & now you’ve said you disliked it I will definitely make sure to steer well clear of it, even if I see it in my library!
    Well done on the march! 😄 I can’t even imagine how many people would go to that thing & with all the crowds 😟 but yay! You did it! 💕

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • El! I think I disliked Eliza so much just because I had such high expectations for it, hahah. But perhaps you can have more luck with it than I did!
      I was super surprised at myself for doing it too! Big crowds like that typically make me nervous, especially because I’ve seen situations like that get out of hand pretty quickly where I live, but it was a great experience overall and I’m glad I could be a part of it. It’s definitely a memory to share with my children in the future, hahah.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! 😊

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  7. Aahh I love Darius the Great is Not Okay so much and I’m so happy you loved it too! The focus on family and friendship definitely were highlights for me as well <3 And yess I absolutely ADORE The Song of Achilles! I reread it earlier this year and I already want to read it again — it's so so beautiful and heartbreaking and made me cry so much. And I hope June is better for you, college- and job-wise! <3

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    • I looooved the fact that it focused so much on family; it’s probably my favorite thing about the book!
      I’ve been putting off Song of Achilles for so long; it’s definitely time for me to read it! I hope to love it as much as everyone else, though I have been unlucky with hyped reads recently. But I am still optimistic, since Greek mythology does interest me a lot.
      Thank you so much! Wishing you a phenomenal June too! 😌

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  8. I’m sorry to hear that college isn’t treating you well– I hope June is a better month. 💛

    I’m glad the student march went well and you were glad that you went!! I can imagine the massive crowds being quite intimidating but it is also nice that so many people actively support a good cause!!
    I’m still yet to see Aladdin but I am excited and I am glad to hear that Mena was able to capture the charming and awkward characteristics of Aladdin because I loved that in the cartoon!! 😊

    I’m glad you love A List Of Cages– I really like highlighting favourite quotes in books so it’s nice that you got to do that. I haven’t read this book myself but I hope to read it after hearing you loved it so much!!
    I really want to read Darius The Great so I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it. I haven’t heard anything bad about this book so I am very exciting. And I definitely like that it talks about body image because it’s so important!!

    I really want to buy Red, White and Royal Blue and The Song of Achilles so I hope you enjoy them both. They sound wonderful!! 😊

    I hope you have a great June and enjoy the soccer (I’ve never watched it myself but I hope you love it) 💛

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    • Thank you so much, Sophie!
      I completely agree; it was really nice seeing all these people there supporting a good cause and I was surprised by how diverse the crowd was as well! Considering it was a march protesting against the cut on investments that would mostly harm students, I was expecting the streets to be packed with teenagers and young adults only. But there were a lot of adults and elders as well and it made me happy to see a lot of different people joining such an important cause.
      Aladdin is an amazing character and definitely one of my favorite Disney protagonists. I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts after you watch the live action; let me know if he did encompass what you like about Aladdin too!
      I looooved the talk on body image in Darius the Great, even if I couldn’t totally relate to it, because Darius is a boy after all. But it was still great to read about a character who is not skinny! I hope you enjoy it if you ever get around to it.
      Wishing you a great June as well! (And as for the football match, the team I was rooting for – Liverpool – actually won! It was exciting, but the game was sadly a bit underwhelming, hahah).
      Thank you so much for the lovely comment! ❣️

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      • Oh yes that is wonderful that so many different people came to join a good cause!! It’s really nice to hear!! :-)
        Yes he is probably one of my favourite protagonists too– I loved the line “You’re only in trouble if you get caught…I’m in trouble” haha!! I will definitely tell you. I don’t when I will see it but hopefully soon!! :-)
        Yes I’m excited to read it. Thank you. :-)
        Thank you so much!! I’m glad Liverpool won but sad that the game was slightly underwhelming!!
        You’re welcome!! <3

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  9. Yay I’m looking forwards to all those book recommendations from books you read during pride month! And the more I’m hearing about Darius The Great is Not Okay, the more I want to read it — it seems like everyone adores the book so so much. I hope you can find more balance during the month of June, and happy reading! 😊

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    • I am very excited to all the books I plan on reading this June as well! Even though my first read hasn’t been the best, I feel like my luck will improve, since I am a bit more confident on the rest of my list, hahah.
      I am so glad people are excited about Darius the Great! It truly is a book deserving of all its hype. It makes me even happier because it’s a very diverse read, actually not set in the US for the most part, so I’m happy that a lot of people are supporting it.
      Thank you so much for the lovely comment, Zoie! Wishing you a great June as well! 😌


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