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Hello, fellow bookworms!

I am very excited about today’s post, even if most of you are considering it very random. I first saw Xandra @ Starry Sky Books listing bookish names she’d give her children, and then recently Caitlin @ Caitlin Reads did it too. I thought it was just fitting if I did the same, because it’s always a great day to rave about names.

The fact I’m obsessed with names is definitely a little weird. Sometimes, I find myself creating plots in my head solely because I want to be able to name my characters. I don’t have kids or pets, so until now, I’ve only been able to name my phone – Baz – and my computer – Skandar.

And because we’ll spend a lot of time in this post talking about pronounciations, I just want to clarify that my name is pronounced as: lah.ees. It’s very hard for English native speakers to pronounce it, so everytime I went to Starbucks and fitting rooms in the US, I’d tell them my name is Lola or Violet or whatever I felt like. It’s less of a burden than trying to make them spell it right.

(I also apologize that this list is so full of male names. I do like more masculine and gender neutral names in general, so that’s probably why).

  1. ELIAS

I’ve mentioned this before SEVERAL times, but I love this name. Elias, from the Ember in the Ashes series definitely solidified my love, because he turns out to be a phenomenal character too.

There are two ways to pronounce this: as E-lee-yas (which is closer to the Portuguese pronounciation) and E-lai-yas. I kinda like both, to be honest. The second one is my favorite because then it works if I want ‘Eli‘ for short.

Elias is a very traditional name in my country, so I know a total of zero people who are named it. But then again, that’s the beauty of fiction, after all. Being able to name your characters whatever the heck you want, because no one can tell you otherwise.


Resultado de imagem para lara jean gifLara-Jean is one of the prettiest names I’ve ever heard – and I don’t even like pretty names. I am more into traditional and masculine or querky and edgy names. I’d probably name my daughter Logan if I could.

But despise Lara-Jean being super feminine and girly, I still adore it. I heard it for the first time in To All The Boys and fell in love with it afterwards.

I think it’s so fun to have double-barrelled names. My sister has a double-barrelled name, but my parents never prolonged the tradition. It reminds me of super hero names, which is so adorable – and likely to give you superpowers too. (My sister’s would probably be to be annoying as heck).


No, I’m not including this name here only because I adore Matthias Helvar with my heart and soul. I also happen to think this is a gorgeous name.

As you can see, I have sort of a crush for biblical names. The hebrews were killing it with their name game, ok? (Actually, after a quick Google search, I found out that Mathias actually stands for Matthew in English. BUT STILL.)

It’s pretty hard for me to even pronounce Matthias, because in Portuguese we’d say Ma.tee.yas (and spell it as Matias too). When I read Six of Crows for the first time, I was pronouncing his name like this in my head for the entire time, until I watched reviews on Booktube and people were saying at as + a weird sound on the t as in “the”.

At first, I was weirded out and couldn’t roll my tongue right. But now, I actually find it to be a beautiful name. I’ve never cared for the name Matias (it’s kinda like Elias around here; probably too traditional and out-dated), but figuring out the way people pronounce it in English made me find it unique and really beautiful too.

4. KAI

Yes, I have thought multiple times of naming my future kid Hezekiah solely so I could call him Kai for short. Someone please stop me already.

Prince Kai, from Cinder, became my favorite character just because he was named Kai. And also because he was a handsome looking prince with a phenomenal personality, but the name for sure helped.

The Bride Test, by Helen Hoang, is about to come out, and I already know, for a fact, I’ll love this book more than The Kiss Quotient and tha’ts because our protagonist’s name is Khai. (Okay, slightly different pronounciation and spelling here, but STILL.)

It is a gorgeous name. I’ve always liked the name Kai, even before I found out there’s a K-idol with the same name that also happens to be the most handsome man I’ve ever laid eyes on. Conclusion: name your son Kai for a bright, handsome future.


Imagem relacionadaThe first time I heard this name was in The Maze Runner series, way before I started to like K-Pop and found out it’s a popular name in Korea. I didn’t even know Minho was Korean until I saw the movie casting, lol. I was an uneducated twelve-year old, okay. I’ve grown.

I just love the sound of this name, truly. Minho being my favorite character in TMR series just added to the charm. It sounded like a warrior name, which fits him very well indeed.

It’s funny that now everytime I think about this name I just picture Dylan O’brien screaming MINHO! at the top of his lungs at any given moment in the movie trilogy, because these movies are stressful as heck and the characters are constantly close to dying. It’s a great time, I promise.

Now that I’ve practically rambled about bookish names for about 1k words, let me know in the comments: do you have any favorite bookish name? And do you agree with any of my choices? Let’s chat! 😊

21 comentários sobre “my favorite bookish names

  1. I LOVED THIS! i hadn’t realized Minho was a korean name at first either, I could only picture the region in Portugal called Minho xD
    Now I’m really interested in writing my own list 😍😍

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  2. Names are a HUGE passion of mine, so I feel like I have about a million that I adore. One of those has always been Matthias, and I only recently knew that this was also a Portuguese name, pronounced differently. I still prefer the English pronunciation, but I also love it in Portuguese.
    I also tend to like male names, or strong female names, so I relate to you there. A few favourites of mine that you might also like are: Matteo, Nikolai, Rowan, and Killian. I did a post a while back about character names I love and would consider naming a child or pet after, if you want to check it out:
    I’d love to hear more about your favourite names!

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    • Yayyyy! I’m glad we can obsess over names together then. I was put off by the English pronounciation at first, but now I really like it. I guess I was just too used by the way we say it around here.
      Nikolai is such a great name! I think Leigh Bardugo has very interesting name choices for all of her world; she’s very creative with them!
      I’ll check it out ASAP! I looooove talking about names and reading other people’s lists.
      Thank you so much for the comment! 💛


  3. I love the name Elias. I also used to love the name Caleb from the Divergent series, but then I met a really annoying Caleb and now I’m kinda put off the name lol. If I ever had a child though, 100% I would put Dallas somehow into the name, in honour of The Outsiders. It’s my favourite book and I have always wanted to honour Dally Winston in some way.

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    • I’ve never thought much of the name Caleb, because I really didn’t like the PLL character named Caleb, so I understand being put off by names after meeting some people, lol.
      I looooove that! I think the name Dallas is beautiful and I definitely think of the character in The Outsiders every time. It would be an amazing way to honor such a great novel!
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Em! 💛


  4. Thinking about names is really fun– (and I love that you name your phone Baz)!!
    Lara-Jean is a really nice name and it flows really well. I think double barrel names are super cool (especially if you get superpowers as well. I think my sister would have the same super power as yours ;-) )
    I really like the name Kai as well— and I have only really heard of it in the Lunar Chronicles but I did love his character (also I am currently listening to Stars Above on audiobook so that was good timing)
    Yes I get 100% picture Dylan O’Brien shouting Minho— Minho was probably my favourite character as well in that series and it is a great name!!
    I am trying to picture some character name but my mind has gone blank– I mean I always liked the name Luna from Harry Potter but that’s pretty basic haha. And I like the name Wylan from Six of Crows too. And Violeta from The Young Elites series– I really like that name!!
    Great post, as always!! <3

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    • I love that I named my name Baz too but it was definitely awkward when I went on Apple Store and the guy just asked like: “uh there’s a Baz here is this your phone?” because he was expecting it to just be like Lais’ iPhone, hahah.
      Hahahah, double barrel names are such superhero like!
      Luna is an adorable name! I love all names that are related to space. I remember that in The 5th Wave, the main character’s name was Cassiopeia and I thought it was super amazing, though way too out there for me, hahah. Wylan is a cute one too, though I’ve mispronounced it so often that I can’t really think of it as Wai-lan. I’ve always said it in my head as Wee-lan, which is weird.
      Sorry I’ve rambled for so long, hahah. Thank you so much for the comment, Sophie! 😊

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      • Haha that’s amazing!! I love it!!
        Yes they really are!!
        It is cute– I could see myself naming a cat Luna!! I like space names too– they are different. Yes I like the thought behind Cassiopeia’s name in The 5th Wave and I hadn’t heard of it before.
        Yes I think I mispronounce book characters name all the time so it’s weird when I hear how they should be said haha– book lover struggles!!
        It’s fine– I love it!! You’re welcome :-)

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  5. Love this post! The name Lara-Jean is so pretty and I’m pretty set on calling my child Matilda, tilda for short (hope she doesn’t get bullied though 😂) and my nephew is called Kai! It’s a lovely name though I may be a little biased hahah

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  6. Ah this is such an interesting post! I always love how authors manage to find names, I am so, so incapable of that and it takes me AGES to find the right names, so having great names that seem to fit to the characters always fascinate me. I ADORE Lara Jean’s name, such a beautiful one <3

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    • Thank you so much! I think names in fantasy books are the most interesting ones, because it definitely requires a lot of creativity! Leigh Bardugo, for example, always creates the most unique names for her world and I find it very hard, but super fun too! Lara Jean is definitely a good one!
      Thank you so much for the comment, Marie! 💞

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  8. I love this SO MUCH. I also adore names?? I’m always thinking about names in books and then how I might want to use them in real life.😂Biblical names are some of my favorites too- I love James, Matthew, Luke, Elijah. I think Lara Jean is so cute, too! Wonderful post as always <3

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    • Names are so nice to just overanalyze! I think I’d be much braver naming my characters than naming my kids, though. I like when characters have unique names because I can’t stand hearing the name Adam or Sam in books anymore, lol. Biblical names are soooo good! I really wish they were more popular where I live.
      Thank you so much! And sorry that it took me so long to answer to your comment! 💞

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  9. Ok, you naming your phone Baz is my aesthetic omg 😂👌🏻
    But seriously, I loved this post so much. I’ve always really loved names and posts like these, but it was honestly so interesting to read about how being a native Portuguese speaker changed the way you thought about certain names.
    Absolutely with you on the name Kai btw (even though Kai was one of my least faves in the lunar chronicles, whoops). I just love that name so so much (mostly because of Kai from season six of the Vampire Diaries omg 😍).
    Honestly, after seeing Xandra, Caitlin, and now you doing posts like this, I feel like I HAVE to write one of my own, because of how much I love bookish names and how fun it’s been reading you guys’ posts! 😊

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    • I loooove the name Baz. Carry On’s Baz just added to my love.
      I’d absolutely LOVE if you did a post like this one. I’m so glad to find other people that love to geek out about names just as much as I do.
      Portuguese names and pronunciation is definitely unique and it can sometimes be a struggle when reading certain books.
      I’ve never watched The Vampire Diaries, but I can guess Kai is very handsome, am I right? Hahaha. It seems like a common thread.


  10. Ooooh I see you and your subtle fangirling over Six of Crows! 😆 And yay I’ve read nearly all the books you’ve mentioned above! I love naming characters as well, because I feel like, not just in stories but in real life, people seem to grow into their names? I can’t imagine me being anything other than a Zoie the same way I think all my friends and family’s names fit them perfectly. So picking out a character’s name is definitely a big deal :)

    It seems like part of the reason why I love certain character names is because a really wonderful character has that name. It helps if the name sounds pretty or amazing or whatever, but you definitely need the amazing personality to be there to make the name (and everything associated with the name) shine.

    Great post! I enjoyed reading this!

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