discussion: what makes me want to pick up a book?


Hello, fellow bloggers!

Recently (more like two weeks ago because I’m behind on everything and my life is a mess, don’t @ me), I saw a lot of people taking part in a Top Ten Tuesday prompt for “What Makes Me Pick Up A Book?”

I thought it was a pretty interesting topic and I realized I’ve never shared my buzz words before in this blog, and it would be nice to discuss all the things that make me excited for a book.

To illustrate this post, I’ll be sharing one book with that said concept that I picked up solely for this trait and loved; and another one that I’m dying to read, because I’m pretty sure I’ll love it too.

ONE. Diverse contemporaries.

35704397I know this may come off as too broad; like, there are several diverse contemporaries being released every week, but I am lowkey interested in almost all of them. Contemporary is my favorite genre, and when they get to talk about intersectional main characters (such as neurodivergent POC or disabled queer), I am even more interested to pick them up.

35380157I had never paid much attention to diversity prior to joining the bookish community online. And I’m so glad that I’ve been more aware of its importance, because it truly has changed the way I see books. I am much more inclined to pick up a novel now that it’s able to show me a different reality and introduce me to a new way to see the world, rather than the white/cis/het version we’re already familiar with.

TWO. Boarding school or college scenarios

29589074This is definitely more specific than the first one. The book I’m curerntly writing is definitely set in a boarding school – that is just to show my commitment.

29044I am a nerd for all things academics. I am not necessarily interested in taking classes, but I for sure like learning about how they work. I literally know more about American universities than I probably should (is it a remarkable skill being able to name all Ivy League schools when I’m not even a US resident?), and reading college scenarios is kinda being inside my own researches. It’s amazing.


THREE. Bromances

25613472I love bromances. Two bros, chilling in a hot tub, five-feet apart cause they’re not gay. They make every book more worth reading for me.

40170373I adore friendships all around – that’s true. I love learning about strong friend groups, because friendship and loyalty are very important things for me personally. But there’s something special on a friendship between two male characters. It probably has to do with the fact that I obsess over fictional men like I don’t even hate men in real life, so putting them together in a close relationship just makes things even better.

FOUR. Fake dating.

33815781This is my favorite romance trope ever. If you get me two characters that are just going to “pretend” to be in love, I am already interested, because I can not wait to see them, evidently, fall in love for real.

18660447It’s a shame that I haven’t read as many books with this trope as I wish. Or at least not enough that would be able to actually satisfy my *needs*. I read The Wedding Date earlier on this year, and it definitely didn’t have as much fake dating banter as I expected, and I’m still a little sad about it. I need an entire freaking series of this trope alone to make me happy.

FIVE. Bands or singers as protagonists.

8492825If there’s something you should know about me is: I’m obsessed with music artists. There has never been a time in my life in which I wasn’t crying over a boyband or a singer. Music is a huge part of my life, and so is fangirling, so it’s only natural that they’ve always worked together.

And another huge part of my life was also about speculating what lives under the spotlight are for real. We definitely see the tabloids and read the news, but how interesting and fascinating would it be to read from an inside perspective?

40597810The first story I took seriously and actually thought about writing was a story on a girl who posts YouTube videos, gets scouted by a huge record label and moves to the city of angels. (Totally sci-fi, as you can see. Not inspired by *any* artist in specific).

This story never worked out, because the plot sucked, as expected from any book written by a 12 year old. But I am still fascinated by this idea and that’s why I love books that are focused especially on artists, where you can follow their songwriting inspiration and crave for the actual songs afterwards.

SIX. Queer protagonists (especially if they’re asexual).

31625039This could definitely be under “diverse contemporaries“, but I wanted to make it its own thing, because I’ll read about queer characters in any genre, if I’m being honest. Graphic novels, fantasy, sci-fi. Again, especially if they’re asexual.

37880094There’s not much that I can relate to when reading a book these days. I don’t think I’ll be able to read a YA contemporary from a South-American author in this lifetime (okay, I’m being overdramatic. Hopefully, I’ll find one before I die!) and I can not relate with neurodivergences or disabilities.

However, I can relate when reading about asexual characters and that’s what I need more of. Especially those books in which they have happy endings – with someone or by themselves.

SEVEN. Family relationships

33830437I talked before about how much I love bromances, but this one is brothers for real. I don’t care whether they’re brothers, sisters, mother/daughter, father/son… All it matters is that I’ll be able to read about a family relationship that is likely to break my heart.

25062038I find that these dynamics are more heart-wrenching than romance, most of the time. I do appreciate myself a good & old love story, but what can really move to tears is the all encompassing love that comes with being part of a family.



I think these are all the things that make me instantly want to read a book. Let me know down below some of your personal buzz words and if you relate to any of my own!

35 comentários sobre “discussion: what makes me want to pick up a book?

  1. Ahhhh omg I love this list!! I 100% relate to everything you said about diverse contemporaries. I mean, for one thing, give me ALL of them. But also, I never really thought about diversity much in books either, until I joined this community and heard people talking about how important it is, and realized for myself how much I appreciate it, either because I relate to rep that I don’t see often, or because I get a new perspective on what life is like for other people who are different to me in some way.
    YES YES YES bromances are my everything. AND THAT VINE REFERENCE IS EVERYTHING OMG 😂😂
    Ahhh I love fake dating as well!! There’s just something so adorable about two people falling in love whilst pretending to be in love. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is my favourite book with fake dating ever, and I’d highly recommend it if you haven’t already read it 😊
    Yesssss, give me all the queer characters! I haven’t read nearly enough books with asexual representation in them, so I’m looking forward to Let’s Talk About Love. Also, if you do ever find an amazing YA contemporary written by a South American author, totally let me know, because I’d love to read a book set in your area of the world 😍
    Ahhh omg how are you listing everything I love in books?? Family relationships KILL me. Especially older sister/younger brother relationships, or strained father/daughter relationships, but honestly, any kind of close or intense familial relationship almost always has me automatically LOVING a book. I just bought Far From the Tree because of how many AMAZING things I’ve heard about the familial relationships in it, and I’ve also wanted to read Little & Lion for so long because it’s a diverse contemporary with a strong focus on familial relationships, which sounds like it was created for me? 😍
    Personally, a couple buzzwords of mine are mental illness representation and hate-to-love romance. Mental health rep (provided its good ofc) is something that not only makes me really emotional, but also something that I can relate to so much, which I just really appreciate. And then enemies-to-lovers romances just overload me with feelings until my heart is exploding and I need more 😆

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    • Laura, thank you so muchhhh!!!
      I completely agree with what you said about representation & diversity. Even if books are not necessarily written to teach us anything new, I still think a different perspective can be refreshing, no matter what.
      I definitely adore the fake dating romance in To All The Boys too! It was soooo adorable!
      I hope you love Far From the Tree, because the focus on family is definitely there and it was giving me a lot of emotions.
      I certainly need to read more books centered around mental ilness and I’m hoping to do so in May, since it’s Mental Health Awareness Month. I have quite a few books on my TBR and I hope to enjoy them a lot!
      Thank you so much for the lovely comment! 💛

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  2. Honestly, to sum it up, when it comes to books I’m a sucker for romance in general.
    Besides all the topics you mentioned, I really enjoy books that deal with mental disorders or phobias!
    Whenever I go to my local book shop I want to buy every single thing I pick up under those categories, it’s sort of a problem ahaha!

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    • Romance definitely works for me in any book too. Honestly, if I know the book lacks on romance or doesn’t have a strong couple, I feel less interested in picking it up, hahah.
      Books that deal with mental health issues is definitely something I want to read more of! I don’t have enough in my collection and they’re super important topics to be discussed and highlighted too!
      Thank you so much for the comment! ❣️

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  3. Okay yes so I feel like I could have written this post, because I relate to absolutely EVERYTHING here. I’m so happy for all of the diverse books being released and I need more, more more more of them to devour them all <3 I'm also always craving boarding school settings and books set in college, too – I need to read more of these! I haven't read The Secret History just yet, but it sounds so great :) And yes to family relationships, THESE ARE THE BEST IN BOOKS ahhh. <3

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    • I’m so glad this was relatable to so many people! I feel like not enough books are set in college, and I’d love more of that. It’s a time of people’s lives that I feel like YA books don’t really focus on, probably because it would be considered new-adult, but NA books don’t center around college either? It’s a struggle, hahah. I’m hoping to enjoy The Secret History, because it does sound amazing!
      Thank you so much for the comment, Marie! 😊

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  4. I just bought the opposite of always mostly because it has a beautiful cover but shhh. I can’t wait to read it and diversity is a must have for me too. Without diversity, I feel like I’m just reading about stale white bread. I’m also currently reading Truly Devious and I’m loving its boarding school setting so much even though I just started! I say I love magical school settings but I feel like that’s expanding to accommodate boarding school settings (real or fictional) too. I recently read and loved A Study in Charlotte which has a boarding school setting if you want more recs;). Also, not a South American author (I think) but a great book set in South America is Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard! I’m not sure if it’s set in Brazil, sadly, but I remember they visit places like Belize and the carribean in the book because it’s a travel book! Also, that vine reference, I love it!

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    • Okay, so I am currently saving money so I can buy a copy of Opposite of Always for the exact same reason, so WHO AM I TO JUDGE.
      “Reading about stale white bread” is the most perfect quote I’ve ever read to describe it. That’s pretty much how I feel too. A book has to be pretty original in every other aspect to make me hyped for it if it’s only about white/cis/straight people.
      I am looking forward to read A Study in Charlotte too! Hopefully, I’ll love it. Magical schools are definitely great, though I don’t remember a ton besides Hogwarts and the one from A School for Good and Evil.
      I’ve actually never heard of this book before! I’ll make sure to check it out!
      Thank you so much for the comment, Caitlin! 💛

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  5. Yessss! I feel like contemporary books with a LGBTQ+ main character are always more fluffy since they usually focus more on the relationship & less on some other thing (if that makes sense…?)
    But I really like books with a romance between different classes because I love the rich/poor banter 😂

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    • I do also adoooore a good and old rich/poor banter. Which is probably why I love watching Korean dramas so much, because they’re literally a repeat of this trope but with different actors, lol. It’s still fun everytime, though!
      Thank you so much for stopping by, El! 😌

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  6. I definitely agree with you on diverse contemporaries! Pair that with fake dating, and you’ve pretty much got my favourite contemporary series, To All the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before. Believe me, I pick up that series a lot LOL. I also will pick up any Greek mythology retelling. I am finding that there isn’t a ton of them out there for my age group, so any time I see one, I pounce on it.

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    • I actually saw it on Goodreads that you’re re-reading To All The Boys for the third time and I’m not gonna lie, it totally inspired me to do the same. I love that series a lot and I feel like it’s due to a re-read already!
      Greek mythology retellings! That’s so nice! I haven’t read enough re-tellings in general and I really need to. There really isn’t enough; it’s something I’d love to see more on YA too.
      Thank you so much for the comment, Emily! 😌


  7. I loved reading this!! I like boarding school as well— I like the fact that it puts YA characters in situations where they have to deal with it themselves as their parents aren’t always there and they have to build friendships which are usually strong as they all live together. And I do like the school aspect— I just started the poppy war recently and there are small bits at the beginning where they are on about the history etc. and I think it is really interested.

    I love bromances too!!! I like close friendships but I do have a soft spot for bromances– I think because some of my favourite friendships are m/m and now I love the idea of them. I like the sense of humour and how they will always be there for each other!!
    And fake dating is always so fun— it just is always full of chemistry and laughs!!

    I agree diversity in books allows you to see the world was a different perspective and learn about a different journey so those books are great.
    Great post!! <3

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    • Thank you so much!
      I completely agree with what you said about boarding schools! They’re such interesting scenerios, because it allows the characters to bond a lot more. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Poppy War; I hope you enjoy it!
      Thank you so much for the comment! 💞

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  8. College scenarios are definitely one thing that appeals to me too!
    Also, fake dating is an interesting trope and I usually like it!
    I really enjoy any book with diversity – be it the LGBTQ+ community or mental health or other disorders or just POC but it adds to the book and makes it more attractive for me!
    Great post xx

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    • Same! I think any type of well-written representation makes a book worth reading for me. I still need to pick up more books centered around disabilities & mental health rep, though! It’s something I’m working on for the following months.
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Jayati!

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  9. BROMANCES AND FAKE DATING. YESSSS. I’m always a freaking sucker for banter too, whether it’s between friends or between love interests. And diversity?? I’m always here for it. Tbh, I’m not a huge fan of contemporaries unless they’re diverse in some way or have a trope I like? I feel like I am just not a fan of the White Boy Contemporaries at all. I just… cannot deal with them. I LOVE THE BANTER and the clever talk. Also, have you heard of Don’t Date Rosa Santos? It’s coming out in May and I’m so freaking excited, the main character is Cuban (it’s ownvoices) and I *think* it’s set in Cuba? THE COVER IS SO PRETTY, I WOULD DIE FOR IT <3 <3

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    • I definitely think diverse contemporaries have made more people fall for the genre! White Boy Contemporaries are for sure a hit or miss; they have to be very well-written and unique for me to actually care. Otherwise, it’s just more from what I’ve already read multiple times before, and what’s the fun on that?
      I’ve heard of Don’t Date Rosa Santos and I can’t wait for it to come out! As a Latin American, I definitely haven’t read enough Latin American authors myself, so I’m hoping to change that until the end of the year! This one definitely sounds like a great start.
      Thank you so much for your comment, Ju! 😊

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      • Oh yes, I usually want a good amount of characters that I truly will love and not just any “quirky” guy who’s plain bread and just BORING lmao.
        Okay I’m so glad you heard of it, LOL!! I just wanted to make sureeee 💞💞 I hope you’ll be able to read it soon after release date! 🥰

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  10. YES YES YES, I RELATE SO MUCH. Diverse contemporaries, family relationships, and boarding schools (I don’t know exactly why I’m oddly obsessed with these but I am??) are just a few of my favorites too. ;) I also love close-knit friend groups, like in the Raven Cycle, the Golden Trio, the whole gang in Heroes of Olympus, and of course the SOC group. The banter that comes along with that is just always so fun to read about! Lovely post as always, Lais. <3

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    • Hahaha, boarding schools are definitely a super specific thing to be so obsessed with, but I love how many people are as enthusiastic about it as I am.
      There are a lot of amazing friend groups in YA, but I certainly wish there were more of them! I crave for an all-girls one, that’s for sure!
      Thank you so much for your comment, Olivia!

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  11. This is such a good list! I so relate to your level of fangirling over there tbh 😂!!!
    Fake dating? One of the Peak Tropes TM in fanfiction. Truly. Because I love it when characters get to be like OH NOOO we have to KISS 😱? And tell one of our parents just how great the fake-partner is 😱😱? and THERE IS ONLY ONE BED 😱😱😱???? And the act so surprised, truly shocked at the end that they actually like each other. I love some doofuses.
    I haven’t read much of it in fiction because I don’t really read romances. Yet yes – such a good trope.

    I’d love to read more contemporaries with asexual main characters!!! It’s such a close, dear to my heart topic for me that I’m honestly ashamed I haven’t gotten around to reading moreeee!!

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    • I LOVE reading fanfiction especially because they always deliver all of my favorite tropes so well. The “there is only ONE BED” is SO GOOD, lol. I do wish we could see more of it in romance books!
      Same here! I haven’t read as many books with asexual characters as I’d like; there are a couple that I still have to get to but I’m excited to do so!
      Thanks for the comment, Ioana! 😌


  12. I love your list! I definitely fall for boarding school books and I do like fake dating, especially in movies, though. I also really like modern reinterpretations of classics, like Rey Terciero’s new Little Women, whic features the Marches as a blended family.

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    • Thank you so much, Krysta!
      I would looooove to read more re-tellings of classics. I’ve plotted a couple stories that were re-tellings of The Great Gatsby and Sense & Sensibility, but I’ve never read any myself that blew my mind. If you have any recs, let me know!


      • I think a lot of retellings really aren’t as powerful as the original! I do like seeing people’s interpretations of books, though. The graphic novel Little Women is one of the better modern updatings of a classic I’ve seen!

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