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Hello, fellow bloggers!

Today, I wanted to share about a recent passion of mine that has nothing to do with books. It’s funny that I’m in love with documentaries now, because I was just reading old journal entries and I mentioned that I hated them. Well, things definitely changed and I decided to choose my top favorites to talk about today.


This is a documentary for those who are interested in politics, which I just became recently. As the name suggests, this documentary follows Roger Stone, an infamous figure in the US politics, that recently served as an adviser for Trump’s early campaign. And though I couldn’t disagree more with  Trump’s politics, both him and Stone are very interesting figures to follow.

Roger Stone is known for being a dirty trickster and for having Richard Nixon’s face tattoed in his back. Getting to know about him is understanding the dark side of American politics, as well as how fake-news have been helping campaigns for years before the term even became popular. In order to criticize someone, we have to know them, which is why I found this so incredible to watch.


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As a pop-culture lover, I certainly know very few things about most 90’s stars. And though Lady Di was not an artist, she was definitely a very popular figure of that time. Getting to know her, through her own perspective in this documentary, was one of the most powerful things I’ve ever watched.

Lady Di was a wonderful woman and I was absolutely unaware of the amount of struggles that she went through, from eating disorders to the media pressure. It is a slow paced documentary, with just pictures and old video footage, along with her own audio, but very insightful and absolutely beautiful.


If you don’t know anything about The Beatles – like me, that only knew 2/4 of them -, I wouldn’t say start with this one. ‘How The Beatles Changed The World‘ would probably be the best one for beginners, because it covers their entire career, with all the ups and down. Eight Days a Week, on the other hand, focuses solely on the ‘touring years‘, aka, the beginning of their career.

Because I’m much more interested in the early 60s and my favorite albums by The Beatles are their first ones, I enjoyed this one a lot more. It’s a very interesting take on the Beatlemania and in the early boyband-fan culture, which is obviously very relatable. And I’m still impressed by the fact they were able to perform on synch even though they didn’t listen to each other at all, while on stage. Like, how?!

4. 13TH

I actually watched this documentary on class, and it moved some of my classmates to tears. 13th, in the name, refers to the 13th amendmant in the American Constitution, that abolished slavery as an aftermath of Civil War. As you can expect, it will be all about the lives of black people in the United States today.

Actually, the documentary tackles mostly the problem of mass incarceration of communities of color in the country. It’s such a well done project: there are historical elements, mixed in with shocking data and a very engaging and dynamic presentation that makes it delightful to watch. If the theme sparks your interest, it’s a must check!


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This is a documentary I watched recently and it was fascinating and crazy at the same time. As the name suggest, Fyre follows the process and the outcome of the Fyre Festival that happened in 2017 and was the biggest disaster of all times. In case you’re not familiar with the story: this festival was advertised as the biggest music festival of this age, set in a desert island with tickets around $10,000. It all turned out to be a huge scam in the end, and the documentary follows how it all came to be pretty well.

One of my favorite things about this one though was how it shed light to the lives affected by the outcome of the scam. Most people got back into planes, returned to their homes and moved on with their lives. But the locals in the Bahamas, who rent their homes, worked their butts off and tried to pull this thing together never even got paid. It’s a side of the story that I had never really thought about before, and I’m glad the docmmentary was able to tell it.

These are all the documentaries I have to share today! All of them are either original Netflix’s or available on the platform, so it should be pretty easy to find if you want to watch it. If you have any favorite documentary yourself, please share in the comments, as I’m constantly looking for recommendations! ☀️

18 comentários sobre “my favorite documentaries

    • Fyre was kinda hard-hitting in some ways. I thought it was hilarious that all those rich people had been scammed, but when I saw those scenes of the people in the Bahamas, it really hit me just how much they were affected by it.
      Thanks for the comment! 💞


  1. Thank you so much for this list! I haven’t watched any of these, but now I’m interested in the one about Princess Diana. I’ve never learned too much about her life but I’ve always been interested and in the back of my mind every time I hear her mentioned I think, “I should learn more about her!” I don’t usually watch documentaries, but we actually watched one in my English class today- I don’t know the title, but it was about an underprivileged school in the U.S. (Ohio, to be exact) and it was so educational and eye-opening- I really enjoyed it. Great post! :)

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    • Princess Diana is a very fascinating figure! I didn’t know much about her either, but I’m so glad I’ve watched this docummentary, because she was an amazing woman.
      I love learning schools and academics. I’m such a nerd for these things, lol. I definitely should watch more documentaries about it.
      Thank you so much for the comment! 😌

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  2. As someone who remembers Princess Diana, watching In Her Own Words was really interesting to me. I’ve always been interested in her life, and although knew quite a bit (and/or what the rumours were), it really added a new level. I’m glad you enjoyed it as well.

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    • Princess Diana died before I was even born, so I have no memories of her. But it’s so nice that you do! I feel like it must be very eye-opening to have a certain idea of someone and then have the chance to *really* know them, through their own perspective.
      Thanks for the comment, Shayna! 💛

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  3. I don’t watch documentaries that much really so it is great to hear some recommendations. I have watched some on bands/singers etc. which I always find interesting because you see them a lot on the media but on a documentary you get to see a whole other side and get to know they a bit more. It is always interesting to see what side the media never shows. Or the way media effects them.
    And my sister watched Fyre and said how good it was– it sounds so sad about how the locals were effected. That is such a shame!!
    Lovely post :-)

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    • I looove documentaries about bands & singers! I think they’re some of the most fascinating to watch, even if I’m not a fan of the band. That’s why I’m so hyped to read Daisy Jones & The Six, by Taylor Jenkins-Reid. I saw a lot of people saying that is essentially a docummentary in a book format, and I feel like I’ll love it a lot.
      Thank you for the comment! ❣️

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      • Yes I agree you don’t have to be a fan of the band to enjoy the documentary!! Yes it definitely sounds like Daisy Jones will be good for you then– the more I see it, the more I want to pick up Daisy Jones too!! haha!! You’re welcome <3

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