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Hello, fellow bloggers!

Today, I’m taking part in my first ever TOP 5 WEDNESDAY. It is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes, one of my favorite booktubers ever. And this week’s topic sounded like a lot of fun, and I’ll finally have the chance to play sorting hat!

My Hogwarts house is currently in a crisis, as every other aspect of my life, truly. I’ve always been a Slytherin, as it is the house I mostly identify with. But as I took the most recent Pottermore test, I ended up being sorted in Ravenclaw. I do like both houses and I feel like my personality would fit in both, so I truly don’t know where I stand.

For the sake of this post, I’ll be sorting characters in Slytherin. Maybe in the future, I can do a part 2 and sort some for Ravenclaw too! Let’s get started:

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Slytherins tend to be ambitious, shrewd, cunning, strong leaders, and achievement-oriented. They also have highly developed senses of self-preservation. This means that Slytherins tend to hesitate before acting, so as to weigh all possible outcomes before deciding exactly what should be done. Slytherins tend to take charge and possess strong leadership skills. Slytherins are often self-assured and confident of their own competence and can be very loyal. 


Now, Stevie could also be sorted into Ravenclaw, that’s for sure. She’s witty and observant, but there’s something about her personality that just makes me feel like she’d be better fit in Slytherin.

She’s obsessed with true crime, investigations and listening to podcasts about murders. I also feel like she has a very leader-like personality, and wants to be ahead of everyone, which is so Slytherin of her. Even though she’s still developing some self-confidence, I think throughout the novel she grows a lot more sure of her skills.


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art by @dancingwdinasours

Now, I know, I know: Rainbow Rowell has already sorted Baz as a Hufflepuff. And considering she’s the writer of the book and all, she’s the most trustworthy source I can think of. But it’s still okay to come up with headcanons, right?

Baz is such a Slytherin for me. He’s cunning and overdramatic. Feels things so intensely all the time. Definitely a leader. Sarcasm is his only language. He’s also *very* self-destructive, which though not a canon Slytherin trait, is a common thread for a few.

Basically: I love Baz too much and I want to be in the same house as he is, so, yeah.


I feel like Hanna would be one of those Slytherins that could’ve also been sorted in Gryffindor. These two houses are very similar, so I can see The Sorting Hat debating about Hanna like it did with Harry.

There’s absolutely no doubt that this girl is brave AF and definitely loyal too, but something about her planning skills just scream Slytherin to me.

She is a true strategyst and knows how to look ahead and expect her oponnent’s other moves. And she knows she’s badass, so we can tick the confidence out of the way too.


Similar to Hanna, Helene is a true strategyst. I also feel like she could be a Gryffindor, but especially in the second book, we get to see a darker side of her that truly fits nowhere else but in Slytherin.

  • Leader-ship ✔️
  • Ambition ✔️
  • Self-confidence ✔️
  • Loyalty ✔️

Actually, my favorite trait about Helene’s character is her loyalty. She’ll do anything for the people that she has declared her loyalty for – even if these are not the smartest of the choices. And even if loyalty is more of a Hufflepuff trait than anything, I think to certain extents it can be very Slytherin too.


Speaking of loyalty, there’s Percy Jackson.

The fandom is kinda divided about this matter: some people are sure that Percy is a Hufflepuff. But I’m a hardcore Slytherin!Percy all the way.

The moment that truly solidified this for me was during House of Hades.

How was he keeping his cool? The way he talked to Bob left Annabeth awestruck… and maybe a little uneasy, too. If he’d been manipulating Bob into making that choice… well, then, Annabeth was stunned that Percy could be so calculating.

He met her eyes, but she couldn’t read his expression. That bothered her, too.

Resultado de imagem para percy jackson fanartPercy was so cunning during this scene – and many others throughout the series too. He definitely knows how to manipulate people into getting what he wants. Mostly monsters who want to kill him, but still.

His fatal flaw is loyalty, and similar to Helene, it’s the type of trait that, when the stakes are high, can be very dangerous. And I think Percy is the type to let the world burn in flames if he has to save his friends – which is pretty Slytherin if you ask me.



Yay! This was fun! Let me know in the comments which characters would you sort into Slytherin or your personal Hogwarts house!


24 comentários sobre “characters who would be sorted in my hogwarts house

    • Why do Hogwarts Houses always put us into such existential crisis? Ravenclaw is a great house! I can see how you’d fit in there. But also Gryffindor?! Hopefully, by the end of your re-read, you’ll find your *true* house, hahah.
      Thanks for the comment, Taasia! 💛

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  1. Great post, I really loved it! Ohh, your analysis has me so conflicted about Percy Jackson now. I’ve never thought about his house before? I kind of feel like he’s a Slytherpuff, like you said he has immense loyalty and he can be really cunning, but he’s also kind of just a cinnamon roll too.😂I love him so much, haha!

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    • Percy is such a fascinating character indeed and I can see him being a Slytherpuff too! It’s kinda weird, because I never thought of someone who could actually fit in both houses, since they’re the most different in my opinion, but Percy really is perfect for both, hahah.
      Thanks for the comment, Olivia! ❣️

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  2. I loved this and once again ‘I need to read some of these series’!! I love that Baz speaks fluent sarcasm because sarcasm is absolutely great!!
    And I would put Helene from ‘An ember in the ashes’ in Slytherin too. She is ambitious but also values her set of rules and traditionalism!! She makes a great leader too!! So yeah I think she is perfect for Slytherin!!
    Great post!! I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head who I would sort into Slytherin– my mind has gone blank (yet again haha)

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    • Ugh, yes, Baz is for sure a Slytherin. I’m sorry, Rainbow Rowell, hahah. Percy is definitely someone who would fit in all houses, which is why I find so difficult to sort him sometimes! He has way too many amazing traits!
      Thanks for the comment, Angelica! 💛

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  3. Yay for a Slytherin buddy! When I first did the Pottermore test, I got Ravenclaw but I don’t really identify with the house, so I made myself a Slytherin and I’ve never been happier :P And hell yeah for Slytherin!Percy <3

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    • I actually just took the Pottermore test again, and I got Gryffindor? The one house that I’ve always known for a fact I could never be in? Dude, I don’t even know if I trust Pottermore anymore these days. I think just going with your gut about which house you truly belong in is the best way to figure it out, hahah.
      Thanks for the comment, Marta! 💞

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      • I completely agree! I mean, I do have some things in common with Ravenclaw, but Slytherin suits me much better. The test certainly isn’t accurate enough, if you got Gryffindor and you say you could never be there xD

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  4. Ohhh fantastic post, Lais! First person I thought of when I saw your Hogwarts House was Helene, so I’m so happy you mentioned her, I’m always picturing her in that house, too :) I haven’t read Truly Devious, but I have to admit that I am a little curious about Stevie, now… would you recommend the book? :D

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  5. oh I love sorting characters SO MUCH. This is like my favourite thing!! I totally think Percy is Hufflepuff though, eep, sorry. I’m surprised Baz is Hufflepuff though!! But I guess…if the author says?😂I know Maggie Stiefvater sorted Gansey as Gryffindor buuuut I feel he’s Ravenclaw so hard 😂I’m reading King of Scars right now and Nikolai is 1000% Slytherin. Also my house so *Slytherin hi five with you*

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    • I was surprised to find out Baz was a Hufflepuff too! And the same goes for Gansey. I had always pictured him as a Ravenclaw! Even though they’re the authors, I’ll still be here coming up with headcanons for all of them, hahah.
      Thanks for the comment, Cait! 😊


  6. YES, Percy Jackson is such a Slytherin! My younger sister is a Slytherin and she says this all the time, haha! And so is Hanna! I personally think Baz could go either way, Hufflepuff or Slytherin (I’m a Ravenclaw so I wouldn’t mind him in our house, either)!

    I actually had a similar experience with changing my House! I was a Gryffindor for about 3 years after Pottermore released for the first time, but then I re-sorted myself and I became I Ravenclaw! Now, I just tell everyone I am a Gryffinclaw! 😂

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    • Ha, I love that! I’ll tell everyone I’m Slytherclaw then, I think it works!
      I’m glad to find a lot of people who would also sort Percy as a Slytherin! I think he’s a very nuanced character, so he’d fit in multiple houses, but still I can only think of him as a Slytherin!
      Thanks for the comment, Xandra! 💞

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