monthly wrap up: february, ’19


Hello, fellow bloggers!

February has already come to an end. Even though it is the shortest month of the year, I feel like so much has happened since my last wrap-up. Mostly: school happened. And I’m still trying to get used to all the future changes I’ll have to go through *shrugs*.

Anyway, onto this wrap up:


  • I got a SCRIBD subscription! I’m so excited about it already! I’ve been wanting to read more audiobooks – this was actually one of my 2019 goals – and SCRIBD was the one with the best deal for me. So far, it has been great! I really like the fact that I can be reading even when I’m doing other things (playing Gardenscapes like crazy) and I hope it will help me achieve my Goodreads goal even when school gets chaotic.
  • School has officially started. So far, our first week has been pretty chill; we are mostly getting to know classmates, teachers, the buildings and all. I’m going to a big university, so it is a bit overwhelming walking through the campus sometimes. I’m looking forward to finding my group of people. I feel like everyone I’ve met so far is in college to party & drink – and I’m not interested in either. Nonetheless, I’m excited to be studying something I’m very passionate about and I’m looking forward to the projects for next months.
  • I watched Billy Elliot and I haven’t gotten over it yet. Honestly, I’m not the type of person to care for highly-acclaimed films. Obviously, since my favorite movie is 27 Dresses. But I find that my problem with Academy Award nominees is that, even if I can recognize they’re well-crafted, they just bore the living hell out of me. But Billy Elliot wasn’t like that at all. It was a movie with A+ acting, fantastic writing AND that also made me feel everything. I’m so in love with it!


For the month of February, I commited myself to read only books by black authors in honor of Black History month. This is what I ended up reading:

Resultado de imagem para let's talk about love claire kann quotes

Let’s Talk About Love, by Claire Kann was a super interesting read. I’d been wanting to read this one for a long time now, mainly because it features an asexual protagonist. The book was adorable indeed, and so were the characters. I was not expecting the friendship element to the story and it was my favorite – obviously, because when am I not crying over fictional friendships? Takumi, the love interest, was sweet & all, but he felt way too perfect at times. Nonetheless, it was a solid contemporary and I just want all asexual characters having happy endings.


Resultado de imagem para all american boys

All American Boys was the best book I read this month, and I’ve already done an entire review on it (a huge one, btw), so I won’t talk much about it here. To put it simply: if you liked Dear Martin or The Hate U Give, you need to read All American Boys. It’s just as moving, powerful and incredibly important. The writing was, at first, hard to get through, but it gets better! I promise!




Resultado de imagem para the wedding date book

The Wedding Date, by Jasmine Guillory was my first 2.5 stars of the year and I don’t know why I’m so happy about it. Basically, 2019 has so far been the best reading year and I’ve only read 4~5 stars books, except for this one. I was basically begging for an opportunity to rant. Now, The Wedding Date wasn’t even that bad. But I went into it thinking it was going to be a lot of fake-dating trope, and it becomes more of a friends-with-benefits trope – which I like, but just wasn’t what I expected. There was way too much miscommunication and I feel like the book dragged more than I would’ve liked, so even though it was entertaining, fast-paced and did the job, it wasn’t anything too special.


Resultado de imagem para dear martin nic stone

Dear Martin, by Nic Stone was a re-read, as I want to re-read at least one book a month. I was very excited to revisit this story as it is one of my favorite books of all times. I took the chance to highlight some of my favorite quotes and tab all of them, since the first time I read it was during a roadtrip and it just wasn’t convenient to do so. This book has so many important moments & messages, and I want absolutely everyone to read it. Also: Manny is a baby and I’ll love him forever.



Resultado de imagem para odd one out nic stone

Then, because I just hadn’t had enough of Nic Stone, I also picked up Odd One Out! I was excited because it was my first audiobook experience. I loved the narrator for Cooper’s character; he really was the best. Overall, I feel like the experience was bittersweet, and I still don’t know exactly where I stand with this book. Nic Stone’s writing style was for sure exceptional in this one as well, but I feel like the story lacked on showcasing healthy ways of dealing with your confusion. Figuring out your sexuality is definitely a tricky process, but I don’t believe in messing with other’s feelings in the way.




March is an exciting month because for the first week, it’s Carnaval! Basically, Carnaval is this massive holiday in my country, where people go to the strees, party and dance a lot of samba, lol. I am not exactly a fan of the genre, and as an 18 year old grandma, I also don’t party a lot. But we don’t have school for almost a whole week, and it’s glorious! I have a lot of exciting books to read in March, and I really can not wait.

How was your February? And what are your looking forward to do in March? And also: do you feel the same way about highly-acclaimed films or you love them all? Let’s talk in the comments!


19 comentários sobre “monthly wrap up: february, ’19

  1. Best of luck for school and your classes, Lais! I hope that your projects and your classes will be interesting and that you will find your people soon, too! <3
    You've read some awesome-looking books this month! I haven't read Let's Talk About Love, but heard so many bloggers loved it, I can't wait to read it :) I was a little on the fence about Odd One Out just as well, some things happening just didn't quite sit well with me in this book :/
    I hope you'll have a fabulous month!! xx

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    • Thank you so much, Marie! It’s the second week now, and things are definitely lining up as far as school goes so hopefully this transition will be smoother than I’m anticipating.
      I hope you enjoy Let’s Talk About Love just as much as I did! And Odd One Out was certainly a weird book; I loved a lot of aspects about it, but others just… I don’t know. I rated it 3/5 stars, because I think it’s the most “average” rating that can sum up my thoughts.
      Thanks for the comment! Wishing you an amazing March too! 💛

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  2. I’m so glad you are listening to audiobooks now! I never used to listen to audiobooks, but now I do all the time! They save so much time, and I really like having a Scribd account :)

    Is Carnaval the reason why you have an entire week off? Because that’s amazing! I hope you get to read a lot of books! (Don’t worry, I would do the same thing – I don’t like to party a lot, either!) My February was not great because I had a lot of school, but I will also get a break soon!

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    • I’m super happy with the experience too! I was definitely surprised to see the amount of titles I could read with Scribd; they have a very wide variety, and I have bookmarked quite a few already.
      Yes, it is! During Carnaval, everyone gets three weekdays off + the weekend. Typically, I’d travel with my family, but this year we’re just going to stay home and chill. I’m definitely looking forward to doing tons of reading!
      Hopefully, March will be better for you, Xandra and you’ll be able to enjoy you break stress-free.
      Thanks for the lovely comment! ❣️

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  3. I’ve been wanting to try audio books I am glad you are liking them so far!!
    Best of luck with school and everything!!
    I love that you only read black author’s books and had some good reads– I need to get to some of them!!
    I hope you have a good carnaval– a week off reading sounds great 😉
    I do feel the same way about highly acclaimed films– they are created really well but I find them a bit slow and I end up drifting away from the story so I don’t watch that many!!
    I hope you have a great March!! 💕

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    • I hope you do get the chance to try audio books! At first, I thought I’d never have the opportunity to do so, because I had only heard of Audible, and it’s way too expensive for me. But Scribd offers a great deal + a good selection of books, so it finally worked! I’d definitely recommend you trying it out!
      The most recent highly acclaimed film that made me feel this way was A Star is Born. Even though I thought it was well-crafted and the acting was definitely great, I feel like the story got kinda lost halfway through. I’m glad to find someone who feels the same!
      Thank you so much for the comment! Wishing you a great March too! 😊

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      • Yes that’s why I haven’t got audio books yet because of the cost so I am glad Scribd is cheaper. I also wanted to look at the audio books available at my library. I am glad you recommend Scribd– I will definitely look into it!!
        Yes I agree– I watched A star is born and didn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else. It is more of a film I would watch once!! 😊
        You’re welcome and thank you!! 💛

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  4. Oh I’ve been hearing the same about The Wedding date from many reader friends! But ohh so excited to read all the other books in your list! They’re all in my TBR! February was good and I actually read 13 books so woohoo! I’ll be finishing my masters in March so really nervous about my project presentation! Wishing you an awesome March!!

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    • The Wedding Date was for sure entertaining, but it was just an average romance, so… Not that much, tbh.
      Yohoo! That’s amazing, 13 books! I’m wishing you luck on your project presentation; I’m sure, everything will work out just well! 💛


  5. Yay, college! Hopefully you’ll find like minded fellows around campus! Definitely think about clubs if you can spare time. There’s much to learn and explore in a university :)

    I’ve actually never heard of SCRIBD before. I’ve always heard of Audible as a source of audiobooks, but they’re so expensive. Definitely going to check SCRIBD out.

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    • There’s definitely a lot going on in university! I feel like I am overwhelmed with possibilities! But I’ll definitely keep in my mind to check out clubs. I have a few in my radar, but my schedule will only allow me into one of them, so I’m thinking carefully to make a smart choice.
      SCRIBD is definitely more affordable than Audible. Even though you can only listen to 3 audiobooks a month, it’s still better to pay $9 for three books than $15 for one. I’d recommend checking their selection first, though, and seeing if what they have available interests you.
      Thanks for stopping by, Jamie! ❣️

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  6. Ooooo *spies two books she’s lowkey been wanting to read for a while* Ahem American Panda and Let’s Talk About Love. Honestly, if I were planning to go to Uni I’d also be an 18 year old grandma who has zero interest in drinking or partying. Give my a fluffy blanket, and the ability to read/blog/write to my hearts content. Hope you have a great March Lais!

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    • Yesssss, Clo, that’s such a great mood! Fluffy blankets and books: that’s all I want, truly. But I’m sure that there are others in college who feel the same way; I just have to *find* them.
      Wishing you an amazing March too! 💛


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