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Hello, friends!

For today’s post, I decided to finally shed light in some of my favorite books that no one seems to talk that much about. Basically: let’s have me hyping up some underrated books for 5 minutes.

And, please feel free to add to this list & recommend me some of your favorite underrated reads in the comments too!

Resultado de imagem para Where She Went, by Gayle FormanWhere She Went, by Gayle Forman is the following novel in the If I Stay duology, and I don’t think enough people have read it. Or even know about it! If I Stay is a very popular book – one that I didn’t enjoy, actually. For some reason, that book gave me zero feels (I’m soulless, I know), so Where She Went was a complete surprise! I love this book a lot and should probably re-read it soon. It’s from Adam’s perspective, during a 24-hour period, in New York City. Not only the city’s scenerios are on point, but also Adam is a very conflicted character, whose perspective is very likely to break your heart. Also, did I mention he’s a rockstar? His band is called Shooting Star – which is a terrible band name, let me add -, and there’s nothing better in this world than a decadent rockstar crying out his feelings for 200 pages.

Resultado de imagem para the odds of loving grover clevelandThe Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland was one of my favorite reads of last year. Not without his faults – this book does have a few problems – I still love it & think deserves more than it gets. This book follows our main character, Zander, who’s sent to this camp for teenagers with mental health issues. There’s a very interesting and diverse cast of characters, dealing with eating disorders, schizophrenia, depression. On top of that, the friendships are beautiful and very likely to break your heart. My favorite thing about this book, though, and the reason why I feel like more people need to read it, is because The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland does not erase these characters identities. They’re definitely more than what makes them different. Even though they are struggling mentally, they’re still teenagers: eating too much candy, falling in love under The Breakfast Club references. It warms my heart and breaks a lot of stereotypes.

Resultado de imagem para two boys kissingDavid Levithan is a popular author, but I don’t think Two Boys Kissing gets the same love as some of his other novels. This one is actually my favorite by him – along with Naomi & Ely’s No Kiss List. It’s a book with a very unique perspective, one that I can’t say much about without giving a lot of the book away. It follows multiple gay characters, going through literally everything. You have relationships just getting started, others which are falling apart. You have characters who are out been forever, and others who are still coming on terms with their sexualities. The main storyline is quite hilarious: Harry and Craig are now exes, but are still determined to be the first gay couple to beat the Guiness’ World Record of the longest kiss ever. It’s a beautiful book that more and more people need to know about!

Resultado de imagem para rebel of the sandsOf course, it’s not a list by Lais if I’m not here hyping the hell out of Rebel of the Sands. Because this is literally one of my favorite fantasy trilogies and no one else seems to even know about it, which is a crime, truly. Rebel of the Sands is a phenomenal fantasy series, with a desert-based mythology, a bad-ass female protagonist and a beautiful & angsty romantic relationship. Amani is our protagonist, who’s determined not to give in to the traditions of the small village set in the middle of the desert in which she lives in. At the same time that Amani is desperate to run away, so is Jin, a foreigner with a troubled past. Together, they get caught up on a rebellion, which moves to this breath-taking action-packed adventure. For fans of fantasy, this is a must-check! Please go read it so I can cry about it with others!

Resultado de imagem para the wicker kingLastly, I have The Wicker King. My broken babies had to be on the list, ofc. I feel like not enough people know about this book, as it would appeal even for non-contemporary fans. The Wicker King follows two best friends, Jack & August, as one of them starts having hallucinations. As these hallucinations get more and more vivid, the story also gets darker and darker. These protagonists are clearly just trying to do what they can to survive; they may not take the best decisions, most of the time, but they’re trying their bests. I don’t think everyone will love this, though, as the dom-sub dynamics may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I loved it a lot. It’s heartbreaking and not easy to read. Most of the time, I just wanted to cuddle these characters and tell them that everything was going to be okay.

Sooooo, that’s my list for today. Let me know in the comments which underrated reads you think I should pick up next!

11 comentários sobre “books that deserve more appreciation

  1. This sounds like a great list. I read mostly fantasy but have been trying to be more diverse. But I definitely want to get to rebel of the sands– when I next go to buy new books I will be looking for it!! And I want to get to the wicker king– it sounds so different. I really want to read it.
    Two boys kissing sounds good as well– I like the idea of it covering multiple characters.
    Great list, thank you for writing it!! Plenty of recommendations 😊

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  2. Oh this is such a fantastic list, thank you for putting these books on my radar! I am so curious about Two Boys Kissing now, it sounds like a book I could really enjoy, so thank you for that! I’ve heard a couple of bloggers raving about The Wicker King and it made me curious about it, I’m so, so glad to hear you loved it so much. It sounds like a heartbreaking book, but I don’t know, it sounds like I could really like it, too?
    Thank you for sharing these! <3

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    • Thank you so much, Marie!
      I think you’d really love Two Boys Kissing. I think it does fit your taste well, as it is a fluffy contemporary but it still covers some important themes. As for The Wicker King, I think you’d like it too! It’s dark, but very engaging.
      Thank you so much for the comment! 💛

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  3. Ooh what a lovely post! I love learning more about underrated books ☺️ I desperately want to read The Wicker King! It seems so good. I also really enjoyed Rebel of the Sands and Where She Went! I never ended up continuing the Rebel of the Sands series though, oddly enough ahah. I should do that this year! 🙈 And ooh I had heard of Two Boys Kissing but I never picked it up? It sounds like the cutest thing. 😊

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    • Thank you so much, Aline!
      I really hope you enjoy The Wicker King! As for Rebel of the Sands, I know a lot of people who have read the first one, but not many that have actually carried on with the series. It breaks my heart, because the following books have still a looooot to offer! I hope you carry on with it!
      Thank you so much for the comment! 😊


    • Yayyy! I hope you enjoy the If I Stay duology! And, by the way, have you watched the movie? I haven’t, because I didn’t really have the best experience with the first book in the duology, but it’s been such a long time… I should probably give the movie a chance once in for all!
      Thank you so much for the comment, Uma! 😊


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