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Hello, fellow bloggers and happy Wednesday!

I was nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award by the lovely meandink! It’s been a while, but I’m finally answering the questions she’s got for me. Thanks again for the nomination, and if you don’t yet follow her blog, go do so, because her content is always amazing!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you in a blog post and links back to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions
  • List the rules and display The Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.


ONE. What is most unusual item you own?

I think we’re off to a boring start, for my part. I don’t know if I have any unusual items lying around, as I’m a pretty neat person and tend to get rid of anything that doesn’t serve me a purpose. I do still owe a few of my personal clothes from when I was a baby, which I think it’s pretty odd, though.

TWO. What superpower wouldn’t you want?

Imagem relacionada

I love this question! I know I certainly wouldn’t want the ability to read other people’s mind. I already feel uncomfortable with nothing but the assumption of what other people are thinking about me; imagine being confronted with the idea that these assumptions are real and everyone around me really hates me. No, thanks.

THREE. What two fictional worlds/book series/characters would you want to cross over?

I’d really love to see the werewolves in a setting like Six of Crows or The Gilded Wolves. Basically, a group of people having to work together, while also being werewolves. Probably because they’re my favorite creatures and there’s just not enough high-quality content with them. And also because I’m obsessed with pack dynamics/friendships, so I would love to see them working together towards a goal.

FOUR. If your life was a fictional book what would you want it to be called?

Resultado de imagem para daydream gif

DREAM ME THE WORLD“. So, technically, that is a quote from one of my favorite books – The Dream Thieves -, but I genuinely think would be the perfect title for a book about my life. Mostly, because I spend 90% of the time daydreaming about what my life could actually be, so it would be fitting.

FIVE. Do you think romance should be in every book?

Absolutely not. As much as I love rom-coms and all things “shippable”, I still think some stories can be ruined with the addition of romance. Not every book is fitting with a love story! Some examples that I can think of were: Wolf by Wolf, by Ryan Graudin & Starters, by Lissa Price. Both these books had romances that ultimately made me lower my rating.

SIX. What is your favourite book cover at the moment?


Apparently, I live out of cute typography.

SEVEN. Do you like cliff hanger endings?

I do! I know they’re painful, but they really get me excited for the next books. I think if cliffhangers didn’t exist, I wouldn’t finish any series in my shelves. Really.

EIGHT. What do you wish to see more of in books?

I really wish we got to see more South-American characters (we have a lot of Mexican ones, but sometimes I just wish we’d get a Peruvian? Colombian? Venezuelan?). I am South-American myself, and it’s so hard to find that representation. Even though all countries down here are pretty different and have very distinct cultures, I still feel like I’d be able to relate to some. I also wish we got to see more asexual rep. AND WEREWOLVES! Why there’s so little werewolves in YA? Vampires, angels, faes. But not werewolves? I’m mad.

NINE. Which would you prefer to have: ‘glow in the dark’ books so you could read in the dark OR a book that floats in the position you wanted so you didn’t have to hold your arms up?

Oh, my, both of these sound amazing! I’d have to choose a “glow in the dark” book though. Mostly because my bedroom has terrible lighting, and it’s a pain to read when it’s dark outside.

kkTEN. Which character would you want to play on screen in a book adaptation? (Any book, any character)

I think I’d choose Reyna, from Heroes of Olympus. She’s from Puerto Rico, which as close from South America as any other author ever went for me. Also, I think our physical features match a lot: tanned skin? Check. Long dark hair? Check.  Perpetual resting-bitch face on? Check.


ELEVEN. What is the most annoying characteristic for a character to have in your opinion?

The most annoying type of characters in my opinion are the following: bad-boys who treat people like crap for no reason; the way-too-perfect, pretty vanilla type; and the ones who are constantly messing things up for the rest of the group. But how not to be annoyed by those?


  1. A song you’ve associated with a book/couple/character?
  2. You have the chance to dream cast your favorite character from the latest book you’ve read. Who you’re choosing?
  3. What’s your favorite romantic trope? (i.e.: friends to lovers, star-crossed lovers, etc.)
  4. Your favorite bookish friendship?
  5. A protagonist you relate to?
  6. A book you have zero interest in reading?
  7. If you could choose a literary name for yourself, which name would you choose?
  8. A book you think has the potential to become a classic one day?
  9. A book that you want to read that no one else talks about?
  10. Have you ever met your favorite author? If so, how was the experience? If not, waht would you like to tell them?
  11. Who’s your least favorite bookish couple?

I won’t be nominating eleven bloggers, but rather just five! If you’re not about tags/awards, it’s totally okay not to answer them if you don’t want to (and if you’ve been nominated before & I’m being annoying, sorry!) I really hope to see some of your answers, though!

Once again, thanks for meandink for nominating me! These questions were a loooot of fun. I love the idea of interacting through awards & challenges, so thank you once again!

21 comentários sobre “the sunshine blogger award!

    • I read Shiver and looooved it. It was so much fun! It’s definitely a series I’d love if we had more from, because the werewolf “mythology” that Maggie Sitefvater created – the way they shift because of body temperature – was very interesting! Petition for werewolves to make a comeback, hahah.
      Thanks for the comment, Emily! 😌


  1. Hi!! Thank you so much for what you said about my blog 💕
    I’m glad you enjoyed answering them and I loved reading them!
    Aww… baby clothes are adorable. I don’t have any of mine!!
    Yes I think reading people’s mind would be a horrible power to have– hearing every thought would be daunting!!
    That’s true a werewolf pack would be really cool to read in that setting!! Especially with all the close bonds in a pack– it would be a great dynamic! 😊
    I love the name dream me the world 😍 and I love daydreaming too.
    I agree about romance I’ve read books where it just wasn’t needed. It’s not necessary for a good book.
    Great book covers– I love typography too!! 😁
    I love cliffhangers TOO!!!
    Yes it would be great to see more South American characters and I would love to learn more about the different cultures!!
    I wish glow in the dark books did exist!! 😂
    I haven’t read heroes of Olympus but I’ve heard good things!!
    I definitely agree with those annoying characteristics!!
    Great post!!! Thank you for answering my questions!! 😊


    • Thank you for tagging me!! 💛
      Writing this post actually inspired me to write something with ‘Dream Me The World’ as the title. I feel like it would be a very relatable one, hahah.
      The Heroes of Olympus series isn’t my favorite, but I loved Reyna a lot when I read it. She’s a super badass female character and I wish we could’ve read more about her.
      Thanks for your comment! 😌

      Curtido por 1 pessoa

  2. Ooooh, “Dream me the world” is such a pretty quote — and even though I’ve found your blog quite recently, I feel like that quote embodies the mood of your blog perfectly too 😊 I actually haven’t read that many books with South American characters, even though I would love to. I’ve never traveled to South America either, and in my history classes, since I live in the U.S., I learn more about Central America than I do South America. Do you have any book recommendations for me if I want to dive into some amazing books with S American cultural backgrounds? Thank you! :)


    • Thank you so much, Zoie! It means the world to me that I’ve been able to make my personality come through my posts, so I’m soooo happy that you feel like it matches my blog too!
      To be honest, I’d still like to find a perfect YA with South American cultural backgrounds. But as for non-YA, I’d definitely recommend The Head of the Saint, by Socorro Alcioli. It is a very interesting take in a more country type of lifestyle, with mentions on religion that were very accurate. And it is set in Brazil!
      Thank you very much for your comment! I hope you enjoy the book if you get around to it! 💛

      Curtido por 1 pessoa

  3. Thanks for the tag Lais <3 i love your questions and answers! i'll do this tag soon! Already thinking up of characters in my head lol! Love the book covers that you love and Oh I like Reyna! I love how Riordan books are so diverse! <33 I love the quote "Dream me the World" I have a metal bookmark from Chiqui Creates with that quote <3 I adore it so much *heart eyes*


  4. I loved reading your responses to these questions, Lais! I love your fictional book’s title; I daydream a lot too, so I definitely relate to that haha. And the book covers you chose are SO PRETTY; I love covers with unique and beautiful typography as well. 😍 Contemporary books have such amazing covers! And omg I love Reyna from HOO; she’s so strong and great 💓 Great post as always!


    • Thank you so much, Dezzy! Contemporaries tend to have my favorite covers; I think it’s also to do with how colorful they are, whereas fantasy tends to go for darker tones. I very much appreciate a loooot of color in my life, hahah.
      Reyna is the best, indeed! I wish we could’ve seen even more of her in the original series.
      Thank you so much for your comment! ❣️

      Curtido por 1 pessoa

  5. Ohhh my goodness I never knew I needed books that float so that I don’t have to hold my arms up but?? I do?? Sometimes I’m so exhausted, I really have trouble keeping my arms up, so I end up not reading even though I do want to read. This would be THE solution haha. Though a glow in the dark book would also be super useful. This is a difficult choice haha
    Loved reading your answers! :)


    • Hahaha, I had never thought about it either but it sounds so perfect! I think that’s why e-books are so convenient, right? I’ve been mastering reading in all positions because I don’t have to worry about keeping my arms up. Or the lighting!
      Thank you so much for your comment, Michelle! 💛

      Curtido por 1 pessoa

  6. Oh I SO agree with your hated tropes there…so annoying lmao. And yesss Gilded Wolves + Six of Crows would be a fab crossoverteam. I could see Nina, Inej and Laila getting on SO well. 😌I also would haaate to read minds or have mine read. omg no. That would be the worst. 😂


    • Reading minds is overrated, honestly! I don’t know how Edward did it, really. It would be awful to know what everyone’s thinking, or not being able to hide on your thoughts. My mind is my safe place!
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Cait! 😌


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