my favorite friend groups


I cry so much about friendships is quite embarrassing. Especially considering I have, like, 2 friends. But, hey! What better friends than books, right?

But more than talking about specific bromances today, I wanted to talk about friend groups. Emphasis on *groups*. I envy people with friend groups. Mine never lasted more than a year; and I swear it wasn’t because I’m a terrible friend. I’m nice, I promise. But in real life, and especially when you’re an ever-changing teenager, is a lot harder keeping people together when your interests aren’t always the same. I don’t think I ever had a tragic breakup of a friend group – it just happens as you casually start gravitating towards different things, and therefore, splitting apart.

But in fiction, this is never a problem. Because these characters are inseparable and will remain together no matter what world they have to save. Except for when the author is cruel and kills one of them, which will inevitably happen and probably make us love them even more.

(Also, they’re in no particular order. I love them all equally.)


magnus chase cast by potatoocat
artwork by potatoocat

Probably the largest of the friend groups I’ll be mentioning here, but they’re just soooooo great. Magnus Chase & the Gods of Asgard is one of my favorite series of all times all due to these guys. It was so refreshing to read a series in which there were no special snowflakes, but rather just a bunch of teenagers trying to save the world, by working together and helping each other. Everyone in this group couldn’t be more different from one another, and yet, when they’re fighting, it works. This group gave me the feels that the Seven Ones from Heroes of Olympus never did, and I couldn’t be more thankful for their existence.



If there’s a friend group that brings tears to my eyes everytime I think about them, it has to be this trio. I made the mistake to google for gifs, and I’m in tears now. Great job, Lais.

The Maze Runner loves to shatter my heart to pieces, and this trio isn’t any different. From the way they’re overprotective, to how they understand each other with a single look. They read each other’s thoughts, finish each other’s sandwhiches and all of that. It’s glorious. Minho & Newt may actually be my favorite relationship in this trio, just because of how underrated it is. But I’m not picking favorites here: I love their overall friendship a lot, and would 10/10 die for them.

Imagem relacionada
illustration by @lucia_garces_art


I shall not shut up about this series until everyone I know has read them. Another reason to do so: the friend group is amazing! Being part of the rebellion, this group has always something to fear. And the way they protect and take care of each other adds 70 years into my life spam every time.

Shazad and Amani have one of the best female friendships I’ve ever read about, and to read them fighting side by side is a pleasure. Jin and Ahmad are brothers and their tight bond never fails to me weak. The one relationship within the group that surprised me by how much I loved were Amani and Ahmad. Their trust for each other, the way that they look for one another’s approval before making a decision and how they work together is pure magic.


Can I go more cliché than that?

Still, no matter how much The Marauders can be considered overhyped, their relationship brings me so much joy (and pain). Granted: I’ve read more fanfiction than I probably should, and at this point, I’m confused about what’s canon and what’s not. But J.K Rowling is just not brave enough to give us what we all want, so that will have to do.

Even when just reading flashbacks in the Harry Potter books, I still felt a deep interest to know more about them. Their ending breaks my heart everytime, but the glimpses we see from their friendship also makes me incredibly happy. They’re flawed and complicated, which just adds to the charm.


Resultado de imagem para skam girls gif

As a honorable mention at the bottom of this list, I have the girls from SKAM. SKAM is a Norwegian TV show that took Tumblr by storm a couple years ago, and I finally watched it in the correct order last year. And by doing so I realized that I actually hated all the male characters in the show. I don’t think it’s the writers’ fault, truly. It was just a very accurate representation of teenage boys, and I think I’m allergic to those.

The girls, though, the girls were PERFECT. Actually, they were incredibly flawed and there were definitely some moments in which they were closer and others in which they were apart, but that’s exactly what brings the realistic side to this one. They felt like real characters and real friends. For someone who is much more into bromances and male friendships, the fact that this all-girls group gave me so many feels (Jeez, I even CRIED with them by season 4), means a lot to me. Like, a lot, lot.

So, these are all my favorite friend groups! Let’s discuss in the comments some of your favorites! And let me know too who’s your favorite Marauder as well!

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  1. Oh I can relate to your talk about friends group at the start, while in life, groups always seem to grow apart, because well… life and moving and changing and everything else gets in the way more often than not 😭 – I adore how in books we have these amazing friends group to root for! I 200% agree with the maze runner trio, love them! :)

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    • Yes! I find it sad to think about friend groups just moving apart, because I’m loyal af and want to be around all of my friends, but that’s just not how life works. Thankfully, in fiction, characters can just remain best-friends forever!
      The Maze Runner Trio is the best! I don’t think I’ve ever rooted for characters more than I rooted for them, hahah.
      Thanks for the comment, Marie! 💛

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  2. Omg friendship groups are my favourite ever!! Any books with them I just want to read immediately!!

    All the ones that you mentioned and I haven’t read I want to devour the books right now!! I need to get the rebel of sands series– I love how much you love it and I need to get to it!! 😂

    The Marauders is obviously one I know about— I love how flawed they all are– it makes them so special and interesting to read about. I think my favourite is Remus. Who is your favourite??

    Some of my favourite bookish friendship groups are the raven boys, the crew from the lunar chronicles and Six of Crows gang.

    Great post 💕

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    • THE REBEL OF THE SANDSSSSS *flails* I hope you like it when you pick it up!
      The Marauders are so complex and interesting to read about! My favorite is definitely Sirius! Remus is amazing too (that’s my probably my werewolf obsession talking though, hahah.)
      The Six of Crows gang is fantastic! Can’t wait to read Crooked Kingdom and get back into their dynamics.
      Thank you so much for your comment! 🌟

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      • I’m sure I will– I’m excited to read it!! 😊
        Yes they are– Sirius is probably my second favourite in the Marauders!! Haha. 😂
        Yes they have such good interactions with each other– I hope you enjoy Crooked Kingdom. That was my favourite out of the duology!! 😊
        You’re welcome 💛

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  3. This is such a great post, Lais! Ahhh I totally get you; I really envy people with friend groups and a reliable support system as well. For my first two years of high school, I didn’t really have a friend group and often felt lonely. It was only during my junior year of high school that I became friends with the people in my friend group that I’m now in, but I still don’t feel as close as I want to be with them whoops. (It’s partially my fault since I’m such a private person lol, but anyways.) Sorry for rambling, hahah.

    Friend groups in books are the absolute best! Reading about close and supportive friends always makes my heart so warm and happy. 😭💓 I adore the friend group in Magnus Chase too; all of them are so great. I love the Magnus Chase series so much 💖 Again, wonderful post! ☺️


    • I totally get you, Dezzy! Even though I had a very small friend group during high school, I also felt like I wasn’t as close to them, and that I couldn’t be myself a hundred percent. I think it’s actually quite hard to find the *perfect* friend group, but I still think you find some yourself!
      The Magnus Chase series is simply glorious; I truly love everything about it, and the characters were my favorite part. I’m so happy to find someone who loves it just as much, hahah.
      Thanks for the lovely words! 💛

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  4. I love strong, healthy friendship groups! My faves are the Lunar Chronicles squad and Six of Crows squad, but I love Minho & Newt too. Such a beautiful bromance :)


    • Ahhh, I really need to finish both of these series! I’m sure I’ll also love the Lunar Chronicels squad, that’s for sure! Cinder was a phenomenal read, and I remember really loving the way Marissa Meyer created Cinder & Iko’s friendship. I am excited for what awaits me in the rest of the series.
      Thanks for your comment! ❣️


  5. I LOVE THIS POST, AHHH. I also fangirl so much about friendship groups! How can I not, they’re just too wonderful.☺️

    Oh my gosh, I cannot relate more to you about “I don’t know what’s canon and what’s not” with the Marauders! I mean, to me, it just seems like yes, Sirius and Remus totally were together, and then I remember that that is just Pinterest, not actually what JK Rowling wrote. XD I really just love them so much, all of them, plus Lily, and I even love pre-traitor Peter a little bit.

    I think one friend group I love that you didn’t mention is the Raven Boys + Blue! And of course, I also adore the whole Percy Jackson gang from Heroes of Olympus. I have only read the first book of the Magnus Chase series, but I’m sure I’d love them all, too.

    Great post! <3


    • Hahahah, canon and non-canon Marauders are confusing at this point. I think it’s lovely how the fandom has practically created their own universe with these characters. (And yes, I also love pre-traitor Peter. It just adds to the complexity of the group, and I’m so here for it!)
      The Raven Boys, of course! I adore them too; they’d definitely be next on the list, but I tried narrowing down to five. Ronan/Gansey’s friendship is my favorite in the group.
      Thank you so much for your comment! 😊

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  6. OMG THIS TOPIC IS MY FAVE!! Ahh okay first off, favourite marauder is a tie between Lupin and Sirius. I live for their bromance <3

    My fave friendship groups! – the Rampion crew from The lunar chronicles!! this squad is everything *happy tears*
    The Grishaverse friendships – There's the dregs, there's the friendships formed at the end of Grisha trilogy that makes me weep <3
    The Raven cycle- Blue and the Raven Boys – These crazy characters with their own faults and problems and just being friends and loving each other <3
    All the friendships in HP- the Golden trio, Luna and Ginny and Neville, The boys in the Gryffindor dormitory!
    Percy Jackson- SO MANY friendships there ahhhh i love them all!!


    • Thank you so much, Uma! Sirius is my favorite too; and their bromance is just ughhh everything.
      I feel like the crew from the Lunar Chronicles is very popular; I definitely need to finish this series as soon as possible!
      I do adore The Raven Boys as well; they’re incredibly supportive, and I always have a fun time reading about them.
      And yesssss for Percy Jackson! Rick Riordan certainly knows how to write amazing friend groups.
      Thank you for stopping by! 😊


  7. I never really had a friendship group – I have friends from childhood, high school and uni and it’s more or less all separate friendships, idk why. BUT I’m a huge fan of friendship groups in books, and I love your list. Though, bringing up The Maze Runner trio was CRUEL on your part. *sobs*. The Magnus Chase friend group is hands down one of my faves, and I’m so happy to see them appreciated. :)

    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques


    • I totally get you; having a friend group is so much effort. I feel like I spent most of my high school experience trying to keep everyone together. I’m sure having all separate friends must be much more chill, hahah.
      And as for The Maze Runner trio, I AM SORRY. I cried writing this post too, hahah.
      Thank you soooo much for the comment! 💛


  8. OH MY GOODNESS NO WAY you’ve watched Skam??? 😆 Sorry for the caps but I absolute ADORE that show — and it inspired me to learn Norwegian! I’m rewatching the show with a group of friends now, and it’s funny to me how we are a group of friends watching a show about a group of friends navigating teenage life 😋 Anyways, I agree that I love the female friendships in Skam, and the lessons they learn are so invaluable. Season 1 with’s Eva story arc was beautiful, especially when she learns that she can’t be with another person until she finds herself. I admit, I got teary eyed when she had that revelation 😊

    I loved this post so much! (And yay to another Skam fan! 😆)


    • YESSSSSS! I realy, really loved the show! It sounds like a lot of fun being able to watch it with your friends. I will say, though, I had an amazing experience exactly because I was going through a rough time with my personal friendships and it’s like the show offered me a new amazing group of friends.
      I also adore Season 1 and Eva’s story arc! I’ll say my favorite is Season 4 and I loved Sana’s storyline the most. But all the characters are all sooooo lovely!
      I really appreciate how the show was full of teenage drama, but it still touched on a lot of important matters, such as feminism, islamophobia, homophobia, etc.
      Have you watched the other remakes? I tried watching the Spanish one, but I don’t think any is as good as the original Norwegian one.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! 😌

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      • The amount of remakes there are of Skam is so insane, so I haven’t gotten around to watching all of them, though I’ve watched clips and scenes. I have to agree that none have the appeal and pure amazingness of the original though! 😋

        I loved all four season, but my absolute favorites were the second and third seasons. The third season, obviously because of Isak’s exploration of his identity, but the second season just because I feel like the feminist girl/bad boy is usually something I dislike… but Skam made it work? Like, how??? 😆

        I love it when a show matches with our own experiences or help us get through a tougher time in our life. I think it’s so wonderful that Skam was a positive impact on your life when you needed it — I can totally see how Skam has a special place in your heart because of that ❤️


      • I totally understand you! I was also not originally there for Nora/William, but overtime they just completely got me? They may not be the best of the relationships, but I really loved them.
        I love S4 because it made me feel very close to the characters, as I related to Sana so much. I loved how the show tackled religion; it’s quite a difficult subject to talk about, but they did it beautifully. 💛

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  9. Not to be dramatic but I would die for Magnus and his friends I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I just want more of them?? Please??

    Also while I couldn’t really get into Skam, I really loved the girls group. They were so much fun to watch. I just couldn’t put myself through season 2 as I hated the main romance and spoiled myself to see if they were endgame and that just really ruined it for me


    • Yes, I totally would die for them too, hahaha. They’re such a diverse and amazing friend group and I’d literally read two other trilogies just with them. I hope Rick Riordan writes more about them in the future!
      I totally understand the feeling. Even though S2 is one of my favorites, I definitely agree that the main romance was just a mess and quite problematic. I still love them though because I’m a trashcan, butttt they’re not the best, lol. The friend group on the other hand!!!! They were adorable!
      Thank you sooo much for your comment! 💛

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  10. I’m personally a The Seven type of person but I really love the Valhalla gang as well! And I really want to read The Sands Trilogy now… And, I mean, OBVIOUSLY the Marauders- classic and lovable! I love Sirius and Remus and I secretly ship their Hogwarts selves but then I ship Remus and Tonks so… I’m a confused child 😂

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    • AH, I’M SO GLAD! every time someone comments that they’re now interested in the sands trilogy because of one of my posts i gain 70 years of life spam, truly, hahah.
      when it comes to the harry potter series, it’s impossible not to multi-ship, so trust me, i get you! the marauders has a lot of headcanons and such, but i also just love them in the original work, just being friends and dumb together, hahah.

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