a semi-realistic list of 2019 resolutions!


It’s the beginning of a new year year, and I feel like everyone has made their 2019 resolutions already. I used to write these lists pretty often, but since 2017, I’ve been all over the place and decided to write no goals. The way I think about it is: if I don’t put any expectations on it, I’ll never be disappointed. It works – but it’s also a very stupid way to accepting, in advance, that I’ll be terrible at commiting to anything I set myself to. No more of that, then. Even if I fail everything, I want to know that I at least tried.

2019 is an exciting & terrifying year. Mostly terrifying, though. There are some major changes happening: I’ll be a college freshman (but I still don’t know which college), and this is already scary. I’m not used to new environments, and I’m sure I’ll make a fool of myself by first-day’s break. If any of you have university advice/tips, leave them in the comments and I’ll be forever grateful.

However, it’s exciting to think about a year where so much is unpredictable. For all the new years before, I knew just what to expect: I would be going to school, meeting my friends, taking some tests. But I’m not sure about pretty much anything for 2019, and it’s great to know I’ll have a clean slate, to start all over.

My 2019 resolutions will be semi-achievable. I want to commit to goals I feel like I’m able to conquer and not just general pretty quotes.

  1. Read 40 books. Let’s get back into the reading game, but still be reasonable. I’ve only read 18 books in 2018, so I don’t want to rush just yet.
  2. Read more books in different formats. I’ve pretty much only read physical and e-books before, and I would love to venture out for audio books. I didn’t think I would ever say this, since I find reading out loud super cringe-worthy at times. However, audio books are incredibly convenient. I don’t know if I’ll be able to achieve this in 2019, though, since audio books subscriptions are quite expensive. I also want to read more web-comics in the new year and experiment with different formats overall.
  3. Stay away from negativity. I don’t know why I seek out for negative content so often. I follow a lot of plus-sized content creators, both on YouTube and Instagram, and sometimes I go through their comments just to read the nasty & mean ones. Obviously, this makes me feel terrible about myself, as I don’t have a super-model body either, but I still do it nonetheless. When there’s any type of Twitter drama, I also want to know what’s going on, even if it will hurt me. For 2019, I want to quit this habit altogether: if there’s nothing positive for me there, then it doesn’t need to be in my life.
  4. Keep around only people who put as much effort as you do. I feel like we all have moments to look back on old friendships and relationships and come to the full realization that you probably cared for that person much more than they cared back. I’ve had my extent of these relationships, to be honest. It’s so exhaustive to put so much effort in trying to make someone else feel good just to get nothing in return. In 2019, I hope to make much better friendship choices.
  5. Stay true to who you are. Considering that I’ll be going to college and experiencing a lot of new things, my biggest fear is that I’ll change to the point I’m no longer recognizable. I definitely don’t want that. I know I’ll inevitably change, but I also want to remember my values and my beliefs, as they’re a very important part of me that I don’t want to let go of.
  6. Spend less time on social media. Ha. My future self will probably laugh at this. But I guess I’ll never make it if I don’t try. Over the last year, I realized just how much social media can be a toxic place. I only have Twitter fanaccounts (where I talk mostly about K-POP) and it’s so exhaustive having to deal with fanwars and negativity constantly. I plan on taking advantage of the ‘iPhone Time Limit’ & other resources as well. I don’t think I’ll ever stop using social media altogether, but I hope to at least minimize some of the time I spend at the moment.
  7. Write more! Journal more! Believe on my own writing! For so much of my life, I’ve just considered myself a fraud when it comes to writing. Even though I’ve won writing prizes in my school & city before, I never thought I was actually that good. But as I look back at some of my old writing, I realize just how much I enjoy it! I want to write more – even if just for myself – and I definitely think this blog will help me to exercise it as well!

What are some of your 2019 resolutions? Do you also plan your year ahead? Are you going all in and being ambitious or setting lower goals? Let’s chat!


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  1. I hope you’re able to read 40 books in 2018, Lais, that’s a great goal!! And yes, staying away from negativity is such a good goal (definitely one I need to work on as well). And wow I relate so much to your writing goal! I’ve won contests and things like that before but I never get proud of my writing until I actually read over and see that I’m not as bad as I make myself out to be 😅 Hope you’re able to achieve all of this in 2019, lovely, they’re amazing and important goals!! <3

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    • Thanks, May, I’m very excited about all the books I plan on reading this year! Also, believing on your own writing can be tricky. I feel like I’ve just grown to believe that I have to write like these other people in order to be a good writer, and that’s not true! I’m trying my best not to compare myself to others and believe more in my own style. Hope you get to write more in 2019 as well!
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! 💛

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  2. Aw sounds like you’re going to have an amazing and also super different and huge year ahead! *flails for you* I hope you have a good time settling into college work and also get to try some audios (LOVE them so so much, they’re also perfect for commuting!) and read an epic 40 books! Also I relate with the social media haha. *buries self* I tend to seek out twittter/Goodreads dramas when it just makes me unhappy. So I should just…um, not?! I want to make a goal to spend time doing more positive things (instagram is great and also the blogging community!) because that’s a great way to keep one’s mood up. !!

    Anyway, happy new year ;) I hope you have a great time with these goals!

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    • 2019 will for sure be a different year for me, but I’ll do my best to survive it, lol. I understand that everytime there’s some drama going on, we need to know what caused it and what people are talking about it. I find that it’s been better to just remove myself from the situation and try to follow more positive creators. I also think it’s sometimes easier to avoid drama than to run away from it when it’s already happening. Hopefully, we’ll both be able to stay away from negativity in the new year, both online and offline!
      And thank you so so so much for your comment, Cait! 💛


  3. I’m certain you’ll do great in college, Lais! I know how stressful this can be and honestly I was so scared of it all, too and of the people and fitting in and so on. Thing is, there are your kind of people there, too, and you’ll eventually find them even if sometimes it takes a bit of a time to get used to the new environment. I’ll be rooting for you, be yourself, you can do this <3
    I love your resolutions here, these are great! I've been wanting to try audiobooks as well, but… I'm not sure this would be for me, so I haven't tried them out just yet haha. Hopefully we both will this year :)
    Happy reading and best of luck for all of your goals <3

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    • Thanks so much for your encouragement, Marie! I’ll certainly remember these words when the time comes. I hope to find my people soon; I think sharing the experience with others will make it less burdensome.
      I definitely encourage you to try audiobooks too! I’ll probably try the scridb free month trial and see how I feel about it before commiting to anything. Hopefully, we’ll both enjoy them!
      Thank you for the lovely comment! ❣️

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  4. Good luck with your goals for the year!!
    Going to college should be a good experience–I never went but I imagine if I did I would need to push myself to go out and socialise as best I can in the first week and encourage myself to be open to new opportunities.
    Good luck with writing– I hope you enjoy it and believe in yourself!!

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    • I’m definitely excited to try audiobooks! I know I’ll be on commute a lot for the rest of the year, so I’ll definitely have to find something productive to do, and audiobooks seem perfect for that.
      Thank you so much for the encouragement on my writing! I’ve never thought about sharing snippets, but maybe I’ll do this in the new year, if I grow more confident on the project I’m currently working on. So far, I’ve only wrote a few scenes and did the outline, so maybe in the future, I’ll have more to share. Nonetheless, thanks for the suggestion and for the comment as well! 💛

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  5. I love your goals, Lais! They’re such thoughtful and wonderful ones, and I wish you all the luck in achieving them 💖 I especially love #3 and #5, because I relate to them a lot. I have a tendency to look at negative comments/replies/tweets even when I know they’ll be negative, which leaves me in a bad mood – so I should try to stop doing that, haha. And it’s definitely important to stay true to yourself and your values; I love this goal so much. 😊 We’re both heading to college this year (aahh), and I hope that our college experiences will be rewarding and amazing! Great post 💓


    • Thanks for the encouragement, Dezzy!
      I hope you can stay away from negativity in 2019 too. I think social media can be a wonderful place where you meet a lot of great people and share experiences, but it also attracts so much negativity that is hard to avoid it once you’re a part of it on a daily basis. I still believe we can make internet a great place, though, and I’m already making conscious choices to follow creators that inspire & share more positivity!
      I wish you all the luck on college as well and would love to hear your experiences! Thank you so much for your comment! 💛


  6. Love all your new year’s resolutions! They’re so similar to mine. I’m hoping to journal and write a lot too this year and focus on the positive things <3 My word of the year is savour! To savour the wonderful things in life :) Have an amazing time at college! Good luck with all your goals <3


    • Thank you, Uma! I hope you get to journal more in the new year. It’s something I’ve just recently fallen in love with and it has helped me a lot to sort through my thoughts and comprehend my feelings better. And I love that! Savour is such a nice word! I don’t know if I have a word of the year, yet, but I’m going to think about one. Thank you so much for your comment. Wishing you luck on your goals too! 🌟


  7. I’m making my list of resolutions for the first time in a while too! It’s already the 20th, and I’m not even finished with it… that doesn’t bode well… haha
    Good luck with your college! It’s not as scary as it sounds, and make sure you have a good time and explore a little outside your comfort zone. It’s a great time to meet new people and get exposed to different ways of life. Resolution #5 will definitely serve you will in college :)
    I’m on the opposite side of #4. It’s something I struggle with. I’m not a very social person and often like to just be alone, so I feel like I’m not putting as much effort as my friends. I’m hoping to change that this year by being a little more initiative.
    I hope you’ll be able to achieve your goals :)


    • Hahah, it’s okay to be a little late on your resolutions list. I think we worry so much about the beginning of the year, when every day can be the day to start something new.
      Thank you so much! I appreciate the college advice a lot!
      I understand the feeling of wanting to be alone at times. I definitely go through those phases too, but I always try to be empathetic and be there for my friends nonetheless.
      I’m sure you’ll do great on your future goals! Wishing you luck too! 😊

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